Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Party

I thought I wrote last night, hmm? Well anyways last night I went home then went Christmas shopping with Mom. We got lots done but my legs were tired. I ended up staying home last night then heading back for practice this morning. Practice was killer today all up and down the floor it was tiring. We made it through my legs are a lil achy. After practice I was planning on going home. I was supposed to hang out with Ryan tonight. That was cancelled due to a small nuisance I like to call snow. I love snow just not on days when I have places to go. In result I spent the afternoon putzing around the room. I did get the pleasure of talking to some old friends on Facebook though, that was nice. We had a Christmas party at Coach Smith's tonight. I was informed an hour before I left that I was supposed to have a white elephant gift. I collected things around my room I never use and threw them in a box. I then wrapped it like 5 times and duct taped it. It was throughly enjoyed. The trip there was quite the excursion Holly drove but the roads were covered and the windshield wouldn't stay defrosted. I was elected to get out at every stop and scrape the windshield. Lucky me. Dinner was fun everyone came even all the Coaches. We had ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, lil smokies, fruit salad, candied apples, and red velvet cake. It was quite the spread and very tasty. The gift exchange was funny and the whole night enjoyable. The trek back wasn't as bad whatever had been falling from the sky had stopped. The rest of the night was dedicated to a secret project and some tv. Tomorrow we have practice in the morning and a JV game at night, should be a fun day.

Carrie Out

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Friends are Home!!

We won our game last night by 17 then we went to a teammates house for dinner. Chicken and spinach lasagna yums. Her parents got us these Christmas popper things with prizes and a crown in them they were funny and fun to play with. We we got back I went home. I played with the dog and watched Christmas cartoons. This morning I got up and went to church for the Christmas cantata. It was real good I love our church. More exciting though Ryan was home! I have been counting down the days and I finally got to see him, awesome. Lauren was home too it was great to see her. After spending every day with them this summer not seeing them since August has been rough. It was nice to see everybody, even if it was briefly. I went to Sunday school and hung out with my kids then went home and chilled. Brent and I made bacon for lunch and I spent the afternoon reading the paper and watching a slim and scary Jets victory. Tonight the high school had their Christmas party. Lys woke up with the flu so last minute Matt, Lauren, and I were in charge. We ended up with a group of 30 and got everyone safely from place to place for progressive dinner. It was awesome to get to hang out with Matt and Lauren. We had our annual race to the Logsdons for dessert, best dessert ever you want to be first. The only rule is that you must drive the speed limit. I held on to my title for the 2nd year in a row by narrowly defeating Matthew, he cried, its rough being the winner:) Got back dropped the kids off then ran by Lys real quick to tell her how everything went and to make sure she didn't need anything . I planned on staying home tonight but in caution of bad weather I came back to school for practice in the a.m. I hope it doesn't last long Ryan and Lauren are supposed to come up and meet me for lunch tomorrow and I miss them already.

Carrie Out

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am done with school for now, what a relief. We had paper presentations in education this morning for an hour which was extremely boring but now I am free. Came back to my room and slept I was way tired. By the way stupid lady that made me move all my stuff for room checks never came to check my room. Irratating. Then I went to work for 2 hours, actually I got paid to watch Scrooged which I rented on the lap top, it was pretty sweet. I forgot I had to write letters for my education class to the students families I worked with so I spent the afternoon doing that and talking to Nikkie on the phone. Mailed my letters then sold back my books I made a whopping 82$ back around 300 less than I spent. Rip-off. Went to practice which was not too bad at all, we even got out a little early. Took a quick shower then met some of my friends from small group for dinner at FlatTop. We had quite the wait so we walked around in the stores until it was over. The food was delicious I had never eaten there before. We sat around and talked then decided we would go to ColdStone since one of the girls had a gift card there. The five of us split a quart, smart money decision, and very tasty. I came back here and went over to hang out with the team they were decorating for Christmas and you know how I love that:) Tomorrow we have a game in the Chi then I am going home!! I am very excited not only to leave but Ryan comes home tomorrow!!!!

Carrie Out

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost Done

I'm kind of frustrated right now. I had to move all of my stuff out of the extra closet and dresser so it can be checked tomorrow. It's really annoying. I have to do this in case I get a roommate for second semester. I do not want one at all and don't want to worry about all that crap again. Just moving my stuff has made me mad. Okay done with that moving on. I didn't go to bed till around 2 last night so I got up around 11:30. I did some last minute things in my room then headed to the cafeteria. I wasn't very hungry I settled for Mini-Wheats in some soy milk. Then I sat outside my classroom and studied for quite awhile until my philosophy test. It wasn't too bad I felt as if I knew the answers but her grading can be shifty, who knows. The test was 3 pages of questions and then 9 short answers, 2 short essays, and 1 long essay. Took me ten pages front and back just to do all the writing, talk about hand cramps. When I was done I ran to the bookstore to buy an envelope for my creative writing portfolio. I also traded in one of my books for a whole 12 dollars, nice. All I had to do was turn in my portfolio then I was free until practice. Practice was ok no battles today which was nice. Went to Justin's for dinner. Apple-cinnamon pancakes, sausage, and hashbrowns, yummy. I like home cooked foods. Came back and went to the library real quick to print off some papers. After 10 am tomorrow I will be officially done with the semester, hurray!!!

Carrie Out

Papers Done!!

