Sunday, November 29, 2009


Tis been a long while since I have entered the realms of bloggerland. Please forgive I was on break and loving it. Thanksgiving was great. Lots of food, family, and fun, just how I like it. Played some basketball and watched some basketball, always good. Hung out with friends both at home and at school and enjoyed it. Today has been spent running round and round. I went home last night after my game (of which we won) to watch Brent's game (of which they won). After the game Dustin and I hung out for awhile and I just stayed home so I could go to church in the morning...which I did. We sang a Christmas song in church this morning I love Christmas. I had practice at 12:30 so I left right after church. I went home and ate a nutrious lunch of sausage links with syrup on them then headed back to school. Practice was slated for 12:30 to 2ish, we got out at 3. It was suprisingly okay though, intense but productive. I headed back home after practice. I helped Mom decorate the Christmas tree because I am a Christmas elf. Then I did some homework before dinner. Next came youth group. We had a game night tonight played CatchPhrase and Scattegories both very fun. We had lots of snacks and yummy treats as well, all in all it was a good night. Went back to the house and did some more homework before watching Brothers & Sisters with Mom. Talked to Kelsey on the way back to school that's always a good time. Now I am thinking I should sleep I've got a busy busy week ahead, finals are just around the corner.

Carrie Out

Monday, November 23, 2009

Outta Control at Ames

The last two hours of my life have been out of control. I went over to the girls house because Nikki, Stacey, and I were going to watch a movie. Then we decided it would be a better idea to whip up some skillet cookies and take them to the library. And that is when it all went downhill. We may have taken four cookies still in the skillet and a half gallon of ice cream into the library. Our friends were studying they needed a snack. I am surprised we were not kicked out. There was a lady bug eaten, excessive laughing, and a tackle or two. Most people go to the library to study we go to act like fools. The day was pretty mellow. Modern Germany was spent discussing the student revolutions of 1968 kinda interesting stuff. Cafeteria lunch with Karen came next it was brats which were quite tasty because they actually cooked them. I spent the next hour of my life chilling although I did pay my dentist bill. Old Man River's class was a bore today. I read 180 pages of a novel though so it was okay:) After class I grabbed a quick nap before practice. Pre-practice the upper class men were hanging out in the athletics office with Coach Cusac waiting for film and eating banana bread. His advice of the day, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission so skip class and feel sorry about it later, ha. Practice wasn't too bad not pregame but not out of control. On my way back to the locker room I ran into Mr. Wilder. It was good to see him and we talked for awhile. Then Christina, Sean, and I went to dinner. It was an hours spent replaying Saturday nights shenanigans, too funny. I showered then spent some time doing my homework, wrote a whole lesson plan from scratch solid work. That was the end of the sane activities of the night.

Carrie Out


Twas a crazy weekend, we declared it HomeSecondComing with all the stuff going on. Friday kicked off our Tip-Off tourney we played Central Iowa and won by lots. After the game we decided to watch "My Sister's Keeper." I was told I am not allowed to watch serious movies because I don't take them seriously and I don't cry at the sad parts. Oops but we did have fun and the movie was decent albeit depressing. Saturday was jam packed. Started with prep and shoot around. Then we got lunch before heading over to Karen's room to deliver her birthday presents. After that Christina, Sean, and I went to out to the football game. All our friends that graduated last year were back so we hung out with them and watched the game. We had to go into the gym in the thrid quarter to start warming up for our game so we missed the 2 OT victory. But still a playoff victory is pretty sweet. Our game was a close and intense one. The gym was actually packed it was a good game. We beat Washington University by 5 and they are the #1 team in the nation...not anymore! We showered and grabbed dinner then hung out at the house til the boys game. They were killing so we left at half time. 3 IWU victories in one day not too shabby. The rest of the night was lets just say fun. Got in at about 2 and went to bed. I wasn't too tired at church this morning. Spent the afternoon running back and forth doing laundry at Grandpa and Grandma's since our water wasn't hooked up but I got it done. A Vikings and Packers victory made it a successful football Sunday. Youth was fun James and I baked up some delicious snacks and made the kids play blind pictionary, very funny. Came back here in Brent's truck cause Marky Mark hates me. Stacey called me to take a walk with her and her puppy who is visiting, it was nice. Now I am thinking I should sleep.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ahh nothing like waiting til the last minute to finish tomorrows homework. But fret not it is complete! Started the day off right with a little Kindergarten. Walked into utter chaos. Our day was out of sync because of Jr. Achievement or something. Changes of plans are hard for Kindergartners to settle into. We managed though and I had an enjoyable time per the usual. I am only hoping to not get sick again, we had a room full of coughing kids. After teaching I met the Solari's and Sean for lunch and laughter. Not a good spread today, grilled cheese won out. Then I had to go to the registrars office. I was shut out of the May Term class I wanted, which wouldn't be a big deal except I need that class to graduate. It carries my last gen. ed. and May is the only space I have for the course. I had to fill out some petition paper work, all I can say is it better work. Next came the always pleasant journey of Old Man Rivers class, he was telling stories today. When class got out I loaded up and headed home for youth. Jodi and Trey went out to Virginia to visit so I went straight home. This meant I actually did some home work and got dinner, score. Youth went well tonight our Jr. Highers were a little chatty, but not bad. I really enjoy our kids. I didn't get home till late cause Lys was catching me up on board and staff meetings. It was good though meant I got to watch SVU commercial free, thanks DVR:) The episode was another good one but I feel as if they are all spectacular, ha. Showered then ran to Grandpa's to swap out cars, apparently Marky Mark needs new tires. Got here and jumped on the homework train and well now its time to jump off and into bed.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Children's Books

