Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Hello Labor Day weekend. I was going to get up and go to Ryker's soccer game this morning...but I didn't. I was waiting on the mail. I ordered my Chem book online and was really hoping it would be here. I have a test Thursday, but still no hope. I headed home around noon and spent the afternoon hanging out with Bren and Kale and playing with the dog. I miss my dog, and the boys too I guess. We went to Monicals for dinner it was delicious I haven't eaten there in a long while. Spent some time cruising the mall, actually I was looking for green shorts. I have to have them for softball practice. I was hoping to find some cheap so I didn't have to buy the bookstore ones. I think Mom may have found one pair for me. Then I went to Justin's apartment to watch the U of I football game, with him, Kaho, and Kale. A couple kids from highschool and some of their friends from college came over too. It was a fun way to pass the evening even though U of I lost. The passing game was entertaining though, I love football. I just got back in and took a quick shower. Now it's off to bed so I can get up for church in the morning.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its Football Season!!

It's 12:30 and I still need to shower, nice. Got up this morning and went to the trainer for my first year orthopedic screening. We had to go over my medical history forms and I had to do a few tests. I got red flagged because she didn't like what she saw and have to meet with Dr. Dustman from Sports Enhancement on Tuesday. Dumb arm messes me all up, but I haven't been seen for it in a long time maybe its a good thing. Also they are going to work together to establish a personal work out program for me to help stregnthen my weak arm and foot, that should be nice. I didn't end up going to Lincoln this morning I found out after 2 weeks of calling Lincoln that I could just run across town to the Normal campus and pick up my transcripts. Yeah for saving gas. My Coaches wanted to see me though so I made a promise to go visit soon, I miss them. This afternoon I also completed my health files and academic files with some simple paper work, I am almost on track. This afternoon I explored the library all 4 stories of it, it's pretty cool. I checked out some books and already read one this afternoon. I did some homework today to, I am really waiting on my Chem book to get in I ordered it online and need it. Ate dinner with the basketball team then met Denise to go watch Brents football game. I love football season. They lost 48-28 but Brent threw 2 touchdowns. We ate McDonalds then headed back here. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to get up in the morning to watch Ryker's soccer game. Decisions, decisions.

Carrie Out

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jam Packed

I woke up to a bright red right eye. I thought I had pinkeye it stayed that way most of the day. Till I found some magical drops and now it is just barely pink, hurray!! I was tired when I got up but lumbered off to Chemistry. More droning on and on about things I have never heard, but it's interesting. Came back to the room and slept until lunch I have been worn out this week. Creative writing came next we read some poetry then had 10 minutes to write a poem of our own using specific words on the board. I like that class for right now at least. Sprinted off to Philosophy and made it just in time, more and more notes. As I am typing right now I realize my hand is still sore from pages upon pages of writing. Went straight from class to basketball. It was soooo hot on the courts today. I was soaked so was everyone, but it was alright. A softball meeting came next. I was freezing in my own sweat because of the AC gross I know. More papers were signed then it was off to dinner...except I missed dinner. I ran to Kroger's and grabbed some Bagel Bites, tasty. The night has been filled with homework and I must go work some more. I don't have class tomorrow but I have millions of meetings and have to go to Lincoln to pick up transcripts.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's one week in and I am already feeling overwhelmed. I don't feel like I fit in here at all. I am not as smart as these kids or into the same things they are. I don't think I am good enough to play on the sports teams. I just feel out of place and awkward pretty much all the time. I hope it gets better and soon. I woke up this morning and finished off one of my reading assignments before heading to class. Class was alright we got lectured on how to go about this whole jr. high tutoring thing for Education class. Then I went and bought the rest of my books yeah for 300 dollar books...not. This afternoon was spent doing homework, more readings, and writing a paper. Gabby called me so I talked to her for awhile I miss Lincoln where everyone took care of me all the time. Growing up sucks, ha. Ate dinner with the team then headed to a team meeting. We went over our schedule and signed all our release papers. Then we met with the trainers and went through some speed testing stuff among other things. I found out I have a 19 inch vertical. Is that good?? Then we went through our weight program and did some testing in there. They were running through all these terms and weights and I have no idea what they were talking about. I get that feeling a lot like there are many things I am assumed to know yet I have no idea what's going on. I don't feel real comfortable asking the other students I don't want them to think I'm dumb so for now I will stay lost.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Classes

