Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Months!

10 months later and that's right tomorrow is my last day!! I am ready for summer, to start my job, to hang with my friends, and to stay up late with a purpose. I presented my book in class today I had to read it to the class and kind of explain it. It went really well. We had to write each other notes if they wrote books and mine were all very positive. My teacher says I should try to get it published, I don't know if I'd go that far. Everyone had done some really neat stuff I'm excited to see the other half of the class's tomorrow. I lost my ID last night so the rest of that munch money will not be spent nor will I be eating in Saga. Losing that thing is like a daily game of hide and hope to find. Instead of lunch I opted for a quick nap before work, I was tired. I cooked some pizza rolls and took them to work with me to eat. Work was real boring today, I had some work to do but my focus was non existent. When I got off work I threw some more of my stuff into totes. Tomorrow it all must go. Then I drove to Troy and Beth's to meet for softball. Their dog was loving me, she splashed her water bowl all over me. The game was fun because it always is. We only lost 20-8 today, improvements every day! As previously stated my focus was not working today so I may have made a few errors. Ryan and Jimmy walked through the line after the game introducing me to everyone as the worst player. I need new friends. Dairy Queen came after, since we lost by less than 20 we were allowed to get what Jimmy calls "exotics," aka anything outside a cone or slushy. Hey don't say we don't have pride. I opted for a hot fudge shake and twas tasty. Came back here and wrote my last paper of the year, yeah! Talked to Kale and Patti for a bit and then I had to shower. I think it's a bad sign when you smell yourself.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Done!

2nd day this week of getting up at 11:45 ha I love it. Woke up just in time to meet the girls for lunch. Stacey doesn't have a meal plan anymore so I spent some of my left over money so she could eat. I think I have 20ish dollars left to spend before Friday. Lunch left a lot to be desired, I think we are in serve everything that's left mode...even if it's stale. After lunch we sat outside and played with Brittany's yellow lab puppy. He is real cute, I love dogs. Then I hit up the library to work some more on my final. I decided instead of illustrating the book I would just artsy up the text with some fun effects. Still these things take time. Then off to work. I left for a few minutes to sell back 2 text books for a whopping return of 8 Awesome I feel like there must be something illegal to the way that system works. Anyways back at work I spent the whole time raiding magazines, posters, or anything I could cut up. I was looking for words and pictures to make my book cover with. I have it set up like a writing journal and so I wanted the outside to be a collage. Brent came up after work to help me move some of my heavy things to Justins. Namely my fridge. We got some more stuff out just a little more to go. Nate was at Justin's too so we all just hung out and watched hockey and I pieced together my cover. I came back home and realized there was more I wanted to move but oh well I'll have to do it later. I got my book all put together and I like it a lot, I hope the teacher does too. The presentation is tomorrow so I guess we'll see.

Carrie Out


I just got back from a frustrating tour of Bloomington. Kels and Jess called for me to pick them up from a party but they didn't know how to tell me to get there. Helpful, but no worries I found them and got them home. I couldn't sleep last night I was up till 3 then woke up at 5 dead tired but through a little fighting I feel back to sleep. Class was all about poetry novels and non-fiction today. I love poetry novels, in fact I am writing one for my final project. Actually its all written as of today thanks to Shirk Center working. Now all I have left are the doodles and the cover. After work I sat around waiting for a call to either confirm or cancel our softball game. It was still on. I guess when you are as good as us the rain just can't stop you. Taylor's game was cancelled so I met up with Troy and Beth and rode with them again. It started raining the minute we hit Lincoln, but luckily it never really busted through. It lightly rained the first few innings then stopped all together. Not that it affected our performance, we lost 24-1. But we played a whole game and we SCORED! We have too much fun losing. I spent most of the night messing around with Ryan he was in a funny mood today. I am glad he is home, I miss him in Florida. We hit up DQ post game as always and it was delicous. We spent an hour out front just hanging out and laughing. Drove back to school and hit up the library to print out my poetry book then went to Sean's to meet up with my teammates. Stacey came back from her trip and was here to visit so of course I had to go see her. I can smell myself right now sweat, rain, dirt, shower.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Packing up

