Monday, March 31, 2008

Paper Break

Happy Birthday Sawyer, we love and miss you every single day.

Paper break, it is much needed, how I loathe research papers. I'm feeling a bit random so here it goes. I lost my cell phone today. For once I can remember everywhere I was but in my retracing efforts came up empty handed. I seem to lose everything I touch, it is very frustrating. I make notes to remind myself where things are then lose the notes, helpful. Spent the morning in class, not learning, but talking to Jerred. On that subject it is still up in the air with him, everyone at school thinks we are dating, we are both not so sure. I kind of wish a decision would be made. My math teachers Mom died, she spent the whole class on the verge of tears. I feel really bad for her and have no idea why she was there we tried to be extra peppy for her today. I had to read for Spring PTK inductions this evening. I lost my script luckily there was an extra, it was grand. We had ice cream sundaes with the President afterwards, awkward. We got on the subject of graduation and people were telling him I should give the commencement address, crazy but whatever. Coach Wilson finally came back to school she was gone for a week on vacation, I missed chilling in the office. I have spent the night working on a dumb paper about effective student-teacher communication, I have five pages down and two to go. My life is out of control.

Carrie Out

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Work, Work, and More Work

Rain has once again chased away softball, oh well I needed the day off my uniform was really starting to smell. I got to sleep in today which was much needed. I headed to the caf to eat brunch with Jerred and the softball girls. I enjoyed a self created cinnamon-raisin toast sandwich. I came back here to start on the mass of homework the weighs me down. I accomplished a lot: a math packet, a religions packet, a book assignment, 2 of six pages of one paper, 3 of 6 pages of another paper, and an entire psychology paper. Throw on top of that laundry, hurray for a finally clean uniform, room cleaning and lysoling and I think I did some accomplishing today. I had basketball on in the background all afternooon I was really pulling for a Davidson upset, they barely missed it, my money's on UCLA now. Went to dinner, it wasn't good, then went over to hang out with Ashley for awhile. We watched "The Rookie," such a good movie. I came back here to do some more homework and discovered I lost an entire packet I need for a small group presentation tomorrow looks like I'm going to have to wing it. I wrote Kale again today, my letters are kinda of long but once I get started I have to keep going. Good thing he's such a reader, haha. But for now I must go comb my hair.

Carrie Out

15 Hours of Fun!

You know what I love?? A good 15 hour day. I got up to a lovely 7 am bus this morning. I was greeted by some doughnuts, juice, and viewing of Lilo and Stitch. That took up about 1 of the 4 hours. I tried to sleep through the rest. Oh Shawnee. It was freezing cold and sleet/raining the whole game. A truly delightful atmosphere. We lost our first game in the 10th inninng because of many costly errors on the part of our middle infield. We should have never even been tied we won that game and then beat ourselves. We won the 2nd game 2-1. I hit a 2 run homerun my first at bat and that was all we needed to win apparently. At least we got in a victory. Dinner was enjoyed at Wendy's, not that I really enjoy Wendy's but food is food. On the way home we watched "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," I brought it. I really like that film a lot. We also watched Aladdin, when it was over we caught Coach Andrew's sitting in the front seat whistling "A Whole New World" to himself, funny stuff. Got back here and was a little energized sitting on buses does that to you. I went over to Hoyle and hung out with Ashley, Levi, and Chris. We were supposed to watch a movie or something never accomplished that just messed around for a bit. Now I need to shower and get some sleep for yet another game tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pool Shark

It has been a good day and I am a little worn out now. Got up nice and latish (Yahoo 9:37) for class this morning. Math was super boring. Probably because we started geometry and because Jerred would not talk all morning, he was in a bad mood. Then we headed to Small Group all we had to do was pick a class topic and left, that was sweet. I ate lunch with Coach Thomas, he was in a bad mood too. I was a little hyper he told me "I love you, but I am not in the mood today. I want you to count to 50, 18times before you talk to me." Just for the cleverness of his statement I left him alone. Next I went to Pysch class we finished up OCD and watched True Life from MTV it was interesting. I got a letter from Kale today. It was really nice, he seems to be doing alright and really enjoying church and class. I ended up with Ryan for the entire afternoon/evening. We played a bazillion games of pool and ping pong and hung out while Bridgett worked. I had only played pool twice in my life prior to that I am not very good. We met Bridgett, Ashley, Jerred, and Karen for dinner, it was lovely. Bridgett cracks me up I love a good day spent with the Thomas family. Karen, Ryan, Ash, and I went on an after dinner walk which was nice. We got back and watched Davidson whip up on Wisconsin, what a great game. Ryan finally left at about 8:00 which was the time Mom and Brent called to meet me. We enjoyed some delicious Culver's ice-cream. I came back to school and went to hang out with Jerred for awhile. He was finally in a better mood. Then I journeyed to Hoyle for awhile. Now it is time for me to shower/sleep. Hurray 7 am bus and five hour ride, Shawnee here we come.

