Monday, September 29, 2008

Achy Legs

7 am kicked my butt this morning. One hour of nonstop running, oh the joys. We ran a mile and a half indian run just as a warm up, it was crazy. Needless to say as of right now my legs are aching and tired. Also I irratated my IT bands (on the outside of the knee) so it's real painful to walk. Layed down for a bit before heading off to the junior high. My 16 year old wasn't there today and guilty as I feel saying it, it was definately a relief. Her needs just dominate my time and take away from the other girls. So the morning went smoother. I randomly saw another one of my 8th grade teachers, Mr. Jett, he was my social studies teacher who works at BJ now. After shadowing had time to grab a quick lunch with the bball team before jetting to class. We didn't do much in there today just discussion. I don't get that teacher he snaps on me everytime I ask a question it's nuts. It's like a whole class joke and everytime I start to talk everyone just starts laughing cause we know he'll freak out, very weird. I didn't have basketball today so after class I went to the library for awhile to do some work. Then I rested before heading to Shirk for the ever popular rehab. Rehab followed by icing ran into solo I did have this yummy peanut butter quesadilla thing though so that was scrumtrulescent. Chilled out reviewing Chem and watching Jon & Kate until Encouter at 9. Service was short this week which means more sleep for me. Chem quiz number 2 tomorrow, lets go for improvement.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekends Over

Had to go home yesterday and change my brakes with Grandpa, they were a lil worn out. No brake pad left on the left, nice. We also changed the oil and washed her up, lovely. Troy called in the afternoon so Brent and I went with the Sondgeroth family on an adventure. We went to the apple and pork festival in Clinton and were not amused, although I did like all the old tractors. We ended up driving all over just messing around. We toured a campsite and ended up in Bloomington where we played suprise dinner, Brent and I closed our eyes for 25 minutes while they drove to the restuarant just for fun. It was scary a few times during the ride we were going in reverse, good thing we couldn't see what was happening, haha. It was Cracker Barrell and it was good, we all ended up at Lys for the rest of the night just hanging out. Stayed at home so I could force Brent to get up and go to Church with me in the morning, a battle I won. We went to service and sunday school always lovely. The afternoon was spent watching football and playing with the dog before I headed back to work. I didn't get the TV spot today so I had to sit downstairs, fear not I read a new Sports Illustrated front to back. Nice Cubs articles. But I did miss a Packers loss and Brett Favre at his best. 6 yes 6 touchdowns, so amazing:) After work I went to Justin's for dinner. We had Tacos, homemade applesauce, and ice cream while watching football and the new Simpsons. It was tasty. Looked at my Chem now it is time for the Brother's & Sisters season excited!

Carrie Out

Friday, September 26, 2008

Chemistry...I almost get it

I successfully navigated my way to U-High this morning for a little Chemistry fun with Mr. Troll. I really don't know why I refer to him as that, I never had him as a teacher and have always just known him as Mike, but who knows. Anyways strange thing was I wasn't sure where his office was so I headed to the office to find out only to bump into Mr. Wilder. Mr. Wilder was my 8th grade science teacher and he was awesome, so it was good to see him. We talked for a few minutes and he lectured me about how I am smart enough to go to IWU and I shouldn't let myself be intimadated. Lovely speech then onto Chem. I actually think I understand stuff better now, makes more sense when it's broken down into things I can comprehend. Hopefully my next test reflects my progress. Came back to work, actually I read Sports Illustrated. It was a really good one about Yankee Stadium, the article was fascinating. Then went to Chem class review with a few other kids, she still makes things all hard to understand even when there are just four of you. The afternoon was piddled away doing homework, looking for basketball shoes, and just chilling. Then back to work this time I did Creative Writing homework and watched Everybody Loves Raymond...and got payed sweet deal. Headed across town to Bren's football game they lost by 40 the second half was mercy rule so it flew. He played a lot better this week, our defense is still terrible. After the game I went to IHOP with Lys and the Sondgeroths. It was enjoyable, I love syrup. They followed me back to my dorm cause my brakes are all but gone. Then Troy thought it was funny to play parking lot stalker and creep on me till I got in the dorm, he's a dork. Now I'm going to bed so I can get up and go to Grandpa's tomorrow to get my brakes fixed, hurray!