I think I fell asleep around 5 am this morning and then woke up for my final at 7:30, restful...not. I don't know why I couldn't sleep. Today marked the last day of Chemistry. This day couldn't have come any sooner. The test although administered at 8 am was not that bad at least I don't think so now. Only time will tell. I was beyond tired so I tried to sleep before work, I wasn't too successful. At work I am really not sure what I did, studied about 10 minutes of philosophy before I got bored. Hit up the ol cafeteria for some lunch. A meatless taco concoction via me and some CornPops with Soy Milk. I like Soy Milk tastes vanillay. Walked to the library in the cold pulled, actually found a free computer, and pulled out all my materials to start writing the last of 7 papers. Then I realized I did not have the assignment sheet which told me what points my research paper was supposed to hit. That was the end of my stay in the library. I came back to my room where I was far to distracted to do much of anything, I get like that. I got 2 pages of my paper done talked to some friends from Lincoln and chatted with Lauren. Then I went to practice the first hour was supposed to be film. It turned into a big arguement between us and the coaches. They were making mean comments and just being really negative. I give the upper classmen props for standing up to them and in return some things changed. We then only practice for an hour and coach was sure to compliment trying to make everyone like her again. It was just real odd. Grabbed a quick dinner a fast shower, then it was back to work on my paper. I got it all done in time for work at 10. At work I studied some philosophy and talked to Lys on te phone. I am beyond ready to go home. I miss my dog, and my Christmas tree, I really just want to see my friends. Now I must be off my last test is tomorrow and it could be harsh!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Library, my new friend

Is this week over yet? Seriously I am beyond ready to be done. Crazy thing is I haven't even taken a test yet. I guess it's just the preparation that is draining. I didn't get up until 11:15 today and I didn't feel bad about it I hadn't been sleeping well. Not good for a week of tests I needed to catch up. Went to work at 12 where I studied a little chemistry. Grabbed a quick lunch to go then met Holly Kelson in the library. That place has been beyond packed in the last 2 weeks. 4 floors and you're lucky to find one spare seat let alone a table. We were informed of a secret study room on the fourth floor in the tech lab by one of my teammates. Much to our luck it was free. We then proceeded to spend 2 hours going over each of our old tests and working problems on the board. Hopefully I can retain all that knowledge for tomorrow at 8 am. I calculated my grade and will end up with a C. I merely have to score over a 50% and I retain my grade. After studying I moved to a computer to research for my education paper. I think I got all the information I need now I just need to write it. Hopefully that happens tomorrow. Went to Justin's for dinner. Chicken breast, hashbrowns, garlic bread, and noodles, tasty. We watched a Garfield Christmas, another great one. Just for some more Holiday spirit I watched the Paula Dean cookie swap, I love Food Network. Studied some more then headed out. Much to my joy it had snowed again. I love snow, I don't love driving in it. The merest accumulation throws my boat into a spin. It's soo hard to drive, I think I need some back weight, or new tires. Now some more studying tomorrow is the big show.

Carrie Out

Monday, December 08, 2008

Reading Day!

Ahh reading day, a day of no classes but many a finals preparation. Woke up for glorious practice at 8 am. Not too early but early enough that the wind shield was still frozen and in need of a scrape. Practice wasn't too bad it wasn't te games and prizes we were told it would be though. Crazy coach. A quick shower, little nap, and light lunch followed. I then proceeded to work in the library for 2 hours of fun. My hard work was interrupted by friends coming in and out and talking to me though, dang distractions. At 3 I had to go to review for my philosophy final. I just have no interest in that class hopefully I do okay. After an hour review I grabbed a quick snack of a Gatorade and popcorn on my way back to the library. I worked for an hour more and successfully completed my entire creative writing portfolio. Two short stories, two poems, and an artists statement. Done, done, and done. It's a nice feeling but I still have a research paper due Friday I haven't started. Dropped my books off at my room then headed to the cafeteria to eat with my teammates. It was a welcome break from an afternoon of work, we had fun as usual. Tonight I have accomplished little of academic worth. I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas which I love, it was as good as ever. A few minutes Jingle All the Way the best worst acting ever, and some Intervention then I was out. Tonight was Encounter's Christmas service at the campus house. It was decorated with candles and white lights and the whole service was acoustic Christmas hymns and scripture reading. We took some communion as well it was a pretty service. Hung out with the crew then its back to dorm sweet dorm. I have no finals tomorrow just lots of studying and hopefully some paper work to do.

Carrie Out

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Carrie the Carpenter

Woke up and went and picked up Stacie for church this morning at Jacob's Well. The church looks so pretty, they decorated it for Christmas last night. It was a communion service today which was nice, different than communion at home though. Some of the adults from the church made all the college students little goody bags for finals. It was really nice of them and full of yummys and a pencil, I always need a pencil. Came back just in time for brunch, I stole some kiwi's from the caf too:) Before work I watched football while reading my chemistry book and did some laundry. I was very happy I got mayo on my new travel suit yesterday which cost a lot, I thought it would stain, but thanks to a Tide stick it did not! At work I was determined to start on finals paper number 2. I read a few chapters of the book they were over then started in. I got half done at work, came back put away laundry, then finished the second half. Paper #2 done in just around 2 1/2 hours of work. When I was done I went and met Kelsey. She had decided to get me a present for my birthday/Christmas combined and needed me to try it on. She bought me a really nice North Face fleece from Dicks, I made her put it in a box and keep it. I'll open it closer to Christmas:) Then we hit up Taco Bell for dinner, love it. Target was our last stop I wanted some boots, they are like Ugz but wayyyy cheaper. They were just what I was looking for. We hurried back to her apartment to watch Brothers & Sisters, now I'm just upset that I have to wait until January for the next episode. While at her apartment I also built an entertainment center, a decent sized one. I was proud of myself, pretty much a carpenter.

