Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am writing an early one tonight. Got up this morning and headed to my Middle School final. It was just informal presentations of our IDU's and explaining our lesson plans. Went off without a hitch and we were all done in an hour. Then I headed to work. I couldn't bring myself to read my history for some reason. I read Sports Illustrated instead, that magazine has some kind of hold on me. After work I was going to get lunch but decided I wasn't hungry instead I just walked home. I remembered I had a bunch of message boards to complete by tomorrow so I spent about an hour getting them all finished up. Then I laid down for a few minutes, sleeping is not coming lately but the relaxing was nice. I picked up another shift at work today so I headed back out soon after. I grabbed some lunch from the DugOut on my way. This time I actually did homework at work. I breezed the first half of Alex Haley's biography on Malcolm X. I read it in High School but needed a refresher. I had grabbed a pita platter for lunch (veggies, hummus, and a pita). It is usually delicious but the hummus was disgusting today I couldn't eat it. I settled for the veggies a plain pita and a TLC bar. After work I walked back home I went over some more readings but wasn't too focused. Met the girls for dinner. There were some ducks in the quad on my way. A pretty mallard and a girl duck (what do you call that??). I love ducks, I often find myself gawking at them. I don't know why I find them so fascinating. Anyways I had vegetarian lasagna for dinner usually this means it's made with veggies, I think tonight's had tofu. It was strange I ate it anyways. Tonight I stumbled upon this amazing thing called SparkNotes and it saved me. I hadn't read much of what I needed for my history test and this website had all the information I needed in nice normal English. It is AWESOME! Packed my book bag and organized my things for the morning. I have 2 finals tomorrow. 2 Essay tests, 2 hours each, back to back, Eight to Noon. It's gonna be a rough one. But for now it's off to Bible Study.

Carrie Out

I got a job!

It has been a great night and let me tell you why. I got a job!! But not just any job I am now the youth ministries intern at Minier Christian Church. I am beyond excited I will be getting paid to do what I love and hang out with some awesome kids. I'll get to go to CIY with my high schoolers and plan events and programs for all the kids. Crazy how God works sometimes. I kept looking up dead end jobs. Then 2 days ago Lys brings up something about an intern at MCC. I'm telling her yeah she could use one, help would be good, blah blah blah, and then she says she's talking about me. Where I wasn't even looking is where God was working, seems that happens a lot in my life, but grace is good. So yeah I'm excited. Onto the rest of my day. Woke up this morning and headed to work early to write a paper. Hammered it out in no time. Then I went to an athletic drug meeting, always a good time. We got to use these cool clicker things so I guess it wasn't too bad. Then back to work, I read magazines. After work I decided if I was going to get any reading or test prep done today I would need to rid myself of some energy. So I took off running, 4 miles later I called it a day. Mailed some letters for my class on the way home and grabbed a lovely lunch, fruit cup, water, and PB & J. Then to the library where I printed off some study guides among other necessities. I sat on my bed turned on some SVU for a short cool down and apparently fell asleep for a bit. I woke up to Mom calling my phone. After that I decided time to get back to work. I went to the library where I knew I could hide away and stay focused. I worked for an hour and a half grabbed a quick dinner then headed back for an hour. I planned out my entire Ed. essay and wrote out all my notes for it. Good work. Took a quick shower then headed to Kelseys. We went to see 17 Again tonight. It was a cute movie and I love Matthew Perry, so it was a winner. Plus the popcorn was tasty.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Weather

I was up until at least 2 last night. I was doing absolutely nothing just sitting in bed wide awake not sleeping. When I finally fell asleep I didn't wake up until 10:30 I didn't have class this morning. I was planning on sleeping longer but it was Kelsey texting me. Since I was up I wrote a paper while waiting for her to come over. We went to lunch at Applebee's it was delicious. She had a giftcard, good thing since I don't have a wallet and therefore have no money. I left it in Mom's purse on Sunday, oops. We ate and hung out for a little bit before she dropped me off at the library. I had another meeting for my Middle School Project. 8 lesson plans, 1 calendar, an overview, and a culmative project done. Now all I have is a reflection paper. Walking over to sociology class I was freezing I wished I had wore a sweat shirt. Sociology was an utter bore but I had to go so I could take my last quiz. When I left class for Shirk it was raining. Pick-up was kind of a joke today. No one played real serious I think we just needed the break and to be with each other. Finals week is always stressful. By the time we went to dinner the sun was shining and it was pretty out. Illinois weather is straight up crazy. At dinner I found out I had and Ed. paper due at 6 it was already past 6. I took my time eating bid the team farewell then walked home. I wrote my paper in less than an hour and turned it in, my teacher had never mentioned a time stamp just said it was due today. I'm going with that. Watched some SVU did a little reading and chilled. Tomorrow is reading day and I got some work to do to get ready for my finals. Maybe I'll actually sleep tonight.

