Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am tired and have nothing to say that anyone wants to hear so I am gone.

Carrie Out

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Joys of Boys

I didn't accomplish too much today. Pretty much just laid around and watched T.V. and did laundry. Went to Denise's tonight for a cookout I actually enjoyed myself. Cookout's are some of the best parts of summer. Sitting around eating too much food and telling stories it's kinda fun. The car ride there and back was delightful as well nothing like being crammed into a tiny car with three boys over six feet tall. Oh the joys of having three brothers, they crack me up...and annoy me sometimes:) All I can say for the rest of the day is right now I am a bit overwhelmed and don't have much else to say.

Carrie Out

I Love Mike

I spent a lot of my day at church and mostly enjoyed it. I wasn't going to go to church this morning the alarm went off and I turned it off and rolled over. Then about ten minutes before service started I decided to go and I was right on time. I was glad I went though our choir director is retiring so a lot of the families I grew up around in the church came back it was nice to see them and catch up. The Case family (my old youth ministers) came back as well, I haven't seen them since last summer and it was great to see them. I definately miss Mike a lot and really look forward to seeing him, catching up, and getting some big hugs, I love that guy. Seeing him is really some of the best and worst, I love seeing him but I always know that we just have him for an hour or two before we have to say goodbye again, and the goodbyes still break my heart. I wish he didn't live so far away he is very important to me and sometimes I could really use his company in life, he knows it too. Especially now we all always make sure to say good goodbyes because after losing Scott you always live with this fear in the back of your mind that every goodbye could be the last one. Tonight I went to a cookout at Lys' it was fun I miss the summer days of youth group just hanging out and the amazing food. I enjoyed myself though and look forward to spending time at the church over the summer. I just realized I don't have to work tomorrow and I am stoked but my T.V. is calling my name.

Carrie Out

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Argh Ye Mateys

Rain. It was the theme of the day. I didn't blog last night because I got home late after seeing Pirates 3. A good movie by the way. I don't know just something about the ships and the pirates intrigues me, I want to ride on that ship...I am SO weird. It's okay I know it. This morning we went to Chilocothe to watch Olympia play Fieldcrest. We won, but it was a good game, albeit a little wet. It was nice to see some of my family even though lots of our fans were looking at me funny for sitting on the other side. It was only for two innings and come on I had good reason. Spent the afternoon at home cleaning things, doing laundry, and washing dishes. Well and playing outside in the rain. I really wanted to do that for some reason so we went out and played ball as it rained, fun. Then tonight Brent (There you are in my blog dork) and I went over to Grandma's. I finally figured out and fixed her digital frame, it is kinda cool once you know how to work it. We were having some nice conversations about our family, funny as well, oh Grandma. I haven't spent much time with Brent since I went to college so it was kinda nice. Sometimes it still seems weird to me that I like my brothers now we used to fight all the time when we were little, maybe that is just what siblings are for.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heat is the Enemy

This must be what it feels like inside an oven. Man this house is hot! So today was the day of nothing and I throughly enjoyed myself. I did nothing exciting at all and just sat around all day, who knew that could be entertaining. Mom leaves for D.C. tomorrow so we will be fending for ourselves this weekend. That means lots of laundry and cleaning up for me to do, not my favorite thing in the world. Okay so I was randomly looking at the most emailed pictures on yahoo today and there are some really interesting animal ones. Like these Egyptian tortoises that are about an inch long, one guy has five of them sitting on his hand...crazy. Or ones of a dog nursing three tiger puppies that were rejected by their mother and a cat nursing a puppy whose mom was killed. Animals are intersting and sure make some cool pictures. It is now time for me to escape this furnace of a downstairs to the all most cooler upstairs.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Teaching Lunch Ladies

