Monday, March 30, 2009


Ahh Mondays, each one is a step closer to summer. I didn't sleep well last night but woke up surprisingly alert. I returned to BJHS and it wasn't as annoying as usual. Guess I just needed a big long break. Came back to my room and actually did a little homework, then I had to run errands. I had to get a bunch of paper work filled out for one of my transfer credits to count in my gen. ed. courses. After running all across campus for an hour I got all my part done and signed. Now I just need the head guy to sign it off and it will count, hopefully! Civil Rights class was a video, yeah videos. This one had a lot in it about Ali, that guys crazy but awfully entertaining. After class I went to my professors office to pick up a few books for my paper. By the way he approved my topic, yeah recycled paper!! Anyways Old Man River's office is CARAZY. There is a small path in the door to the chair other than that the thing is packed literally to the roof with books and boxes of paper. I have never seen anything like it, honestly I was in awe. I had a few minutes to spare then it was off to the housing lottery. I got a room in Gulick which is apparently a freshman dorm. I don't care I got a single which is all that I wanted. Plus it is closer to campus and to the house my teammates are living in next year. I went home then for a bit. I had to pick up my paper of which I am reusing, I didn't have it on my computer. I retyped the whole thing and ended up with 6 pages, all I need to do is add a little book info and bam paper #2 done! Plus while at home I got delicious dinner and free laundry. Twas a trip filled with accomplishments. Got back in time for Encounter. The hymn this week was "It is Well With My Soul," definitely one of my favorites. Now I am going to try and relax my way to sleep, more work tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paper's Paper's Everywhere

I took the weekend off from blogging, my attention span wouldn't have permitted me to write much anyways. Here's the catch up on all things stressful. I have 3 ten page papers due by Wednesday and 2, 3 page papers. I can't focus so they have taken me forever, so far I have one of the 10 pagers and one of the 3 pagers done. I am hoping to revamp and recycle an old paper for another one of the 10 pagers, it would save my life. The third paper is a group one so hopefully it won't be too bad. Other stressing news, my advisor has decided that I should become an Elem. Ed. major with a Social Studies endorsement as well as a minor in History. This is all fine and dandy except for the time crunch I have as a transfer. In order for this to happen I will have to take a May term my senior year and a summer school class. I think the degree would be great, the work not so much. Spent most of my day at the library although I am not sure I accomplished too much. It's a bad place because my teammates always find me and we end up talking instead of working. Apparently too many of us found each other today we got warned to quiet down because our study room was getting noise complaints, oops. At work tonight I was going to write my other short paper but Word was broke instead I read reseach which I guess is good enough. Here's to hoping I make it through the week.

