Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Nothing real exciting to report from here on the homefront. Except for ya I'm still at home. Got me a lil Dr.'s appointment in the morning. I hate the Dr. I'm hoping he will discover I have a magical illness that will simply evaporate within 3 minutes of seeing him. In reality I will probably have a mono test run. Today I have done a lot of nothing. I slept until 11. I got up fed the cat, played with the dog, and watched SVU. I wrote my intent to student teach. After I was up for a total of 3 hours I got insanely tired. I dragged myself upstairs and passed out. I woke up in time to go to church. I wasn't going to go but we thought that 2 of our teachers weren't going to make it because they had to take their daughter to the ER for x-rays. I was going to have to teach, luckily they made it. I spent the rest of the time at church doing sitting jobs like attendance and other things. I came home I watched new SVU, never disappointing. Now I shall sleep some more.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I didn't go to basketball this morning per the doctors orders. Extra sleep was much appreciated. I rolled into science class right on time. I wasn't going to go but we had 2 classes cancelled last week and I didn't want to fall behind. I was quarantined, no one would sit by me and my teacher was being all "Mom like." It was all quite amusing. She made me drink a whole bottle of juice before I left and told me to go and sleep until my next class. I did sleep until I had to go to stupid work, cut right into my rest. It was only an hour shift though and I made it through. After work I was hungry but had no soup so I called Stacey and headed over to my teammates house. They let me in the door and made me stand in the kitchen and not touch anything. Stacey fixed the soup gave it to me and they sent me out the door. I drank it up then slept again until math class. My science teacher had told my math teacher I was sick, she was being all motherly too. I wasn't allowed to touch the manipulative's or calculators, but kids did sit by me this time. I really don't think it's that bad people are just overly cautious apparently. I went home after class for 2 reasons. One I had a visitation for a family friend I needed to attend and two I can't go to kindergarten tomorrow because I am sick. So instead I spent my evening doing nothing and chilling with Bren. We watched "Bed Time Stories," and I loved it. Tomorrow I need to write my intent to student teach essay, tonight I need to sleep.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 28, 2009


I slept for 12 1/2 hours last night. Yeah crazy. I knew I was tired I just didn't know I was that tired. I rolled out of bed for class at 11 and was still not feeling well. My friend convinced me to call for a nurses appointment during class so I could be sure to get in today. I made it through class then headed to the cafeteria not hungry but knowing I had to eat something. I settled for some mac and cheese and orange juice. I laid down until my nurses appointment at 1:20. I tested negative for strep which I was quite certain I didn't have. She didn't come to any real conclusions just said that I wasn't to go to basketball for at least 24 hours and to consider myself contagious. I have all the signs and symptoms for H1N1 so she said that if I am not any better in 48 hours I need to go to urgent care. Here's to hoping I feel better. I went to Old Man Rivers class because here missing one class can get you really behind. I drifted through then came back and slept for 2 hours since I couldn't go to basketball. I decided on some vegetable chili and a banana for dinner, soft things are easy on the throat. Now I shall watch a little Big Bang Theory.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Madness

My entire weekend has been busy, fun, and ultimately exhausting. Friday I sat in a dentists chair for 2 hours. Now that was enjoyable. Actually 2 Novocain shots later, I wasn't feeling too bad just all kinds of numb. As an end result I got a new molar, nice. Then it was off to football, the game wasn't as one sided as I was expecting it to be so that was good. A crazy fog settled in in the second half and you couldn't even see across the field. I had fall retreat for Encounter at Little Galilee this weekend but due to the fog didn't head out until Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun just to be able to hang out and get to know people. We had services, worship, camp fires, small group, paddle boating, Frisbee, volleyball, and all kinds of other fun games. The downside was that I went to bed sick with a fever and sore throat...oh and the fact that there were not enough beds so I had to sleep on the floor. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. I made it home and slept the afternoon away. Then I had high school youth group kickoff. We had a wiener roast with some capture the flag and other joyous actvities. Now I am going to attempt to sleep off whatever sickness has found me this time.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Runnin round