Long day. I babysat from six-thirty this morning to five this afternoon. It wasn't bad just a bit draining. The more I babysit the more I feel for stay at home Mom's some people just don't understand how challenging it can be to wrangle kids all day. I am glad it didn't rain though so we could play outside. It is like four hundred degree's in the house. I think I am sweating just from typing. I ran on the treadmill again today. My foot didn't hurt as bad this time, I think it may be improving...fingers crossed. I just hate not doing anything that is explicitly exercise so my I always end up giving in to running even if it does cause a little pain. Also it is good for my hyperactivity helps me sleep better at night:) Spent the rest of the evening just hanging out watching American Idol and peeling grapes, it's great fun try it sometime. Another fun thing to do with grapes is cut them into the shapes of chromosomes and create a DNA map. I used to do this on my lunch tray at school. Sometimes I had alot of free time between classes and yes I am kinda a dork, but we all enjoyed it and I am sure the cafeteria workers loved the learning, haha.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Have Two Babies...Deal With It

Today was visit my babies day. I started the day off at Aunt Kathy's to play with Kyleigh. She was awake and happy the whole time I was there. She is getting so big she can almost sit up. She definately wore my arms out though from lifting her up and down. Still I couldn't resist her little giggle was too cute to stop. Then I went to Grandma's for the afternoon. I ate lunch and helped her figure out the new digital photo album Aunt Lynn got her. I searched all over the internet and ended up finding her a lot of family pictures to load into it. After a while we went to Morton to see Sam and Clay. First we had to go to KMart though so Grandma could buy some plants and potting soil. Of course she picked the one plant with no tag on it anywhere. Clay had just gotten up when we got there and was happy about half the time we were there. He gets more and more adorable everytime I see him...even if he is crying. Lynn came over right before we left, so we got to see her, and wave at Uncle Rich and Josh while they were working outside. I like going to see my family, I wish I got to see them more often. My goal for the summer is to go visit them more. It still amazes me how much I love those babies. They don't even have to be doing anything yet I just sit and stare at them and think how blessed I am to have them in my life. I guess that is just the gift of love and family. I have Paige again tomorrow so it is time to try and sleep. Let's see how well that works out for me.

Carrie Out

Monday, May 21, 2007

Adventures of Paige

Wow. Two-year old's are crazy. But man do they crack me up. Paige has changed so much in a year it still amazes me, I guess kids are like that. It was an interesting but fun day. Six thirty came and went and man was I tired. We had a full day. We talked to birds, played with an invisible baby monkey, mooed at hay, and pretended to be monsters. We went on a walk up and down the same sidewalk for a hour with a baby and play stroller which I had to carry the whole time. We played in the garage and I had to pretend to be a gas station owner because she "had to work and make monies." This summer brings new challenges though in the joy of potty training. We stayed dry all day until about two in the afternoon when we went to hide in Mom and Dad's closet. I kept asking all day if she needed to potty, she said no...this time she was not telling the truth. She peed all over the closet floor it was like a small ocean. Fun to clean up who knew kids had that much in them. When I came home I was very energized so I whipped out the treadmill and ran for fifteen minutes. I worked up a delightful sweat but also hurt my foot. Sometimes I am dumb like that I do things simply because I want to even knowing what the consequences will be. Sometimes I just don't care.

Carrie Out

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Graduation a Time for Nostalgia

Today has been as promised a busy day. Today was graduation Sunday at church I always like watching the slide show of the graduates. Dustin was even there today which for him is a major accomplishment. I talked to him for awhile and it almost seemed like the old him, I keep hoping everything will turn out right, he did graduate today though which is one step forward. Today also marks one year since Julian died. He was a little 4 year old boy at our church who I babysat and often played with. He was such a sweet little boy is greatly missed but today his parents were baptized I just thought that was really cool. After church we did yard work outside and attempted to empty our nasty pool water, it was really gross and the bugs were annoying. After that I met Darci, Kelsey, and Emily to go to Michelle's graduation party. I skipped the ceremony way too boring for me. The party was nice, I just like the fact that she graduated, she has had a lot of change in her life in such a little time. I hope that she continues to accomplish things in her life and doesn't settle just because she has a child. My hope for her is that she can find a workable balance of both. It was nice though to just be at her party catching up with old friends and looking at pictures from when we were little. I can't believe how much we have all changed but tonight even if it only was for a couple of hours we were back to those naive little girls who thought all that mattered in the world was playing ball, being together, and having fun. I look at those pictures with nostalgia but also hope for the future because I know we all will continue to do great things. Bed is calling my name I start watching Paige tomorrow, I don't know if this whole 6:30 wakeup thing is gonna work out for me.

