Friday, August 31, 2007

You Kept What?

I had weights this morning I hate getting up for half an hour of weights at 8 and then not having class until 10 but I do it anyways. We got to set the example apparently. Spent the whole morning in Coach Thomas office learning lots of important things as usuall and doing a lot of laughing. We found a stupid note I wrote him last year and taped a fake leaf to hung up in his office. It was kinda funny he keeps every stupid thing we give him from dumb notes to paper birds. Geography class today was short, I really like Mr. Grunder but the class just isn't very interesting right now. We took a quiz I was done before most people even started taking it, I thought it was pretty easy. The afternoon was spent in Coach Wilsons office doing all sorts of intelligent things with Chelsea. When I came back to my room Ashley came over and shortly fell asleep in the middle of my floor for three hours without realizing it. After dinner I went to Tremont to see Aunt Kathy and Kyleigh. She was cracking me up kicking her legs around and making all sorts of noises. She has gotten so big so fast, it was nice to spend some time playing with her. I stopped by Grandma's on the way back to school she wasn't there but I stole one of her sacred snickers ice cream bars and man was it good. I came back here and went with some of our softball freshman to a showing of "Blades of Glory" on campus. The movie was funny and we are glad to see them doing things like that instead of drinking the night before a game. We play in Champaign tomorrow and the bus leaves at 7:45 that's early, I hope it's nice out.

Carrie Out

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sleepy Time

I am kinda tired right now it has been a long day. I had weights this morning at 8:15 which followed by breakfast ran right into class until two. Then I went straight to the trainer, two hours of softball practice, and followed it up with one and a half hours of basketball practice. We had a meeting with our freshman basketball players just to set out a vague set or rules and expectations on and off the court. It was supposed to be from all the sophomores I did all the talking. I wonder if we got through to them. A quick dinner and then back to my room for the first time all day at 7:15, I took a shower did a little homework and unknowingly fell asleep for a little while and it was glorious. After I woke up the twins got back from night class and came over for awhile. Then I went and hung out wit Ashley and her friend Nick. Talked to Coach Thomas on the phone about stupid stuff and then went on a world wide excursion otherwise known as a walk. We were watching Independance Day and no one could believe I have never seen it...still haven't I only watched about half an hour. I did watch Die Hard: With A Vegance though today and it was awesome. Okay so I have weights again tomorrow and to me 8:00 is early.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Football is Funny

In case anyone was wondering the Mars thing did happen we just missed it. I only had geography class today, this bores me for some reason maybe because what we are learning right now is pretty self explanatory. I finally got my independant study art class set up which is exciting I can't wait to start. I got some drawing materials today and am itching to try them out. We also got started on our honors program project which is a community service/involvement project. This should be a lot of fun once it gets underway. The day was spent hanging in both Coaches offices which is always a good time. Then I had to help supervise basketball study tables, this was interesting. Practice was hot. By the end of batting practice I was swinging blind because there was too much sweat swimming into my eyes and it was burning. I got all my wonderful therapy again today that was delightful. After practice Ash, Chels, and I went to watch Ryan play football. His team did pretty bad I don't think they ever passed the fifty and they gave up at least five touchdowns. It's funny to watch Ryan play he is so little and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like getting hit he avoids it at all costs. I have kept my promise now and watched a football game so I am good to go. After the game we went to Rusty's for cheese fries which were amazing. Then we just chilled on the swing in Chels yard enjoying the lovely night. Tomorrow is nonstop and I need sleep.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Whoo Hoo Trainer Joe

I am a bit tight today, but not excessively sore. Classes were alright, I was tired today. My psychology class drives me crazy. I am sure it would be interesting if my teacher knew anything on the subject, but she doesn't and it is annoying. That is a long hour and a half. Spent some time hanging out with Coach Thomas today. He loves to tell us his life story and honestly it cracks me up, he's a funny guy. Practice was fine today it's just really hot out and it sucks all the sweat out of me. I met our new trainer, Joe, today and he is pretty much awesome. He was the trainer at Oly my sophomore year. He worked with me for 45 minutes, doing shoulder ultrasound, teaching me stretches and excercises, doing a point-therapy massage, and loosening me up. He told me he will be able to give me the same therapy I would get from the Sports Enhancement but for free, I like that amount. Hopefully by the time spring rolls around I will be good to go. Tonight has been kinda random. I went to the volleyball game with some kids for awhile it was boring. Then I came back here and chilled. Chelsea, Ashley and I played this dumb game all night. I don't really know how to explain it, it was like hide and seek, but not really. In the end Chelsea and I got in a fight with Ashley, quit looking for her and came back here and chilled. I sat in the lobby for a while with Cassie and Nicole, but now it is off to sleep.