Carrie Out

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is a crazy comeback I am watching right now. I love March Madness. Western Kentucky has come back on UCLA from being down 21. Ahh basketball. I slept almost 12 hours last night, that is as much as I usually sleep in 2 days. I don't know why I was so tired but I passed out. Got up this morning and headed to drawing class. We started stippling makes my hand cramp but looks cool. Then it was lunch time. I ate with Coach Thomas today, I hadn't talked to him in about a week so it was neccessary. Then Ashley and I went and sat in Bridgett's office with him for awhile just spreading the joy. It was cold out tonight for our game I was layered upon layered. I went 3-4 with 2 singles, a RBI double, 2 stolen bases, and 2 double plays on defense. We won 10-8 but were up 10-4 at the top of the 7th we had a slight breakdown. We didn't finish the second game thanks to the rain, who cares it was freezing. I was starving by that time so I went and ate my weight in food. Okay maybe not that much but I ate a lot. After warming up I went with Karen to the Jazz Ensemble/Improv show. It was actually really good. They had a African Percussion thing that was awesome. Then I stopped over by Hoyle to visit Ash, and the twins. Levi came over too so we sat around and watched basketball. I am feeling tired so I need to go give my pillow a work out.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Geometry is Confusing

I am tired and I have a headache, and it is only 9:30 lame. Woke up nice and late this morning and marched onto math class. We are working on geometry and vocabulary. For some reason Jerred and I really struggle with the vocab so the whole class gave us a hard time all morning. We can never find the right term for our answer the teacher thinks it's funny. Small group was presentation day my group didn't go but we participated in the other group's campus violence talk, it was interesting. Lunch was not too good. I ate some toasted PB&J which never disappoints. Pysch class was next we watched a video on OCD that is some crazy stuff. Then I had to make up a religions test before practice. I will only be in that class two more times before the end of the semester because of softball. Practice was good because it was a lovely day outside and I enjoyed the weather. We did a lot of hitting and we played the game game. Nice title I know. My team was destroyed and when one of our girls had to leave for class Ryan came over and joined my team. I still had fun. Then I went to watch the baseball game. They played Heartland it was a close match-up and we won in extra innings. I spent the game playing with Ryan and talking to Michelle and Nicholas, he is getting so big. I ended up with Ryan for more of the evening, we went and ate in the cafeteria and to get icecream with Karen and Ashley. It was a grand time. Back here I have done homework but am still behind.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally a Game!

I got no sleep last night, I have no idea why but I just sat up all night. I wrote Kale my first letter, it was highly intelligent. I don't know how to fold letters it was in a tiny square that I threw in the envelope. I think I need to take a paper folding class. Drawing class this morning went fine we drew a picture of a barn picture, thrilling. Then I escaped to lunch it wasn't too good but it was way better than the sack lunches we were supposed to eat. So this is random. We took a party bus to our game tonight. Leather plush couches, champagne glasses, the works, it was pretty cool. Our original bus apparently broke down or something, fair trade. The game was alright. We played well all but one innning and that was the fourth we were down 7-2. I started a rally in the sixth though and we came back to win 11-7, yahoo. We had Monicals for dinner it was SO good. I love Monicals. I have never seen us devour so much food so quickly it was a sight, but tasty. Got back here and started on the homework. I have completed all my assignments due tomorrow so I'm counting it as a small success. I chilled and played computer games while listening to Kyle and Jerred's radio show. I am really tired and need to shower in my finally hot water.