Carrie Out

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Menbalaya the Greatest Plant Ever

This marks my 200th Post Hurray!!! (I write too much) Another major accomplishment of today...I finally unpacked and put away all my stuff!! I know it was just as exciting to me. I can finally see my floor and bed it is amazing...but a bit dirty. The next step is finding a good place to put my plant. He is looking lovely but has yet to settle into his new home due to the pets that inhabit this place. The cat attacks him and the dog just runs into him so I keep him on the table out of the danger zone. Mom is not a big fan of this, but what can you do, this plant is awesome. I took him out sunbathing today set him on the sidewalk for awhile to get some air, he thoroughly enjoyed this. The rest of today was spent chilling. Mom and I went to Bloomington tonight to pick somethings up and for once I actually found everything I needed. That was nice. The highschool girls were upset today in the regional, believe me I know the feeling. A good thing for them though is that they have no seniors so they lose no one and can work off of it for next year. Our boys won and so did Mark's so they will be in the same sectional. I saw Mark on the local news tonight I think that makes him some kind of a superstar:) There he was just chilling in the huddle looking all important, haha. Tomorrow is highschool graduation so I have some parties to hit up after church. Might make for a long day so I am gone.

Carrie Out

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ballpark Junkies

Today was spent at the ballpark. Kelsey and I went to watch NJCAA Nationals in Bloomington and for once she was early. I can't remember that ever happening before I was in total shock. We went to watch Parkland play, they played two games. The had already lost once yesterday so when and if they lost today they were done. Well they won their first game and should have won their second but ended up losing. I have a lot of friends on that team so I felt bad but as a rival it was kinda nice to see them lose. Sometimes I just get tired of hearing about how good they are, they aren't that good. Between the games we went to McDonald's quickly I had some kind of Shrek milkshake, it was like chocolate mint or something, but it was the color of snot or maybe cat vomit. I don't know just thought you would like to know that. When we came back we went out to the highschool boy's regionals at Oly. Tremont beat Mackinaw, since Kels went to Tremont she wanted to check it out. I spent my time talking to my friends from the softball team who had come over after their practice. Somedays I wish I could go back and play on that team. Tomorrow I think we are meeting Jessie for lunch so that will at least give me something to do. Okay well my foot has been a little painful today so I am off to bed.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Justin is Gross and Cortizone Shots Hurt

I couldn't blog last night my computer was not cooperating and was moving slower than molasses. To be honest I don't really know what molasses is but I threw the old saying in there for flavor. Nonetheless you didn't miss much we just went to Monmouth to move some of Justin's stuff home. All I discovered is that he is disgusting. His room was so dirty it wasn't even funny I stood in one spot the whole time I was in his room, right where the T.V. had been. The filth hadn't reached there yet, I bet it has by today. Other than that I didn't do much yesterday. Today, well today was quite the adventure. I had a foot doctor appointment to get my inserts recast. They had fallen apart from all their use this year and I needed new ones. I thought that was all I was going for. Before I was casted Dr. Paul came in to look at my foot, I hadn't seen him since November. Well apparently he was not satisfied with what he saw. He examined it and I still have swelling, discoloration, and have lost some mobility in my foot, so he ordered x-rays to see if somehow he missed something. Those came back okay from what he could see so I thought I was done. I thought wrong. He then told me I had to have a cortizone shot in my foot. Can you say ouch? I didn't want to do it, I was by myself and hate needles so I was going to come back in to do it. But Mom via cell phone made me have it today. Dr. Paul said this is one of the most painful areas to have a shot, I can't disagree with him it hurt. He sprays my foot with this cold spray to numb it which also makes your skin burn then he inserts a half inch needle into the bone on the bottom of my foot which he marked with an X. I layed down the whole time and covered my eyes, while I kinda yelled. It was very painful and lasted for about a minute into he got all the steroids in. It is a burning stabing pain that just makes you want to cry. I didn't though, I know you should be proud. Well then it made my foot go completely numb and tingly I have looked really cool walking around tonight. More pain is supposed to set in tonight, heres to hoping it doesn't.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time with Ryker