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Old Friends

I woke up dead tired this morning, I could not get my eyes to open. Finally roused myself out of bed and headed to Chemistry. I was so entirely lost today, I did not comprehend a single thing she was saying. Its just very frustrating especially since I'm already struggling to concentrate in class. Tomorrow morning I am meeting Mr. Troll for help and then have a class review session later in the afternoon, hopefully it helps. Between classes I filled out my field log for education class, watched some TV, and ate myself. Went to Creative Writing class. We moved onto short stories today and just spent some time discussing. My philosophy class was cancelled much to my enjoyment. Gave me time to do my shoulder rehab before basketball practice. Basketball was good, everyone is kinda fatigued. We tried on shoes but no one liked the models we had to choose from so Coach is trying to get some new ones. Rushed through a shower then went to Britney, Chelsea, and Sasha's (friends from highschool) apartment for dinner. We had chicken alfredo, breadsticks, and Tanner's Orchard cider, it was good stuff. Spent the evening juts hanging out catching up and watching some TV. I really enjoyed myself, I miss talking to people. Headed to the campus house about 8:30 for worship then we had small groups at 9. This week we spent a lot of time praying for each other which was neat. We studied the story of Noah's Ark, always interesting. We worked through our schedules and picked days to hang out and do stuff, so yeah for me making some friends! Kip had his procedure today and they didn't even find a blockage. I don't know what that means but I'm glad it went okay. Hopefully he can get out soon.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodbye Softball

I didn't get in till late after work last night so I didn't write but alot happend so I shall write it this morning and date it last night. Not confusing at all haha. Woke up to some glorious conditioning. Actually it wasn't too bad no 2 mile sprints so that was nice. Ate breakfast then layed down before heading to the Junior high. I got my 16 year old back today so now I have 3 students. Ones autistic, ones incredibly low, and one just mid range. It is a lot to handle. I was trying to help the 16 year old with a pre algebra test when she can't even do simple math...that went over well. Came back just in time for work. I tried to do Chemistry homework, I didn't get much done cause I just don't get it. Actually got lunch then headed to Ed class. We discussed the whole time not much book learning, that's good stuff. Went to lab and got sent to my room to put on pants. Apparently shorts are not proper attire, oops! I quit softball today. Just realized it was time no use doing something I find no joy in anymore when I already have enough going on. I picked up my stuff and headed home. Played with the dog awhile then convinced Mom to go to Sam and Josh's before going to the hospital. Babies make me happy. I had fun playing with Clayton and talking to everyone. I am glad we went to visit. Onto the hospital, those places freak me out, I just don't even like being near one. Luckily Kip wasn't in a room when we got there he was in the lounge. He didn't look bad I just don't like that he is in there. We all just sat around and talked and watched the Cubs game. I was scared to hug him goodbye I know you can I just don't know it bothered me. He just held my hand. We left and grabbed some Taco Bell for dinner then I dropped Mom off at home before heading back to school to work. The time passed quickly Coach Wilson and Kelsey called so I spent most the time talking...still I was tired, way tired.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Woke up sore and tired today. Partially this is due to basketball the other part I think is I'm gettin sick. Dorm rooms are like breeding grounds for germs. Went to Chem class and vaguely followed like everyday. That class makes me feel so dumb. Came back and passed out for an hour, I am just beat for some reason. Ate lunch by myself, I usually do. I was just thinking today that most of the time I go through entire days here without talking to anyone outside of class discussion, I don't think that is helping me at all. Went to Creative Writing, enjoyed myself learned some stuff. Philosophy came next I only missed 2 on the reading test from last week of which I did not do the reading. Not to shabby. Headed to softball, bored out of my mind. I really think I need to quit, it's just not clicking at all. Plus really it's just not fun anymore and I already have enough going on. Ate dinner at the Dugout with some girls. It was good I had never meal exchanged there before. Came back to the room showered and homeworked. Tomorrow is my crazy day so I gots to go.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meh Monday