Carrie Out


I didn't come back at a decent enough hour to write last night. Friday was filled with work and sleeping, pretty unproductive. During my last shift I had to leave and go pick up Kaho and Justin because their car broke down. I made it back just in time for practice. Practice wasn't too bad it was even a decent 2 hours which was appreciated. Showered then headed to Justin's, we ordered some Avanti's for dinner and sat around and watched Christmas movies. Claymation Christmas was on youtube, I was beyond excited. Then we went and got a Christmas tree. We decided on a fake one which we then assembled and I decorated. What can I say I have a gift. Got up this morning to head to Maryville for basketball. It was a 3 1/2 hour bus ride to Missouri. I slept the most the way there so it went fast. The game was tight and nerve racking but we won by 10. The bus ride home was ridiculous. The speakers in the back were blown and were turned all the way up. Hours of blaring white noise. Then when our movie got over bus driver turned on the radio which equaled out to static. We were all sitting taking bets on when the colored DVD oval that shows up when you leave a movie on was gonna hit the corner of the screen. Finally we got the bus driver to turn it and the radio off and the team then decided it would be funny to sing Christmas carols. My knowledge of lyrics shocked them, Christmas is my passion. We got back around 8:30 then we went out for Hope's birthday. It was a crazy and eventful evening but I have made it back whole, now I shall sleep.

Carrie Out

Friday, December 05, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!

So I have this problem this week. I cannot sleep. I was up till 4 this morning doing nothing. I am on an antibiotic for my bronchitis, I think it wires me. I just can't calm down...even worse than usual:) Got up this morning for my LAST chem class, magnificent. We did a little review and asked some questions. Now if I can just pass next weeks final it will be awesome. Came back to the room and fielded some emails. The Christmas survey one got me excited, I love Christmas. Watched some Home Improvement then had a quick luncheon. Last creative writing today as well. That makes me sad I loved that class. We did an excercise where everyone makes up a rule such as "the line must have the same word in it twice" and then passes their sheet around the room and everyone writes a line and folds it over so the next person can't see it. It was highly entertaining and the resulting poems were hysterical. Philosophy was some more learning...boring. I played parachutes on my IPOD. Then it was off to practice we were supposed to go 4-6 we got out at 7. We ended up taking team pictures (one of the photographers flashes busted right in the middle it sounded like a gun shot), and then having to scrimmage some boys. We ended practice with everyones favorite, running. Dinner was a quick grilled cheese then it was a shower and out. We had a small group Christmas party out at Ben and Jo's. It was lots of fun hanging out and the food was delicious. On the way home my car saw 2 of the most maginificent displays of Christmas lights ever. I chalk it up to a Christmas miracle. One had every plastic figure you could imagine covering every inch of their yard. The tin soldiers were guarding Jesus the penguins were dancing with santa, it was beautiful. In our search for this house we stumbled upon an even better one. Its neon glow was seen down the street. I can't even begin to describe it, it was just amazingly awesome. Anyone who comes to Bloomington must see it. Pictures coming soon, although they won't do it justice. Now I must attempt to sleep.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Movie Marathon

Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a dreaded term paper. I am feeling relieved today...that is until I face tomorrow and realize I have 2 more to write:) Today was my last day at BJHS for the semester. I may get the same students next semester or they may switch us. I know my girls want me back but I think I may like experiencing new kids. At work this morning I read the new Sports Illustrated and listened to Christmas music, ha. Class wasn't too bad it was the last one of the semester for MW classes. I was only in lab for a few minutes we just had to check out our equipment and do teacher evaluations. My lab teacher was awesome so I actually got to write down nice things. It was my day off from practice so the afternoon embraced some finals work. I planned on doing my paper only the internet in my room wouldn't work. So I trekked to the library with intentions to work there. It was far too busy for my ADD I printed off the things I needed from the internet and left. I made myself focus in my room no tv, no internet, just work. I had to take some breaks between writing for stretching and hall way jogging, my brain gets tired. None the less I got it done and I feel good about it. Went to Justin's for dinner, yummy. Pork loin, potatos, and corn & asparagus. We watched and made fun of Rudolph then baked some cookies. Then we watched Christmas Vacation, hilarious, and ate cookies and ice cream. The snow had once again blessed us with its presence so I got to scrape my windshield before heading to work. Here I have watched Elf, worked on some homework, and talked to Matt, Ryan, and Lauren on facebook. I can't wait for them to get home but for now I need to put away weights!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Passed!!!

Didn't write last night couldn't force myself to focus and do it. Yesterday was fine made it to BJHS with only minimal trouble on the snowy roads. Class was boring but survivable. Practice was nothing too fancy. I did run into Mr. Swanson (my high school history teacher) and got to catch up with him. He was one of my favorites for sure. I was up half the night coughing last night it was annoying. Got up for some exquisite chem today. Actually it was good and the reasons are 2 fold: 1. I PASSED my test!!! I was so very relieved after the goings as of late. Actually I was a mere point away from a B. 2. I found out that my chem grade is a compilation of my lab grades and classroom grades. I have an A in lab which means I am in no danger of failing or even getting a D. I quite possibly could earn a B overall. Who'd a thunk it:) Ate some Easy Mac then headed to work where I read the paper and listened to Christmas music. I uploaded my favorite Christmas CD's onto my IPOD so they accompany me everywhere. Creative writing was workshopping and out early. I was starving after class so I meal exchanged for a PB & J and some popcorn, yums. Philosophy was uber boring today too many laborious notes. We had a game tonight. We won by 27 or something. I played a little had 4 points, a few rebounds, and assists. I don't know why but I play well in games but can't get going in practice too much, it's usually the other way. Ate dinner at the Dugout with the team, they are pretty down Coach has been on their case a lot lately. We blow out win but after her speeches it feels like we lost, weird. Worked on my BJHS log tonight for finals and talked to Coach Wilson for a bit. Now it's medicine time!