Carrie Out

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am tired. I have been all week just can't sleep well for some reason. I have been late to every single class this week. Not way late but late none the less. I struggled to stay awake in education class today. It was not keeping my attention. Went to work where I proceeded to read People and Sports Illustrated. I was tired so I came back to my room and slept till my next class. Microwaved some pizza rolls to eat on the way to class, of which I was late. Middle school class was interesting as always we discussed assessment. Made it to Sociology...late, after I meal exchanged. We continued to talk about educational issues at least I have some knowledge of that. Came back to my room and did little until dinner, I layed on my bed and tried to sleep. Ate dinner with some teammates and enjoyed their company. Returned to my room planning to do homework I want to have 1 of 3 papers done by tomorrow. Well I got the bibliography and all the structural stuff done and then Ashley called. That's always a distraction and a long one. Then Mom and Brent came by and brought me my bike and my old basketball shoes. They brought me a lock, I've never had a bike lock fancy. We got it all hooked up and they left. I wanted to do homework but was too tired, I showered instead. Now it is 10 and I'm thinking if I go to bed now maybe I can stay up long enough to finish a paper tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was busy all day and accomplished a lot yet the homework pile did not get any thinner. Started off my morning with a little working at the Shirk center. I cleaned up the weight room like a pro. Then Colleen came in so I spent the next hour of my shift talking to her while she used the elliptical. It was good to catch up I miss seeing my teammates every day and hearing their stories. I had my individual meeting with Coach after work. She was always. The meeting actually went well not to awkward. She said that I would be the one person that if I wasn't on the team the whole dynamic would change. Hey I bring the comic relief and fun what can I say. She also is going to try and hook me up with a summer job in town which would be AWESOME. I'm really hoping that works out. Because of my basketball meeting I missed my registration meeting so I had to reschedule. I went to Civil Rights class a boy brought me a wonderword and suduko to do, he saved my life. After class I had my registration meeting, everything was messed up like usual. I ended up spending some time in the registrars office getting it fixed, but I did get it straightened out which was relieving. I then had to report back to my advisor and we finally got everything set, now I just have to pick classes to take. I had finished my TEP so I took it to the tutor to get it edited for revisions. I was surprised she said it was really good, I didn't have to change anything on what I had done and she helped me finish the last question. That's a big weight off now onto the 2 other papers I have to do. After revising I went with Coach, Holly, Stacey, and Karen to present a thank you cake to our pep band. It was loud in there. Then we went to dinner, spinach lasagna AND chocolate Fondue, it was good stuff. Ran to the room picked up my stuff and headed to Bible study at 7. We studied the crucifixion it was gruesome but refreshing. Then we had James 5 night at the campus house which went really well. I have been running all day now it's time for some sleep.

Carrie Out

Purple People Eater

Tis been a long Tuesday. Woke up this morning and didn't really want to, I did not miss going to class at all last week. We discussed emotion and motivation, but really I sat and talked to Ryan. Hey I was struggling to stay awake. Came back to the room and took a quick snooze, I had homework to do. Got up and wrote a 2 page paper for my next class. Middle School class was entertaining as always we played a crazy 20 questions game and I drew all over my note book with markers. Sociology wasn't even too bad today. We have moved into studying education which interests me today we learned about Chicago Public Schools. After class I headed to Shirk we had a basketball meeting. It was great to see everyone just odd to not be practicing. We set dates for our banquet and team dinner and voted for team awards. Then the seniors left which was sad, and we discussed plans for next year. We set up individual meetings with Coach mine is tomorrow, could be interesting. After the meeting Holly and I went out to watch baseball. Lincoln was playing IWU JV today and I wanted to see the guys. Too bad it rained we got out there in the 3rd inning and it was rained out by the 5th. At least I got to see Levi run once. I got to see Tony for a few minutes long enough to give him a hug his favorite. I love that guy. They drove the nasty old purple people eater bus of which Holly got to see the inside, a great experience for anyone. She headed back and I talked to the guys for a few minutes before Tony dropped me off. I have realized that seeing him only makes me miss him more, I don't like it. I don't miss Lincoln but I do miss the people a lot. Went to dinner with my teammates then came home an wrote my application essay, I am done, now it must be edited tomorrow. Kelsey called me and was bored so we went to the movies "I Love You Man," it was really good. Hung out and talked for awhile, it was nice to see her. Now I am tired and need to go.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bye Bye Spring Break

Dear Spring Break where have you gone? Ahh the joys of an unscheduled week. I thought I would be bored I found plenty to entertain myself with and none of it involved school work. Although I really should have done some, I'll regret it later this week. Oh well for now I shall not. Stayed up late last night reveling in the last night of break. I played some 21 with Brent and Johnny then watched Yours, Mine, and Ours, the 1968 version, awesome. Slept in till 11:30 to celebrate my last morning of break. I don't have to teach this week because my kids are on Spring Break this week. Played with the dog ate some bread then packed up and came back to school. I dropped off my food in my fridge quickly then headed to class. We watched a documentary today my favorite, that class just kills me lately I welcomed the movie. After class I picked some of my stuff up then started some homework. My application to the Teachers Education Program is due this week and takes top priority I am a third of the way done, ha. Went to dinner with the sophomores at the cafeteria. I missed them and the rest of my teammates. We have a meeting tomorrow so we will reunite, exciting. I was at Shirk so I watched some of the girls and then boys Area All Stars games, they weren't to enthralling. Watched some Jon and Kate Plus 8 before Encounter, it wasn't as dramatic as it was built up to be. Encounter was good it was nice to see my friends. We are doing a sermon series on Hymnals tonight was "Be Thou My Vision," classic. Pete's mom gave part of the sermon which was neat. After service chatted up my friends and then had a solid heart to heart with Pete, he's a nice man. Now it is midnight and I must consider sleeping although I don't find myself to be tired.