I didn't get in until late from Encounter last night so I opted out of posting. Please accept my apologies:) Yesterday was pretty low key nothing real exciting. I did get my book review for Modern Germany back and got an A all without actually reading the book. I know it's ridiculous but I'm not complaining. Today's weather has been annoying. I do not like waking up to cold rain, it is not fun to walk in. In Science class we did a lot of nothing per usual. As much fun as I have had in that class I have recently realized we are really learning nothing. I don't think that's good. After class I watched a little SVU before I headed to work. I was hungry so I brought lunch with me, BBQ and potato chips, yum. At work I did my homework for math class. I had to read three math picture books and then write about them. My favorite one is "How do we Make a Million." It is illustrated by Steven Kellog who I love so that's probably why. At math class today we worked with partners to write a rough draft of our own math story, it was interesting. We'll have to see how it turns out. Coach Thomas had called while I was in class and had told me Ryan had a game at Kingsley. I hadn't seen them in a long time so decided to go for a bit before I had to be at Shirk. It was nice to spend some time with them and Ryan even got in for a few minutes during the half I was there so that was good. Then it was back to Shirk to get ready for our team picture. We played Blackburn tonight. They weren't very good we won by a lot. I actually played in both halves and scored 8 points so that was cool. Best part though was within 5 seconds of stepping onto the floor I was checked into the bleachers, apparently it looked really funny. After the game the parents got me some dinner at Taco Bell, I love Taco Bell. This song has been stuck in my head all day cause it's awesome, check it out Now I am thinking I shall like to lay on my bed.

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Team Bonding

Nothing like a little midnight writing. Last night was full of team bonding, well upperclassmen at least, ha. We all went to see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D. I know I already went but I couldn't resist. We are poor kids so we may have smuggled in our own snacks and popcorn. The movie was just as spectacular in round 2. After the movie we decided we wanted ice cream so we raided Schnuck's. I think they were relived when we left we were a little wound up. We decided the movie night was not over so we went and rented "The Proposal" and went back to the house. We all sat around with spoons passing around tubs of ice cream. It's a good thing we run a lot because we eat abnormal amounts of food. The movie was really good, I had never seen it. I was suprised we were mostly quite throughout it so I could actually hear it. After the movie was over we hung out and laughed for a bit then called it a night. I didn't get up til 11:00 this morning, score. Rolled out of bed and went to practice. We were only on the floor for an hour but it we accomplished a lot. I even enjoyed myself. We then were given 10 minutes until we were to meet upstairs for film. Hope and I decided we could shower in that time frame and were both successful. We went upstairs only to find out the film we were supposed to be watching wasn't going to be on so we got sent home. I actually went home. Spent the afternoon doing laundry, playing with the dog, loving Brett Favre, and being disgusted with the Packers. Ate a delicious dinner of frozen pizza then headed to the church. We played extreme spoons and had a lesson on John the Baptist it was good. I went home and watched Brothers and Sisters with Mom then came back to school. I talked to Ashley the whole way back, we haven't talked lately, I miss her. Then Jerrod and I talked for a while when I got back to my room, he's a cool guy. I don't miss Lincoln College at all but I do miss my friends.