Carrie Out

Monday, April 20, 2009


I think I am to the point where I am so tired I cannot sleep. It was kind of like that last night too, oh well. Got up this morning for my last session at BJHS. While it wasn't always a fun adventure it was an adventure and I must say I learned a lot from it. I came back to my room expecting to sleep and get my body caught back up....but it didn't happen. I couldn't do it. Instead I did my laundry and cleaned up the homework mess that was overtaking my room. Grabbed a lunch of a sub sandwich at the DugOut then it was off to the last lecture of Old Man River. It was a mind rivetor per usual full of droning on and a few hilarious comments. Came back and watched some SVU cause it's awesome then finally snuck in a quick 30 minute nap. I was lucky I had walked around all day and it hadn't rained on me. I stepped out of my dorm walked one block and then was caught in some kind of crazy wind gust with lots of water. It was weird I couldn't even walk I had to stop till it blew by. I think it was a typhoon, they are native to these parts:) Anyways I made it to the library albeit a little moist. My group met from 5-7:45 but we wrote 8 detailed lesson plans and an overview. It was an accomplishing 2 1/2 hours. I took a break halfway through to grab some dinner. They were fresh out of hummus plates so I settled for 2 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and some Naked Juice. Naked juice is interesting it is supposedly a pound of fruit in a bottle. All I know is that it tasted good. After the library I hit the shower then headed to Encouter. This weeks worship was really good and the sermon hymn was Amazing Grace. I love the Hymn study. And now I need to go try out my new toothpaste!

Carrie Out

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Formal Fun

Team Photo Opt-Looking Fancy
Ahh a return to real life, the getaway was pleasant...albeit tiring. I am glad I went to formal I was debating it all week but it was a blast. We loaded up Saturday afternoon with the intent of leaving at 1:30. Didn't happen. The Bulls went into overtime and well, we just had to watch it. As much as I hate the NBA it was a good game. I rode to Springfield with Christina, Sean, Anthony, and Stacey. They were looking out the windows complaining about having nothing to look at. They just don't get central Illinois. Actually at one point Christina thought that these animals which were clearly white cows...were SHEEP. Are you kidding me?? We arrived at the Plaza at about 3:30 and the craziness began. We spent pre-dinner hanging out, goofing around, and watching the Cubs win. That was also a great game! Dinner was delicious some kind of chicken cordon bleu thingy and a chocolate cheesecake dessert. There was a dance floor but I never made it to it. Stacey and I spent the dancing time taking care of ailing teammates because we are givers like that. The night raged on as more and more people went down for the count. 6 of us survived the first round the longest and therefore are the champions of formal. We had so much fun just laughing and being dumb. We went to bed a little after 4 right about when the earliest passer outers were resurrected for round 2. It was noisy and the floor was uncomfortable but I think I squeaked in an hour or two of sleep. Got up early this morning for no reason and just hung out some more. Rode home with Nikkie and Devon although I do not remember the ride, I must've fallen asleep. I took a shower when I got home and it was the greatest feeling ever, seriously it was awesome. Slept for a while then woke up and Mom and Brent went to Alexander's with me for our basketball banquet. Dinner was delicious I did not like to slow cook my own steak though. We had a good dinner and I enjoyed spending more time with everybody. Mom and B went home and the rest of us went to Shirk to continue the banquet. We had letter awards, presentations, and a highlight film. We got some neat stuff but it was sad to finally have to put a cap on the season and label it as over. After the festivities it was straight to work which I zombied through. Now after my incessant ramblings bed sounds delightful!