Hurray for not getting lost today...AT ALL!! Needless to say I was an uber dork and carried my campus map around with me all day, haha. No wonder I have no friends. Started off with some Chemistry and seeing as I have never ever taken a Chem class this could be crazy. We dove right in to some good old fashioned note taking. Then I met Amy for lunch how I love me a spinach salad. Creative writing was next our classroom is actually in an old house turned English building. My class meets in this tiny room in the basement with two big wooden tables and wooden chairs that creak everytime you move...mine never stopped creaking. I actually think I may enjoy this class, the teacher seemed cool she's originally from Boston and has a sweet accent. I then sprinted (or drove my car) across campus to get to my Philosophy class which started in 10 minutes. I made it just in time good thing I didn't walk. Basketball scrimmaging followed closely my feet were and are killing me the skin where the blisters were cracked and bled, painful. I ate dinner with the team it was an amalgam of foods consumed. I ventured to the Library on the way home to print off some readings for class, I already have to read like 4 chapters of crap, I hate school and it's dumb assignments. The night has been spent reading and buying text books online. Hurray money saving!

Carrie Out

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lost and Late

I took Nyquil last night and apparently passed out until 11:30 this morning. I wasn't hungry but knew I needed to eat before class. I settled for some breakfast food I had in my room, Cheerios, raisins, yogurt, and cold medicine, ha. Then I headed to class, I apparently was pairing my room for Chemistry with my Education time slot. Needless to say I got lost but I was also late to class, what a great first impression. Ed class was way boring this little short guy stood and talked for 1 1/2 hours nonstop. I don't know what he was saying. I had to schedule "lab" hours which means I go to the local middle school and observe students 2 hours a week. I came back to my room and fell asleep again dang sickness. We started basketball scrimmaging today it went well. I was more out of shape than I thought and this cold isn't helping. I had to go to the trainer during our last match though I got blisters all over the bottom of my feet which busted and bled, lovely. I got to soak my feet in this iodine stuff which felt awesome, now they hurt a bit. Next I ventured over to the library to print off many a forms. The night was spent filling out these forms I had over 20 pages of medical history things to fill out asking questions about everything you could ever want to know. Then I filled out work study apps, whoo hooo. Well I have class at 9:30 tomorrow and I need some more restsky!

Carrie Out

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to Church

I went home for church this morning. I was debating going when I got up, now I am glad I did. I needed to be around people who actually talk to me and make me happy. The service was decent Norv preached a good 7 hours. Troy was sitting behind me being distracting and I was sitting with Lys playing with Lucy. That is why sermons should only be like 30 minutes, ha. then I talked to Toby for a little bit, he is too entertaining for his own wellbeing. The man is just not right. I ended up going to Highschool Sunday school our college class is done now and I don't feel comfortble in the 30 something married with kids class even though I talk to all of them. This turned out good as well those kids are awesome and always make me laugh. Went to Grandma and Grandpa's for the afternoon. I detailed the inside of my car I was carting around one to many insect carcasses, but now it is sparkly clean. I even got to read the Sunday paper I love the Sunday paper. Next I went to Lys for awhile to hang out and watch water polo, I have been an Olympics junkie too bad it's over. I stopped thru youth group before I came back to school. I was sent back with the makings for s'mores (using marshmellow fluff delicious), breakfast bars, and all the plastic utensils I need. I love shopping at MCC:) I came back here for a mandatory drug meeting it was uber boring I had to leave once for a coughing attack... dang tuberculosis. I coughed through the whole thing I think people think I'm diseased. Then I had a floor meeting again boring. Laundry followed which I am still doing and I got my books all ready for class tomorrow, I don't know if I am ready for challenging.

Carrie Out

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I once again rose nice and late, gloriousity. I headed to the Caf to meet Amy for lunch. Coach Smith found me on the way and I ended up eating with her and a recruit. The recruit didn't say much but it was nice to sit down and talk to Coach for awhile. The afternoon was spent running errands around town and picking up things I forgot. This consumed most of the afternoon it's nice living in bloomington for that reason... I can just run across town. When I got back I met Amy for dinner and actually ate with her this time, I discovered the grilled cheese, a staple in my college diet. I ended up going over to Amy's room for a little while talking with her and her roomate. I think I have tuberculosis I told this to Kale and he didn't know what it was, I find it highly entertaining. Me-"Tuberculosis is a lung diease you know they put people in that iron lung thing.... one time they did it to Daffy Duck on Looney Toons" Kale- "And then shot him in the face and his beak flipped around not where I go to gain knowledge." Haha, but really I am sick already, suckfest. Then I went to a house party thing with my basketball team, it was way awkward. I find large groups of people I don't know greatly intimadating, I just kinda chilled by myself. Whatever at least I went. I peaced out earliesh cause I don't feel too swell and that's it. Oh and Happy Birthday Justin!