Carrie Out

Friday, November 13, 2009

Michael Jackson?

The greatest part of yesterday? Cafeteria Thanksgiving dinner. It was a real special time had by all. The food was delicious and we once again were reminded why the whole basketball team should never go out in public, out of control. I had a real rough time sleeping last night, it just wasn't happening. Yet I woke up at 5:30 for work jacked and ready for the day...ridiculous. I didn't have any homework I felt like doing so I watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, love it every time. I created some events for our youth group on facebook which made me laugh. Then I watched some SVU cause it never disappoints. I had this real urge to laugh all morning I was sitting at the desk cracking up at nothing. People here think I'm a freak I'm sure. Next came a little Modern Germany we have moved into post war...almost. Still it's mildly interesting material. Ate lunch with our freshman it was a let down. I settled for grilled cheese. Practice quickly followed. It wasn't too bad but you could tell our legs were feeling the drain of 5 days on. Stayed after with the Solari's to shoot the breeze and the basketball good times. Took a quick shower then met Kelsey for an evening of adventure. We went to the mall for her to return a dress, it took eons. For dinner we hit up Flat Top I had a free birthday meal. Great food and free just the way I like it. Then we went to the movies to see "This Is It." Kelsey wanted to go and I drag her to all kinds of movies so I obliged. It wasn't bad, kinda interesting. I love Michael Jacksons music, it's his face that creeps me out. But for old times sake here's my one of my favorites pre-creepiness:) http://

Carrie Out

Carrie Out

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Wednesdays are my favorite weekday. It's like a little break right in the middle of chaos, not that it's not's just pleasant chaos. Get it? My car would not start this morning, drat. I was in a hurry so after a few minutes of trying I called Stacey. She let me borrow my car to go to the grade school. Friends are nice. Kindergarten was a little out of control today. Well not the whole class just 2 of our boys which in turn riles everyone else up. Oh chain reactions. One of our boys was very huggy today. He was hanging all over me and kept sitting as close as he could to me. The other teachers were laughing all morning, it was kind of funny. I dropped Staces car back off at the house then went back to visit Marky Mark. Dad told me the trick of how to get it to start and this time it did. I decided I didn't want to fight the cafeteria lines for lunch today so I enjoyed some ham salad. Thanks Grandma! Then it was off to class. I got back my test today the one where I didn't even know 2 of the people. I got a B+ a very pleasant surprise. I spent the rest of the class finishing reading "Speak," good book. Right after class I headed off to Springers for my weekly visit. Trey was much happier today. Right now he is loving touching peoples faces, it's quite cute. Jodi and I watched some Oprah just to check out this lady who was mauled by a chimp. Oprah is a jerk. Trey fell asleep while I was holding him so I put him down and headed out. I grabbed a quick ham sandwich and chips at home before going to the church. Apparently I really enjoyed eating ham today. Youth went well we were a little down in numbers due to sickness but it worked. Went back home and watched an awesome episode of SVU, never a dull moment. But now my eyes itch and I need to find some eye drops so farewell.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas time!

Welcome to Tuesday friends! Woke up this morning feeling tired. Meandered off to class to get my learn on. I really can't recall what we talked about at all hope it was nothing significant. Due to my sleepiness I took a nice nap before I had to head to work. At work I did my homework. Wrote an essay for math class which was good because it was due after work. I got lunch at the Dugout on my way home. Hummus, pita, and veggies, good stuff. I walked all the way to math class in the rain only to get there and find the room empty. I called one of my classmates only to find out class was in the library. I forgot, no big surprise there. Anyways I then trudged across campus to the library and arrived only slightly damp. We spent the whole time in the lab working with a program called Tinkerplots. I had never heard of it but it was a really neat way to work with data sets. Practice quickly followed. It was 2 intense hours but we made it through. Something random happened to me today. We were about an hour in and running a full court drill when all the sudden I felt my heart beating crazy. I got really dizzy and had to sit down my heart was racing, it felt very funny. I sat down for a minute or two and then it stopped and I went back to practice. I'd never had that happen before. After practice I went to Justin's for dinner. We had pork tips, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and crescent rolls, yums. Soon after we decided we were going to go to the movies to see the new 3D "Christmas Carol." It was so good, the 3D was awesome. It was darkish not really kiddy and well I love Christmas, so I am now officially declaring it the Christmas season!