Random storms reigned down on my today...not a big fan. Seriously though that stuff was falling hard from the sky, scary, well to me at least. I thought I broke the dishwasher today but then I realized that I am dumb and the surge protector strip had just turned off. I gave the dog another bath between rains because she has this gift of finding anything disgusting to roll in. And I spent the rest of my time chillin. I know it is thrilling. Tonight was spent babysitting Ryker. I love playing with that kid he cracks me up, he is such a boy. The other day he (who is 4) wrapped his dogs chain around a tree so that he could use it to help him climb up it, who thinks of that. Tonight I took him outside to play for awhile and even though every thing was wet he insisted on climbing on it, even the soaked slide of which he proceded to fall into a puddle and get drenched. We played trucks, with rocks, and swang, until the rain moved us inside. The next hour was spent playing in the kitched sink with all of his bath toys. We were having an undersea adventure I am sure his Mom appreciates this. We also had to watch some dumb dalmation sing-a-long movie which then inspired him to become a dog for the next half hour, which included licking and eating his food off the floor. Then we built the coolest train track ever out of his Thomas set, in four years of practice I have become quite the railroad creator. Is it dorky that these games are as much fun for him as they are for me. It's just that after having to be a, well sort of grown up, all day I love the escape of being able to act like a kid again and having my biggest worry be whether or not I have enough pieces of railroad to complete the track. I like my journey's back into the innocence of childhood.

Carrie Out

Drugs Suck

There are mutant june bugs in this house. They are attacking from all angles. I wish I had something to get rid of them besides my hands. I don't like the feeling of their wings scraping my palms. Today I really didn't do anything, I need to work on that. I did do a little more packing and some laundry though. For the three weeks until I start working I have assumed the position of live in maid...too bad it doesn't pay. I went and watched Brent's last home game tonight, it was thrilling...not. But that is just the amazingly supportive type of sister I am:) Lys and Ryker came to the game so I spent most of it playing with Ryker. He was bouncing off the walls like always, I bring out the best in children.

So I have a problem, well not really me but it has been on my mind a lot lately and I feel like unloading it. I have an old friend who I grew up with that is making a mess of his life. I haven't really talked to him in about a year because I got tired of the way he was ruining himself and listening to him make excuses when I confronted him. He is into drugs, drinks excessively, and smokes. He should graduate this year but because of his decisions he probably won't and it breaks my heart. I miss the good guy he was, I miss the old memories, I miss the old him. His parents do not parent which is a root of his problems he knows he can do whatever he wants and get away with it so he does. I pray everday that God would help him and open his eyes, guide him in the right direction, but I just don't see progress. Here's something else that bothers me about him. The person he hates the most in this world is the girl who killed Scott, but what he doesn't see is he is that girl. He is headed down her path, making the same decisions, and doesn't realize that every wrong step he takes doesn't just affect him, but everyone around him who loves him and cares about him. This may sound bad but I wish that God would just break him and shatter his heart wide open so he will finally recognize what he is doing and get help. I just want him to be okay, but right now I don't think that is possible.

Carrie Out

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day...and a Visit to Matty's

This weekend was pretty busy and pretty fun. I spent all of Saturday in Springfield. The morning was spent with Lys and Ryker watching Matty play ball. I miss spending time with them and can honestly say I am really looking forward to having the three of them around all summer. Then we watched some more baseball before I spent the night with Jessie and Kelsey at Lincoln Land. I had fun but some parts were just a bit disheartening. Not about my friends but other things that went on, partying is stupid. Here's my take "party" friends are not real friends they do not know or care about the real you they just care if you bring beer. I wish other people could see this...no you aren't popular...you are being used. This afternoon after I got back I pretty much just chilled. I did some more unpacking, fun fun. I played outside with Brent and the dog and for the first time in a long time sat down and read the Sunday paper cover to cover, man I missed that. Tomorrow Kale starts working, that means I will sit here all day by myself doing nothing, maybe I should unpack somemore...or not.

