Monday, July 30, 2007

Reading and Riding

Okay so I am a little slow blogging when it comes to the sorries:) Sooo life, well it has been good for the most part. I did read the entire Harry Potter in two days when I got it it was delightful. I am now reading Praise Habit by David Crowder and am attempting to read the Bible cover to cover. It is kinda interesting I have never read stories completely and word for word Sunday school versions are definately censored. Matt and Ryan came into youth last night, those two crack me up. I am suprised we didn't have our youth group invitations revoked when the three of us haven't been together in a while it can get a bit out of hand. Lately I have been a bike riding fiend I mean I ususally ride my bike but not 15 to 20 miles a day, but I am throughly enjoying myself. I worked at a golf outing fundraiser for school on Friday it poured all morning but it was nice to see my friends. I watched Clay on Saturday and he makes me laugh. He makes this noise that sounds like a kitten purring and it is pretty funny. He also would make these noises whenever I walked out of the room to make sure I knew he was there. Brent is sitting behind me reading this and he is annoying...stupid boys.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where to?

Being back home is slowly taking it's toll. The reality that life is not filled with Christians and good people hits hard. The lack of sleep is taking over me. Who knew life could change so much over the course of the week. I am sitting in session one night in Tennessee and Jayson French gets up on stage to talk about graphics ministry and all the sudden I feel this urge to talk to him about this before I leave. I get up of Friday morning and meet with him for a few minutes, honestly I don't know why but I did. He gave me some details, some information, and some people to contact to learn more about graphic ministry. I never wanted to go into ministry I always felt it in the back of my heart but I became a pro at ignoring it. But bam without me even realizing it I began pursuing it. I am in contact with the lead graphic artist for Christ in Youth. She is answering my questions, giving me directions, helping me out, and encouraging me. I have never even seen a picture of this woman but this relationship is exciting to me. I am so anxious to dig deeper and know more about this field. It just seems to me to be something I have been looking for for a long time and I didn't even see it coming. This has also led me to look into applying for an internship at Christ in Youth next year it would put me on the road 12 weeks of the summer but right now it seems so right. I guess it is up to God how it turns out. Yesterday I read this awesome awesome book by Louie Giglio called i am not but i now I AM. It is all about the fact that God is and we are not, we are but footnotes in God's Story, and I can't even explain it but WoW. I have been engulfing literature lately and the thing that amuses me is I haven't even attempted to get my hands on the new Harry Potter book. I am digging into Christian works and they are so engrosing. I started now reading SexGod by Rob Bell and it is pretty much awesome as well. Rob Bell is such an effective communicator to the contempory crew his message is put into ways that blow your mind and make you look at everyday life differently. Random fact: I rode twenty miles on my bike tonight for the heck of it...but it did provide some good thinking time.

Carrie Out

Sunday, July 22, 2007

CIY a Change of Hearts

Wow...this past week has been amazing. Not only did I get to experience some Southern living but on a much bigger scale I got to experience God at his rawest. It was such a good week everything went perfectly. Our traveling was without problem and actually the time flew by quickly. The benifit of being a sponser: permanant shot gun seat and all time radio control. Our theme for confrence was really good this year it was called ONES. The concept is that no one was meant to be alone and we talked about injury, influences, and the value of a great friend. The speakers this year were phenomenal, one in particular named Jayson French was especially good. That man could throw it down, when he spoke not another sound was heard and 1500 sets of eyes were locked on him. I actually got the chance to meet him and on top of being a great preacher he's also a pretty cool and down to earth guy. The Aaron Pelsue Band provided the worship twice a day. This is the third time I have seen them and this is probably the best they have sounded. I would love to see our elders face as they watch this kind of worship. Nothing like rocking out for Jesus. But honestly it was great and now being older it is so cool to watch the kids in our group worship this way and really get into. You could see God breaking down barriers and blockades in their lives all week. The changes a week can make are astounding. It was awesome hearing the stories and choices that were made in our group almost half of our group made a decision to either be baptised or rededicated. It is impossible to go this confrence and not be moved. But there is always a downfall... and it comes with coming home. It is so hard to go from such a spiritual high back into your normal life. For seven days our days were all spent completely focused on God, we were free of worldly distractions and problems. But going back home is always a shock you just want to go back to where you are free to be yourself regardless, and you can actually feel and see God working in you. But for now we will ride our highs out and hopefully carry out the changes we vowed to make along the way, because God is knocking on our door to go out and change the world.