Started the morning off in Kindergarten. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy it? No matter how tired I feel on the drive there when I get to the classroom I automatically wake up. Today we made number lines and friend books I wish that was the kind of homework we had around here. I also caught a millipede and a cricket in our classroom, the teacher was grossed out, bugs don't bother me. Came back and had a group meeting for my math class. We are teaching the activity tomorrow and we had to prep. I had an hour until class so I did my devotions then grabbed a pita and some hummus for lunch. Then it was off to boring Old Man River's class. It was exceptionally boring, three pages worth of drawings. Maybe just because I was especially anxious to get out of there today. As soon as class was over I headed to Springers. Jodi and Trey fly out in the morning so I wanted to spend some time with them before they left. Trey was being angry today, he was crying a lot. We think he may be cutting teeth, he was chewing on everything. Still crying or no crying he's adorable and now I must wait til Thanksgiving to see them again. I grabbed dinner at home then went to the church. Youth went really well tonight our elementary kids were good and our junior highers were fun. After church I went home and watched SVU soooo good. I may be mildly obsessed but I don't care, ha. Basketball in the morning bed in the, well, now.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I found out today those gnats aren't really gnats at all but plant lice...yummy. Basketball kicked off the day, hurray conditioning. Workout was kind of hard today possibly because it was 40,000 degrees humid in the gym. We were sweating a small bit. I was tired so I crashed for a bit before heading off to class. In science today we practiced classifications, which meant we got to play with colorful toy fish. Then we read a book called "Diary of a Worm," it was funny. Then it was work time. I once again read Time Magazine, I'm starting to get all kinds of intelligent, ha. Lunch was unfulfilling, I hate working shifts that keep me from going to the cafeteria. Peanut butter and jelly just doesn't always cut it. Math class was all about adding, its a tricky subject which needs loads of time devoted to it. I think I have eaten and drank everything I could get my hands on today. For some reason I was hungry and thirsty at all times of the day. After class I went to Justin's for dinner. We had pork roast and some vegetables. It was delicious. We hung out the rest of the night watching the office. That show is hilarious no matter how many times you watch. Speaking of TV tomorrow is the season premire of Law and Order: SVU and I am beyond excited. You don't have to tell me I know I am a dork.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am thinking of investing in a bee suit. These gnats around here are all kinds of crazy. You can't walk to class without attracting a thousand of them. They get in your eyes, nose, mouth, and hair, and they make your skin all kinds of itchy. All said I am not a fan. Made it to German class right on time today. I am not real sure what we discussed I was reveling in the fact that my paper was done. I grabbed some lunch with Karen and Amy although it was not very fulfilling. The next hour was spent reading "Up From Slavery," because I had a test on it in Old Man Rivers class. I don't know how I feel about the test. I spewed 6 pages worth of knowledge, I just hope it was the correct knowledge. I am feeling a little nervous because I finished with 30 minutes to spare, I don't remember how long it took me to take his tests last year. After class I layed around and finally felt like I could breathe after a crazy weekend and an insane Monday. I checked my schedule discovered I had no major projects or homework for the week so I used the hour before pick up to simply relax. It was nice. Pick up was a little out of control today. We had 17 players, it was like a small army. We played for two hours and it was hot. There were gnats all over the gym and dead all over the floor, gross. I grabbed a delicious wrap from the
DugOut and have spent the rest of my night chilling in front of the T.V. Now I should get dressed and ready to head to Encounter.

Carrie Out

Weekend Report

I am truly convinced that there is no better place to experince fall then small town central Illinois. I was home for the whole weekend and well I just love harvest time. I like to drive past the fields, follow tractors down the back roads, and look at the leaves. I love Friday night football and Sunday afternoon football. I like weiner roasts, playing with the dog, and bike rides. Tis just a lovely season. Anywas my weekend blew by and was packed jam crazy. Kicked it off with a Friday visit to see Jodi and Trey. Ahhh it was perfection I sat and held him for a solid 3 hours, heaven. Then it was off to football for a little Spartan action...and another victory. Saturday morning I got up nice and early to go watch Taylor and Ryker play soccer, entertaining. I piddled the afternoon away doing homework. This weekend was what I dubbed Norvapalooza at church. It was the celebration of our senior minister Norv's 25th year at MCC. Saturday night my highschoolers and I served food at a banquet held in his honor. Then there was a special service held after. It actually was done quite tastefully and was enjoyable, I wasn't expecting that. This morning church service was all about Norvert too. It was 2 hours long but broken up nicely between mini sermons and really good music. The whole thing was not as uncomfortable as I was fearing it was going to be. Plus I got to spend some time with Mike and Michelle Case so that made whatever annoying things totally worth it, I love them. This afternoon I did some more homework and watched the Packers choke, not happy. Then it was off to youth, we are studying Paul in Rome and I think it's really cool. We played some games, ate some food, and got our Jesus on. Went to Troy and Beth's on my way back to school to watch the first half of the Cowboys game and hang out. Then it was back to school where I finally completed my German essay for tomorrow, pressure is my friend. Tomorrow I have my first test of the semester over a book I didn't read...oops.