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I win!

Wow I have been MIA for awhile, but in action I have been. Break (or what I had of one) flew by way too fast. It was filled with practice, coughing my lungs out, driving back and forth, and some lovely Holiday fun. Thanksgiving at Browns was joyous as always. I love food, playing with my babies, football, my family, and the fact that Christmas season has officially begun...even though I began celebrating a few weeks ago. And today I woke up to the sight of a beautiful first snow, minus the fact it made getting anywhere a hassle. We had 9 am practice this morning which ruined anyway of going to church. This bummed me out because I once again missed out on seeing Lauren, minus the fact that practice made my chest burn and I was a bit dizzy. After practice we went to a service/tree dedication in the quad for one of the men's basketball players who was killed this summer in a rafting accident. I didn't know him but we went as a team it was a nice service. Walking across campus it felt like we were in Narnia, magical. Then we went out for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was delicious and a lot of fun minus the fact that the Packers game was on and they lost. Hung out at a teammates house then headed to Shirk to watch the boys play. And here's the exciting part of my day, I won 200 dollars. They Student-Athlete committee decided to have halftime contests at the games this year. Every student at the game is entered then names are drawn. You have 20 seconds to make a layup, free throw, and 3-pointer and if you make them all you get 200$ to the bookstore and take a half-court shot for 500$. You shoot a mens ball at the mens game and womens at ours. I made all my shots with time to spare and barely missed my halfcourter, 200 dollars should cover about half my books for next semester and I got a 10$ gift certificate to a campus restaurant, awesome. The rest of the day has been spent in the room worn out. I wrote a paper, watched the Jets lose, and then watched a Christmas Story and Elf. My head hurts from coughing I need to lay down.

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sore Throat

I don't feel good...boo. The weekend was alot of fun. We won both of our games, got to eat some good food, and just hang out. I was apparently the weekend entertainment, what can you do:) We got back around 10:00 last night but I didn't write because we had a house party. The boys basketball team came over and well it was crazy. I enjoy watching drunk people, they can down the alcohol. I on the other hand had one glass of champaign for our toast and that was it, still it was fun. Got back around 2ish and went to bed. Got up this morning with a sore throat and headed to church. Stacie came and picked me up this time our friends Travis and Ray went with us. Service was good, I wish practice didn't conflict with it all the time. We talked to Pete for a bit after service his birthday was yesterday and he was telling us all about it. I have never seen a man so proud of new shoes. We left and decided we were gonna go out for some warm drinks. Much to our dismay Fusion Brew was closed. We opted for Coffee Hound. Not as good in my opinion, far fewer choices, too much coffee. I settled for some hot chocolate, it was decent, but the company made it worth it. My throat was killing me when I got back so I downed some warm mint tea and watched the Jets own the Titans. It was good stuff. Then off to work. I reviewed Chemistry, drank apple cinnamon tea and caught some more football. I am real nervous about this next test on Tuesday. After work I felt even more like crap I hadn't eaten all day so I made myself eat a bowl of soup. I wanted to do my laundry but the machines have been full all afternoon. Now it is 7 and I am going to bed: 1 because I don't feel good 2 because I have 6am and 4pm practice tomorrow on top of a full day of classes.

Carrie Out

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Opening Weekend

Can I just tell you how much I wish I was going on Thanksgiving break tomorrow like all my friends at ISU? I am just ready to be done with this semester. I didn't have chem today so I may have slept until noon. Okay I did sleep until noon. Got up and grabbed lunch then hit up class. I got a card from aunt Lynn today, it was much appreciated! Mail makes my day. We workshopped stories today in creative writing and just kind of messed around. Philosophy was had today and was boring. I think I spent it drawing in my notebook. Off to practice. We don't do much on the day before games. We leave tomorrow for our opening tournament somewhere by St. Louis. I will never touch the floor but I hope it will be fun. We even got out of practice early today, no objection here. Went to dinner at the cafeteria, vegetarian lasagna, delicious. Showered then packed my gear for the weekend. Went to the Campus House around 8 for prayer time. We are way short on finances so we doing a Holiday donation fundraiser of sorts in an attempt to help. Kelsey C. and I were craving some Fusion Brew when we were done so that is just where we headed. It was tasty. Came back and had worship and fellowship with the guys before our small group. It was more of a get things off your chest night but still good. Now I need to get ready for bed and the weekend that awaits.


I had planned on going to bed earlyish last night...then Ashley called. We get a bit out of hand and a quick phonce call results in a a long conversation over an hour. Oh well it was a needed catch up. BJHS wasn't bad today I helped my girl come up with a topic for a persuasive paper. It was on some "Twilight" book series never read it apparently it's pretty big. Education class was all discussion not too bad. I had a bad and frustrating few hours in the afternoon. My chemistry lab was not hard today the report sheet was. I could not understand it. I got back my chemistry quiz I failed again. I don't know what to do I studied for a week, I did flashcards, I thought I knew the information. It really really frustrates me when I try all I can and still am sub par. I am now pulling a D in that class. I have hardly ever gotten B's and would be more than happy with a C, but a D, I don't even know how to deal with that. I was on edge and just left lab early deciding to finish my report sheet later. I just needed out of that enviroment. I went to practice angry and not wanting to be there. My teammates made me laugh and the exercise made me feel so much better. I left practice actually being glad I went. Hurried through a shower and dinner then headed to the Campus House. It was James 5 night (in reference to the verse). All of the girls went to Ben and Jo Miller's house and talked life. It was interesting. Meredith, Kelsey C., and I actually ended up staying for 2 hours after everyone else left just talking and laughing with Jo. I didn't even know it but I definately needed that, it was very refreshing. It is now almost one and I just got in but I am feeling better so that's all that matters. I don't have class till 1 tomorrow any ways.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Evening