Ever since I was a little girl I always found myself fantasizing about my future, my family, my children. I have always wanted to be a Mom, maybe because I have such great Mom's in my life.

Happy Mothers Day Mom, Grandma, Grandma, Kathy, Lynn, Deanna, Kathy, Amy, Ashleigh, and Sam. Thank you for all you do, you guys are the best.

Carrie Out

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Next Picasso (NOT)

Ahh Friday, the day of me doing....well...not much. I found over 250$ of past paychecks today so I took them to the bank and put them in my savings. That was a very nice suprise I only thought I had one to put in. This afternoon I chilled outside. I played with the dog and gave her a delightful bath. I also started painting today, I decided I wanted to take it up this summer.I love the abstract work you can do with paint. I like the one I got done but it was on sketch paper which held the paint alright but still curls. I bought a canvasy type paint paper tonight for my next wonderful works:) Right now I think I am painting with some type of acrylics I am hoping to buy some new brushes and oil paints as I progress. I have never painted before it is exciting. Random fact: a lightening bug just flew on my computer screen. Reminds me of when we used to stand out in the yard and whack them with baseball bats. I know we were weird kids. I got my grades today I got A's on all my finals and in all my classes so my 4.0 remains. I also found out I made honorable mention all region for softball which is nice as well. I made an academic team too we just don't know which one yet. Tonight I went out and watched Brent and Darci play and then we ran to Pekin. I made some Mother's Day drawings for Kathy and Amy of Sawyer so we dropped those off as well. Tomorrow morning I am going to watch Matt play in Regionals with Alyssa and Ryker and then staying with Kelsey at LincolnLand. My first sleepover visit to another campus...should be an adventure.

Carrie Out

The Gift of Children

First day at home. Well I wasn't really at home...for the day at least. I went with Sam to the doctor so I could hold Clay while she was at her appointment. I haven't seen him for awhile so I loved doing it. Okay this is dumb, but, it made me feel kinda grown up. I can remember when I was younger and all my older cousins would hang out and do things together and I always wished I could. I really enjoyed my time being with Sam and through this whole year I have become a lot closer to all of my cousins and I have realized even more of what a blessing they are. I can actually talk to them about things and a lot of times they have answers, it is a nice feeling. She kept telling me thankyou for coming which was nice, but really I have been looking forward to it all week. I really miss Clay, and even though I am pretty sure everyone who saw me walking him up and down the hall thought he was my baby, I loved doing it. I love that I am trusted enought that people let me spend time with their kids. Honestly I think that is what keeps me sane sometimes knowing that somewhere there is some child who loves me regardless of my fears and failures. This is why I think I became so attached to Ryan and Ali at school. On a campus full of judgements and problems I knew that the mere fact that I took time to play with them or talk to them made them love me. They don't care about that other stuff, I wish more people could be that way.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

I am home...I miss Lincoln already. I find it incredibly ironic that the day I moved in I couldn't wait for this day and now that it's here I wish that it wasn't. I can remember talking to my cousins and friends about how scared I was to go to college and how much I didn't want to. They kept telling me once I got there I would never want to leave. I didn't believe them then...I do now. I spent the morning cleaning and packing up my final little things, I hate doing this. Packing and unpacking just irratates me, the mound of stuff overtaking the floor in my room mocks me. I met my friends and Coach Thomas for our last lunch of the year in the caf. I won't miss the food, I will miss the people. I found myself not even eating but just drinking in the compainionship and conversation, I felt the hunger later. After lunch I took my government final, I am not gonna lie, my hand cramped but I got it done in and hour. I also found out I got an A on my Math test. I am waiting on two more grades before I know my gpa. The rest of the time before I left was filled with goodbyes, goodlucks, and see you laters. That's the weird part of a Junior College, you are only with the kids older than you for one year. It is hard to let go. I left thankyou cards under Coach Thomas and Coach Wilson's doors. They both called me to thank me and let me know that it meant a lot to them, they did a lot for me I just wanted to let them know I appreciated it. Thanking people for thanking you it's a bit ironic. It's just that I have learned in very tough ways the importance of letting people know you care and appreciate them before it's too late. All my friends said "We'll send one next year." What if there is no next year? Why not just send two.