Carrie Out

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trust in Me

Started off the day today at 12 and it was beautiful. I took a stroll to the caf and ate with Amy the food leaves a lot to be desired I settled for spinach and carrots a banana and grape juice. I'm sure I'll adjust at least I hope so. Then I ventured to the book store to buy, well...books. I bought 5 for one class cost me 150 bucks. I need 2 more one is 170 on it's own the other is like 50 this is ridiculous, like students aren't poor enough. Came back and chilled in my room for a bit before my basketball meeting. I got to meet all the team they seemed cool, we got our lockers and laundry bags and I talked to Coach for a few minutes. We had a potato bar for dinner tonight, I could really use some meat in my diet. I ate with Ryan and a few of the orientation leaders then they all decided we would take all the transfers to an ice cream place downtown via the Constitution Trail. I enjoyed the walk but passed on ice cream. We went to a hypnotist show tonight it was suprisingly entertaining and packed. Who knew you could make people do that kinda stuff? It just reminds me of the Jungle Book with Kaa the Snakes crazy eyes and his trust in me, ha! Well that consumed the day and I am still not tired but I could use a bit of water washing.

Carrie Out

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today has been a bit better. I got a call this morning saying the girl that was gonna move in is living somewhere else...sweet relief. I went to a workstudy meeting this morning hoping to get some info it was a waste of time and sleep. I came back and passed out I have a cold and haven't been sleeping well it was much needed. I went to register at 12 and ran into lots of speed bumps. I had to go to the registrars office they were very helpful and got me into all my classes without hitch. This is funny I took a Spanish placement exam yesterday after not having foreign language since Junior year. Well I guessed my way through the whole thing had no idea what I was doing and somehow tested out of having to take foreign language class. That was very exciting for me. I am enrolled in Chemistry Lab, Philosophy of Religion, Foundations of Education, and Creative Writing (you can only take 4 classes). I met a kid this afternoon who is also an el. ed. major, his name is Ryan and he's a football player. We hung out for awhile helping each other with class selection and just talking maybe I have made my first friend ha. This afternoon I went to the mall and met Lys, Ryker, and Taylor because they were in town. We had cherry icees and just chilled for a bit. I actually had some activities tonight the transfers had a pizza gathering thingy to meet each other, it wasn't bad. Then we went to this weird play/information thing that I didn't really enjoy. One of our group leaders named Becky is pretty cool though she's a senior and used to play basketball. I also met a potential softball teamate, Amy. I went to Shirk tonight with Amy to workout for something to do. I shot and rode this sweet virtual bike thing. Then I met up with Becky and we played pickup games with a bunch of guys for another hour, it was fun. I have blisters on my feet though. I have nothing tomorrow till 5 so who knows when bed will call. But for now...

Carrie Out

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Transfer Agnst

Wow I didn't realize it's been so long things will start to fall back to regular now that I am at school (although it's not any less crazy here). These first 2 days have been worse than expected. Transfer orientation is completely unorganized and very frustrating. We have little to do but the things we do have are not explained or clear and when you ask questions no one seems to know the answers. There are only 30 of us and we are pushed aside. Nothing has went well, all my paperwork is messed up and there are many things left undone. I moved in on Tuesday without a roomate I unpacked and spent my free time tucking everything away. I even got my walls all decorated then I got an email today saying someone is moving in. I do not like this at all I hate having someone in my room, especially when I don't know them. I like operating on my own schedule doing what I want to do without imposing on someone else or having them impose on me. This is not going to work out I am exploring alternate living situations. But this situation is not just me complaining all the transfers feel lost no one really knows what's going on and we've tried to get help. So far I have talked to 3 people and that was for a total of like 5 minutes, hopefully when all the athletes move in I'll make some friends but for now I will continue to bask in my confusing frustrations and hope it gets better.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm at IWU

I am officially all moved in...3rd floor no elevator, it was an adventure. Thank goodness for Troy, he came and helped me and Mom move in. He did all the hard labor, like carrying the fridge up 3 flights of stairs. He wins the prize. For those of you wondering Troy is a guy from church, I spent a lot of time with he and his wife Beth and their daughter Taylor this summer. They are really cool and have lots of toys I can play on like a go-cart and mini 4-wheeler. They just like to help out so Troy decided he would move me in, it was greatly appreciated. I actually lost my room key in the move in process, I have no idea where it is. I felt real dumb calling the office and telling them I lost my key, I could hear them making fun of me in the background. Good start eh? We went to a couple meetings this afternoon but they were sooo boring we opted out of the rest. Mom and I went grocery shopping for a little foodsky then went to Jimmy Johns. I love the Jimmy I had a Veggie it is the best. Mom left around 8 and I have spent the rest of the night unpacking things and putting them away, I even got some posters up already, I hate blank space. Well I must be off the Olympics are calling me.

Carrie Out