Ahh I am in the midst of enjoying an evening of no where to go and no one to meet. It's peaceful. My Chemisty quiz went okay today, at least I think it did. I knew it all, then the paper was put in front of my face and my mind blanked. I did recieve a gift today though, no class on Thursday! Had about an hour until work I spent it finishing it up my creative writing essay. Had some cheese potato soup from home for lunch, warming Works flavor of the day was watching Brett Favre clips on NFL network. He's just so awesome. Creative writing was suprisingly boring today. We just discussed and were shown how to incoporate research into creative non-fiction. I got a pleasant suprise afterwards, NO Philosophy!!! Yeah for not wasting 75 more minutes of my life. My body was exhausted so I gladly rested up until practice watching a little Spongebob. Practice was weird today. It was just very low gear and slow, it seemed like it took forever. It was hard to do too much though. We have to practice on the rec courts this week because we are hosting volleyball nationals. It is loud and there are people on and off of the rec courts, it's hard to focus. We went to dinner at the caf. Beef brisket and french onion soup, not to shabby. The rest of the night has been spent on doing homework and just relaxing, I like it.

Carrie Out

Neverending Practice

Wow should be sleeping right now. Honestly my sleep habits have got out of hand lately, bad choices. Woke to go to the ol BJHS. We worked on some math, a little science, and a reading worksheet. I shadowed in reading class. I think shadowing is soooo boring, shh it's secret. Gave our presentation in Education class today, it took the whole block. I don't think we did bad and everyone got their stuff done so that was relieving. Had 2 hours before practice. I read a 30 page article and answered 10 questions about it for philosophy. Five pages later and it was done. I was tired so I squeaked in a nap then headed to the gym. Practice was supposed to be at 5, it got moved up to 4:45. It was supposed to end at seven it ended at 7:30. We thought we were done. We thought wrong. We then had a 30 minute "core" circuit with the trainer. This means medicine balls, exercise balls, and all sorts of movements that make your abs burn. I had just enough time to eat and shower before Encounter. Service was really good today. It kept my full attention and I was even tired. The sermon was especially good tonight it was on loving God. Hung out talked to some people then walked back with my new walking crew, the kids in the band, Pete, Kelsey C. and a few others. I like talking to them. Didn't lounge around the campus house I left right away. Had to get some gas my light has been all day just didn't have the time. Now I have been working on my 5 page creative writing essay which is due tomorrow...good choices. Chem quiz tomorrow, wish me luck, hopefully the flash cards help!

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I took the weekend off...my bad. Lets pick up where we left off.

Friday: Morning practice was killer. It wouldn't have been bad on a normal day but on a less then 12 hour turnaround following a marathon practice on Thursday, wow. Our legs were dead and our minds were tired. I think I pulled in like 3 hours of sleep, not good. Worked all the day long and actually got some homework done. I even made flash cards to study for my next chem test. Now that's something I've never done, maybe I can pass this time. All free time between work was spent napping and running errands. Went to one of my teammates house to hangout and have some pizza. They were babysitting the trainers dog, it is a questionable decision to leave your pet with us. I don't think it will be the same dog when they get it back. Then we all headed downtown to the hockey game. We went to support our teammate who sold tickets to fund raise for the global medical brigade. We had fun hanging out and my first ever hockey game, not bad, borderline entertaining, but I didn't see a fight. Next I headed to the campus house my small group was having a sleepover. It was out of control we played dumb games and laughed ridiculously most of the time. After much fun I checked out at 3:30 am.

Saturday: I slept for well 5 hours, another poor sleeping decision. We had been given a great gift a whole weekend off from basketball practice. I got up and headed to Grandma's. First we went to Morton I hadn't seen Sam and Clay for too long visitation was necessary. We had fun running around and playing, I don't think he could be any cuter. Lynn and Richard came over too, it was great to see them. Rich kept pestering me, suprise suprise. Overall it was a nice visit, good choice Carrie. After lunching at Taco Bell, yum, it was back to Grandma's. I put up her Christmas tree. I know I know you're thinking it's way early but it is the only weekend I will have free for forever. It was now or never and I had already declared it Christmas time so it worked for me. I got it all put up and decorated. Grandma told me it was one of the prettiest ones she's ever had, I called myself the Christmas Elf she said I was the Christmas Angel. Hahahah, Grandma's sucking up. I had fun decorating though and it did look nice. The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out, doing my laundry, and actually writing a paper, relieving. When I got ready to leave my car wouldn't start. Apparently I left my interior lights on, dead battery. We called Ron and Kip to come help neither were home. Considering they are the only men I know in Tremont I was almost stuck, until Ron got home shortly thereafter and came and fixed it right up. Thanks Ron! Uncle Kip is old and frail he wouldv'e been a tough choice anyways:) Went home then to Peoria with the parents to do a little shopping. I am looking for new Puma's my shoes are old and torn up. My trip was unsuccessful.