I may have gotten up at 11:45 today and it may have been glorious. Apparently I was tired although I didn't go to bed until 2 last night. Anyways first thing I did was head across campus to eat lunch with Hols and Sarah. I thought I was hungry, I wasn't. I settled for the always delicious butterscotch rum muffin. I warmed it up in the microwave, but apparently didn't wait long enough for it to cool. I hate burned tongues. I tried to go to the library on my way back but it was not open yet so back to the dorm I went. I spent the afternoon trying to pick up and pack up a few things. I cleaned out my school stuff and threw away a tote full of paper. I packed one box and most of my posters up. Then it was off to the library to work on school work. I was there for 3 hours typing up some stuff and then working on a group grant. I hate the library. Headed to Justin's when I was done for some dinner. I moved all of the stuff I had packed into his basement as well as all of Kaho's stuff that was still in her car. For dinner we had salad, steak, shrimp, asparagus, and french fries. We didn't really eat much shrimp he just had to cook it before it went bad we threw it in the fridge for later. The rest of the food was mighty tasty though. Kelsey came and hung out for awhile and ate some left overs. We were battling all night in some war game on Xbox. I can't remember the name but it was fun although Kels and I weren't very good. I did kill Justin a few times though and I got better. Now I'm needing to go to sleep only 3 more days of class!

Carrie Out

Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Day

Spent last night at Lys with Brent. We were dog sitting and chilling out good times. Got up this morning for a lil church. I was introduced today to the congregation as the new intern and had to stand up it was awkward. I met Matthew's girlfriend, Rebecca, for the first time today and I must admit I like her. Most of the boys girlfriends do not like me or are trashy. She was already joking around with me and was super nice, I think we can keep her around. After church I ran to Lys to finish packing up my clean laundry and to grab a quick hot dog for lunch. Then it was back to the church to get ready for Jodi's baby shower. Kaylee and Britney came and helped me out decorating and getting everything set up. It was a great shower, all of the girls came and it was fun just to be together. Jodi looked really good but seeing her makes me realize how much I'm going to miss her when she's gone especially when she has the baby and I know I won't get to see him much. Still it was nice to be able to throw her a little party and to help her get a lot of the stuff she needs, plus make her cry from laughing. Sometimes I miss the old days. After clean up and tear down it was time to go help Lys get ready for the youth cookout at her house. I ran some errands and got things set up. Then Brent, Trey, and I went over to check out Ryan's new house. They moved in town yesterday, the house is nice but I'm going to have to get used to it. The funniest part though is that Ry's room has Tonka wall paper and fire engine closet handles, I think they are perfect. Drove Matty, Ry, and Rebecca back to Lys and spent the whole evening just hanging out with the kids and Troy and Beth. It was so much fun, very summery, these are my favorite kinds of nights. When the kids left Ry and I watched a little Jim Gaffigan and laughed hysterically then it was time for me to come back to school. For some reason my calves are aching so to bed to bed I said.

Carrie Out

Saturday, May 23, 2009

U of I

Today was another tired day. I have poor sleeping habits. Got up and made it to the bus on time this morning. I cannot remember the ride, my friends said I fell asleep, my bad. We went to the U of I library,but specifically the childrens literature room. It was awesome! They are sent almost every book that is published every year in the field of children's lit and they just store them in this room. The library majors study them and do the reviews for lit magazines. It was neat to see all that is out there. I have come across so many books I would love to read, too many actually. Lately I have noticed I have a pretty strong addiction to reading books and listening to music, it's weird, or maybe I'm weird. For lunch we had Chipoltle it was tasty. The weather was once againg beautiful so the few minutes we spent walking downtown were enjoyed. Rode back then I ran errands all afternoon. I took back my broken bike lock, bought new sunglasses, and browsed. I dropped some clothes off at Goodwill and checked out their books. They had some books from the Sweet Pickles series I remember reading those all the time at Grandpa and Grandma's. I went to Plato's closet to check out some clothes, I was there for a while but didn't buy anything. Then I met Sarah for a bike ride today we made it all the way out to airport road. Who knew these trails were so cool...or long. Grabbed dinner then went to work. No one else showed up for my shift so that was helpful, not. The rest of the night I have chilled out I've been a little wound all week, I think I needed the relaxation.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Burned Knees