I'm not feeling in a very good mood right now. I don't really know why just kinda been bummed lately. I'm worried about Kip too so thats not helping. I know that they said he's okay, still I just hate not knowing. Running this morning was harsh, 2 miles of fun with some great things thrown in between. It was a haul just trying to get up the steps to my room after. At the junior high today I lost my 16 year old she was dropped from the program. I did find out that my new "dark" girl is not only troubled but autistic and has other problems. All my kids come with labels. Big accomplishment: I finally found my way back from the school today, the right way, cut like 15 minutes off my trip, haha. Education class was nothing spectacular, listened to a presentation. Practice was cancelled tonight, I love it. Rehabed in the afternoon and got some special ultrasound on my shoulder, that felt good. Spent most the evening chilling out watching Jon & Kate and a little football before heading to church. We had a campfire service tonight it was nice. I have this big issue with being intimidated in big groups when I don't have a sidekick, rough. ON my way back to my car I thought I heard a familiar voice. Kaylee was in the parking lot, a pleasant suprise so we stood and talked for awhile. Now bed needs my body.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Sunday

I have had a good day. Went home for church this morning, normal Sunday activity. Service was lovely, I was given an extra bulliten on accident...I made it into an orogami bird during the sermon. There was this crazy cricket on the stage today the kids and I were watching. This thing had skills it could climb up down and sideways very entertaining. I had to help teach highschool Sunday school since their normal teacher was gone, no biggie. Stopped by the house to see Brent and the dog and eat some lunch before I came back. Went to watch the Lincoln girls play softball they were playing here in town. It was great to get to see them and I just sat and talked to the girls between innings and while they were batting. I miss them. Talked to Coach Andrews for a bit he still cracks me up. A suprise was that Kristi was there too. She was in town for the weekend and just happend to go to the game so it was awesome to get to spend some time with her. I only got to watch one game then it was off to work. At work I got the good desk the whole time hello upstairs with a TV. I got paid to watch football and read the Sunday paper, love it. Ate a quick dinner of leftover Monicals then headed to the campus house. We went to Pete's house tonight for a little semester overview and pie. It was nice but I wasn't as comfortable there as I am at small group and service. Probably because I didn't know too many people and it wasn't dark so I couldn't hide. Still it was a good time. You know what I really like about Pete? He makes and effort every time I see him to seek me out and say hello, its nice. Came back to do my education paper and am glad to say I finished a half an hour before the ending time I had set for myself. Now it is time for some restsky cause I love 7 am conditioning.

Carrie Out

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grass and Walks

Woke up at 11 today first (and only) sleep in of the week, love it. Didn't really want to get out of bed so I merely changed clothes then watched some good ol TLC it's an awesome channel. Went to lunch expecting at least something good. I settled for a muffin and a peach, filling. As soon as I left the cafeteria it poured, huge, cold, and soaking drops for ten minutes of walking. Jealous?More TV in the afternoon I was a junky today...actually I was just avoiding homework and completely unable to focus. Went to Walgreens (twice actually) to pick up my meds for my arm, nice travels. Started some laundry then went to dinner, it was supposed to be steak n' shrimp was fake Italian beef. I scanned my card scanned the cafeteria and left. So this was random I really wanted to lay in the grass so on the walk back to my dorm I layed in the grass in front of the library for like 30 minutes basically because I could. Mom called and asked if I wanted to go eat at Monicals with them, well of course. I decided I was bored so I would walk, its like 2-3 miles away. Very enjoyable adventuring and we made it there at almost the same time, it was delicious food. Came back and switched my laundry then we ran a few errands. Now I have actually been doing my homework since they left. I have 4 pages of my essay done that I just started and have one paragraph left, now that's working:)

Carrie Out

Friday, September 19, 2008


Stuff went down at Brent's football game tonight that was just ridiculous. I find it extremely pathetic when a grown man can't handle his own ego so he childishly takes it out on a 17 year old. What are you trying to prove? That you're not only not a very good coach, but you're not a very good person either? Why even hire assistants if you are not going to listen to them? Sometimes a game becomes just that, a game. It is no longer a matter of losing or winning but a matter of decency, of setting an example for young boys who are learning, from you, how to become respectable men. Not to be used to destroy the already wavering confidence of teenagers and the game they love. Realize that mistakes will be made on the field and in life, but teach on them grow from them, and never give up on something or someone because of them. What are you trying to say? That if you fall down once, you will never get back up and you will never be given another chance, so you might as well quit now? That will get you far in life. Set aside your overwhelming pride and take responsibility, don't push it onto the plate of a kid whose life is already overflowing with stuff you could never imagine. The whole thing just makes me sick. I would hate to see Brent walk away from a game he is passionate about, that he excells at, and that could get him into college, because he has heard for yet another time in his life that he is not good enough....when all evidence points out that he is.
And now I will get off my soapbox.