Sunday: Got up and headed to church, it was good to be home. I like the church here its just not home. Service was good and Chris's sermon actually was decent. It was nice to see some people and catch up. I went to Sunday School, Toby was teaching, I miss that man, he cracks me up. Watched some football (The Packers finally played well and against the Bears, double victory), played with the dog, and then headed back to school to work. I spent my time studying my flash cards, I think I got them under control. After work I put away laundry and cleaned up my room, that hasn't happend in a while. I had to go pick up Ryan Hopp and bring him to school to work on our group presentation for education class. He drives me crazy, still doesn't have his part done and it's been assigned for 2 months. He lives off campus had left his car at school and somehow got home last night although he doesn't know how. Boys. After our meeting I went to Dick's to see Kelsey. It was some kind of employee discount day so she wanted me to come in and see if I wanted anything and she could get it cheap for me. I didn't find anything but I did get to see Amber, so that was good. I hit up T.J. Max on the way home to check for Pumas, none in my size. The rest of the night was spent on dinner, homework, and Brothers & Sisters. I am going to bed now to try and get some adequate rest.

Carrie Out

Thursday, November 13, 2008


5:15 it comes early, good choice Carrie. I have practice early in the am so I'll try to be quick. Chemistry was chemistry confusing and boring. I was tired so apparently fell asleep for the entire hour and half break between classes. Ate lunch and was gravely disappointed. It was supposed to be nacho bar according to the menu. I LOVE nacho bar...let down. My choices were pasta, pasta, and more pasta. I settled for a grilled cheese. Creative writing was enjoyable as always, Philosophy was dumb. Hurried off to practice for 2 and 1/2 hours of fun. It was crazy. We scrimmage some guys today and Coach Cusac. He has itty bitty bird legs but is insanely quick. Practice was definately tiring. We sprinted to the cafeteria to eat Thanksgiving feast before it closed. It was very tasty turkey and all the fixings. I even ate some sweet potato pie not bad. We sat around enjoying our food and laughing real hard. Headed to the library to do some homework for education class then finally hit the shower. Loaded up and went to the Campus House for Thursday night worship and small group. I was tired when I got there but the atmosphere just gets me all jacked up. It was fun and apparently we are having a sleep over tomorrow, exciting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas I'm Excited

I am currently at work. I have spent my two hours on the clock watching old Disney Christmas cartoons via Youtube. It is pretty much amazing, all my favorites. Tonight it was Donalds Snow fight and the whole Disney's Christmas Gift Special. I have this odd issue, the right side of my jaw and teeth ache. Like I got hit in the face...only I didn't. It throbs at night and is hard to sleep with. Went to BJ this morning we studied history terms, now that interests me. Then I worked an hour before heading to lunch. Chicken strips and corn on the cob yummers. Education class was entertaining today, we did this demonstration where some of us were blindfolded and given a piece of paper. We had to try and make what our partner was telling us too but we couldn't see or ask questions. I must say I make an awesome blinded paper fan. Off to lab we synthesized asprin, no idea what that means but hey I did it. Worked on my education powerpoint right up until I had to come to Shirk. No practice tonight just weight form with the trainer then game film. Coach baked us peanut butter brownies, yeah snacks. Mom called and tried to talk me into switching the day we had Christmas. Nu uh No Way Never Gonna Happen. I am very set in my Christmas ways. Went to Justin's for dinner again he said if Mom was going to change Christmas then she would need to contact the calendar people. Roast and the fixings, love it it was good. We watched Get Smart tonight very funny. Then I came here, now I must go pick up weights.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas has Begun:)

11:45 and all is well. I had plans of getting in earlier than this...fail. Woke up to dreary rain and blustery cold, makes for a pleasant walk to my favorite class in the world. This just in I hate Chemistry. It wasn't too painful today at least just notes and naming alkenes, I'll so use that in the real world. Had an hour before work, spent it watching some TV and reading. At work today I watched Richard Scarry's Busytown on youtube. I loved that show as a kid, still enjoy it. I also watched Disney's original Once Upon a Christmas special. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I have already declared it Christmas season for myself, so excited. Off to creative writing, we got in a big debate today over the genre of creative non-fiction and what should and shouldn't be labeled that way. Kept my attention for the most part. Philosophy is all about evil in the world lately, it's not too bad. We read Job today, finally a story I know. Sprinted off to practice, it was a long one today, 2 1/2 hours of joy. Actually I improved so that was nice I got down our press rotation which I had been struggling with. I look a lot better live than in breakdowns because there is more movement and places where I can make up for what I don't know. After practice I went to Justins for dinner, steak and hashbrowns, that's some nice food right there. I was tired so I chilled on the floor for a long time, then we decided to go to Walmart so he could get groceries for the week...and cookiedough. I baked some cookies and then we watched "Kung Fu Panda" it was funny and we all know I enjoy cartoons.