Carrie Out

Easter Weekend

Easter break was fast but enjoyable. I spent a lot of time playing video games with the boys (Wii is addicting) and watching March Madness which has been crazy. Yesterday was a good day. It was not my typical Easter activities but I guess since there were none the impromptu plans sufficed rather well. Church was good, I miss being able to go every week. I got to talk to Toby for the first time since Thanksgiving so that was nice, I really miss him. I also got to see Matty, Lys, and Ryker which always makes me smile. I invited myself along to Easter Brunch with Kip, Deanna, Kacy, and Grandma which was lovely. I even got to see Kacy's house for the first time, I know I am behind the times, but it was pretty sweet. I enjoyed spending time with them and pestering Kip since I am so good at it, good thing he loves me. We went to the Brown's in the evening to visit and play bocce which was delightful, I love some good family bonding. Today was spent packing up what I had spread all over the house and heading back to school. I stopped through Atlanta before I came back from practice to visit the Finchum's I hadn't seen them in a few weeks and didn't want them to miss me:) Practice was extremely boring, minus running down the middle of the street in shorts and a t-shirt. Coach really should be clearer next time he says run. The evening was passed hanging out, (and showering thanks to no hot water here) in Hoyle. Then I came back here and chilled with Gabby, Kayla, Brad, and Jerred for awhile just because we could. Now it is time for me to wind down, or at least try.

Carrie Out

Friday, March 21, 2008

Home Again?

I had a good day of improvisation. I woke up restlest again this morning it was seven. I couldn't get back to sleep but shortly recieved a call that my game in Quincy was cancelled...bummer, it was a beatiful day out. Around 9 Ashley called and we headed to Coach Thomas class for some Thursday morning bonding. He was cracking me up as always. Ryan showed up after a little while he didn't have school so I got to play with him as well which is fun. We stayed for about an hour and half and it was grandly. I couldn't just annoy Coach Thomas I had to go visit Coach Wilson. She brought us Easter treats they were tasty and we throughly pestered her. Then we all went to lunch, I ate with the baseball players. The conversation was good the food not so much. We camped out for a long while which was spectacular. My class of the day was boring, I was very ADD, I have no idea what went on all I know is that I wanted out. When I was finally released I had to go meet Coach Andrews for workstudy stuff then it was back to the dorm to pack up and leave. I jammed out as I packed, said my goodbyes and hit the road. I got home played with the dog went for a bike ride and tried out the Wii. I ended up going to Peoria with Mom and Grandma which was nice. We ate at Avanti's I have been craving that for a long while. Came back here and played some more Wii, I am almost good at it but it's fun. I need more practice.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I was very restless for some reason this morning, I woke up early and could not even think about getting more sleep. We did centers at tutoring this morning, I enjoyed hanging out with the kids. Math was another racing day with Jerred this time it worked out for us though, we both got done early and got to leave class. We chilled on the couches in our free time and ended up having small group class out in the lobby as well. We didn't do anything in small group just sat around and talked to each other, but who's complaining. I had lunch with Jerred, Gabby, and Coach Thomas. Coach Thomas had his best creepy on so that was entertaining. Pyschology class was I don't even know I didn't pay attention. Practice was cancelled today Coach hates practicing in the gym almost as much as we do. I spent all my extra time for the afternoon hanging out in Coach Wilson's office. Ali came after school so I got to play with her for a while too. Dinner was ribs and potatos, mmm, I ate with my softball team. This whole getting along thing is new for me it didn't happen last year, I enjoy it. Karen, Ashley and I went on a post dinner walk to soak up the nice weather. It was delightful I am ready for some dry spring weather. It got me a little pumped up so I came back and downloaded some good baseball music. I have to get up for Thursday morning bonding so I must be off. We are supposed to play in Quincy tomorrow I hope we finally get one in.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Woke up this morning ready to play ball...and got shot down yet again. We are already cancelled for tomorrow too, boo! Went to visit Coach Wilson this morning just for the sheer joy of it. Then I headed to art class. We did quick drawings wasn't too bad at all they are for some project we have yet to discover. I met Gabby for lunch but ended up camping out in the cafeteria long enough to eat with the entire softball team and my usual crew of the twins and Ashley. Stoltz came to conversate for a bit too, always a pleasure. Then came religions I was so bored I think we talked about Solomon but I am not sure. Off to trainer Joes for some pre practice rehab. Actually my arm hasn't hurt too bad since I've been moved into the infield, I like it. Practice was quick and boring. Some of us were a little hyper though which always spices up life. Dinner followed it was not good, same as everyday this week. I went ot Walgreens with Karen, Ariel, and Ash then. We had some conversations that were a little revealing but very funny. A quick break then it was off to Kristi's art show. It is part of her honors project so to support her the whole team went. It was really nice but we were really loud in the library I can't believe they didn't kick us out. I spent the rest of the night hanging out with Jerred. It was fun we chilled, talked, and watched good stuff on youtube. That all started three hours ago now I need to shower and sleep.

