Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ahh My Babies

I got to go play ball at the college again last night and it was a delightful time. It does make me tired but I definately enjoy it, especially the seeing my friends part. We only had three girls from the college last night so we were running a little low but it was still fun. I was woken up this morning at 5 by the lovely noise of my phone ringing. It was Amber telling me I didn't have to babysit because Paige had an ear infection and pink eye, nice. I throughly enjoyed going back to bed and having the day off definately worked in my favor. I was just talking to Mom the other day about how I wanted to go see the babies but never had any time so I used my day off wisely. Sam let Grandma and I (and Kaho too) come spend the afternoon with her and Clay. I love that baby that is all I have to say. I had a good time Josh (cousin...not husband, hehe) also had the day off so we got to spend time with him and Aunt Lynn also. We had pizza and went swimming it was nice to hang out. Clay was up and happy while we were there so that was fun too I love listening to him laugh and his funny noises. After we left Morton I took Grandma by Saywer and Brian's tombstone to look at it. It looks really nice and just felt peaceful, like I could actually feel the boys while I was standing there. While it was sad I just felt really close to them, I liked that. Then we stopped by Aunt Kathy's because Kyleigh was there so we spent some time with her Keith, Ashleigh, and Amy. It was nice to see all of them as well. Tonight I was supposed to umpire I got over there and got stormed out I got payed though so that was delightful. Oh but the best news of the night I GOT A CAR! I know I am excited, thanks Grandpa:) We have to go get the license tomorrow and then I am all set, whoo hooo.

Carrie Out

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lincoln I Like it

Do you sometimes feel like your life has spun out of control and you have no idea how it got there? Like everything just colapsed at once and your standing at the bottom looking up. I kinda feel like that now there is so much going on around me that I am not going to discuss on here but sometimes, it just gets you. Aside from a few things I had an okay weekend, doing some fun things. On Friday night after babysitting I went to Lincoln to watch Ryan (Coach Thomas' son) play baseball. I met Ashley there and really enjoyed talking to her and watching the game. I love how excited he gets when we come to watch him, makes me laugh when he tries to act all cool in front of his friends. It was nice to see him and Coach Thomas they can always make me smile. Saturday I did work around the house all afternoon. Sunday I went to Brent's game for awhile and then went to the college to play basketball. I miss this a lot. Who knew sprinting up and down the floor in a 100 degree gym could be so releasing and fun. I liked seeing some of my teamates and my Coach and to just play to not have to worry about anything but playing ball. It was great. I also got to eat my beloved Jimmy John's mmm mmm nothing beats a Slim 5 for $3.18 I eat there a lot during school can you tell:) Today was a good day. Kelsey came to see the girls today so we had a special day. We took them to meet Amber and Jay for lunch, took them to the mall, let them ride the carosel, bought them each something little, and took them out for ice cream. It was a fun day and made the time pass a lot quicker than usual. Tomorrow I get to go play ball again and am looking forward to it...even though I am a bit sore from last time:)

Carrie Out

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweet Summer

The last couple of days have been on the go, but that's the way I like things. I'd rather be busy than sitting around. Monday I umped a game more like an inning of a game because the storm came through and we called it off. Not too bad getting paid for half an hour of work. During the day though I just had Alexis so I let her do something special we made homemade finger paints and painted out in the driveway all afternoon. Yesterday was pretty busy as well. I babysat all day then had to hurry home to go to Grandma Brown's visitation. I hate those things I can't even look in the caskets anymore makes me sick. Ever since I looked at Scott in his the image is burned in my eyes I can still see it and I HATE it. Just isn't how you want to remember people. Then we went to Brent's baseball game actually Justin, Kaho, and I left and wandered around Wal-Mart we were bored. After the game we ate Monicals and it was utterly delightful, I love me some Monicals. I took Kaho with me to babysit today it actually was a lot of fun. We went bikeriding, swimming, and played hide and seek. This evening I went back to Atlanta to watch my friends play a softball game I enjoyed seeing all my friends play. Also Coach Andrews (my college softball coach) was there so it was nice to see him. Well I need to get off to bed tomorrow we are taking the girls to the fun:)

Carrie Out

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Scary Thoughs

This weekend has flown by which to me is a bit crazy because I haven't done much of anything. My days were slow and relaxing but apparently that was only an illusion. The water park Friday didn't turn out too bad I actually had fun. The new park was really nice and I enjoyed hanging out with Darci who came along. I ended up umping that night and then Darc and I babysat while Jay and Amber went to dinner. I got sunburned, well as burned as my untanning skin gets, but it was so weird I only burned in spot, kinda like a lepord. Saturday well not much went down. Ran to Bloomington, helped Mom set up for Brent's football fundraiser, and then came home and started reading Harry Potter for probably the tenth or eleventh time. I know I am cooler than cool, I am icy chill:) Then the boys and I went and had steak dinner at the fundraiser, it was delicious, can't beat a good steak. Today was pretty laid back as well. Started off the day at church, came home and sorted through the pile of laundry we had on the back porch that I am pretty sure even a professional mountain climber would have trouble scaling. The rest of the day I didn't do much just hung out, read, and played with the dog. I know another thrilling day of excitement, but it was nice. This morning my Uncle Ron's Mom passed away, this was bittersweet for the family as they didn't like watching her suffer but still. So if you could keep the Brown family in your thoughts and prayers it would be appreciated. To be honest with you this scares me a little bit. Just makes me realize again, as if I hadn't had enough reminders, how fragile life is. I have had this on my mind lately just for the fact that I recognize how much older my family is getting my Aunts and Uncles are older than my Mom and it just scares me to think that I could lose them. I know it sounds dumb, age really has nothing to do with death, but still its just a harrowing thought.