Carrie Out

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ahh Mondays, I have felt completely unmotivated and unable to start anything today. Got up and went to BJ. I was getting irratated with one of my girls she is never truthful about what work she has to do. I don't know how to help her when she won't even tell me what homework she has. Anyways I didn't have to shadow today because it was their semester party or something. It was much appreciated. This left me with a solid 2 hours of free time until my next class. I negelected to do nothing besides lay on my bed huddled up in the nest I had built. My room is a bit frigid the heat is on, I believe but it is all but trickling out. This leads me to spend most of my time under three blankets in sweats to stay warm. Grabbed a quick lunch of grilled cheese then off to class. We discussed sexual tolerance, at least it wasn't boring. Seeing as that was my only class of the day unmotivated me bummed around the room until practice. I couldn't get going there either, which was frustrating. Coach always divides our teams up into starters, sophmores, and first years and then doesn't understand why the same team always wins. Duh! Left practice 45 minutes early because I had to go to a school board meeting in Le Roy for education class. My friend Ryan H. drove, it was an adventure seeing as we didn't know exactly where we were going nor were the printed off directions we had correct. But we made it. The meeting was at 7 we ended up leaving at 9 and it was barely halfway through. Remind me to never run for school board. I was starving when we got back and didn't have my license so I swang through my room before heading to Encounter. I got about halfway there then thought I didn't want to go I was already 45 minutes late. I went anyways got there just in time to hear Pete preach, I love his sermons. It was on being intentional, good stuff. Hung out with the kids afterwards shooting the breeze and being cool. On the way back Ben (the other minister), Pete, Justin and I decided to throw a tennis ball into that big white tent looking thing by the Bone to see if it would come out one of the drains. Our experiment failed but we found another tennis ball in one, apparently we were not the first to try this. Chilled at the Campus house a bit more then called it a night, I should do the same here.

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Feeling Kinda Sunday

Got up to go to church at Jacob's Well this morning. I was running ahead of schedule so I was taking my sweet time, only I took too much and was then running behind. I hurried out the door to pick up my friend Stacie from ISU to go with me. We made it and it was only a little after 10:30 service hadn't even started, perfect timing. Service today was all about te International Sunday of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, it was interesting. Dropped Stacie back off then hit up the caf for Sunday brunch, yeah french toast. Had a few hours to spare before work, I watched football. I found joy in watching how bad Rex Grossman is. I did not find joy in watching how bad Aaron Rodgers has been playing. Good thing we have a a good defense and decent special teams or we would never be in a game. I am upset with a loss to the Vikes but to make myself feel better will blame it on Rodgers. Favre's Jet's made a killing on the terrible Rams, but hey they beat the Cowboys. Work was work. I listened to Dan Patrick and read for class. I did help a man set up a Wallyball court, first time now I am a more complete employee. Headed home after work. Had some yummy homecooked food, then went to youth group. I miss my church people, we had fun playing some games and hanging out. Makes me ready for a break from school. Stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's on the way home to pick up some stuff. Watched Brother's & Sister's with Mom, always dramalicious then headed back. Now I need to read.

Carrie Out

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Night Off

I didn't get up till 12 today, probably because I didn't go to bed till 3:30. Still it was glorious. Got up with enough time to grab lunch. It was buffalo chicken sandwich day, which I love. Wasn't very hungry though I was upset, I managed to eat half though. Came back to the room and watched the Illini's terrible display of football then headed to the gym. We scrimmaged Monmouth today. Everytime I see us play live I am less impressed, it's just kind of sloppy and all over the place. After the game I went to Monicals with the parents. Monical's is tasty. Coach Wilson called, our girls won a game which is apparently suprising, but then they lost, not so suprising. Spent some time in the library researching an education project on the achivement gap. It's interesting enough, now if only I could find the video clip I want to go with it. The rest of the night has been spent relaxing in front of the tv, nice. Watched a little Celebrity Rehab, it's a newfound interest. I also watched Lethal Weapon 4, I love the Lethal Weapon series. I have done nothing at all all night and I don't feel bad about it. I run crazy busy all week long it's nice to have some unscheduled time.

Work I do it

My mouse annoys me, it is very uncooperative, it may have to go soon. Didn't sleep well again last night, seems to be the weeks trend. Woke up tired but went to work anyways. I watched ER and played a computer game, rough I know but I'd rather been sleeping. I got back to my room and fell asleep for about an hour and a half. It was one of those naps where you have absolutely no memory of when you fell asleep and what time it was, nice. Made some Easy Mac grabbed a yogurt and went back to work. Listened to Dan Patrick and read the USA today. Spent my next break watching Rob & Big, then back to work. This time it was Full House and MSN, good stuff. Just for information my job is to check students in and out of Shirk and issue equipment. I do do this, it's just quick interactions so I have lots fo free time. The last shift of the day ran straight to practice. We got our gear in today. I now own Wesleyan sweats and a t-shirt, something that doesn't say Lincoln College on it. Practice was I don't even know today. It was pre-game but it was weak and confusing on everyones part. Got out and went to dinner, chicken fajita's and cheesecake, excellent work cafeteria. Showered then met Kelsey C. and Justin at the ISU/U of I swim meet to watch a friend from small group. It was entertaining. Mom called so I went with her to Walmart I was fresh out of most things I survive on, it was necessary. Came back and made more guacamole, had to use up the rest of my veggies before they spoiled. Spent the rest of the night watching the Ron Clark Story. Good movie, awesome teacher, and Matthew Perry, I love Matthew Perry. Time for bed maybe I'll actually sleep tonight.

Carrie Out

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cookie Dough

I couldn't sleep last night, which was crazy cause I was tired. I was dragging this morning but I made it to class none the less. I got back my test from Tuesday, I failed, literally. I just can't seem to get grasp in that class, I hate it. Although the test was bad I am still clinging onto my C, so that's decent. I slept till lunch I was worn out. Woke up grabbed a quick lunch then printed off my story before heading to creative writing. We read creative narratives today they were interesting. Grabbed a Gatorade before my next class I was parched all the day long. Philosophy was boring but I survived. Ran to practice and got there right at the beginning. It was a long one today, our bodies were a little worn going in. Everyone's legs were dead. I was sweating like no other for some reason, I swear I lost like 60 pounds of water....well maybe not. Right after practice I grabbed some dinner to go at the Dugout and took a quick shower. Kelsey Coker and I had made plans on Monday to hang out before Bible study. I picked her up and we went to her boyfriend Justin's apartment. We baked a cookie cake for another girl in our groups birthday, it turned out good. Plus we ate a lot of cookie dough and watched the Office, excellent. Headed to Bible study of which I have a fore mentioned that I love. We did the 10 commandments tonight, good stuff. We had fun just hanging out and laughing. For some reason I came back and watched Ron Clark story clips on Youtube. I love that movie, maybe a weekend renter.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Long Day