Carrie Out

Friday, April 17, 2009

So Pretty!

Last night was a crazy one. We had a team bball celebration party everyone had a bottle of champaign. Except Stacey and I...they bought us sparkling grape juice. Anyways it was fun to just hang out and be us. Got up this morning for all the glory that is the Shirk Center. I downed 2 Sports Illustrateds. As much as I miss the Rick Reilly columns I still love the last page articles they through in there. Those and the Dan Patrick section are the best. Anyways after work I had to print off my field hours log to get signed. Only there was little ink to be had. I took what it gave me and wrote the rest myself. It looks very professional. Today was my last official day in the 6th grade. It was sad I loved working in that class. My kids were asking me all kinds of questions abot what I wanted to teach and if I'd come back and visit. One of them told me that I should teach 2nd grade because 2nd grade teachers are mean and I could be a nice one. Haha as I recall my 2nd grade teacher wasn't too kind, maybe they are on to something. I grabbed some Fusion Brew on the way home. It was so pretty and warm out I thought a cool refreshing drink would be the perfect accessory. When I got back I grabbed lunch then went out to enjoy the lovely weather. Days like this make me miss Lincoln, I could always get someone to go out and play with me. Instead I went on an hour walk just soaking up the sun and chasing squirrels, twas lovely. Then I sat around until dinner. The selection was nasty, I had PB & J, always satisfying. After dinner I hung out at Dodd's, it was so nice we wanted to go out. Sarah ended up borrowing a bike and we went and rode the Constitution trail for and hour and a half. It was so nice out and the trail is awesome for riding, we rather enjoyed ourselves. Now I'm thinking I should grab some sleep tomorrow is basketball formal in Springfield and I don't see myself sleeping much.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Found ID

I was not wanting to get up this morning. I keep having these crazy dreams this weeks. Today's was about a bunny, weird. Went to BJHS where lo and behold my ID was waiting for me. The same lady that gave it back to me last time had it. She just laughed at me. Hurray for being able to eat again! Next Monday is my last day there, maybe I'll miss a little of it, but mainly I'll just like the extra sleep. Came back and changed clothes then went to work. I worked on my education paper while there and made some headway. Drove my car back to the dorm then walked to lunch. Pita, veggies, hummus, and yogurt, light and tasty. They finally had the Pantagraph back, they haven't had them in awhile. I spent my time before class reading the newspaper. I love the newspaper, I'm kind of a dork. Civil Rights class was a bore per usual. The topics are so interesting but Old Man River and that crazy lullaby voice. After class I came back and took a short nap. Then I headed to the library. I made myself stay there for 3 full hours, until my education paper was finished. I was proud of myself and by 7:30 had nothing else to worry about for the rest of the night. I grabbed a sub at the DugOut for dinner then walked home and ate it. The rest of the night I have simply relaxed and it was awesome. Watched a good SVU episode, shocking I know. Now I'm thinking my bed sounds lovely.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost ID

Ahh homework how I despise thee. I was actually on time to class this morning...well almost. I count a minute late as on time. We had a competition in class it was fun and kept me awake. Came back to the room and slept a bit then did some reading for the afternoon. Then I ran some errands around campus. I turned in my financial aid stuff and printed out some papers. I somehow lost my ID so I couldn't eat lunch in the caf. Luckily I found a gift card I had won to one of our campus stores. I settled for a Nacho's Lunchable and some Tropical Skittles, both which I love but not much of a lunch. Off to Middle School class, our last of the year. We played Ninja in celebration it was fun. Then Sociology we were discussing cancer, such a depressing topic. After class we had pick-up. I was in a bad mood for some reason so I sat out the first game and relaxed. We played for an hour and a half then headed to dinner. Stacey was kind enough to let me use her ID to eat. She has a bunch of munch money and is traveling abrod for May term so she won't use it. I am hoping I left my ID at BJHS and can get it back tomorrow. Who knows with me I lose everything. The rest of the night was spent homeworking. I am writing my last education portrait. I worked for about 2 1/2 straight hours which for me is impressive. Then my concentration left me. I'm about halfway there. It's due Thursday, looks like tomorrow means more writing.