Carrie Out

Mars Hoax?

It's one in the morning. I am up because my science teacher and a bunch of other teachers told us that we could see Mars really big tonight at midnight. We were told this wouldn't happen for another 300 years and to go see it. There were tons of kids sitting out waiting to see it. None of us saw anything. Was this a hoax? I don't know, some of us saw things saying it would happen on the news and in the papers but nothing in the sky. Anybody know anything on it? By the way I made it through running, weights, class, and softball practice today. It was a little wearing and I know I'll be sore tomorrow but I am still alive:)

Carrie Out

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Run Forrest Run

It is too late for me to be up. I have to run for basketball (20 minutes straight) tomorrow morning at 7. My body does not function too well that early. The day was pretty uneventful. Redecorated m room with my new posters and some pictures. Ran some errands to Wal-mart and Dollar Tree with Ashley and Chelsea. Did my homework. Then Casie, Nikkie, Chels, and I just got back from a homework date with Ashley while she is on RA duty. We drank a box of Capri Suns tonight and are now saving the wrappers to see how much of my walls we can cover throughout the year. I know we are awesome. Softball starts tomorrow, whaaa hooo. Seriously though I need to catch some Z's.

Carrie Out

Gimme Some Full House

Why is the Fresh Prince on Nick 24/7? I mean I like some Will Smith but not all the time. I need a new pre bedtime show to watch. Brunch this morning was good, they served lots of my favorites, bacon, these amazing potato pancake things, and french toast sticks. I ate with my friend Daryl and Ashley, Daryl makes me laugh. After we were done eating we went up town to check out the art booths. Some of the stuff was really cool, some of it was just plain weird, but still it was pretty interesting. This afternoon was clean my room day. I cleaned and Lysoled the room, and did my laundry. I wore a lot of clothes this week and they smelled. Basketball will do that too you. Then I ran to Clinton with Ash to switch out her cars and eat some delightful homemade salsa mmm mmm. Chelsea came and got us and we went to a cookout, watched the balloon glow, and walked through the carnival. We had fun hanging out. We came back and went on a walk, no worries on Mom and Coach Wilson's orders we only walk in specific areas and never alone. It got a little cool tonight though and I got some bug bites. Good news, today was the last day of my blood poisoning medicine which means I'm all healed, Hurray!

Carrie Out

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Go Dogs Go!

Today has been a busy on the go type day which is odd considering I only had one class. The morning started with some weight lifting and a half hour conversation with Coach Thomas and Wilson. What a way to start the day, haha. Then I went to class, geography, like the teacher but right now it's a bore. Lunch was everything ham and cheese, weird, but still alright to eat. Spent all afternoon as in 4 hours running errands with Chelsea and later on Ashley. We were helping some people get ready for a big cookout and other stuff, random but whatever. After touring the town of Lincoln a good fifty times we finally got to enjoy the cookout. That lasted about an hour. It is the Art and Balloon Festival in town and we were right across from the balloon field ready to watch the launchings. A storm came and ruined that, the balloons couldn't fly so we ate dinner and are supposed to return tomorrow night to see the launchings and night glow. Since the cook out went south Ashley and I went home to Brent's football game. It didn't rain at all at home, we lost the game, but actually scored so I guess that counts for something. We ran to the house dropped off my schedules so I can keep car insurance (the whole purpose of my trip) and picked up yet more stuff I forgot. After that the day has finally slowed and I am ready for some T.V.

By the way I love my title and I also love the line... "Do you like my hat?" "I do not like your hat."