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was sleepy this morning...all day actually. Musta not slept well, oops! I didn't go to basketball this morning but instead hit up the dentist. I was afraid I could not remember how to get there and the reasons were 2-fold. 1. One of my eyes was swollen shut and I was a little messed up last time I was there and 2. I am directionally challenged. But fear not Magellan the journey was made without mishap! I filled out all the necessary forms then it was back to the chair. In all honesty Dentist and Doctor's offices kinda trip me out, not a big fan. It wasn't bad though, they actually did nothing except check out my tooth. Dr. said it would take too long to do what they needed today and he didn't want to numb me go halfway and then have me come back and numb me again to finish. That I appreciate, I abhor needles. Anyways I shall venture back to the land of canines and cuspids next Friday. Off to class only we threw a curve ball today and our Ed. Teachers flopped schedules, math in the morning, science in the afternoon. We learned some crazy ways to multiply today that I had never heard of it was enlightening:) Work followed where I read an entire Time magazine, what can I say IWU has made me classy like that, oh and the fact that I had nothing else I could do and there were no Sports Illustrated. In science we read a book about rocks, played with apples, picked some leaves, and built paper helicopters. I know you're jealous. Went straight to pick-up we had lots of people today which equals lots of sitting around. A few of us shot around after and then headed to dinner. Nacho bar and New York Deli bar yums. The rest of the night I have been accumulating research on Germany in 1848, it's as awesome as it sounds. I must be off tomorrow is a big day, 6 am work, class, visiting Jodi and Trey and then football!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Started the day off in Kindergarten and loved every minute of it. I was anxious to check it out this morning because I went on Friday afternoon and was a little let down. It's just that the kids do a lot of nothing all afternoon. This morning was a lot of fun. We did calander, weather, math centers, literature centers, a birthday book, and some word building. I love little kids. I was at the school for 3 hours then came back and grabbed lunch. A pita, hummus, and an orange, tasty. Then it was off to Old Man River's class. I spent my time drawing a picture of Kung-fu Panda. In my defense it was on some girls backpack in the classroom and well, it was taunting me:) He called me out to answer a question in class again. There are other kids he has had in class before in there and he never calls on them. Strange. After class I loaded up and headed home. It was a lovely day out I was rolling with the windows down and the stereo up, real nice. I played with the dog and fixed myself a tasty dinner....which I preceeded to scarf down. Still it was good. Headed to youth group. We had it in the park today because there was a visitation at the church. 65 K-8 kids it was organized chaos but we pulled it off and quiet well if I do say so myself. Talked to Lys for awhile about some position interviews at the church then stopped by home to grab my stuff and shower. The song stuck in my head all day? Sing Out by Cat Steven's check it here Tomorrow morning at 7:45 I go to the dentist to find out what to do with the half a tooth I am holding onto. Here's to hoping it goes well.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The morning got off to a rough start. I rolled over in bed and looked at my clock 6:28. I had basketball conditioning at 6:30. For a few seconds I was all kinds of confused. I couldn't remember what day it was or if I even had basketball. Then it clicked, I'm a little slow sometimes. Luckily I slept in my workout clothes. I jumped out of bed slid into my tennis shoes and ran to Shirk. I arrived right before we started our warm up, not late at all, ha! Anyways workout wasn't too bad a little intense but survivable. I came back and showered then laid down till class. Science class was enjoyable today. We presented photo essays. They were entertaining and we got to listen to music. Between classes I lounged around and then went to lunch. Breakfast at lunch I love it. Math class wasn't bad either. We played with the smart board, watched youtube, and did simulation activities with alligators and poker chips. Good times. I then had nothing to do for the rest of the night. I am not accustomed to free time. I started my homework at 4. I spent a suprisingly long time drafting and implementing a lesson plan for kindergarten science. It's not that writing lesson plans are hard to do, they're just so involved and legnthy. I took a break when I hit the halfway point just to take a short walk, hey it was nice out. I grabbed some PB and J for dinner then got back to work. I have other homework to do but I decided that was enough. I then watched Michael Jordan's HOF address on youtube cause I missed it. I don't know what I think about it, seemed a little too self absorbed. Called Grandpa to tell him happy birthday and spent the rest of the night watching SVU. This song has been stuck in my head all day, if you want check it out