Random note I found a new song I really like it is called Does Anybody Hear Her? by the Casting Crowns, I really like it, and you should probably check i t out.

Carrie Out

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Pleasures of Life

Today I didn't have to work and when I woke up at ten I was reminded of the simple pleasures of life. Extra Sleep is always a bonus. Or eating the first chip out of a freshly opened bag of potato chips. Driving with the windows down flying your arm out in the breeze. Having a song in your head or on your heart all day and then hearing it first thing when you turn on the radio. The way your body feels exhausted after exercising. Showering after a hot day. Eating a popsicle so slowly that it starts to melt down the stick. Holding a baby. Reading a book that you loved as a child. Sitting outside and looking at the night sky. Hugs from relatives you don't see very often. Getting a new magazine in the mail, in my case particularly you can't beat a new Sports Illustrated (I just recieved and read one today). Or how about laying in a hammock and listening to birds and such. The smell after the rain. Or even playing in the rain. Watching an old movie. Laughing until your sides hurt. Walking around smiling for no particular reason and then smiling some more because you know it makes people wonder. Hearing from an old friend. Having absolutely nothing to do for a day or even an hour. Having a home and clothes and food and family and everything else completely miraculous that we take for granted everyday.

By the way I have to go to State Farm park tomorrow to help watch the girls I babysit. This park is all about the water and between you and me....I really don't like swimming or the water too much at all. Should be an interesting day:)

Carrie Out

Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthdays, Parades, and Family Time

I had a busy but very enjoyable weekend. Friday night I had to umpire little league in Atlanta I had to do it again tonight. Sometimes parents can get a little rough but all in all it's a pretty easy paycheck. Saturday I hung out all afternoon went shopping for awhile and then met my friends in Morton. It was Kelsey's birthday so we went downtown Peoria for dinner. We ended up at Texas Roadhouse it was good and a lot of fun. Sunday was busy. I started the day at church. I ended up helping our youth group with a lunch fundraiser, making food and boxing lunches. It was nice to catch up with some of the kids and sponsers I hadn't seen much throughout the year. In the afternoon Kelsey wanted me to go to the Turkey Festival so I did. I am not a big fan of fairs/carnivals, I don't really know why but still. We watched the Parade. Some little girl kept stealing my candy I was getting upset. Do you think they have fairs like this in other parts of the country? You know the kind where the big atractions are the antique tractors, horse riders, and the float made by the local church? The whole concept is a little odd to me but very small town I guess. Brad and Lori were in town so we spent the entire evening at the Gassers with the family. I love doing this. I was a little bummed that we couldn't go until late though because most of the family had left. Grandma and the Fender's were still there though so I got to see them and baby Clayton. I really look forward to family gatherings I miss seeing my family. I had a lot of fun just hanging out and catching up and it was nice to see the Class family. Today has been a long day I was in Atlanta from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 tonight, babysitting and umpiring. Jimmy came by tonight though so it was nice to see him, since he live in Charleston he doesn't come around much anymore so it is always a good suprise when he stops by. Bed...needs me.

Carrie Out

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eating Veggie Tales....Sorry Jr.

I am back sorry for the long drought. I have just had a lot going on and some other things on my mind. But fear not here I am! So life in the last has it been that long since I have posted...has been busy. Last Saturday I got to babysit Clay. I really did enjoy myself even though Sam thinks I just tell her that. I loved spending time with him and playing with him, who knew that someone who just lays there and looks around could be so engrossing. I started babysitting full time this week. It has been a little stressful just having some trouble getting Alexis who is six transitioned back into summer mode and fighting with the potty training of two year old Paige. It's hard for her to see me as a disciplinarian since I spend most of my time during the year being "fun" Carrie. Believe me we have fun though. We go on treasure hunts, build forts, play in the sprinkler and pool , go for bike rides, draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk, and sing random made up songs. Hopefully things will ease up once we all readjust to one another. Random fact: I have a new found love for asparagus. It is good Justin and I grill it and eat it almost everynight. Before now I only knew asparagus as Jr. on Veggie Tales, mmm Jr. tastes good cooked with a little salt. Other things I have been doing include riding my awesome amazing bicycle, hanging out with my brothers, playing with my dog, and making a picture scrapbook of pictures from my first year of college. I know my life is just that thrilling:)

Carrie Out