Carrie Out

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Amelie!

I love Easter weekend. Full of relaxation, candy, and family good stuff. Even brought back the Easter egg hunt at Grandma's always a crowd pleaser. Stayed at home for the weekend and came back this morning. Went to BJHS and did my thing, I skipped observing again. I'm a rebel. Slept for a solid 2 hours this afternoon before class, anxiousness didn't let me sleep too well last night. Went to Civil Rights class and was bored out of my mind. Old Man River tells us to read things then spends the whole class time reading the same things to us crazy. After class I headed home to meet Mom and go see baby Amelie. I almost made it all the way there...then I had my first run in with the Officers of the law. Apparently I was speeding, which I do not deny, but I was not going as fast as I was told I was. I never speed and my brothers say I drive like a grandma but apparently the excitement had me in a hurry. I am now a felon with some fun tickets to pay my life away on. Mom and I picked up Aunt Kathy then went to the hospital. Amelie is in an incubator and oxygen hood so we had to go one at a time to see her. It was like staring at 9 lbs worth of answered prayers. It was the craziest feeling, so relieving, just seeing her move and breath and be big and healthy and just...perfect. All babies are miracles but this one just seems extra special. We talked to Jim and Amy for awhile then came back home. I had a quick dinner of Easter leftovers then back to school again. I went to Encounter which was good as always. This weeks hymn was "Because He Lives," another favorite. These words were particularly meaningful today: "How sweet to hold a newborn baby, And feel the pride and joy she gives; But greater still the calm assurance: This child can face uncertain days because He Lives!" And with that I must be off.

Carrie Out

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Printer Problems

Two more weeks of classes until another break, I am counting down the days. I got up at 10:45 this morning kind of evens out since I went to bed at 2ish. Got up and headed to work for an hour. I did my class reading for the day twas exciting. Grabbed lunch with my teammates, there weren't very good choices today. Then I went to the library for a project meeting for my middle school class. We got a lot of work done. Then things got crazy. I had 5 minutes till my next class and needed to print off my paper for it. I tried and it wouldn't work on the computers we were on I figured it was because it was a Mac. So I tried the PC's downstairs to no avail. My class was now starting and I still had no paper. My only option was to go back to my room and get it off my computer. Luckily I had my bike I sped to my dorm and ran up the stairs hit print and nothing came out. Turns out I was out of black ink, blue it was. I arrived to class 10 minutes late thinking I had missed the daily quiz. Turns out we didn't have one that day and there was no need for my crazy hurrying. After class I played a quick game of pickup with the girls I couldn't stay because I had a panel discussion at 5. The discussion was actually great 3 middle school teachers, 1 associate principal/ad, and a counselor came in and talked to us and answered questions. Also our teacher bought us pizza and made yummy deserts so that was a bonus. Came home took a shower and apparently worn out took a quick nap before Bible Study. This week we studied Acts 4 we were surprised with how unfamiliar we were with most of it. Now I need to get things in order for the morning. I picked up an extra shift 4 straight hours of fun.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Ahh I have surpassed the halfway mark of the week. Went to BJHS this morning we had meetings with our head teacher. She told me what I already know, that my students are frustrating. No real shock there. Then I picked up my girl and we did math homework, yeah slope. Came home and changed but actually wore real pants all day, that's a rarity these days. Went to work where I did little work. I talked to Mal and Cols, and pretty much just messed around on the Internet. While getting paid, tough work. Drove my car back to the dorm then walked to the DugOut for lunch. This year I have uncovered a strong like of hummus. Who'd a thunk it? It's mighty tasty on Pita bread which I had along with some carrots, celery, and yogurt. Yummy bunny food. Headed to the library to watch a film for Civil Rights. Sat there for 1o minutes and Old Man River never came. We decided to go to the classroom and there he was, he handed back papers then decided we should go watch the movie in the library, ugh. The movie was on the Black Panther's interesting stuff. We got out late because we started late so I had 20 minutes before I had to go listen to a speaker. I decided to grab a smoothie from Freshens. Bad choice. Now I am no coinsurer, this was like my 2nd ever, but I don't think they are supposed to have fibrosis strings in them resembling fluffy dandelions. It was growdy. Then came my speaker Dan Brown he is an innercity teacher who wrote a book. He was actually really good, things like that just make me want to be done with school and have my own classroom. Met the teammates for dinner, pulled pork and baked potatoes then headed back. The night has been spent writing a paper on NCLB and the Olympia School district, engaging. Now I'm thinking a showing of the "Sandlot" sounds good.