I'm eating Goldfish right now, because well I love a good snack that smiles back. I did not want to get up this morning. I did not get to bed till 2 cause I was talking to Kale which I don't mind but man I was tired when I got up. I made it through class though no worries. We are ont ot Native American literature now, always a good time. We talked to a group of 5th graders from Berwin the second half of class. They were on a college tour, it was sooo funny to see them taking pictures of everything and so excited. After class I did not get lunch but I went straight to work. Work was real real boring today. It was so nice out I just wanted to go out and play. Instead I whittled away 3 hours doing things of which I cannot recall. Work got over and nap time beckoned me, it was necessary. I woke up and went to Shirk to watch the 3 on 3 battle of Hope, Hols, and Sarah vs. some baseball guys. It was entertaining. I shot around for a bit then went on a bike ride to soak up the sun. Which is exactly what happend to the insides of my knee's, they got burnt bright red. How random is that? We grabbed dinner at the cafeteria then I rode a little more, I found a dollar. I was supposed to play intramurals tonight for our friend Brittany but then they had enough players so I didn't have to. I ran back and took a shower then met up with some of the basketball guys and my teammates. We were celebrating because it is the last night most of our seniors are here. We had fun hanging out but now I need some sleep tomorrow I got to be up at 7:30.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wow it has been beautiful all day, even when I woke up. Class was spent on some more Asian readings. I had to give my "book talk" today on a picture book. I did it on "Just the 2 of Us," by Will Smith. The pictures in the book are awesome and I know the words are a song but they still have a great story and meaning behind them. We even got to spend some time outside during class soaking up the sunshine. Yeah out door lit circles...and smoothies. I have become addicted to the smoothies here and am using them to suck up all my left over munch money before school gets out. They are mighty tasty. After class I was free till 3. I grabbed lunch with Hols, Hope, and Sarah. Chicken fingers and fries yummalicious. We chilled out for a bit before they headed to class and I to my room. I spent some time watching TV and took a quick nap before going for a light bike ride before work. Work was real boring today because I had already done all my homework. I spent it watching episodes of The Office online because it's hysterical. After work Sarah met me and we went on yet another biking adventure. This time we found another new path and made it all the way out to Raab rode. It was a brilliant day for a bike ride. Came back grabbed some To-Go at Tommy's then went to Kelsey's. Jessie got home this week so we cooked up some dinner (tortellini) and just hung out. It was fun to be back together. Now it will be fun to go to bed.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Softball

Is it summer yet? Cause it's sure feeling like it and I'm ready to be done with class. Today we read some stuff, big shock I know. We have moved into Asian American literature. I read about Japanese internment camps and baseball. For some reason I have always found that topic interesting. We also had a big discussion on the Americanization of Asian-Americans and how some of them change their name either forced by some one or in an effort to fit in. We started a new novel called "Blue Jasmine," it is about a teenage girl whose father is a biologist and moves to Iowa to work. She leaves her family behind in India and so far it's been a good read. After class I grabbed a quick lunch the ever favorite "breakfast at lunch." It's so good french toast sticks, sausage links, hash browns, and OJ, yum yum. Too bad I ate it in .5 because really I was supposed to be at work, oops! Then it was off to work. I spent it doing homework and being bored. It was so beautiful I wanted to be outside. Walked home and changed then headed to Sondgeroths for the big softball game. They have a rental car a little Yaris we drove it to Lincoln with 5 people in it, we picked up Trey on the way. The game was a blast per usual and we lost 22-0 per usual. I got a lot of kids my age-ish to play so it was enjoyable to be with each other and just have fun. Then we made our post game DQ run which is always delicious. Back at Sondgeroth's Troy helped me "fix" my car. The tailpipe was dragging completely so for now he just took it off, it's in my trunk. Went on a few go cart laps with Taylor then headed back here. I missed the begining of SVU and I'm not too excited about it but what I saw was solid. Two weeks is the finale and some one dies, I can't wait. Lys called and I am OFFICIALLY hired at MCC, yeah! I'm ready to get started....not that I haven't already:)