Carrie Out

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursdays=Not ADHD friendly

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have three 80 minute classes in a row. Back to back to back and no lunch. Shoot me now. Those classes are sooo boring well the first two are okay but the last one is sooo boring. Weight lifting was okay I think we had 5 freshman show up, not suprising. My intro to literature class is actually pretty interesting which is good since it's the first one of the day. The teacher continually calls on me to answer questions and give interpretations though. I don't even attempt to answer and she still picks me, sometimes I like to hear what other people think. I had her for English 101 though so she knows I know my writings. I was full of energy today and had nothing to burn it on. I talked Coach Andrew's into hitting me fly balls for awhile then I took one of the freshman out to hit and play catch. I played outside in the blazing heat for almost two hours for the sheer fun of Then I ended up going to the rec as well, most of my friends, okay all but like two, have three hour night classes twice a week so I get bored. Kristi's got out early so I went with her and proceded to exercise for another hour and a half. Then I came back and went on an hour walk with Ashley. I might be sore tomorrow but today I am feeling good.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tiger Woods Protege

It is lateish and I need to get to sleep so list it is:)

1. MWF classes were okay considering I only have one and Grunder who I like teaches it.
2. Spent the afternoon in Coaches office hanging out cause we are cool like that.
3. Went to the golf course for a few hours with the golf team to keep an Casie who can't play at the moment because of a health problem company. It was SO hot.
4. Practiced chipping and putting....I suck at golf end of story.
5. Came back here and had a delightful dinner of carved turkey.
6. Went to a softball meeting hurray.
7. Went to the rec to basketball. Our freshman recruits are mouthy and disrespectful. Could be interesting.
8. My room is officially the hang out room. All the sophomore basketball girls hang out here every night.
9. Went to Wal-Mart to buy more Capri Suns which we inhale like no other.
10. Have to get up early for weights tomorrow, whoo Hooo.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am out of

First days of classes=total boredom. I do love the fact that they don't start till 9:30 though that was nice. I am excited about my literature class though. I find that interesting and it is tought by my favorite teacher from last year so that should be good. I did run into a problem though I am scheduled with classes from 9:30-2:00 without a lunch break. That will be rough once basketball season rolls around. We had our first lunch date with Coach Thomas today, it was entertaining as always. He's a good guy...some days:) Spent the afternoon trying to start on some homework and picking up my school books, which I didn't have time to do yesterday. We had a grill out dinner tonight which was actually good I enjoyed it at least. Alex came and ate with us tonight so it was good to see him. Then we had a basketball meeting and ended up taking the freshman to play at the rec again. Coach told us she was really impressed with the way we are stepping up and taking charge, it is good to be encouraged. Tonight has been pretty random. I went to Wal Mart with Casie. Hung out in the lobby with some kids. And Ashley came over for a while. But my body is aching we played ball for about 2 1/2 hours today and I am not in that kind of shape.

Carrie Out

Monday, August 20, 2007

I wish I owned Num Chucks

Working today was boring yet entertaining at the same time. The student flow was really slow so that was a drag. The entertaining part was the dumb things we did in our free time. We fought with num chucks, had a retro lunch box dance party, and all sorts of other thrilling things. I was kept in a room for 5 1/2 hours with three baseball players, the conselor, and the assistant baseball coach/student activities director, but we had a good time and made some new friends which was nice. This afternoon I redid my schedule and helped some kids move in. We as sophmore athletes decided this year that we would make sure the freshman weren't sitting alone these first few weeks before sports start up. To fix that Chelsea, Ashley, and I took all the freshman basketball players to the rec for a few hours to play ball and give them something to do. For softball I called all the freshman and gave them a time to meet us for dinner so they could meet us and they wouldn't have to sit alone. I know we are amazing but we just knew how awkward and unsettling the first few days were so we thought we could help. Tonight I helped Casie and Nikkie move in then we (Chels, Ash, and I) went to Walmart with them. We got hungry....I eat too much....we all eat too much. We ate a leftover steak from home, chips and cheese, turkey sandwiches, trailmix, egg rolls, and washed it down with some Capri Suns. I don't feel too bad about it either I ate little for dinner and got my exercise in so all is well.