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Evening

So my day was just kinda blah and down, I drifted through tired and unamused. I was very tired when I got up this morning, going to an hour and a half class where a teacher drones on about something I have no interest or knowledge in doesn't do much to perk you up. I am sooo lost in chemistry still I just don't get it nor do I understand why it is relevant to me and my field. I got a C on my test, not what I would consider good, but with the fact that I was fairly certain I failed it is decent. I came back to my room and rested until lunch, it was much needed but not very helpful. Lunch was nacho bar, it was good, I have a certain affinity for Taco Bell and this closely resembled their delightful nachos. Creative writing was my enjoyable break as always, I really enjoy everything about that class. Off to philosophy to be extremely bored but not because I don't understand just because the teacher repeats the same concepts for a week...exciting. Then softball practice. I don't know I am really just not feeling it. The whole time I am there I am counting down the minutes until it is over. It's up in the air. All the afore mentioned shall constitute my day which I did not enjoy all that follows was a much needed pick me up:) After practice I met Beth and Taylor for dinner at Chili's. It was delicious and I much enjoyed myself sitting and talking to them, such nice encouraging people. Had time for a quick shower before I headed to Small Groups. I called and talked to Jay for a little bit, I miss him, it was nice to catch up. I love this campus ministry. This week we studied the "fall" of man, very interesting. I really like my group and find the whole atmosphere very uplifting both spiritually and personally. I found myself looking forward to it all day, it was delightful. So in conclusion booo daytime, yahooo evening!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This mornings conditioning was harsh. My legs were definately burning but I guess it will pay off in the end, haha. Had enough time before class to shower and eat breakfast then it was off to BJ. I got a new kid today because my 16 year old misses too much. My new girl also came with a warning label, I got the pick of the liter:) They told me she was very dark and troubled, and really just needed someone in her life. She seemed cool to me talked a lot laughed at my jokes, maybe these kids just need a chance. Got back just in time to go to work for an hour. I cleaned exercise equipment and did homework. I had 20 minutes for lunch so I ran and got Tommy's to go. Education class was next we discussed some articles and were genrally bored. Off to Chem lab. Have I mentioned I don't understand Chem? Well I don't Holly and I performed our experiment (twice actually because we don't know what we are doing and messed up) and finished in exactly 2 hours. Sprinted off to softball practice, which is real mundane. We hit we ran it was thrilling. Ice and dinner followed. I stopped by the library on the walk back to my room to get a book to read while at work. I was out of my room from 6:30 this morning until 7:15 tonight with barely enough time for meals boo. But I am extremely proud of myself I got all my homework done by 8:30 tonight which was quite the accomplishment. Well now I must go to work until 12 which is past my bedtime....

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boo Chemistry

Wow these have gotten rather legnthy guess that means I have full days! So I was just randomly wondering if you held water in your mouth long enough would it boil? I don't recall the boiling point of water but body temp is around 98 degrees and that seems hot to me. Just pondering. My Chem test this morning...not good. I feel very certain that I did not do well, there was like a whole page of stuff I had no clue about. Not a good sign and it took me the entire hour and a half to do it and I rushed the last couple of questions. It didn't help that everytime someone was done they would walk down and hand in their paper which greatly distracted me. Lunch was a delightful chicken and rice thing tasty. Creative writing went well, that class is like my mental break. I like writing poetry, shh don't tell anyone. Philosophy came with a suprise quiz over an article I had not read in great detail, still she read off the answers and I only missed one or so. The rest of that class drug on as usual. Practice was a scrimmage game I played 2nd the whole time. I struck out both times up to bat, oops. I really didn't feel to bad about it, no one else hit well either. Then I did my shoulder rehab before heading to Tommy's for dinner. Tommy's is good I love that I can exchange a cafeteria meal for food, sweet deal. I had a grilled sub sandwich with curly fries, yum yum. Got it to go and ate in my room while homeworking. It's not that I have a ton to do it's just that I work a lot tomorrow and won't have a lot of time to get things done. Now it is time for bed, 7 am conditioning was so much fun on Monday I'll do it again tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 15, 2008