Carrie Out

Monday, May 18, 2009

Library Visit

Wow I hate 6 am. After a very unrestful and very busy weekend I was not welcoming the morning. I woke up suprisingly awake though and trolled right through my shift. I spent it catching up on some TV shows via the internet. I know I work too hard:) Today for class we took a "field trip" to the Bloomington Public Library. Honestly it was cool I really haven't been in a real library before only school ones. The amount of books was astounding, I want a card there are so many I want to read. Yes yes I am a nerd. We had to listen to the librarian talk for an hour that was a bore. Librarians are strange. The rest of the time was ours to roam around read and just check things over, it was interesting enough. After class I came home and had a little left over Taco Bell burrito. Taco Bell never gets old. I spent the afternoon not doing much, I did take a long nap though. It was necessary I think I had 9 total hours of sleep for the whole weekend, I needed some catch up. At 4 I went on another biking adventure with Sarah. This time we discovered whole new trails. We found a neat one that runs under Veterans all the way out past the Chateau. There's nature back there and every thing who knew? We rode through downtown Normal as well checking out the little shops as we rolled by. We rode for an hour and a half getting a good cardio in. I came back and talked to Troy for a little bit we are trying to round up players for church league softball tomorrow. So far I have 5 players, it's frustrating. Then I went to Justins for dinner we had bratwurts and potatos and sat around and watched "Rookie of the Year," which I must admit is still to this day hilarious. But for now I need to take a shower.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 14, 2009


These weeks seem to drag and fly at the same time. I can't believe I'm almost or well pretty much a senior. I still feel 5...maybe cause I still act like it. Class this morning was spent reading some more Hispanic books. There is this one called "Skippyjon Jones," that I find hilarious for some reason. It's just a funny book. I love that most of the books that are in English have Spanish words thrown in. Makes me wish I was fluent in the language not just knowledgable. Anyways headed to work for the afternoon right after class, grabbed lunch to go at Tommy's and planted myself at the desk. I read the rest of "Naomi Leon," good stuff. After work I headed to the library to get some info for an "author spotlight," I made my group choose Walter D. Myers because well I love his stuff. I was suprised when reading through his list of books I have read a large sum of them. Next I went to Borders. I feel like I could spend days in book stores there is so much to look at. I was doing a survey of the childrens lit section for my class. We had to check out the multicultural books and authors to figure out how available they are mainstream. I didn't find many picture books but they had lots of young adult novels about all kids of cultures. Sarah and I had made plans to hit the Constitution Trail so I met up with her and off we rode. It was a beautiful day out and the nature twas lovely. There were these milk cartons hanging on trees with something yellow in them (anyone know what they are?) we decided they were dragon feeders. After an hour ride we met Hope and Holly for dinner it was gross. I rode around some more after dinner cause it was so nice out. I had discovered earlier my bike lock was broke so I pretend locked it up then went to WalMart. I had nothing pressing to do so I browsed the store and checked out the books there too exciting. Now I am a little tired and feeling like laying down.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am Awesome

