Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am currently caught up in the Xavier/Kansas State game. Double OT it is a crazy good game. I have missed March Madness all week, I welcome it's return:) I have not felt well all week, at first I thought it was allergies but it isn't going away. I'm not real sick just head congestion and my body feels exhausted at all times, strange. Did not want to go to class this morning...but we all know I did. Teacher brought in Panera bagels for breakfast which were a welcome surprise and very tasty. We spent the morning doing station rotations on the Civil Rights movement. We looked at some issues of the "Saturday Evening Post," they were hilariously entertaining. The smoking adds were funny as were the ones with women. The best one though was an article describing hot dogs as a health food full of protein. We mad our own Civil Rights book as a class ala Eric Carle. We used papers we had painted from art class on our studio night cut them and collaged them to make illustrations. Kelsey and I did the march on Washington it turned out good. I wasn't hungry at lunch I drank some orange juice and ate a grilled cheese. I spent the rest of my lunch break laying in bed. The afternoon of class was a real bore, I don't even really know what we did or were supposed to do. After class I was exhausted I literally laid on my bed for two hours and did nothing. It's not that I am sleeping it's just that my body feels like it has zero energy. Met Christina, Sean, and Karen for dinner and enjoyed the laughter. Night class went surprisingly quick tonight which was nice. We have a lot to do in 2 weeks its quite overwhelming. Hit up Bible Study after class which is always a good time. Now I must refocus on the game!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lots of Events

Life as of late has gotten crazy I've been all over the place. We lost in basketball, it sucked, A LOT. I don't like finality or the end of things at all. I just keep thinking I will never again put on a uniform, yuck. The upperclassmen road tripped to Wisconsin to watch our guys play, they lost. The trip was a blast and way out of control. We got a flat on the way there. I changed it with my handy skills. Spent an evening in Atlanta with the Finchum's just playing with the girls. Went to Grandma's for an afternoon. Then spent that evening in Morton at Fender's and eventually McKee's playing with Clay. That kid cracks me up. Worked in the office one day and taught youth group. Decided to road trip on my own in my old car to Park Ridge (Chicago) to see Karen, Christina, and Sean. Made it there and back without problem, car or attention related. Visited the Museum of Science and Industry, and happend to be there on free admission day! Hung out with the Solari family watching sweet NCAA games. Came back to school early to work the Final Four and National Championship games. Watching someone win on your home court is terrible. All the upperclassman came back early too so we chilled. Went home Sunday morning for church. Spent the afternoon battling the nasty bugs that live at home. Went to the Wild Game feed where I had phesant and duck for dinner, suprisingly good. Talked to the Case's for a bit. Went to see "Shutter Island," with Trey and Garrett, good movie. Skipped work Monday morning because I could. Slept till lunch. Spent the afternoon at Shirk implementing our new plan of getting in real life shape. Decided to go see "Sherlock Holmes" at the Dollar Theater, awesome movie. Tuesday was eaten up by class. Did abs with Karen after my learning was over. We all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, yum. Today I got up and worked for 3 hours. Wrote an entire lesson plan and a reflection paper. Then went with Meggit to Varna to spend the day with the Mintus family. Played Wii, wrestled with the kids, had some good conversation, ate a lot, then headed on home. Now I am tired so rest it is!

Carrie Williams

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Senior Sem. Work

How awesome was the weather today? I almost forgot for a moment that it was March. Too bad I spent most of the day locked in doors thanks to lifes daily demands. Started the day off with some good old fashioned work, I am a dedicated employee of the Shirk center. I tell my boos that I should earn a reward, he laughs at me. Got some homework done during my shift which was nice and shot the breeze with the old men cause they love me. I was very tired so when I got off I took a nap until lunch. Met Karen, Christina, and Sean for dining. There wasn't much good to eat I had a bowl of some kind of stew and cottage cheese, fulfilling ha. Right after lunch I had a meeting with my senior sem teacher. She helped me complete the edits on two of my papers that I was confused on. Then I made myself go up to the second floor and write the rest of my edits. I also have to create a visual representation of my journey to becoming a teacher, while up there inspiration struck. I was going to draw my hand six times from a fist progressing all the way to all five fingers out. Then I learned it could only be on sixe 11X8 paper, no longer a good idea. Since it was nice out I decided to walk around campus and photograph my hand in each of the 6 positions against different backdrops. This worked much better and I made a cool collage. Practice came next we started with relays which are a fun way to get things moving. It was a hard practice but quick paced so no one was complaining. Dinner was lasagna which the cafeteria makes suprisingly well. Came home and wrote the paper to accompany my visual representation. New SVU was on tonight so of course I had to watch it, I wasn't disappointed. When it was over I walked to the girls house to watch the rest of "2012" which we started yesterday, cheesy destruction but it worked.

Carrie Out

Monday, March 08, 2010

5 years old

Today for the most part I lived the life of a five year old child. Woke up at 5:30 for the ever glorious work. At least I got the desk so I didn't have to sit in a folding chair and wipe other peoples diseases off of machines, yummy. I did some home work and read a children's novel for class. After work I was tired so I took a nap until lunch. For lunch I had peanut butter and jelly and cereal because I could. I spent the next 3 hours of my time in the children's literature section at the ISU library reading picture books. I had to write a 5 page annotated bibliography on children's books and 4 lesson plans on children's lit. I got it all done but felt like a little kid. When I was done I met up with Karen to do our weekly Monday bike riding. Before we started we sat in Coach's office for a half hour sorting through t-shirt money and orders, fun times. After our ride and a shower we met Christina and Sean for dinner. It was pretty disapointing I once again dined on cereal. Then we decided since we had some free time we should rent a movie, except no one else had free time. So instead we went to the dollar theater and watched "The Princess and the Frog," it was awesome. I love Disney Cartoons. Then we went to the library to do more work. I read Eric Carle books and wrote more lessons. It has been a thrilling day but I must be off.