I just got back from Encounter which is the college church service I am starting to attend at ISU. It was really good and I liked it a lot. Strangely I wasn't very intimidated by the people around me and just felt kind of at ease the whole time. The sermon was on sin and how it paralyzes us and we let it because it is comfortable. It was related to the parable of the man on the mat that Jesus healed and told to get up and carry his mat. The message was how we generally let the mat (sin) carry us when we should get up and carry it ourselves and be in control of it. It was good then each of us individually were prayed for which was neat. I have already made a friend there her name is Kelsey, she actually leads our small group and is from Taylorville. Yeah small town central Illinois! I talked to Pete for a couple minutes hung out at the campus house for a bit then headed out, but it was a good night. 7 am conditioning, what joy that entailed. It actually wasn't too terrible just a lot of ladder work which I struggle with it is hard to think and go fast at the same time, haha. Still it was just an hour so that wasn't bad. Came back ate breakfast, showered, then looked over some Chem stuff before a quick rest. Then off to the Jr. High my 16 year old was absent today. I asked if she had been tested for LD I was told yes but she was sooo incredibly low that she doesn't qualify to get extra help. That I find to be an incredible injustice and makes no sense. But the time there went fine. Education class was same as always not real thrilling. The afternoon was resting and more Chem before off to softball. We ran the 400 and were done so I went to basketball, lets just say my legs are tired. I got my MRI results today, no visible tears, which is the most important part. Just a buildup of inflammation and scar tissue along with tendonitis of the rotator cuff, but that's easy stuff. Drugs and rehabilitation is what's ahead. Dinner was eaten with the bball girls then I looked at Chem until church. Even after all this looking I still don't feel prepared, some things I just don't get.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain, Lunch, Rain, LC Friends, Rain, Sunday

Let's do 2 days in one, try to hold back your excitement. Woke up at 11 on Saturday, love it. I was supposed to have to go to a team lunch for softball. I didn't want to go I wanted to go see my family. Everyone backed out last minute, I was mad but luckily it was soon enough I could go see my family...just a little late. Girls lunch was great. I love hanging out, eating, and just being. Plus we all know I love my babies. I had a lot of fun talking to everyone and playing with the kids. Let's face it, they are just too cute for their own good. After lunch I went and trimmed Grandma's bushes. What she didn't tell me is that they have thorns. Don't worry I found that out myself and it wasn't fun. I trimmed in the rain and cut my hands all up from those dumb thorns. Then I headed back to school. Casie and Nikkie came to see me (and brought their friend Mckenzie). It was a pleasant suprise. I took them to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, because they have never been. I love that place and we had a lot of fun, even befriended the waitress. Then we went to ISU to see one of their friends from home, we all decided that was boring. Everyone stayed the night in my room, it was a party, haha. They left this morning and I went home to church. Shoulda brought a paddle...or at least a life preserver. The roads weren't bad till you got closer to home then they were flooded. These streets had currents and everything, it was crazy. Church was good as always and Sunday school is always entertaining. Stopped by the house to eat some lunch and play with the dog then headed back. The afternoon was football, Pack won! Jets lost:(. laundry, and homework. Went to dinner after the Jets game to find out it closes at 6 on Sunday. Walked around for about 30 minutes cause I can then remembered I still had a Subway gift card (thanks Lys!) and so that was dinner. Well now I need to go study my chem notes and shower. Bed will come early because 7 am conditioning comes earlier.

Carrie Out

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MRI Fun!

Woke up to the rain, it has poured all September kinda crazy. Went to Sports Enhancement to get my MRI done. I was greeted by lots of familiar faces, we are all on a first name basis...not a good sign. It was soooo uncomfortable to lay in that machine, still, for 1 hour. Not ADD friendly and not fun. I couldn't move at all and the machine made me have to turn my head to the left the whole time. After that fun I went to get X-rays, those were quick and painless, just my kind. Then I went to lunch with the softball team, we are hosting recruits this weekend. I slept for awhile this afternoon, I was tired. Watched some TV then went to Shirk and worked out and did my rehab. Dinner with the recruits was next, more walking in the rain. After dinner I changed and headed out to Oly to watch Brent's football game. It was wet and rainy (shocking!)and the field was a mess. We lost by a lot our running game on both offense and defense is abysmal, our passing game not so bad. Troy, Beth, and Taylor where there again, I didn't think they would come out in the rain, I was suprised. I sat and talked with them the 2nd half. Came back to school after the game and stopped at Walmart on the way. I had gotten my stuff and was in line checked out and getting ready to pay when I realized I didn't have my wallet. I did have a check though so I wrote one...only to find out they can't accept it without my ID which was in, yes, my wallet. The checkout lady was trying to find a way to get around it but to no avail. I had left my wallet in my gym bag, boo. Well tomorrow is IWU's first home football game, rain rain go away!

