Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Today was my first teacher observation. As far as teaching goes it went well. My supervisor did not have any issues or suggestions for improving. Which I guess is good it means I taught well and was in control, but on the other hand it doesn't give me much to build on. Observation is always a stressful time though. It's completely awkward to have someone judging you while you teach and pretty much just staring you down. Here's the best part though. I had gotten aobut 95% through the lesson with little issue. The kids were understanding the concept well, they were getting the answers correctly, and they were listening the best that 2nd graders can. I was answering a question for the class when all of the sudden a little girl comes up and says "Ms. Williams, I puked." Not only did she puke she caught it in her hands and brought it up to the front of the room with her. I responded quickly yet very caught off guard telling her to "throw it away and go to the office." Luckily I did not witness the actual puking action or I may have had an issue as well. Also I was at a decent stopping point so I had the other kids leave the room for a bathroom break (avoiding the remnants in the process). This allowed for some clean up and disinfecting courtesy of the janitor. And soon normalcy resumed:) I'm sure this will be something I won't forget!

Carrie Out

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another list

More lessons learned:

1. Children will continuously "make" you cards, crafts, and other things of which you must guess what they are supposed to be. An appropriate response is as follows: smile, say something along the lines of "thank you so much, this is very neat," and then stash it in your bag to either a. accidentally forget about or b. throw away.

2. Glasses cases are not simply made for holding glasses if you are a little boy. They also serve as hat's, pencil holders, things to pinch your classmates with, and if all else fails a nice football.

3. Apparently having a nice, quiet, straight line, is the highest aspiration of all elementary teachers.

4. Student teaching makes you go to bed at 11 on a weekend and "sleep in" til 9. What happend to 9 being early?

5. The kids that can't focus on anything will be the ones who pick up on the most discrete things. Like the fact that you can't make your number 8 correctly.

6. For students who cannot sit still in class, it is utterly shocking how much they complain when out playing games and exercising in P.E. that they are tired.

7. After skipping breakfast for most of college, it is once again the most important meal of the day...that is if you don't want to pass out from starvation before you make it to 11:20 lunch (which used to be the time I got out of bed).

8. It is amazing the amount of kids who can't read their own handwriting, even when all the words are spelled correctly.

9. If you really want to understand a kid, watch them in music, lunchtime, and P.E. A less structured enviroment is like a whole new world.

10. It is perfectly acceptable to watch youtube videos during class, your lunch break, or after school. These can range from School House Rock to a lovely video of your superintendent rolling down the street on a motorcycle.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Todays random and unorganized thoughts. I had a honey nut Cherrio's milk and ceral bar for breakfast. I don't like honey nut Cherrio's. It was delicious. I am becoming more comfortable when student teaching, I am starting to loosen up more around the other teachers and am having more fun. Little kids don't hold back when it comes to being sick. I think I was sneezed on 5 times kinda grosses me out. Lunch time was hotdogs and pretzels today I felt like I really was back in second grade. I taught my first lesson today that I had planned. It went well and the kids did a great job with it. Funniest moment of the day: We had our kids fill out an ABC paper on friendship and caring. Each letter of the alphabet needed a phrase about how to be a friend or caring. They were really cute and the kids came up with some neat stuff. The best one was I asked if someone could tell me what they wrote down for "I" a little boy raised his hand and in all innocence said "You could say "I like your body."" I busted out laughing, I couldn't help it Mrs. S was cracking up too. Ahh second graders. I took my car to get checked out at AutoZone the check engine light has been on this week, turns out the gas cap just wasn't on right. Yeah free fixes! Oh and my dog still has fleas.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Things I have learned in 2nd all of 11 days.

1. M comes before N
2. I still do not know how to tell time
3. It is perfectly acceptable to bust into Hannah Montana songs regardless of gender
4. How to use the lamination machine
5. How to use, break, and repair the copier
6. No clock in the building ever says the same (or right) time
7. Wash your hands 1000 times a day
8. Go to bed early
9. Wearing a watch is the mark of an older person
10.7 year olds don't know what VCR's are
11. Kid's make up innapropriate words without knowing they are innapropriate
12. Teacher's don't eat lunch (at least not in the teacher's lounge)
13. Make friends with the secretary
14. Be prepared to laugh
15. P.E., lunch, recess, and Music are every teachers best friend