Last night I was awesome. Kelsey locked her keys in her room at her apartment (she's dumb) and we couldn't get them out. We tried prying the door open, picking the lock, and even removing the door knob. Finally I got tired of it and decided to whip out my SVU skills. I kicked the door right in didn't break anything. I'm pretty cool, good thing I watch Detective Stabler do it all the time, it really prepared me. Anyways then we went to see "Ghost's of Girlfriend's Past," it was funny I enjoyed it. Woke up to a light drizzle this am and walked on to class. We are now studying Hispanic literature, whoo hoo. The class is really interesting I love reading the books from the different cultures, it's neat. It monsooned while we were in class ocean's of rain fell. Lucky for us though it wasn't raining when we left class. I spent the afternoon doing busy work. First I filled out, addressed, and put stamps on all my invitations for the baby shower. Then I transfered a list of contacts into my email account. For my job at the church I am in charge of our summer softball team I put all the players in one group so getting out messages will be a cinch, it just took a long time to do. Then it was off to work, only today I didn't really work. I did for an hour then we had pick-up. My friend Jodi from ISU came and played with us so we could have 10 players. It was so hot and humid in the gym today it was crazy. After playing I quick showered then went to the library to work on a group project. Coach Thomas called so I talked to him for a bit which was nice. The rest of the night has been spent reading "Becoming Naomi Leon" for class, it's a good book, but I am kinda a nerd.

Carrie Out

Monday, May 11, 2009


Apparently I have taken some time off from blogging. You must pardon my distractedness. With the lack of scheduled evening activities it has been a free for all and well writing hasn't taken the front. Anyways yesterday was a good day it really made me want it to be summer. Went home for church in the morning. Ryan came home yesterday so I'm pretty excited and want to be home to hang with him. I spent the service sitting between Ry and Matty, bad idea. We spent more time talking and being dorks then listening, I guess we missed each other. Went to Sunday school then spent the afternoon at home chilling. Then off to Tremont for Mother's Day festivities, always a good time. It was a nice day out too, minus the 10 minute of rain. Anyways it was great to see everybody and just relax...oh and eat food, I was hungry. Came back and hung out with Matty, Ry, Trey, and Meggi doing absolutely nothing of worth but loving it. It got me psyched for summer as well. I awoke this morning at the ripe ol' time of 5:30. 6 am shift how I loathe thee. It was FREEZING cold in the Shirk center this morning. I don't really know why but it was crazy. People were skipping their morning workouts because it was sooo cold. I was walking around to avoid frostbite and falling asleep. I found warmth in the locker room and then took a light slumber on the couch, Shirk is dead from 6-8am. Got off at 9 and headed to class. We were read like 4 books today it was awesome. We also got to go outside and read which was nice. After class I am not sure what I did. I was tired I probably sat around maybe took a nap. Went to the park in the afternoon to do my homework aka read a book and do some writing. It was enjoyable. Then I went on a nice long walk downtown because I could. I found the best rock ever...then I forgot it at Justins. Went to Justins for steaks on the grill, yum. Spent the evening hanging out and eating with him and Kaho. We were watching the Blackhawks game, I am tired so I left after the 2nd period. I wonder how it ends?

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 07, 2009

May Term

Ahh back to school. I actually came back Tuesday but just didn't write, oops! My May term class I am taking is called Multicultural Children's Literature. My advisor is actually the teacher, she's a nice lady. I go to class from 9-12, that's a long time to focus, luckily she gives us a 20 minute break. I'm thinking this class is pretty sweet so far. We read children's books everyday for half the class. Picture books, pop-up books, ABC books, anything, it's awesome. Yesterday I was bored at work and read one of the 2 novels we have for that class and it was good too. Everyday we are read aloud to as well, I like it. We even are taking 2 field trips. I feel like I'm in grade school again ha! I am also working 15 hours a week at Shirk. So far I am finding myself insanely bored but as mentioned reading books. It may actually be a good thing, it will force me to do the readings. I even took notes on our textbook today, I don't read textbooks. I am a bit worn out right now. Tonight 6 of my teammates and I went to the DoubleTree Hotel and babysat for children of some kind of Bromen Hospital employees. Our assisstant Coach Tasha works there and asked if we'd help. So from 4:45-8:30 the 7 of us watched and wrangled about 25 kids from infants to 11 year olds. They were fun and we were enjoying chasing them around and playing with them. Plus we got a free dinner. Free food and kids, what's not to love! But as previously stated I am a bit tired so to bed I said.

Carrie Out