Carrie Out

Friday, September 12, 2008

Making Progress

So I actually had a good day today. I made it to my meeting on time (early actually) without getting lost! It went really well. Pete showed me around the campus house and just gave me some info about the ministry. We sat around and talked life for awhile and connected over the people we both know from MCC. He suggested I join small groups and had already told the leader I was coming. We prayed which was nice and I was out. It was a good start to my morning. Chem was boring lots of notes over lots of concepts I don't get. Our first full exam is on Tuesday, help me, I got lots to do. I was tired after class so in my lone hour of free time I slept. Then I went to lunch lines were ridiculously long I settled for my old standby grilled cheese (2) and tomato soup. It was actually a quite lovely meal for a rainy day:) Then I waded across campus to meet Coach Wagner. I was correct my job is at the desks at Shirk not real demanding, so good. I got a quick run through and sent on my way. Creative writing was interesting as always, we work shopped our poems again. Philosophy followed I don't know what we talked about past like the first 30 minutes. My brain stopped caring and I started drawing. Softball practice was cancelled due to the monsoon, no objections by arm was sore. I went to basketball instead and it was good. I ate dinner with the team and am actually feeling like I am starting to connect with them. They even laughed at my jokes, a big step forward, haha. A quick shower and some phone calls then I went to small group. It went really well I am glad I went. It is an all girls group and I really could see myself fitting in there, so I am very hopeful. That is why I had a good day, I am on the verge of making friends hurray! Now to sleep for my MRI tomorrow, I love laying still for hours!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dr. Jekyll

So I got up this morning and headed to the Jr. High I got my other student today another girl. But here's the crazy thing...she's 16 and been held back in 8th grade 3 times. After working with her for a few minutes I have no idea how she has not been put in Special Ed classes. Her skills are very low she struggles with basic concepts, it's no wonder she hasn't succeeded I don't think she has gotten the help she needs. I went to the library when I got back to print some things off. It is official I have a job, I just don't know exactly what it is yet. I think I am a desk attendant at Shirk basically I have people sign in when they come in to work out. Education class was ok we discussed our experiences at the Jr. High among other things. Chem lab followed, oh how I love googles and lab aprons, I look awesome. I shake too much for handling chemicals. It was fun though Holly and I are not too experienced so it's an adventure. Sprinted off to practice we did timed running around the bases and then basic practice, joy joy. We ate dinner at Tommy's tonight a restuarant on campus that lets you exchange a cafeteria meal for a dinner there. It's a sweet deal and the food was good. Tonight I did some homework, grudgingly, and talked to Nikkie on the phone, I miss my Lincoln friends. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with Pete Cocco (the ISU campus minister who used to go to MCC) about getting involved in campus ministries and just getting plugged in. It's at 8:30 that's early for me, haha.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Textbook Torture

I absolutely abhor text book reading, it is pure torture. Meaningless words splayed on a page by intellectuals who are payed to bore and confuse you with huge words Mr. Webster himself couldn't define. I worked on one simple assignment for 3 hours, for the mere fact that I find it impossible to focus long enough to read something so stupid. There were many distractions, the computer, tv, phone, showering, the fact that I hate homework. But no worries all aside I finished it. Got my Chem test back today I got a B not bad for getting my book the night before the test I guess. Chem was all notes today soo fun. Coach Smith found me wandering the sidewalks sent me to the athletics office to meet with Coach Wagner. She found me a work study job, I'm not sure what it is yet, Wagner took down my schedule said he would give me the details later. Hopefully it works out, since it is in the athletic office they know and work around my practice schedule which is nice. Came back to the room and slept I have been real tired this week don't know why I slept from 11-9 last night. Ate some lunch then went to Creative writing it went well as usuall, I like it's structured unstructuredness. Philosophy wasn't too bad today we moved onto a new topic so for now I am not too bored. Softball practice was a scrimmage game I played 1st and 2nd and never got a ball, oh well. Ate some dinner then watch the finale of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," it's cheesy but I still enjoy it. Now I will enjoy bed.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 08, 2008