Carrie Out

Friday, March 13, 2009

Elite 8!

We have made it to the Elite 8! Sooo exciting. Got up this morning and headed to work. I thought I was done scraping windows for the year, I thought wrong. My de-icer apparently had all ran out too so that didn't help. I read magazines the whole time at work, rough stuff. Then it was off to Kingsley. We were reviewing Greece today and took a quiz. I graded papers and led an activity, it was fun. Came back to the room and ate lunch before shoot around. Shoot around was fun we were all really loose and excited for the game. Stacey and I met our friend Jake after to go to the movies. Our free tickets expired today...or so we thought. We drove to the theater and the guy told us they weren't taking them anymore because the expiration date meant they ended yesterday. Lies, we think they just realized they were losing lots of money. Defeated we decided to go get smoothies at the Freshens on campus. We got there and it was closed so we went to Hattie's the campus coffee shop to get smoothies finally a success. I think was the second smoothie of my life and it was good. Jake then decided he wanted movie theater popcorn so we drove to the closest theater to get some, rejected, it wasn't open yet. It was an afternoon of disappointment. Spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the sophomores dorm reading magazines and watching Game Show Network. The game was good and exciting we won by 14, tomorrow is for the Final Four! I got an exciting suprise tonight though, Coach, Ali, Ashley, Chelsea, and Nikkie all came. It was awesome, after the game the girls and I went and hung out at Chelsea's apartment for awhile. I missed them. But for now I must go take a shower.