Carrie Out

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Hate Keyrings

About how it was -30 degree's in the gym today while we were working. We all had on sweatshirts and were still cold, enjoyable. I was in charge of putting mailbox keys onto keychains. My thumb nails hurt real bad now, I have to do it again tomorrow. Minus the pain it wasn't too bad. I had Ryan already this afternoon. I don't really care I missed him. He came over and played Nintendo for awhile and just hung out while I unpacked so his parents could get some work done. I finally have everything unpacked and put in it's place. I forgot a bunch of stuff so I ran home this evening and got it. I also raided the house for food, fat kids gotta eat. We had steak for dinner and it was delightuful, soo good. Then I went to help with youth group since I was home and turned back in a bunch of stuff I borrowed from the church over the summer. It was nice to get to see the kids and say goodbye. Ryker was there too so I got to spend some time with him before I came back. They sent me back with some snacks too which is awesome. Have a good day back at work tomorrow Amy:) Alright well I am fresh outta verbatim, so yeah.

Carrie Out

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to School

It is official I am moved in back at school. I had a good last week at home. I loved helping with VBS. The kids in my class are adorable I have had them since they were in pre-school and now they are third graders, they crack me up. It also gave me some time to hang out with Alyssa and Melody, I miss going to youth group with them in charge. An interestingly weird thing about last week...I somehow got bloodpoisoning. It started in my right forearm and was kinda freaky. But no fear all is well now I am drugged up and it is helping minus the fact the medicine wears me out. So I got everything unpacked and together already, well except my desk stuff, but it seems to have been a lot easier to get everything in the right place this year. I have to work as an orientation leader tomorrow when the freshman move in. We had a meeting tonight, the orientation leader's are all baseball boys minuse me, a bit odd but whatever. I am in charge of assigning and handing out mailbox keys should be a thrilling six hours. The downer side I have to be up and at breakfast by eight, I know really not early, but it is a little early. I think I am going back home tomorrow evening to pick up the things I forgot. It really doesn't matter all that will be here is freshman, so I am not missing anything, my friends move in on Monday. By the way my title has caused me to sing Back to School off of Billy Madison in my head, enjoyable.

Carrie Out

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chris Daughtry Rocks

So about how Daughtry last night was awesome. The concert was at the state fair grounds. Two of my friends (Jessie and Kelsey) went with me I made them buy tickets with me two days after they went on sale...I am a bit of a Daughtry addict. Well we got track tickets, which mean you are on the floor. We got pretty far up if I had to guess I would say we were 5-7 rows back slighty to the left of center stage. The only way it could've been better is if we could have pushed our way to the middle. We stood the whole time, as one would do with track seating, and I didn't mind it during the concert, but my legs and back did ache a bit on the walk back to the car. Oh and it was hot, not just midly hot, but scorching. Take into account the fact that it was pushing 100 degrees outside and then cram hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder, needless to say I was dripping but it was totally worth it. Running a little behind because of some school meetings we missed some of the opening act which was 12 Stones. I didn't care about them any way. But Daughtry was awesome. They sound so good live and put on a good show. Most artists sound good in studio but in concert leave a lot to be desired, this concert was not at all this way. He has such a distinct voice and sounds great to a live audience. He even did this cool thing where he sang through a mega phone, crafty. His band was good as well and has some pretty talented guitar players in it. One weird thing, this concert was full of old people, particularly middle aged women. Honestly what parents listen to hard rock music? My bet was that since they watch a lot of TV the y liked him on idol and now have become sort of groupies. A bit weird to me but whatever. They played all the songs on their first record and I willing sang along with everyone else, but also did two or three covers. The only one I can remember at the moment was and Alice in Chains song. I didn't get any good pictures. I don't have a digi and my friends forgot theirs in the car (after our mile hike to the grandstand...different story) so all I have are some phone pictures I am trying to figure out how to load onto the computer. I was showing them to Alyssa and Melody at Bible School this morning and Melody couldn't remember who he was and the pictures weren't too clear. I told her don't worry you'll meet him at our wedding:) I know he's married and all but whatever a girl can dream...and good dreams they are.