Carrie Out

p.s. Mom I need a new toothbrush...I'm thinking Easter sounds good:)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


So I've been thinking lately how it would be nice to have a shoe horn and a sleep mask. Every one keeps telling me I'm a dork, but hey I feel as if they would be useful. I mean I won't have to wrap a blanket around my head to sleep, believe me it's not safe. And a shoe horn, who doesn't want one. Actually made it to class on time today, a minor victory. I really can't remember what we talked about but I do remember telling some story about velociraptors. I am a little weird sometimes. Came back to the room and did some homework. My Microsoft Word doesn't work anymore but I discovered how to open Word files in Works, good enough. Wrote a paper then went to the library. I had a bunch of forms to print out. Grabbed a DugOut lunch, BLT, and ate it in class. Middle School class was all about Integrated Units...and eating candy, we love candy. In Sociology we watched a movie called In Sickness and in Wealth. It was actually interesting. Did you know the US is the richest nation but is 30th in life expectancy for developed countries? It's because Americans don't know how to share, to give their excess to help, and it's actually killing us slowly. Played pick-up in the arena today it's weird to play in there but we had fun like always. Grabbed a lovely cafeteria dinner, really it was a grilled cheese but it was still good. Went back to the library and printed off more forms. I really have done nothing all night I did watch the new episode of SVU though so I'm happy. I'll do the rest of my homework tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Monday, April 06, 2009


Wow I really did nothing today, well of academic work anyways. Got up and headed to BJHS we worked on writing demonstration speeches. How to make a paperclip bracelet and how to make a fortune teller. I know how to do neither I wasn't much help. I was supposed to observe like every Monday but I didn't want to so I left. I will make the notes up, observing is just SO boring. Came back and slept for 2 hours, apparently the 10 I got last night didn't catch me up. Got up and went to turn in my waitlist papers for next semester. Ate some cold steak cause I don't like to reheat things and went to class. Class with Old Man River was a bore per the usual. I read the Biography of Malcolm X while he talked. Came back to the room and watched some SVU my true passion in life. I was planning on writing one of my papers but for some reason I cannot get word to work on my computer. I have never had a problem before it is confusing and inconviencing me. Kelsey called so I picked her up and we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had been craving that for awhile it hit the spot, she had a gift card to pay for it so it was doubly good. Then we went and patroled the mall for sheer joy. We had a fight about where it is legal to park at JC Penney's I am right and that's all that matters. Dropped her off took a quick shower then went to Encounter. It was a hard decision to pull away from the game but when I left MSU was down 15 and I threw in the towel. Service was good lots of worship which I like. As for opening day Cubs win and Cards lose just the way I like it. Teeth need brushing.

Carrie Out

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Birthday Party

I'm tired, I guess a weekend of no sleep will do that too you, oops. Colton was born yesterday. I am really wanting to go meet him but at least saw a picture today. That will do...but not for long. Spent all day yesterday hanging out with Kels doing a whole lot of nothing but having fun. We went out to eat with my teammates and Kelsey showed them my old yearbook pictures. What can I say I was a looker:) Slept little and got up early and headed home for church. Service was short because of Easter breakfast, good and good. Hung out talking to Beth, Troy, and Lys for awhile they crack me up. Went home and waited for Brent before heading to Peoria for Kacy's 30th birthday party. It was fun and good to see everyone, I kind of like them. I got to play with Ella for awhile she's too cute and I'm only mildly biased. Kip was killing me he is so very protective. As much as it may annoy me sometimes I love him none the less. Kac like the scrapbook I helped Grandma make her so I guess my laborious hours were not spent in vain. We took Grandma home then headed home ourselves. I watched some SVU and did laundry before heading to work. I stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's on the way and realized I left my phone at home. I turned around picked it up and was only 30 minutes late to work, oh well. Work was boring and my eyes are heavy.