Carrie Out

Break Over

We are rocking our mock Mickey Ears, what can we say, we're awesome!
Nothing like playing in the warm sunny Florida weather then coming back to cold Illinois and being rained out. Playing in Disney got me all jacked up for playing softball and we were handed a rainout and gym! Tutoring went well this morning. The teacher left a note and footprints from a "leprechaun" the kids were so excited they thought one had really come. Then it was back to Math class we dove right into learning, not what I was looking for. I didn't really pay attention Jerred and I had races to see who could solve the math riddles on our gradeschool worksheets first, I dominated. Small Group was a lot of nothing again peppered with me not paying attention. Lunch was all about Irish I had a brat, I don't think it was cooked, I bowed out halfway through it. I chilled and talked to Tony, Nikkie, and OD for awhile, it was entertaining. Next came some delightful abnormal psychology we are learning about mood disorders now but we just watched some films. Stupid indoor practice was next it was boring but I made my own entertainment. For dinner it was more Irish I ate corned beef, I don't even know what that is but I had two helpings, it was okay. Then Kristi and I met Mom and Carol to go to Kaylee's grandpa's visitation. Those suck period. The car ride was fun for catching up though. Mom got me a shamrock shake on the way home so tasty. Spent the rest of the night hanging out with Mary, Ash, the twins, and OD, always a good time. We are supposed to play tomorrow I don't think it's gonna happen.

Carrie Out

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm Back!

I'm back...actually I got back on Friday night. Florida was awesomely amazing, I had so much fun. We stayed in a super nice hotel, the ballparks were lovely, and Disney World...come on it's Disney World. We ended up 9-2 and I randomly hit out 2 homeruns. I was so brave this trip I flew without tears and rode all the rides even the tower of terror. I had a blast, got a little burnt, but wish I was still soaking up the Florida sun. I have too many stories to even began to type on here, lets just say I was way out of control all week. Went home Friday night for some frozen pizza and free laundry, oh and I missed my dog. The next day Mom and I went grocery shopping hurray food! After a lovely steak dinner ala Justin I came back to school. The boys got in last night from Florida they had a rough week and ended up 3-4. Jerred can't play because of his knee and is hating it, I know the feeling. Today I got up to go and scrimmage recruits for Coach Wilson. I didn't know we were playing but it was okay. Who knew you could get out of shape so quickly, it was harsh. Coach Thomas came in to show around a recruit he was really excited to see us. I missed him even though I talked to him all break, haha. After scrimmaging we ate with the players then headed out. Ashley and I ended up with Ryan for the whole day we took him back about 8:00. We had fun chilling out watching basketball all day. Coach Wilson took Casie, Nikkie, Chels, Ash, Ryan, Ali and I out for dinner tonight. It was yummmy and a grandly time yeah bonding. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with Sherry and Ashley, oh the joys of no school. To bad it all starts again tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Thursday, March 06, 2008


This may be long. I don't know yet, I'm just getting started. I went to Art class this morning and did nothing. Daryl and I share a supply locker, he had the keys and didn't come to class. The teacher didn't care he told me I could just chill. I did to no objection. Ran into Coach Thomas at lunch he was upset that I didn't go visit him yet. I told him it hadn't even been a full day yet he needed to be more patient. I once again got calls all day making fun of Brett Favre. He gave his press statement and cried, this brought others joy, jerks:) Religions class was exceptionally boring or maybe I was just doing an uber job of not paying attention. After class I sent transcripts to Illinois College. I also found out I should know about Wesleyan by the end of March. Next I had to go visit Coach Wilson, I wouldn't want her to go a day without me. We ended up in the locker room picking up. Soon it was a packed house. Chels, Ash, and Coach Thomas showed up. We spent a solid hour sitting around talking and laughing at each other. It was out of control conversation, but it was good bonding and apparently filled Tony's need to see me. The afternoon was filled with packing, I started and finished so proud. I even went and got my hair cut, I was getting a little shag. Ash and I had to go to Walmart so I could pick up some odds and ends but I think I am good now. Dinner followed, it was enjoyable we sat and talked to York. Then I met Mom and the boys to eat at Bonanza so I could see them before I left. It was sad saying goodbye to Kale I didn't show it but I was sad. I will miss him, luckily I spend a lot of the time he is gone at school so it won't seem so long. I love you Brother! Back at school I went over to Mary's for a bit to catch-up. The rest of the evening was spent at Boys Heritage playing 10000 with Ash, Nik, and York. I destroyed this time and only gloated a little bit. Tomorrow we fly out for Orlando, the plane scares me but I am excited. I don't know if I will have computer access for any updates so for now pray for safe travel and I will fill you all in when I get back.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's Over