Carrie Out

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movies: Part II

Part 2 of the free movies adventure was much better. We saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic." Chick flicks aren't generally my thing but it was good, definately a big step up. And we had fun hanging out with each other so once again a wonderful night of free entertainment. I was dragging for some reason this morning. I just could not get going, I made it through Ed class fighting to stay awake. I found out I had missed a meeting for the teacher ed program I was supposed to attend because of work. I need to attend a meeting to be accepted but there is only one a semester. Mrs. Gray sent me to talk to the Ed Studies chair Dr. Levitt. Let me just say she is not a kind woman and not very personable either, very snappy. But she seemed like she was going to pull some strings and let me apply any ways, I'm betting because my ed teacher's like me. Off to work where I wrote a paper for my Middle School class I had forgot. No fears I got it done. Lunch was nacho bar always a crowd pleaser and simply delicious, I enjoyed. Middle School class was grand per usual, favorite class by far. Sociology was another struggle to stay awake but I once again conquered my sleepiness. I was walking to practice when I got a text saying it was moved back. The blessings of a quick nap. Practice was timed and monitored today but wasn't too bad, we made it. We got meal money for tomorrow night but went out tonight instead. I went to Flat Top with the seniors it was tasty and quality bonding. Makes me sad I only got a year with them. Then it was off to the movies, now it is off to bed. Sweet 16 tomorrow!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had to return to BJHS this morning, my sleep was no longer. We didn't do much just checked grades and worked on science. We lose two more weeks of hours because of our Spring Breaks not matching up, this semester has been crazy in that way. Then it was off to work. I talked to Ryan for a bit online, he is such a dork. I watched last weeks Brother's & Sister's the drama these days is running all over the place. It just keeps getting more entwined, quality t.v. right there haha. After work I went to the Dugout for lunch. I had a chicken burrito sub thinking it might be good, it really wasn't. Civil Rights class was utterly boring today, maybe because from the moment I woke up today my concentration has been non existent, my mind and body have been wound. I am unable to relax, I couldn't even concentrate long enough to watch a T.V. show this afternoon, it was insane. Practice was a quick one today, said we needed a "mental break." I have to agree. The drills we did do were made fun, it was nice to just enjoy playing without any pressure. Most of us went to Tommy's for dinner. I had a BLT it was tasty, don't know why I had never tried it before. Showered quickly then a group of us went to the movies. We saw "Watchmen," it was ridiculous in every fashion. I would not say it was good, it was awkward and strange, but it was entertaining. The blue man just walks around naked the whole time and there is this odd purple striped tiger animal with furry horns. Oh and every 5 minutes someone is annihilated into a bloody pulp, insane. But hey it was free, we got free tickets out of the school paper, so I'm not complaining. I love going to the movies and we had fun. They expire Friday so tomorrow night we are going to another movie, gotta make the best of them.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ahh finishing big projects is so relieving. Too bad the next group of papers start right away. I could not sleep last night, it was annoying, I was just laying there awake. Dumb. Didn't have education class this morning. All I had to do was get up and turn in my paper which began a day of soaking wetness. Came back to my room and wrote my sociology journal for the week. All about the "working poor" and welfare, sad stuff. Lunch was enticing so I went. Breakfast at lunch and chicken bowl, it was cold so it wasn't what I was hoping. In Middle School class we played the Ninja game today, we play it with our youth group kids all the time. Sociology was a bore, all lecture. At the end we watched an interesting video on Saipan. Apparently its some little known island owned by America where big corporations run sweat shops. It was crazy. Then it was off to practice. A few of our sickies were back today so that made it easier. The gym was sooo humidly hot we all looked like we had just gotten out of the shower. Went to the caf with Christina and Karen for dinner, this time the chicken bowl was good and hot. Showered then had to go to the library to watch a film for education class. It was called "Raising Cain," all about boys and how they grow up and act in school. I must say nothing in it shocked me, probably because I caught the real life version. The rest of the night has been spent chilling out watching SVU because it is awesome. Again another song stuck in my head and well I happen to love it, it's Walk On by U2. Check it out here if you wish

Carrie Out

Monday, March 09, 2009

2 Down!

Education paper done!!! Finally only 3 more for that class for the semester, the joys that befall me. I was afforded my last morning of sleeping in thanks to ISAT testing but glorious it was. I fell asleep around 12:15 and did not get up until 12:30 apparently I was tired. The rest was nice. I woke up and did some last minute reading and reviewing before my test at 2. I went to the Dugout for lunch. I wasn't real hungry so I ate a cup of yougurt, a Nutrigrain bar, and some Baked Lays, ha. The essay test wasn't bad as in material. I knew the topics that were asked. It was just the writing that killed me. 8 pages in an hour, talk about a hand cramp. I left class and walked back to my room to watch SVU instead of finishing my paper. Smart choices. Went to practice which was a bit intense since four of our girls were out sick and the rest were still tired from the weekends games. Still we made it through. After practice I took Karen to Walgreens to pick up her prescription for pink eye, eww. We went and meal exchanged at the Dugout, I am tired of the Dugout. I came back to my room and fixed pizza rolls for dinner. Throw in some celery, carrots, and Doritos and its a meal ha. I ate and watched some Jon and Kate. The rest of the night has been dedicated to writing and what fun it was. I did break though to talk to Kristy Tjarks though so that was nice. Now I need to get off of this computer.