Carrie Out

Monday, September 14, 2009


Why hello Monday! I am blogging early because I am going to Encounter tonight yet still have to get up at 6 for basketball. Let's hope that's a good choice. I rolled straight into a lil Modern Germany today. We were all about Germany in 1848 today it was a good time. We each had a section to research, I had the Duchy of Nassau. I looked all weekend but didn't find much info. I was pleased when in class we really didn't have to say much about our places. I grabbed a quick lunch and ate with some of our freshman, it was alright. This afternoon I got to talk to my friend Kelsey Coker via Skype. She is in Spain for the semester so it was nice to be able to talk to her and attempt to get caught up, I miss her. Then it was off to Old Man Rivers class. No clue what we talked about today it was especially boring. I did draw some lovely pictures though. I had some time before pick up so I did a lot of nothing and loved it. I talked to Ryan for a bit, he cracks me up. Stupid Florida, I want him back in Illinois. Pick up was tiring today we had exactly 10 players. We did get a lot of games in though so that was nice. Sarah drove me home then I hit up the Dug Out for dinner. I got a chicken and portabello ciabata. I was gravely disappointed. I took off the chicken and just ate the other stuff but still not so good. Now I'm gonna hang til it's time to head out.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 13, 2009


What a great weekend for football! Friday night's annihilation of U-High was awesome. U of I's slaughter of ISU was at least an improvement on last weekends embarrassment. And the Packer's defeat of the Bears was priceless. I was getting nervous there at the end of the game wondering if Rodgers could pull off a 2-minute-drill like Favre could and he delivered. I don't know what I love more that or the fact that Cutler threw FOUR interceptions. Chicago's savior is off to a great start. Ahhh. Started the morning off with some churchsky. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed today's worship selection and the sermon wasn't bad either. Right now I don't have a Sunday school class so I am just kind of floating. I attended the high school class today, always a good time. Came home and hung out with Mom and Brent. Watched the Vikes Browns game. I just can't not watch Brett Favre, I have a disease I'm sure of it. I was just hoping he didn't make a fool of himself. I don't want him to ruin his legacy. I can't be a Vikings fan, but maybe I can support Favre silently. At least while they aren't playing the Packers or vying for their playoff spot. Then Bren and I went cat hunting. There is a Siamese kitten someone dumped living in our garage. We want to catch and befriend it, we are failing, someday it shall be ours. Spent the rest of the evening at youth group. We started this neat video series called Paul in Rome, it's really good. After youth I went to Beth and Troy's to watch the first half of the game and hang out. I left at half time to ensure I could see the second half of the game and as stated before I LOVED it! But for now I should contemplate sleeping.

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mmmm Tooth

I feel like all I've done the last couple of days is sleep and the crazy thing is...I still feel tired. Got up bright, well more like dark, and early for basketball. Today's workout was harder and we are going to definitely be sore tomorrow. As much as I don't like the workouts while we are doing them when they are over they don't seem that bad. I was starving after, or so I thought. I decided to stop at the cafeteria and eat breakfast. I ended up drinking 2 glasses of juice and eating a muffin...and then feeling like hurling. I walked home took a shower and laid on my bed until class willing myself not to puke. Much to my pleasure I succeeded. Went to class early because we had presentations and we needed to make sure they worked. We were all sitting around and then noticed it was past time for class to start and our teacher is never late. Then we discovered the note in the corner of the door window, class was cancelled. I came back and slept some, yeah rest. I have felt better congestion wise today just a little nauseous and worn out. Went to work at 11 and spent 2 hours reading the paper and Sports Illustrated instead of doing homework. Piddled around until math class where we did some rousing mental math. My teacher dubbed me the human calculator. What can I say apparently 5th grade math is my gift in life ha. It was straight to the gym after class for some pick up. After we went out to the fields and watched the first half of the soccer game. Christina and I ate Tommy's for dinner. I got more than just my meal though I swallowed part of my tooth, awesome! Now I am prepping to go to Bible study I wrote early cause 6:00 work demands me to sleep.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Youth Group

It's 9:00 and I feel like it's midnight. I didn't even get up until 11:00 today either. My work schedule changed to make room for my field placement, only I had already made plans to go on Friday. So I had a pretty free day today. Good thing too I am sick again just real rundown and yuck. As said I got up late took a shower then laid back down. I went to meet my advisor at 12 only she didn't come. So again I came back to my room and slept. I wasn't hungry anyways so I chose today to do my CIY prayer fast for the week. Started off to 2:00 class feeling dizzy and tingly. I figured I should force feed myself anything and drink some fluids. It seemed to help. Class was all about Booker T. Washington. I found out today that not only did Old Man River shoot the breeze with Martin Luther King and the likes, he also lived in Afghanistan and speaks all kinds of crazy languages. Crazy dude. After class I packed up and headed home. I laid on the couch and petted the dog until I headed to the church at 5:15. Tonight kicked off our K-8 youth programs. We had a suprisingly big group, it was nice. We started with a helpers dinner and then it was off to the races checking everybody in and starting the night off. I'm not real familiar with the Wednesday night format but I am learning, it seemed to go okay and I enjoyed it. Wrapped it up and headed back here, now I'm thinking bed would be awesome. I got basketball at 6:30 am again tomorrow.