I hate the ending of things, too much change too quickly. We lost tonight and basketball for me here at Lincoln College is over. Am I sad about the ending of this season? Not particularly it has been a rough one, but I am sad about the ending of basketball here in itself. Through all it's ups and downs I do not regret for one minute making the decision to come and play here. The great memories far outweigh the problems. I will miss going to practice everyday with my friends, playing with the kids, and spending two hours being continuously picked on by both Coaches. I will miss the bus rides, singing as loud as we can and listening to each others stories. I will miss the competitive nature of each game and the locker room talks. I will miss playing in this gym, it's tiny but it grows on you. I will miss the game but that I can continue. It is the people here that I will miss the most, they really did become my family. Coach was talking to the four of us after the game. The locker room talk wasn't much our teamates are frustrating. She told us on the bus that she wanted us to know that there were tears for us she just couldn't let them see them. Coach T was the mood lightener but he was even a little somber for awhile. Not long enough though he soon returned to his badgering of me, but God help me I love him. I just still can't believe it's over. Even with softball already started it's gonna be a rough transition.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bye Bye Brett:(

Drama, Drama, everywhere but not a drop to drink. Wait that's not how the saying goes oh well it is here at Lincoln College. Got up early this morning to go talk to Coach Thomas with Ashley. With all that has went on in basketball this week it was much needed for all parties involved. It was a good heart to heart like we haven't had in a long time. I was proud of him he finally admitted to us that he feels like he didn't do a job good this year. We agreed he hasn't been around and when he is he doesn't say much, sure Ash and I talk to him but that's because we make the effort. Art class has moved onto a new piece finally and it wasn't too bad. Lunch was next we ate with Coach Thomas per his invitation, it was some more deep conversation but it was peppered with some laughter this time. We already told him just because baseball is about to start doesn't mean we fall off the face of the earth, he just grinned. I enjoyed spending a majority of my day with him. Religions class was interesting we are starting Judaism and got to watch some of the "Prince of Egypt". I spent the afternoon in my room in Packer Fan mourning. My glorious Brett Favre announced his retirement today, so sad. People have been giving me crap all day they are just jealous of his awesomeness. Practice was once again a fiasco well more like after practice. We missed cafeteria dinner thanks to a 30 minute arguement and Ash, Nik, Chels, and I ended up eating at First Wok, mmm tastalicious. The rest of the night was hanging out in Hoyle with the girls and Neil just chilling out. Tomorrow is round 2 of regionals at Godfrey should be in for a grand time.

Carrie Out

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Victory Albeit An Ugly One

We won our game in overtime. It was ugly we should have never gotten to overtime, we had a 7 point lead with 40 seconds left but thanks to some dumb moves we blew it. My team is ridiculous. I ended up with about 14 points and played well personally but it was interesting. We got in a two hour fight after the game Coach and Coach included, it was the dumbest thing ever. It just frustrates me that just because a kid is from the city that they believe their life is so much worse than everyone else. Still it was nice to win. I did not want to lose at home nor in the first round so I will take the victory no matter what strings came attatched to it. The day was pretty laid back. I read with the kids at tutoring this morning. Then I went to math class to turn in my completed! test and get my learn on. Small group wasn't too bad today either all though like most days I spent half of the time just talking to Jerred. Lunch was had with OD and Nikkie and was a grand old time. I took my psychology test next, it took me all of 15 minutes, wasn't too bad. Then I hung in Coaches office for awhile. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing nothing and it was good. Coach Thomas drove us in the bus to LCC to play tonight. We were joking with him about being back in his element fulfilling his passion for bus driving. Oh 55-Tony and his favorite radio station, static noise. For memories sake it was nice to have one more ride in 55-Tony's bus.

