Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long Time Coming

I have hardly written in this at all this summer lame I know but life here has been crazy. When I last wrote I was getting ready to leave for Tennessee with our highschoolers well it was awesome. Our kids were great the weather was great the scenery was great. Myself along with my friends Lauren and Ryan went as college age sponors the week made a big impact on us. It was so strange to look at these kids that we were the same age as a few years ago and see them struggling with the same things we did but now looking back on it and realizing it wasn't that bad and their is hope. Our hearts broke for them as we watched them cry and breakdown and really just hit the bottom with struggles surrounding anything you could imagine. We found ourselves overwhelmed just wanting to love them and take away their issues and make their lives alright, it was a moving position. It helped the 3 of us to too rexamine our lives as well and throw out the stuff that was holding us back and really reconnect with each other. That has been my support for the summer almost all of my nights are spent with Ryan and Lauren and sometimes the kids when they just need something to do and honestly I love it. It's a good feeling to be with friends who love you for who you are and really expect nothing from you and it's nice to feel needed by the kids and to see that we can make a difference even at 20. Other than that I spend my time babysitting (which I am done with now), playing slow pitch (which is ridiculosly fun but almost over), playing Wii (I am getting better at guitar hero), excercising (a little run or bike ride everyday), chilling with Mom and Bren, or visiting family (which I need to do more often). Obviously life has changed here and while the road has been bumpy and there are really bad days all in all I think we are doing okay and even with everything this has still been a good summer. God has a plan and even when we don't understand it it still guides us in the right direction.

Carrie Out