Carrie Out

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gearing up for Confrence

So I have spent the last two days pretty much doing nothing and just relaxing. I was loving it. I have successfully reread all six Harry Potter books before Deathly Hollows comes out next weekend. Mom hates Harry Potter and says I am a dork, but the books are sooo addictingly good. Last night I picked up a copy of Tuesdays With Morrie to read on the way to Tennessee, it is tempting me terribly if we didn't leave tomorrow morning I don't think I would make it. We went and loaded up most of our stuff in the vans tonight we leave tomorrow after church. I looked it up and we are going to Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee the campus and town both look very nice. We are staying in Nashville tomorrow night I guess our hotel has a guitar shaped pool, snazy. Okay interruption....there is a mouse in our kitchen and I can hear it. This just creeps me out I HATE mice, ewe sooo disgusting. Snakes, spiders, bugs, whatever they don't bother me but mice, urgh, makes me quiver. Back to my rantings. Something I am excited about is that on Thursday we are traveling to Chattanooga to see Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain and spend the day there. This sounds very interesting to me. So don't expect anything on here until next Saturday at the earliest I will try to give a nice summary of my trip and experiences. I know you all can't wait. But in the meanwhile please pray for us to have safe travel and a good week. Have a delightful week!

Carrie Out

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Visiting La Famila

I haven't written in about a week and to be honest I really can't tell you much of what has happened since yesterday. The week has blown by so fast I can't remember a lot of it. I umped my last game on Monday night, I did enjoy doing that this summer and it was easy money. I don't know what I am going to do with all these free evenings. Tuesday I went to play basketball there were only three of us there, we got a lot accomplished, haha, Not! Yesterday was a good day. The girls were good when I babysat, I am off for twelve days now. They went on a trip for the weekend and next week I am going to Tennessee for Christ in Youth Confrence with my church. This year I am a sponsor which means Free Trip, yahoo, I am hoping it will be a lot of fun. We leave Sunday morning and stay until the following Saturday. Last night I went to a memorial for Brian on his first birthday. It was very sweet and I liked remembering him, it was all and all a beautiful day and quick service. After that was over I came back to Grandma's for awhile she had to go to a church meeting though. So I left to get gas, well I broke my door handle while closing it so I went to Kip and Deanna's to see if they could help me fix it. We didn't even need Kip's help because Deanna and I are expert craftsman like that, haha. I really enjoyed visiting them I don't get to see them much and need to get in my mandatory make fun of Uncle Kip time, it's okay some where deep down inside he loves me:) When Grandma got back we ran to Pekin I needed to get things for my trip and we ate dinner then I came back and stayed at her house. This morning she said it was the first time I had ever stayed at her house...I don't believe her. I got up this morning and went to see Sam and Clayton. I watched Clay while Sam went to help set up for VBS. I really like going to see him he is so funny now and I love watching him crack himself up. Well I am getting ready to go to the Doctor for my sports physical so I better get off.

Carrie Out

Friday, July 06, 2007

Running Late

I haven't written in like a week and I had no idea...oops! Well over that time I have once more been busy babysitting, umping, and playing basketball, squeezing in time for friends and fun somewhere between that. I have seen two sets of fireworks in celebration of the fourth. I hate fireworks, they are so loud and always catch me off guard...I am a bit jumpy. I watched the first set with two of my friends from College, it was nice to see them, especially since one of them left for an African missions trip yesterday. I watched the second set with Matt and Ryan in Hopedale, this is something I have pretty much done my whole life and they love to make fun of me watching fireworks, still I really enjoyed spending time with them College has really cut back on the times we see each other next year will be worse though Ryan is transfering to a school in Florida. I went to see Evan Almighty with Kelsey and Darci the other day it was a lot of fun and I loved the movie, very funny. I also went to a get together out at Kels on Tuesday it was a good time. Soo random information on the Fourth Darci and I were a little hyper dressing up at Grandma's and doing dumb stuff. Well we decided to make brownies which we barely revived from a mistake early on, DARCI'S mistake, hehe. Well we didn't eat them all so I took them home the dog then proceeded to eat them all while we were at the fireworks, nice. Oh and I got another cortizone shot in my foot, ouch, but the best part I get another one at the end of the month oh the joy! Last night I went to the College and played basketball, I throughly enjoyed myself once again, playing ball with friends is fun even if it was three trillion degrees. Coach Thomas and Ryan came to see us too which was a nice suprise I miss them. I have had a lovely morning this morning. Woke up late, got here late, on a hurry on the way here I took the wrong car then had to go back and switch left again saw three deer on the way and got stuck behind a train, I know awesome. Well at least Paige has slept in really late today, hopefully the rest of the day picks up:)

Carrie Out