Carrie Out
I should be sleeping. I haven't been doing too good at that lately. I took my math final today, it went well..I think. I knew everything on it but one problem and since I couldn't figure it out the teacher threw it out for the whole class. Nice! I tried my hardest to take my time and focus, I think it almost worked. I spent most of the early morning running some errands and chilling in Coach Wilsons office with my friends. Coach got iratated with me because I told her that sometimes I think about going to an easier school and getting a 4.0 without really trying instead of a harder school and getting a lower gpa. She told me I might as well quit school now and go work at McDonalds because I would be wasting my gift. I know this is true but it is honestly something I think about. This afternoon I hungout with Coach Thomas, I randomly ran into him at student services so we sat and talked for awhile then we asked me to go with him to pick up Ryan for school. I am really going to miss them this summer...good thing I know where they live:) Tonight I had to run Mom home, she brought me the car so I could get home tomorrow. I brought Ashley with me and gave her a tour of Minier...long tour, haha. Then we came back here and went over stuff for our Honors Government final tomorrow. Six essay questions, I can feel my hand cramping already. The rest of the night a bunch of us just hung out, I can't believe it is our last night on campus. I have so much to do and so many goodbyes to say tomorrow, I don't think there is enough time.

Carrie Out

Monday, May 07, 2007

Today has been a pretty laid back day, I enjoyed it. I didn't have any finals today just had to turn in a paper, which I did. I spent most of the morning packing, Mom came down this evening and almost everything is picked up and gone. Its a bare and lonely kind of feeling. My room is no longer my room but once again a dorm room, it has lost its personality. This afternoon was spent adventuring. I went with Ashley to Clinton to move some stuff home. We ended up down an old country road with a stream running over it we spent about an hour just walking in the water and on the rocks, enjoying the nature, warm weather, and sound of the running water. I wish I had my camera it was very pretty. We found another road as well the sand and rocks under the water there was a lot rougher but not as deep, we could walk farther. It was very nice but very unsafe not for us but for people who drive on those roads and don't know there is a foot or two running water on them. They are not marked very clearly just seems like a dangerous place for motorists. The rest of the night was spent walking around town and brushing up on my Math for my final tomorrow. We also took a trip to Culver's for some delightful icecream. I can't believe my first year of college has flown by SO fast.

Carrie Out
We lost today, we really shouldn't have but we did. Our season is done and for the first time in my life I am okay with that. I really enjoy playing but this year sometimes the simple frustration didn't make it worth it. Still I am glad for the ability to play again and it will be something I look forward to doing next year. When we got back I did some packing. I didn't get too much done just my clothes, I will work on it more tomorrow. My room just doesn't feel like my room anymore. Where there used to be artwork, posters, and pictures there is now white wall. It really makes it look different and I don't like it. While there are some things I miss at home I still don't think I am ready to be there all summer. After watching Brothers & Sisters my friend came over to play Nintendo for awhile until Ashley got off work. Brittany and her had this grand idea of going out and laying under the stars. I guess kids that live in town don't see those too much. Well it sounded fine to me so I went with it. We decided to go lay out between the fields but a security guy followed us before we even got there, more concerned with us laying down than the kids right next to where he was parked throwing rocks at the dorm windows. So we ended up out at the golf course. It was really nice out tonight. Staring at the stars is really peaceful, just feels like it brings you closer to God. Like you could talk to him and actually feel his presence and know he is listening, I like that feeling.