Fire Alarm

I thought I was tucking into a good nights rest last night...I thought wrong. The fire alarm started blaring at 1:30 the building cleared. We stood on the street in the freezing cold as the fire trucks and campus security pulled up. About 100 college students shivering in shorts and t-shirts, fun fun. We were out for about 30 mins then came back in to sleep the night away, or sleep for about 4 more hours. The fire alarm went off again at 5:00 this morning. Once again we filed out into the cold. Needless to say I have been tired today. When class time finally rolled around I headed to the Jr. High I was paired with an 8th grade girl with pink hair, nice. She was very cooperative and we worked on science. Ryan Hopp is at the school the same time as me so we sat and talked some football as we waited, good times. Went to the trainers for a quick meeting then headed to lunch, I ate grilled cheese imagine that. Education class was alright not as boring as usuall. I came back to the room and did homework before I headed back to the trainer. I was give na personalized workout/rehab plan, hurray stupid arm. Went to basketball, I was tired already and we had zero subs doesn't add up to success. I did my rehab after practice then was supposed to go to a softball cookout, except I was already late and then never found the house. By that time the caf was closed so after I gave up my scavenging I scraped 3.82 in change and bought a sandwich. The night entailed more homework while watching Jon & Kate +8 and the Packers game. Which I am sorry but just isn't as exciting without Brett.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Different Green...Same Favre

I stayed at the Sondgeroths last night, camped out in the RV right in the front yard, haha that thing is nice. I was at their house for a cookout/birthday party for their little girl. It was fun, Brent came too we cooked random things on the fire for entertainment. Grapes good, watermelon not so good. Well since I was pretty much all the way home they had me stay so I didn't have to drive back home in the morning for church, nice people. Ahh Sunday mornings, the sermon was actually pretty interesting. Talked to Toby for a little bit he cracks me up. Lys told him and Mel that I have to wear a lab coat and googles for Chem lab. They thought that was funny and kept making fun of me, bulleys. Watched Brett Favre's Jets debut today, ohh how I love thee Mr. Favre. He was spectacular and I loved that there was no time conflict that made me choose between Brett and the Pack. No worries though tomorrow I will be all Go Pack Go...even if the QB is Aaron Rodgers. Put off doing homework all afternoon, I hate meaningless academic reading. Then I went and helped at youth, Kel and James were home so that was nice. James and I got to create the game for tonight it was fun. I really enjoy being a high school sponsor, those kids are pretty cool. Came back here, dropped some stuff off at Justin's and still neglected to read. Now I must sleep I go to the Jr. High in the morning again.

Carrie Out

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Football Friday

Ahh about how I didn't have to get up for anything this morning. I rose at about 10 at my own accord, glorious. Fiddled around in my room then went and met Amy for lunch, chili cheese nachos and grilled cheese. I decided since I didn't have practice or anything today I could eat whatever I wanted. Then I went to Shirk and worked out for a bit. I lifted, did abs, biked, and shot some baskets. That was the extent of my day, with a little reading thrown in here and there. Then I went and picked up Justin and brought him home to Brent's football game. Before the game I went to Grandma and Grandpa's so that I could get some air in my tires cause they were looking a lil flatsky. I ran home and did my laundry cause hey if I'm there I might as well do it for free. The game was alright, they lost again. The defense is terrible. Brent threw for 3 td's and 2 int's. At least the int's weren't blatantly terrible. I tried to video tape the game to send to Kale, we will have to wait and see if it works. Battery died in the 3rd quarter anyways. Troy, Beth, and Taylor were there so I sat and talked to them the whole second half. I am supposed to go to a cookout at their house tomorrow. After the game I waited around for Juffy then we headed back. It was very foggy, couldn't see far past the hood of the car. Makes me nervous, but we made it.