Carrie Out

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Finchum Fun

Yesterday was crazy full of class then pick-up. I love getting to see my teammates. Grabbed dinner together then I had Bible Study. We stayed overnight at the campus house it was lots of fun. Got up this morning and off to work. Suprisingly I got less sleep than usuall but was more awake. Next it was off to the 6th grade. The kids were cracking me up today, they were really happy to see me for some reason. They were all kind of wound too one of their classmates was moving away. Came back and registered for next falls classes. Two El. Ed. courses and 2 History courses, joys. Met Amber and the girls for lunch at Chili's. Those kids are too funny, I walk into the restuarant and they get hyper. I don't even do anything as much as they want to blame it on me I think they are just crazy kids. After Chili's we went to Gordmans. I entertained Lex and Paige while Amber shopped. We were having fun trying on jewlry and playing with toys. We stopped by Gene's for ice cream then they headed home. I came back to my room chilled for a bit and finished some paper work. My transfer of credit for math worked!! That was exciting. I had made plans to go to Atlanta before they came here so I decided to rent a movie and hang out there for the night. We went to Fred and Sue's for awhile and hung out then headed to Lincoln for pizza. Kennadie was making me laugh she would fuss because it was too dark for her to see me and the girls. She won we drove home with a little light on, happy babies are good. We played around for a bit and I got to hold Kennadie for awhile. There's something about snuggling a baby that just makes you happy. Then we popped some popcorn and watched the movie I picked Marley & Me. It was good with the obvious sadness at the end. Amber was trying to put me on house arrest and make me stay,being the rebel I am I said my farewells and headed back here. It was a nice night of bonding. Now I need to catch up on sleep.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We All Hustlers

Ahh the relief of finishing a weeks worth of projects too bad it gears back up for next week. BJHS was not bad again today. We worked on history projects and a math worksheet lovely. Came back and changed, nice clothes are not class clothes. Headed to work where I drew a picture for the Encounter art gallery. It's kind of cool but hard to explain without seeing it. Made this song get stuck in my head, After work I met with my advisor again not really sure why just went over some paper work and what all the random meetings we've had. Grabbed lunch at Tommy's. I ate while watching "Cow and Chicken," that show was awesome! Then off to boring ol Civil Rights Class. Old Man River actually used the phrase "I'm a hustler. We all hustlers." He was talking about Malcolm X and went off on some tangent. The guy is crazy. After class I watched the end of SVU then went to the library for yet another project meeting for sociology. We got our paper done and put together and then made a power point. We also came up with an activity and a hand out. Two presentations tomorrow sounds joyous. When I got done at the library I took my bike out for a light ride. I love my bike. Ate dinner at the Dugout with some of the teammates, they crack me up. The rest of the night was spent here in my room chilling out. I finished my drawing (well almost) and wrote a paper. Now I wanna watch TV.

Carrie Out


Wow what a crazy full, busy, and actually accomplishing day. Rolled out of bed for class this morning as the semester wears on mornings seem to get earlier and earlier. Turned in my paper (only 2 more for that class!) and sat through some rather boring lecture. Came back to my room and worked on my history paper and a worksheet. I had a Sociology meeting at 12:45 so off I trucked, pizza rolls in hand. Middle School class was engaging as always. We played this game today where we passed around a bowl full of questions and you had to answer which ever one you pulled out. It was fun and interesting to hear everyones answers. Sociology was utterly boring today. The lecture was on NCLB I have heard enough of those this year I did not pay attention. We started pick up today. It's suprising how out of shape you can get in a few weeks. Everyone was a little slow but it was great to see everyone and be back together. I missed playing ball and I missed my teammates. The seniors are even going to keep playing with us which is awesome. Showered then we all headed to dinner, I wasn't too hungry but had some beef brisket. Then I had a project meeting for Sociology. We wrote our entire group paper, now all thats left is our power point. I escaped from the library for 2 hours during which I watched the new SVU episode. It was awesome. Speaking of SVU check this out, I think it's funny and well I love Sesame Street. I also got my history paper done hurray!! Then at 11 I had a meeting for my middle school class, we are teaching on Thursday. Well it has been a long day and it is time to relax.

Carrie Out