Carrie Out

Monday, November 09, 2009


I was a sleepy raccoon last night. I slept from 12 until 10:30 this morning. I guess not sleeping all weekend caught up with me. Started the day with a little Holocaust action. I find the whole incident while it is incredibly atrocious, very interesting. It's just crazy how such a great injustice could be pulled off in such magnitude. The part that always gets me the most though is that it wasn't something out of ancient history. It happened just 70ish years ago in modernized society, the whole thing just seems implausible. Grabbed some lovely cafeteria lunch after class, burrito day is always a success. I chilled for about a half hour then headed of to Old Man Rivers class. Today I started reading the novel "Speak" instead of listening to his lecture. So far it's a good read and much more interesting than his lullaby drabble. Post class it was straight off to practice. Another intense one only this one lasted for 2 1/2 hours, ouch. Needless to say my legs are very tired right now. Took a much needed shower then Lys called. We hired the man we were interviewing on Sunday and he is moving here on Friday. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about the whole thing all though I am trying not to. Please pray for a smooth transition for all of us. Then I headed to ISU for Encounter. Tonights sermon was on Romans 8:28 "We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." It was a good sermon and seemed very fitting for the situation. Tomorrow is a busy day so for now I shall sleeeeep.

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Weekends just get away from me around here. Friday night we went to Chicago and played DePaul in an exhibition game. The are 17th in the Nation for D1 schools it wasn't pretty. We didn't play well and they are about twice our size all equaling bad. Coach wasn't happy with it and neither were we but we chalked it up to a neat experience. It is cool to play in a D1 gym shake hands with Doug Bruno and just get a glimpse of the big leagues. Made us all thirsty for games though and all of it the bus rides the meals out, it's time to play. Saturday started with practice. It was one hour of film and one hour on the floor. It was very intense but good. We accomplished a lot in one hour because Coach decided to stop being so soft and was actually getting on us. After practice we all showered up then went out to tailgate the football game. Brent and Justin came so I watched with them for awhile. We won and made it into the playoffs, woo hoo. Saturday night was spent hanging out with the team and Elyse and Jason who had come back to visit. I miss them so it was nice to spend time with them. Came home about 2am and was gone by 8:30am this morning. It has been a long day. Went to service and Sunday school and then we had a lunch. We had one of our final canidates for our associate pastor postion with us today along with his family. After lunch we listened to him preach then went back to reinterview him. I left at 2 because I had things to do but apparently the rest of the staff was there til 4, yuck. Left the church and headed to Pekin with Mom and Grandma to meet Garrett. I may be partial but my cousins have cute kids. I held him for a while he's so cute and tiny. We talked to Keith and Ash and were entertained by Ky as usual. We went to Kroger on the way home cause I needed some groceries. Then it was back to the church for me for youth group. I think it went well across the board tonight so that was nice. Went to Beth and Troy's and chatted for a bit then headed home to watch Brother's and Sister's with Mom. Now I am back at school and my eyes burn they are so tired so bed it is.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Something very important slipped my mind at blogging time yesterday. I have another new cousin! Garrett Edward as much as I love the name I feel like I may need to one up it with my own child's name so I can get in Grandma's will haha:) Anyways from what I've seen in pictures he's quite cute, what can I say my family makes cute kids. Woke up for my favorite part of the week, I love time spent in Kindergarten. Our kids were all kinds of wound up today it was adventurous. We had some cryers, a pants wetter, a puncher, and other mild mayhem. Still I enjoyed it, the good thing with kids that young is you can only be upset with them for a short time before they do something cute that makes you move on. Ate lunch in the cafeteria today it's nice to have an ID. I ate with Sean and the Solari's we sat and talked for a good hour it was nice. After lunch I loaded up my car in preparation for heading home after class. Class wasn't as boring as usual, not because I was listening but because I read Bill Bradley's book "Values of the Game." It was a interesting read and took the whole class period to finish, just what I was looking for. I ran to the gym when was class was done to get my mug shot taken for basketball. Then I loaded up and headed home...or rather to Springers. I spent an hour there chilling with Jodi and Trey, I didn't get to go last week I was in withdrawls. Trey was being fussy but when I left I was giving him fist bumps and he was cracking up, it was funny. Church was stressful but pulled off tonight. I was on my own Lys has the week off and most of my leaders were not there but somehow we managed. The night itself wasn't bad at all it was almost smooth it was the crazy prep that had me worried. I shall count it a success there were no major problems and all children survived. Went home and watched some SVU and loved it. If only the previews didn't always excited me so much for next weeks episode. Now I am back at school and should probably put away my laundry...maybe.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I am hungrrrrry and nothing I have in my room is working for me. I need a new spread of food. In both my education classes today we had assigned seating. I am convinced that my normal table is 99% responsible for this, particularly Cam and I. We were split and set on opposite sides of the room, not cool. I don't know if it worked as planned though. I can talk to anyone in that class and the fact that Cam was far away just made us talk across the room. I know we are real mature:) In science we spent the whole time discussing the benifits and problems with group work. Good discussion. After class I bought a new ID, second one in 2 weeks. I lose things like it's my job, some days I swear I need medication. Went to work at 12 and actually did homework, don't worry I am shocked by this as well. Grabbed a crispy chicken wrap on my way home, it was satisfying. Math class was all activities today, I like hands on so it wasn't too bad. We checked our syllabus and discovered that we have a project due in that class every period until the end of the semester. Nothing like storing it all up for the last minute. I had an hour until practice I spent it accomplishing nothing and watching SVU. Got a quick dinner before practice only it took forever to get to me. I ended up eating it in the locker room, classy. Practice seemed like a royal waste of time today, we are having a rough time working around everyones schedules. Karen and I stayed after and shot for awhile because for once I had no where to be and no homework to do. The rest of my time has been spent cleaning up myself and my room although it's still far from clean.