Carrie Out

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I <3 My Family

I had a great day. I got up nice and late after staying up until 3:30 this morning. Spent the early afternoon cleaning and doing homework. Then it was off to Tremont for Kale's going away party. It was a beautiful day, I even broke out my newest pair of plaid shorts, much to everyones pleasure. I love my family, I know I always write that on here, but seriously they are awesome. I had a great time seeing everyone even if we were together to say goodbye. I love seeing my family, even if I am picked on the whole time, they make me smile. It was nice to see Clay and Kyleigh too, they are adorable and so much fun to play with. I even got to see Darci and Dani today which hasn't happened since Christmas. I just really enjoyed my afternoon out in the nice weather with my favorite people and some good food. Family is the cheapest and best entertainment around. I headed back to school for basketball practice. It was okay from my standpoint, we got in a fight for some stupid reason with the freshmen again. Coach made us stay upstairs until they all left the locker room, safety in numbers. Fighting is dumb. The night has been spent finishing my 10 page math test with Jerred, who knew elementary math could be so challenging. No fear though we conquered it. Ashley and Dustin came over for a while to hang out so that was good too. My day was made great by my favorite people.

Carrie Out

Great Day

It has been a very good day. I woke up this morning to go watch Ryan's last game, his team won the championship and Ashley and I enjoyed some bonding with Coach T. Then I came back and slept for a few hours until pre-game brunch. I woke up ready to go. Sophomore day went really well. Ali and Ryan were "in charge" and seeing them both so excited made it exciting for us. They each made us signs and decorated the gym with the team. We got all our helpers for the year, Ali, Ryan, and both Coaches cards. The kids were loving those as well. Introductions were nice and we got some ballons, candy, and big hugs from the kids. Coach Wilson has told me all week I used up my hugs from her so I wasn't going to get one, she tried to slip me but I caught her. Even Coach Thomas was in the spirit today he got all fancy dressed up and actually was nice to me for a few moments and gave me a hug. The first half of the game was good we hung with the #1 team in the nation, the 2nd half wasn't so good. I thought I played alright lots of rebounds and 4 points. I never took a jump shot though, probably should have. Alyssa and Ryker game to the game it was great to see them, I miss them a lot. Parents, Grandparents, and Jay came too, score Carrie fans:) We had a little dinner thingy after the game for parents and players, it was nice to sit around talk and eat. Then I went back to watch the boys game and talk to OD for a while. A quick shower and then it was off to ATL for Alexis birthday party. I figured since I skipped everything else this year I should at least attend this. I had a lot of fun playing games with the kids and just hanging out. I made a 3 year old friend too he was too cute. Well now it is 2 in the morning and I have a jam packed day tomorrow must rest.

Carrie Out

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I can't Focus

Ahh so I had an uneventful morning which is beautiful for me following the trends of past weeks:) Tutoring was good I helped do reading worksheets and clean desks, fun fun. Math class wasn't too bad I spent it talking to Jerred and Chelsea C. as usual. I did get a 10 page take home test though, killer. Guess what else I got today?? Texting! I know not a big deal to most people but kids here use it all the time, even my Coaches. Small group was even okay today we did perceptions and looked at these pictures with all these hidden things, very perplexing. I had lunch with Michelle, Nik, and OD so that was grandly. Then I went to psych where we watched the grossest eating disorder film ever. It was a Dr. Phil episode from this week where this girl was 28 and weighed 60 lbs purging up to 150 times a day. It made me nauseous. I had an Honor's Meeting next which we accomplished things in. Then I went around and helped Casie hang up fliers for our first project, collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. Pre-Practice was a blast again we played kick ball with Ali and Ryan and just hung out. Practice itself was a little frustrating. My mind was racing again and I was just really distracted by everything I heard and unable to concentrate. I hate when I can't just bring it back in and get done what I want to. After practice Tony had baseball so I had Ryan for a little while, I love that kid. They are soo excited for sophomore day tomorrow it is really cute. Then I went to the play with Casie and Karen, it was good. Walmart with Ashley followed then I went and hung out in the boys dorm for a bit. We played a dice game called 10000 with York and Nick, and I had a win stolen out from under me. Now it is time for a shower in my bathroom with a burnt out light. Dark water...scary.

Carrie Out