Carrie Out

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I got a solid 4 hours of sleep last night. Suprisingly I woke up not tired. I drove home for church because I could. I like it there, the people make me happy. After church I spent the day doing, well, nothing. I relaxed a lot. I think I needed it after a week of stress, sickness, and school. I simply watched my favorite shows which were Tivo'd. A little SVU and John and Kate Plus 8. I even watched the 2 hour Brother's & Sister's special from last week, now that was intense. Too bad I missed tonights episode because of work. My lone accomplishment at home was that I gave the dog a bath, she got me wet. For dinner we had some tasty roast and potatoes. I am able to keep food in me now but only in moderate amounts. Still it was yummy. I packed up and stopped by youth group before coming back to work. I love my highschoolers, they are awesome kids. Kel and James were home for Spring Break so it was nice to see them. Work tonight was a bore. I spent some time reviewing and reading for my history test tomorrow. I had planned on finishing my education paper. I brought all my books and notes only to forget my format/outline sheet. With no recollection of my intended direction, I could do no work. The organization is key to this paper. Instead I sat and was bored. Now I am going to attempt to catch up on sleep.

Carrie Out

Sweet 16!

Didn't write last night can't remember why though. Tonight was a lot of fun we won in second round NCAA action by 16. Now that the games mean so much they are real exciting. I have gotten to play bits in both games and scored the last basket tonight. My team went crazy, that's what I love about them. It doesn't matter what the score is or who made the basket they always celebrate like it's a game winner, they're funny like that. Now we are in the sweet sixteen, how cool is that. After the game Holly, Mal, Claire, and I had the pleasure of being drawn for random drug testing. Talk about awkward. We had to go into a room with 2 NCAA ladies and Bill our head trainer. There were all kinds of formalities and specific ways to do things. I was making jokes cause I do that when I am uncomfortable, the NCAA ladies were not very personable, Bill laughed. Then we had to pee in a cup while the older lady stood a foot away and stared at us, it was way uncomfortable. Luckily I had to pee so it only took me about 20 minutes, still a long time though. Mal was nervous and couldn't do it she was there for over an hour. The whole thing was ridiculous. Talked to Mom and the Shields then came back and showered, before heading out to celebrate. I'm going home for church in the morning because I actually did most of my homework this afternoon, so proud!

Carrie Out

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Car Nap

Ahh the end of the school week...well homework wise at least. Not that I did any today I have still not started my paper it's due Wednesday and well the desire is no where to be found. Didn't do much in Ed class today went over some readings and a power point, exciting. Went to work for an hour where I picked up weights cause well it was messy. I forgot my ID but couldn't really eat anyway so I came back to my room for lunch. I had some pretzels, satisfying. Went to Middle School class where we shared our independent study projects they were all interesting. We also played a game, the highlight of the class every time. Sociology was spent discussing the class system. Most kids in there have no idea what it is like to struggle and not have everything handed to them, it's frustrating. They couldn't even understand what working class was and thought that it was a dumb title because "everyone works." I don't know how people can be so sheltered. After class I didn't have enough time to come back to my room but had too much time to go to the gym so I napped in my car. I let the lovely spring air in my windows and rested, I liked it. Practice is now monitored by the NCAA the gym windows were blacked out and we had to have a NCAA board member sit in on our practice which is limited to a 90 minute running clock. It was crazy but we got a lot done. Went to Bible Study after practice and it was great. I like having a group to be accountable to and just have fun with. Tournament time starts tomorrow, it's all pretty exciting.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dude Where's My Car?

My body was still worn out this morning not sure why. All week I have just felt kinda run down and awkwardly nauseous. I feel hungry, get meals and then can only eat a little of them and then I feel sick after...odd. It's kind of annoying. Another free morning thanks to ISAT's was spent getting an hours extra sleep, pleasant. Got up and went to work for 2 hours. I actually did homework while I was there. I read for a test and wrote my methods paper for my independant study which is complete, a WEEK early! Got lunch at Tommy's couldn't eat it and drank a V8 splash instead. Printed off my papers then headed to Civil Rights class. We listened to lullaby voice ramble and did some test review. Another marathon essay test next week. After class I walked back to my room in the lovely weather. I talked to Lys for awhile then took a short rest. I left my room at 4:40 for 5:00 practice, but I couldn't find my car in the parking lot. Turns out I had forgot it at Shirk and had 20 minutes to get across campus and dressed by 5. I don't even remember driving it there this morining but I made it, by running, but it was close. Practice wasn't too bad, we even started by playing games, we love games. After practice I attempted to eat again and had half a grilled cheese. I had plans of doing homework but was tired. Instead I laid down and read the paper. I did do my bibliography and formatting for my education paper so it is ready when I start to type. That's the annoying part anyways. Now I need rest my body says so.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One Done