Carrie Out

Monday, November 02, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Ahh Monday, although it didn't feel much like one for some reason. I set my alarm for 7:30 this morning so I could register for classes and make sure I got in. It was smooth sailing and within 5 minutes my computer was put away and my sleep came back to me. Very nice. Slept then hit up class, gotta love Modern Germany. We have moved into Germany in WWII lots of Hitler and Nazi's and general merriment, ha:) That man was all kinds of a crazy. After class I snuck into the cafeteria since my ID is still MIA, dumb thing. I ate with the underclassmen good times. Post lunch I went to the registrars office to check my registration status. I couldn't get in my Senior Seminar class so they helped me out and got it all taken care of. They are the most helpful people on campus, seriously. Then it was off to White Power/Black Leadership. I try to pay attention in that class and I don't think I have ever succeeded. I swear it just drags on to spite me. We didn't have practice tonight and I didn't have homework. I spent my free time doing much more fun things. I went to Walmart to buy gatorade, sesame sticks, and a new tape for my IPOD. Epic fail they had none of what I was looking for. I did buy one thing though, vitamins. I figured I should give them a go since I get sick at school all the time. Centrum adult chewables:) Then I met Kelsey for some Fiesta for dinner and to go see "Where the Wild Things Are." I'm not sure how I feel about the movie. While the visuals were awesome, the plot line was strange. I get what they were going for but I just don't know. I think I will have to see it again to determine if I like it. I rushed to Encounter after the movie. It was great to be back there. I miss going to a service that is completely aimed at people my age it's fillilng.

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I did a lot this weekend and well now I would like to write it all down:)

Thursday night we carved pumpkins at Bible Study. It was a lot of fun. Stacie picked out the biggest pumpkin for me to do cause she just thought I would like it. That sucker was tough, it took forever to get it cut open but after that it was smooth sailing. I gunked it all out then carved a boo ghost into it it was cool. We even cooked the pumpkin seeds for a little snack. Love it.