Carrie Out

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Free Dinner

Twas another Thursday full of learning. The morning was spent studying the civil rights movement. I am honestly a little shocked at how little my classmates know about it. I get that I am a bit of a history nerd but there are some major events I feel people should at least know about. Anyways we watched a documentary on Rosa Parks called Mighty Times, it was good told by her relatives and friends. It was similar to the Eyes on the Prize series I watched in my CRM class last year. We got out of class 5 minutes early which equaled no lunch lines, it was awesome. Had myself a little New York Deli sandwich and some Nacho bar, double yum. Then it was back to the learning. We had more presentations in fine arts today. The first one was on a blind painter, we got to practice being blind painters, it was sweet. I got paint on my finger tips and it turned my whole hands black. I literally had to wash them for 10 minutes to get it off, it was crazy. Then we learned about Louis Armstrong who I thoroughly enjoy. The last presentation was on Indian dances and we had to dance, always an adventure. We had practice at 4:30 today. Now that all the teams are here for the weekend we have timed practice and representatives that sit in on them so no one breaks the rules. After practice Coach ordered us in Avanti's for dinner because we never travel we convinced them to buy us dinner. Our NCAA tournament fund gets spent on nothing because we don't leave. The food was much better than cafeteria. I showered then went to the library for a quick minute to write a paper before Bible study. Bible study was on the good samaritan which is always good for discussion.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ten List

1. I got all the final art work for our tshirts done as well as a printer for them thanks to Coach Wagners help.
2. We sold 115 t-shirts within 3 hours. It was crazy, I wasn't expecting such a large number so quickly.
3. I finally paid my tuition for this semester.
4. Found out that Cal Ripken Jr. is the speaker this year for "An Evening With the Stars" (the event I worked last year and got to meet Coach K at). I LOVE Cal, I am going to beg Coach Wag's over and over to get us in.
5. Lunch wasn't good but I wasn't suprised, this is cafeteria food we are talking about.
6. I slept terribly last night first thing I did when I went home was take a nap.
7. Finished some of the thousands of homework assignments I have but I am far from being out of the woods.
8. Youth group went well, not a ton of kids but a decent number.
9. Brent's team lost in the first round of Sectionals. Mom says the refs were horrible.
10. There were 2 hours of new SVU on tonight. It was like a post Christmas miracle:)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Tis been a busy Tuesday. Started off with 3 hours worth of Language Arts and Social Studies. We began with some reading of children's books in celebration of Dr.Seuss birthday. The teacher read us "Happy Diffendoofer Day!," as well. A lot of our focus today was on multicultural literature, specifically African American. We learned some stuff about Ruby Bridges which was neat. It was breakfast for lunch today so eating was enjoyed, then it was back to class for 3 more hours of fun. We did artist presentations today. I learned about Middle Eastern Mosaic and some kind of Spanish dance. We got to try out both of them which was cool. The crazy thing is apparently I am very good at learning Spanish dancing hah! I gave my presentation today too, I think it went well. I taught on Romare Bearden, read "The Block," and then had the class create their own collage. After class it led straight to practice which was a little slow. We were having a hard time going full boat but it will get better. I had dinner with Christina and Sean and eventually Karen, Britt, and Amy at the Dugout. I had a BBQ crispy chicken sub and it was awesome. Then I went to the library with Holly and Stacey. I had planned on writing a few papers I got one done and that was it. The rest of the time was spent picking out a t-shirt logo for our tournament shirts. I don't think there is any way we will get them in time, this should have been done a week ago. Anyways it was frustrating but I got a design done and will call around tomorrow for prices and time estimations.

Carrie Out

Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Already?

The weekends seem to be flying by around here. We won both of our games this weekend. It was exciting and now we are the undisputed champions of the CCIW. Yesterday was also a full day. I went home then to Pekin with Mom to get our phones fixed and look for new shoes. I found a pair of black dress shoes for teaching, I can finally wear my black pants! Then Mom dropped me off at Kelsey's and we went to Lincoln. We went to watch Alexis basketball game. It was her 9th birthday and we both were free so we decided we should go. The game was terrible but she appreciated that we came and it was good to see everybody. I got home just in time for youth. We studied Elijah and Elisha this week by ways of the cartoon Bible, the kids loved it. Trey got a 2010 Midnight Blue Mustang, I made him drive me around. I am extremely jealous, it's not becoming. Today I awoke at an unappreciated 5:30 am. I spent the morning cleaning machines, mixing cleaners, and reading smart people magazines. When I got off I was very tired so I slept. Got up at 11:30 met Karen and walked to Shirk. We all met up to watch the NCAA selection show online. We play Franklin College in the first round. Our guys got in the Men's tournament so we are all pretty excited. We went to lunch it wasn't too tasty. I spent the next 3 hours in the library, shocking I know. I had to find and research an artist. Then create a presentation, lesson plan, and activity to teach it to my class. I chose Romare Bearden, I love anything based in Harlem. I checked out a book called "The Block," using his paintings and Langston Hughes poems. It is fascinating I want to buy it. When I was done Karen and I went to Shirk and worked out until we met Sean and Christina for dinner. Post dinner called for the Bachelor finale which we all hated and then Encounter. Kale is talking to me and it's distracting so I must be off.

Carrie Out