Sleep was scarce last night and I was tired, I did not appreciate it. Woke up this morning still feeling run down but headed to class. We didn't do too much this morning just discussed our readings and field experience. I came back and laid in bed for an hour not sleeping but simply resting it helped a little. Grabbed lunch at the cafeteria nothing overwhelmingly tasty. Middle School class was a little crazy today, everyone kept getting off task. Oh well we still got candy and played a game:) Sociology was spent discussing our fake family budgets from last week. That class continues to make me believe that rich people are dumb and extremely unaware of how people around them live. Off to practice we started with some film, always exciting. Court time was about an hour. We had to talk to news people after practice, we smelled. Gotta love the Wesleyan channel. It was constant movement but short enough to not wear us out. Ate at the cafeteria with the team, sesame chicken and rice, yum. I came back and took a shower then planned on doing some homework. Only my brochure would not open on my computer. I bundled up and went to the library. I worked for an hour and half but my project is finished. Now all I have to do is write a summary of my methods, then its onto my education paper. I don't have to go to BJHS again tomorrow, hurray!

Carrie Out

Monday, March 02, 2009


I slept from 12:15 to 11:30 this morning, stress makes me tired. Real tired apparently I'm just glad I had the time to sleep. I don't work in the Junior High this week because of ISAT testing. The break is nice. As previously stated I got up late and decided I needed to do some stuff. I put away three weeks worth of laundry, clutter keeps me from focusing. Fixed myself lunch then headed to the library. I printed off all my class readings for the week and wrote my sociology paper for tomorrow. Then I went downstairs for class where we watched another documentary this one on 1964-66 Malcom X and the likes. It was good I love the videos so much more interesting than Old Man Rivers voice. After the film I went back upstairs and worked on my independant study project for my Middle School class. I am making a brochure about the academic affects extracurricular activities can have on adolescents. Thrilling. Headed back to my room about quarter till 5 to get my practice gear and relax a few minutes before practice. Practice was short we were done by 6:30, trying to stay moving but not wear out our bodies. Showered then went to Justin's for tacos, yum. Went to Encounter tonight, it was real good. We did this thing where we wrote notes and nailed them to the cross. Talked to Jo and Kelsey C. then headed on back here. There is a song that has been stuck in my head all day and well it's good it's called "There will be a Day" by Jeremy Camp...if you feel the need check it out here

Carrie Out

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mike's Home

We won the CCIW tournament yesterday, we find out tomorrow morning who we play. I went to Alexis 8th birthday party after the game and hung out with the Finchums and Kelsey all night. I had fun playing with the girls and holding baby. Stayed at home because I was off today. Got up and went to church I feel like I haven't been in forever felt good to be back. Made my regular talking rounds and ended up hanging out in highschool Sunday school class with my kids, I miss them. Spent the afternoon laying around. I have a ton of homework and made tiny steps on it but I need motivation...and to keep going. Watched some SVU then played some Wii Fit. Slowly but surely I am getting better. Mom and I had some chicken strips for dinner then I stopped through Youth Group before I came back to work. Mike and Michelle Case were home, I can't remember the last time I've seen them. I think it was 2 years. Anyways it was great to hear their voices, I miss them a lot. It was nice to catch-up although that's hard to do in a few minutes every year. Still I got some Mike hugs which are the best, I love that man. Came back to work a little late because I wanted to. Spent my time reading through some information for my big papers and being bored. Just got out of the shower but I am wore out I must find some rest and soon.

Carrie Out