Saturday, June 14, 2008

You're the only 10-I-See:)

Ahh only a 3 day space, I'm gettting better:) Well for today considering I leave tomorrow morning for Tennessee. I'm going as a youth sponsor for CIY agian we are heading to Milligan college Ryan's coming so it should be lots of fun. We have to hurry back Saturday so I can go to Kristi's wedding which I am stoked about, so yeah I have a lot going down. The rest of this week flew by. Thursday I went and played slowpitch with church again. I must have had 20 balls hit to me at short, but no fear I caught them all. We are terrible but it is too funny to even care about, I am too busy laughing to notice that we are losing. And of course the ice cream after every game is just an added bonus, it's just a good way to spend a summer night. Friday night after umping yet another marathon game I went to Justin's apartment for a going away cookout for Kale and his friends. I had a lot of fun sitting around talking to the kids from highschool. Too bad I was the only one under 21 left when they decided to go to the bar, but oh well it was good while it lasted. This morning I got up and met Lys and Kel to go pick up rental cars for the trip, there was also a little trip to Starbucks thrown in there. They have delightful chocolate chip banana bread. I felt totally like a soccer mom rolling in my mini van especially with Ryker bouncing around in the back seat. The afternoon was spent packing and doing laundry. I went to Lincoln this evening to an anniversary party for the elder Finchum's, twas a lovely time. Rounded off the night with a last minute pick-ups stop to Walmart. Now I must go get rested up it is a draining week ahead!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

California and some Catch-up

I told you these summer blogs would be sporadic. I mean to write more I really do the internet just doesn't like to participate the service here is more than a bit spotty. So much has happened in the span of a week or two it would be impossible to catch up on everything so I will write what I can remember...bear with me. I spent some time in Lincoln with Chels, Nik, Alex, Craig, and Kyle one Friday night it was a lot of fun minus the tornadoes, not a big fan. We ate out, had game night and just hung. Went and watched the softball state tournament we got second but I enjoyed watching. Last week I can't really remember much about I was too focusing on getting ready to go to San Diego.

We flew out on Wednesday morning, I know Mom didn't get us to the airport at 3:30 for a 6:00 am flight she was more than a little jacked about going. The flights weren't to bad and I am not a fan of air travel. The only rough spot was the legnth and the fact that I was pinned between Justin and Brent. The first day there was spent resting up and settling in. At night we played mini golf at the course outside our hotel. Here I decided to pose on the lovely bridge mid putt-putt. The next morning we got up ate breakfast in the hotel and headed to the Marine base. The base itself looks more like a resort than military station. It was yellow and had palm trees growing everywhere the weather was nice and warm. Every one was getting excited for the moto run when we could first see Kale. It was really neat the coolest part was when the Marines turned and faced the crowd all at the same time. They stare straight ahead and can't look around which worked out well for us we were standing right where kale was staring. Check him out in his short shorts:) After the run they went and showered and changed into different uniforms. They marched around a bit then we finally got to go talk to him. We spent the day on the the base with him, just checking it out. We went to a war museum which I found intriguing and hung out all afternoon. That night we went back to the hotel and he stayed on base. We were woke up at 5:00 in the morning to water leaking through our ceiling. I didn't want to get out of bed it was too early. The man above us had fallen asleep with the bathtub on and was flooding his room and consequently ours. We had to pack up and move out. We headed back to the base shortly thereafter for gradution. We watched a film about Marines and listened to some Officers talk before we headed outside. For this time they wore there dress blues very fancy. The ceremony was very nice and very hot. What a lovely family photo haha. That day after lunch and a little lounging we headed to Coronado beach. It was beautiful and we all had a lot of fun, I even dug up some shells (which I forgot in the pocket of my board shorts, ohh do they smell.
We spent the night in our new free suite and after an early breakfast at Dennys (Kale's request) it was time to get back on the planes. The flights once again weren't bad just long and we returned to Bloomington late Saturday night where the family was waiting to greet Kale. All in all it was a great trip.

Sunday Brent got baptized the boys almost didn't make it but that is a story for another time. We ate dinner at Monicals after B's game twas tasty. I spent the rest of the night hanging out with Matt and Ryan which was awesome. Monday I babysat I was supposed to ump but was rained out. Yesterday I babysat and umped. I missed our slowpitch game and Kelsey's birthday dinner because of it boo. I went to Chris' house afterwards for a little fire pit hang out, which was a lot of fun. Today I watched Ryker we came out here and played Wii with Kale and in the hot tub, very entertaining. I umped again tonight I didn't want to Coach Thomas was out at Oly and called for me to come see him. I haven't talked to him since I left school and miss him lots, so that sucked. I did talk to him on the phone for a while though so I guess it's okay. I talked to Jer tonight too I wish people I liked didn't live so far away or at least that gas wasn't ridiculosly priced. But hey what can you do?

Carrie Out