Friday was an all day event known as Alyssa and Sam's wedding. It was a great day with a lot going on. I have never been that in on a wedding and it was nice to be a part of. We had lunch in the afternoon, then rehearsal, and some last minute things. Ryan flew in in the morning so I got to spend some time with him which always makes me happy. We split up in the late afternoon for showers then came back to the church for dinner which was yummy. I didn't get dressed until the last possible minute cause I love sweat pants. I chilled in the dressing classroom with Beth and Lys and pretty much just did whatever they wanted. Matt and Ryan came back to the church a little later so the three of us spent some time just sitting around and catching up. I finally got dressed about 10 minutes before I had to assume my post at the guest book. The sanctuary was decorated really pretty and the lights were all turned down. Lots of people came, the boys were the ushers with Troy and they were cracking me up. They were pretending to be a mortuary company because they said that is the only time men dress alike, dorks. When we finally got everyone in and seated Matt, Becca, Ryan, and I were left to fill the last seats in the sanctuary...the very back. The ceremony was really nice and emotional. At one point in time Ry turned to me and said "this whole thing is kinda weird." I know exactly what he meant, it's a lot to take in with what she/we have gone through. I think it will still take some time to sink in. The reception was spent talking to Ry, Matty, and Becca cause they are awesome. I like Becca more every time I see her, she's great for Matty. Soon enough everyone headed home. I had to say goodbye to Ry which I hate, he flew back to Florida tonight:( Then I helped clean up and write down gifts as they opened them because I could before heading back to school.

Saturday morning started off with practice, first one in 7 days. I am grateful it was a pregame practice cause I don't think I could have taken a full boat one. I was huffing and puffing but I knew I would be. The girls all wore their Halloween costumes to the beginning of practice per coaches orders. They went as Disney movies: Seniors/Toy Story, Juniors/Aladdin, Sophs/Pooh, Fresh/Incredibles. Their costumes were all homemade and turned out really good. After practice we all went to the cafeteria for lunch with a bunch of recruits. I lost my brand new ID and still haven't found it, luckily coach had meal tickets. After lunch it was shower time. I honestly have no idea what happened all afternoon. I did nothing I didn't sleep, didn't watch tv, didn't play on the computer, didn't listen to music, didn't do homework. It was strange I just looked up and it was 4:45 and time for me to go I had lost 4 hours to who knows what. At 5 I went to the girls house and we loaded up to go trick or treating for canned goods. My group was Nikkie and Stacey. It was a lot of fun we enjoy doing things like that and plus we got some candy along the way. We dropped off our cans and the upperclassmen all decided we were going to hit up Chipolte for free burrito day. We loaded up and headed out only to find the line going across the parking lot, we opted for Meatheads instead. Dinner was enjoyable and we spent a lot of time laughing. We decided to spend the rest of the night watching a scary movie. Stacey suggested "The Last House on the Left," I suggest you never watch it. It wasn't scary it was utterly disturbing and just weird. By the end we all got a good laugh out of it but...just don't.

Today I woke up and headed to Shirk. Since it was early Sunday morning and we didn't have church you know we had to fit in our good deed. Once again we folded towels for Tony. We scrimmaged at ICC today. The gym was freeeeeezing cold, we warmed up in our sweatshirts. The game was five ten minute quaters. I played a little, I didn't think I would since I hadn't practiced all week. I think it got us all in the mood for games, I like bus rides, warm-ups, and the whole thing. So much better than practice. After the game we went to the Cotners for a home cooked meal. Pulled pork, veggies, cheesy potatoes, brownies, and a chocolate fountain. All delicious and enjoyable, much better than cafeteria. We got home at about 3:45 and I parked myself in front of the tv. I was in for a rough football game today Brett v. Packers AT Lambeau. I missed the beginning which is for the best I heard they booed him, I'm not okay with that. The game started as a blow out but turned into a real game. Best part though was when Greg Jennings (Packers WR) got hurt on the Vikes sidelines and Favre was bent over him talking to him trying to help him. I think sometimes a lot of the drama surrounding this whole thing is simply the media, I like to pretend we are all still friends:) It makes me sad to watch Favre get all torn up over the Packers in interviews I can't watch them. I have a slight love for him ha. The rest of the night was spent writing a book review on "Hitler's Thirty Days to Power," not my best work but it's done and done is good enough!

Carrie Out