Carrie Out


I awoke at the lovely time of 6:00 this morning thanks to basketball. We started preseason training today. Two mornings a week bright and early at 6:30. It actually wasn't too bad today. I wasn't too tired from not sleeping well nor did the workout kill me so I chalk it up to a good morning. Came back ate some breakfast and showered. I chilled for about 45 minutes until class started. In Science today we played word association games and drew animals. I drew a blue monkey, education classes are where it's at. Before lunch I put away the weekends clean laundry and took out 2 weeks worth of garbage. Met the team for lunch and laughter. In Math today we played with the smart board and did some practice activities, good times. I spent my time before dinner doing homework. It was all kinds of exciting but it's done so I'm happy with that. Kelsey came and had dinner with us in the cafeteria. Chicken bowl and banana's foster, twas a good meal. Then Kels and I went to the movies to see "All About Steve." It was cute-ish with some good one liners but I was hoping for a little more comedy. We chilled in my room awhile after the movie and then she dropped me off at my teammates house. It is now officially Nikki's 21st birthday so we went to the bar at 12 until 1. I was simply there for moral support and don't worry Mom I didn't walk I was picked up and dropped off at my door. Now I need to grab some z's because well I think I am getting a cold again.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Just got back from the dollar theater. As I've told you the place is awesome! We went to see "Up." Lys and I took Ryker to see it this summer when it first came out but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see it again. It's a really good movie. The day started with me not wanting to get out of bed, but doing it anyways. At work I sat tiredly. I read a Sport's Illustrated and did a lot of nothing. On my way back to my room these squirrels were fighting in the tree. One threw the other out of the tall tree and it landed "smack" on the sidewalk right in front of me. It laid all rigid like for a few seconds, then crazy ran on his right side before using all four legs again. I was amused. Instead of lunch I spent 45 minutes praying and reading the Bible. It's my CIY challenge. We all got envelopes at conference with cards in them and if we opened them we had to do what they said. Some were real crazy like spending time in another country, but our kids got pretty doable ones, like giving up soda. Meggi and I both got the card that says to skip lunch once a week and instead spend the time in devotion and prayer. It was a good time to refocus. When I was done I was still tired so I slept until my next class. My body has just kinda been run down since I've started school, prolly cause I've been sick. For class I was supposed to read 55 pages of Booker T. Washington's "Up From Slavery," I read it in class instead. It was more entertaining than listening to Old Man River and I was doing my homework for his class at the same time, everybody wins. Next came pick-up we played for an hour and a half then had to start pre-season testing. We weighed in, were measured, ran a timed suicide, tested our vertical, and did some zig-zaggy cone run I renamed the drunk monkey. We were tired. We grabbed dinner at Tommy's cause we could and then I came back to the room and chilled until the movie. Now I think I'm gonna actually go read something before I go to class...or maybe not:)

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fee for Free

I woke up tired this morning. Probably because I wake up every two hours for some reason, it's awesome. Anyways off to science class where we learned all about lesson plans and suprisingly I payed attention. I came back to my room and hung out. My body was tired but I just couldn't take a nap. I met some teammates for lunch at 12. Beef brisket, mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy. It was mighty tasty. I had an hour and a half before my next class so it was back to the room. I checked the mail and again was delighted to have some. I got about 4 more books I think I am only missing two, they will come soon. I read the paper and watched some tv before taking off to run some errands. I thought I had a bill due so I went to pay it. I was told I owe nothing right now because I had a credit on my account. I like that. Then I went to the registrars office to pick up some graduation papers. They confuse me I will have to have my advisor help me fill them out. Next I hit up the computer lab to print off some readings and assignments before class. Math class wasn't bad today. We played with manipulatives and the smart board the whole time. We measured each other with links and worked with geoboards, fun times. After class I changed clothes and headed home. Mom made me some frozen pizza and I played with Maddy for a while. We took our high school kids to Lincoln Christian University to see a Steve Fee concert. Fee is good and it was free so it was a good time had by all. You can check out a good Fee song here . I went back home and showered and ate a snack then came back to dorm sweet dorm. Now to watch TV.

Carrie Out