Carrie Out

Saturday, May 05, 2007

This should be short and sweet because my bed is calling me. Today was a long day we left at nine this morning and just got back at 11:30. 14 hours of softball fun. So our first game was really good we beat the number two team in the region in a big upset. Our second game we should have won but a two run homer in the sixth put us down and eventually out. Then our third game, played at 7:30 we also won. By that time every one was so worn out they were slap happy but the game was fun. We now are in the top four and enter round four of the region tournament a lot farther than I expected us to go. We have a chance if we keep playing solid ball...let's hope. It was nice to see all my friends again today and actually have a chance to watch them play instead of playing against them. We must've looked goofy though girls from Lincoln, and Lincoln Land sitting together and cheering for Parkland, the three biggest rivalries in the confrence. Oh well when you play together for so long even though we are different colleges and playing for different schools we are still teamates. Okay so yeah bed it needs me.

Carrie Out
Last night was an interesting night. My new medicines and I didn't mesh too well and kept me up all night. Let's just say my stomach exploded, it was lots of fun and little sleep. I was tired this morning on the bus ride to Mattoon. It was pouring here when we left but no it wasn't raining there. Lies all lies. We drove the two hours down there to sit in the rain for two hours and then drive home, just to drive back and play tomorrow. We did have an Olympia reunion today though which was nice to see all my friends and old teamates, we had seven almost enough to form our own team. When we came back here I had Ryan for the afternoon. I missed playing with him so it was nice to have some time to spend with him before we go home for the summer. We played some mean nintendo, practiced cursive handwriting, and shot baskets, I love that little boy. The rest of the night was spent with Ashley and Brittany, we ate dinner and played basketball outside then went to Walmart with Mom. She had come down to bring me a new prescription which hopefully won't empty my stomach. Then she took the three of us to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Thanks Mom I love you, hehe:) After she dropped us off we played Nintendo, rocked out, and then went on a nice long walk. Well then we decided to go on a nice long drive and vent and talk, so we just got back at midnight, I enjoyed it though. I like knowing that you can have a great Friday night without drinking, partying, or any of that stuff, I think more people here on campus need to learn that. Okay well I have once more a nine o'clock bus to catch so adios.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today has been a full day. Classes and finals review all morning. Followed by a quick lunch and working on my art final. I got it 3/4 of the way done then I had to go see my math teacher for finals prep since I miss review day tomorrow. Then I went to talk to my basketball coach and shoot hoops for awhile until Mom came to take me to the doctor. I almost hit him in the face Mom says, but it was totally on accident. He pushed on my left eye socket right where it hurts and the pain made me jump, oohh that was a painful. I got put on two new medicines along with ibueprofen for the pain. I feel a little better tonight but can tell the medicines upset my stomach. Then I went to Coach Andrew's for dinner which was enjoyable and tasted much better than caf food. His wife is an artist so she took me on a tour of her house which she has paintings all over and her little art studio. She does good work and I am jealous of her studio, I want one. After that I came back here and went on an hour walk with Ashley, she needed to vent some things and it was a nice night so I went with it. I came back here and finally finished my paper, it is completed and I am relieved. Six pages not bad, five out of six papers done. It is midnight, my heart is beating funny, and our bus leaves at nine tomorrow so I am out.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My face hurts. I know random, but I don't think I ever got rid of whatever was messed up in my sinuses. I keep spitting up blood and it hurts all over the left side of my face, just in case you were wondering. Once again I did not write my term paper I only have one more night to do it. I did research and get it my paper all organized and ready to go though...that was before I fell asleep in the library because my head hurt. I didn't even realize it. Practice was actually fun today we just played a game the whole time. It misted a little but didn't rain which was nice. Me and Kristi stayed out and took some fly balls though for the fun of it. We have a cookout at Coach Andrew's tomorrow, should be fun, minus the fact that it cuts into homework time. I am forcing myself to write it tomorrow afternoon and it better work out cause if not, I am not in good shape. I am also slowly working on packing things this is not working out too well, I need more motivation in life. Is there such thing as senioritis for freshman? If there is I have definately caught it and am looking for a cure.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I need to go to bed. I am not going to bed. This needs to change. We won our games today so we advanced in region we play again Friday...should be interesting. I am just not in a writing mood right now so this'll be short. I didn't even write my term paper today, I am lazy. I am too distracted to write I am typing to Ashley and talking to Kelsey this is hard to focus. I will post more tomorrow, my life isn't that interesting this should satisfy your wonderings.

Carrie Out