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 04, 2008


So I have really been stressing about money the last couple of days. This place is SO expensive and on top of that you still have a ton of stuff to buy. I don't think I will have enough money to get through the year and that really kills me. It seems like most people here don't have that struggle. I need a job and there are some thru the workstudy program, but here they have set hours I am busy 9-7 everyday and then have to fit in homework, workouts, and adequate sleep. Doesn't leave much time for work. I just hate not being able to fend for myself. Enough of my ranting onto life. I got an email from Rod Dale (my highschool JV softball coach) this morning. It was sweet and got my morning off to a good start. My Chem quiz wasn't too bad, I am sure I flubbed up here and there but no where what I was expecting. That felt good. I was still stressing this morning so I came back to the room and spent some time simply trying to relax I felt better after that. Lunch was chicken nuggets, I don't like chicken nuggets, but I was in a hurry and ate them anyways. Creative Writing went well we did peer anaylsis of a couple kids poems and had discussion. I am still really enjoying that class. Philosophy, well Philosophy sucks, it is soooo insanely boring I swear we discuss the same thing everyday. I stare out the window or draw all over my papers. Another thing I have really been struggling with, I cannot focus to save my life. I find myself wandering off in class and even though I know I can't get away with that here I can't help it, frustrating. Sprinted to practice, softball was doing testing which I already did for basketball so I got to escape. I went to basketball practice instead which I enjoyed and was much needed. Dinner was ate with the team and then I swam back to my room, I have been soaked all day, not comfortable. Tonight I have really done nothing and loved it. I cleaned out my email I had like 600 messages to delete and now I think I will go watch "Friends" for hours...I don't have class tomorrow!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Waking Up

I woke up early again today I don't know why I keep doing that. I am exhausted when I go to sleep yet still wake up 3-4 times a night, annoying. Got up and headed to the Junior High this morning. It was early I didn't want to run into traffic or get distracted get lost and be late so I left early. Turns out way early I got there about a half hour before I needed to be and ended up sitting forever in the lobby. It was just an overview day nothing exciting. Came back and relaxed for a few minutes before spending the afternoon on the run. Lunch was eaten in 10 minutes then I ran off to education class, it was boring. Then I sprinted to Chemistry Lab, it was safety overview day and we had to check the supplies. My lab partner is a freshman who just happens to be from Oly, weird. Practice quickly followed. I did fine again, and was not so nervous today. I don't know why I was yesterday, it's just hard adjusting to new programs when I had just adapted to the last. It didn't rain the whole time which was nice. Sondgeroths were in town with Lys and Ryker eating dinner for Ryk's birthday. They called and stopped by to see my room and talk for awhile. I bet whoever lives below enjoyed two 6 year olds pounding all over the floor, ha. I finally got my Chem book test is tomorrow morning, this is not looking promising. The rest of the night was spent homeworking and now I must go attempt to study.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shoulder Sucks

I actually woke up before I needed to get up this morning, crazzzy, I hate mornings. Threw on some clothes and headed to a little chem class. I am SO lost in there I have no idea what is going on and I stil haven't gotten my book. I tried some practice quizzes I found online tonight...failure. After class I had to see Dr. Dustman, Brad was there too, we are good friends ha. Well after some poking and prodding and lots of grinding and popping on my part it was decided that I have to have a shoulder scan again. Hurray for x-rays and MRI's. Right now it is kinda up in the air with what happens but potential surgery was mentioned. This sucks. Lunch was delicious sweet and sour pork on rice, yummy. Creative writing was interesting as usual, I like the way my name sounds with a Boston accent, haha. Sprinted over to Philosophy. I swear we wrote the same thing over and over again for like 3 pages, I was bored. Sprinted to practice...only this time it was softball. It was alright I hit well and fielded decent. I was nervous for some reason, probably because I have no idea what's going on. I can't really decide if I want to play it just might be too much. Met Mom for dinner at Noodles, yeah mac and cheese, then came back and lifted. I was out of my room from 9:15 till 8:00 long day. Tonight was spent practicing chem as mentioned to no avail but tomorrow is another full day.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend Away

I just rocked my cranium. I was laying on the bottom bunk watching Jon & Kate +8 and I sat up without remembering where I was. My head hurts. I went home yesterday morning to go to church. I like going home to church, all my favorite people are there. I spent the afternoon at Lys playing with Ryker and just hanging out. We played Lego's and Kazoos all afternoon my favorites. We had a little cookout last night for labor day/birthdays/Kale being home. I stayed at Lys then came home in the morning because Kale's flight was cancelled so he was still home. We did some stuff outside then sat around and watched movies because the remote doesn't work and we are lazy. I went back into Lys in the afternoon for Ryker's birthday dinner. It was the family and me, ha, but that's how it always is if Ryan or Lauren aren't around. I played with te kids and talked to everyone. It was fun and his cake was sweet, Lys made a Cleveland Browns football field. I stopped thru home before I headed back and grabbed some dinner. I talked to Lauren on the way back to school I miss her. The night back at school was spent on homework, first at the library then here in the room. Well I still need to shower so once Jon & Kate is over it's raining water.

Carrie Out