Carrie Out

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bye's and Babysitting

I watched Clay last night while Sam and Josh were at a wedding. The rate at which babies grow astounds me, although I know it shouldn't. I just saw him two weeks ago but it was almost as if he doubled in size. I love that baby very much and feel blessed that he is a part of my life. As always he was cracking me up. Just the things he does amazes me. Every time I would hold him he would touch my face and just stare into my eyes it was the coolest thing. Makes me wonder what he's thinking. This morning I got up and went to church. It was a good morning but a bittersweet one. I hate the last Sunday of my summer, too many goodbyes. I sat and talked to Ryan awhile after service he leaves early Wednesday moring for Florida and I probably won't see him again before then. Like I said before I am not sure how I feel about this. I know he is excited but a little apprehensive as well, I am sure he will be fine. The upside of things is that he is flying home fore Thanksgiving so at least I will see him at some points during the year. Toby was another hard goodbye. He is a guy from church that started with his wife as a youth sponsor my sophmore year of highschool. Our personalities are a lot alike and we spend a lot of time making fun of and laughing at each other. Everyone in our youth group always teases me about being his favorite. He is just a important person in my life who I know loves me and I can count on for anything. I really miss having him as a constant in my life. I don't know I just hate good byes even if they are more of see you laters they still aren't easy. Well I am minutes away from leaving for the Daughtry concert so I am out.

Carrie Out

Thursday, August 09, 2007

College Confusions

Summer is winding down, I don't know how I feel about this. I am ready to get back to school to see my friends and play ball...not go to class. I have enjoyed the freedom that is summer. Riding my bike, laying in the hammock, going to church, playing basketball in the driveway, and just hanging out. I also have loved the home cooked meals and have noticed I haven't been sick since I've been home which is a nice change from the pretty much biweekly illness you acquire in a dorm. College is a weird time, it's almost like you have two lives and they really don't interconnect much. I have my college friends and my home friends, college habits and home habits, it's just strange that's all when you consider you are the only thing that even ties these two groups. I went to dinner with Matt, Ryan, and Alyssa last night. I love doing this, these meals and get togethers are my favorite thing about any time off from school. With those two we have known each other for so long that we can go months without seeing each other but once we do we pick right back up from where we started. I like that, I like that they know my past and my present and have been a part of both, it's comforting. Ryan is going to school at South Eastern Florida University this year and I am a little wary of this. We didn't see each other too much during school last year but I liked knowing where he was, that he was close...I am really not digging this new found distance. I know he will be okay but still I am just not a fan of change. I can remember last year how nervous I was to move into school, how much I didn't want to go, and now this year I am looking forward to it. Maybe I am starting to grow up.

Carrie Out

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Barry Bonds and All That Baggage

Barry Bonds has officially tied Hank Aaron for the all-time homerun record. I don't get what the big deal is. I mean I understand the big deal is he is about to pass the record but past that. The whole back page of the sports page was pretty much dedicated to bashing him. Local readers wrote in their opinions of Bonds and the chase I think maybe four were "almost" positive. Some of the negative ones were just plain ignorant. One man even went as far as to say Bonds was a bad father. Excuse me sir do you know him? I just don't get it, we as average Americans sculpt what we think of the athletes and actors on our T.V.'s strictly through what the media says. Yet the media's ethics are the very things we complain about. I am sure that if I was famous I would get fed up with the camera's in my face all the time. Who can blame Bond's for not spilling his guts to reporters. People criticize him on all levels not just the athletic, without having a clue to who he really is. How can someone judge someone they have never met. Reporters can say what they want but all they have met is the public Bonds they don't really know him, yet they constantly make assumptions like they do. Sure there are the steriod accusations as well, but nothing has been proven so how can we tag a guy as a cheater when there is not legitamate proof. There are and have been many players who use steriods and will never be detected but no one bothers them. And even if in some years later Barry is proven guilty, that really doesn't change the fact that he hit all those homeruns. Hundreds of players have stormed through major league baseball on all sorts of performance enhancing drugs but none of them ever hit 755 homeruns, the feat in itself is astounding assumed drugs or not. Sure it is argued Hank Aaron didn't do drugs he was a model player, a model guy. I am not saying he ever did drugs but I am positive his slate isn't clean. We mess's human nature, what makes one mistake bigger than another? So for now I am resigned to accepting Bonds record as it is, he has done the job, he deserves the credit. Who are we that we can take that away from him, that we can judge him? Not God I know that much.

Carrie Out