I'm a bit tired, too bad I'm at work and can't sleep. I woke up before my alarm this morning been doing that this week, not to fond of it. Went to BJ worked on a paper outline, my student kinda frustrates me. She will not do her homework and needs constant attention to keep on task, kinda annoying. Worked which translates into listening to yesterdays Dan Patrick show. Lunch was eaten on a sprint before I went to Education class. We just listened to a presentation today on charter schools it was an interesting topic for the first 30 minutes after that my attention span didn't care. Chem lab was something I could do today. We built all kinds of molecules using kits, it was like intense legos. We got out early which was greatly beneficial to me, I was tired and could use a pre-practice nap. Practice was at five, it was constant motion, tiring, but not bad. I caught an elbow in the right arm that made my hand go numb. Got a little lump and a bruise good times. Ate dinner at the Dugout with Holly, then had enough time to shower and do a little homework before heading back to work. I got paid to play yahoo games, talk to Nikkie, and listent to Dan Patrick, still it has been a long day. Now I need to go pick up weights cause I know the girl I work with isn't going to do anything.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Wow that chem test this morning, it was a doozy. I don't think I fared too well, there were things on there I swear we never learned. Did some homework and grabbed a quick lunch with the team before I headed to work. I spent my work listening to the Dan Patrick show on my IPOD. I have become addicted to that program it's sports and funny, my favorites. Creative writing was workshopping and brainstorming for our next piece. Philosophy was spent doing reading questions in class. I kind of liked that, especially since it equaled me not having homework. Today was our day off from basketball. I love and my body loves days off. After class I headed home to vote. Can I tell you how much I love fall in the country. Even being so close to the country you don't get it here in Bloomington. I love the tractors and cornfields, the haze of the harvest, that smell that is just distinct of autumn. I cast my ballot then went to Lys house. She and Ryker were outside when I drove by so I stopped in. Ryker and I played making leaf angels and having leaf fights, ahh fall. Stopped by home talked to Mom and Brent and played with the dog. Then I met Kelsey and we went to Atlanta to see the Finchums and have dinner. I haven't seen them since probably August, it was a long overdue visit. Dinner was sooo much better than cafeteria and the girls were cracking me up. They get real wound up when I haven't visited in awhile. We even got the joys of helping Jay carry in a stove and dishwasher. My huge muscles were a big help. It was great to see them and a nice evening. So Obama is President. I know a lot of people around here love to hate him, but I honestly don't think he will do a bad job. No I don't agree with everything he says and does but sometimes I don't think that really matters. There will never be anyone in office I completely agree with, that doesn't mean that they can't make a difference. I also think this election is obviously very important in race relations. I am proud to be part of an election that made history, that can make a change and I hope it opens the eyes of those who aren't so accepting across the country.

Carrie Out

Monday, November 03, 2008

Jovial, I like it

I've been rather jovial today, not sure why, but it's been enjoyable. Woke up for some chemistry review with Mr. Troll, had a whole hour full today. I understand it mostly as of right now, lets hope that I understand it just as much tomorrow morning. Watched a little Cash Cab before class. Seriously I would own at that show, I know all the answers. It's a gift. Worked at BJ this morning did some English, good stuff. Shadowed science class and help correct tests with the students, fun fun. For lunch I enjoyed double grilled cheese:) Here is my lunch time conversation: Holly-I could see you being Amish, Me-What?, Holly-I don't know you just kind of look like it...the rest of the team busting in laughter. It was random and a bit odd but allowed me a good platform for jokes all day. Class was decent we just discussed a book I didn't read, the teacher could never tell though, I throw out answers like I have. Did some homework and relaxed before hitting up practice. We were still on the Amish thing so I ask Coach "Do I look Amish?".......long pause, "No?" Wow really Coach did you just consider that, what is going on. Everyone got a good laugh out of that. Practice wasn't too bad constant motion but I was just enjoying things today. Ate dinner at the Dugout with the team, I have become addicted to their wraps. Then I went to Encounter, seriously I love that place. I missed last week I felt like I hadn't been in like a month. Service was excellent and the sermon was very good on faith. I did get soaked though, faith demonstration about being in the dark, long story. Helped clean up because I just happend to be talking to Kelsey and Justin who were taking down band equipment. It was fun though, I walked back with them and the staff. Talked to Pete for awhile it was entertaining, then called it a night. Now I should invest in sleep for the big Chem test tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reward Practice

I'm a bit tired right now, not real sure why. I stayed up until 2 last night just to make sure my clock automatically switched. I told you I have been real anxious/worried about time lately, maybe because I have so little. Still I was not late to anything today, beautiful. Got up for practice this is the second week in a row I haven't been to church, I don't like it. Since practice was earlier no one got to go to church so Coach made us do a good deed to apparently make up for it. We folded huge bins of towels for our equipment manager so he could spend more time with his family today. It wasn't bad, we made it fun. Practice turned into reward day for hard work. We only were there for an hour, we scrimmaged and played a shooting game, it was nice. Went to brunch with Stacey then came back and watched football. How bout those Lions? That game was intense, I am upset the Bears pulled it out. Jet's pulled off the upset and the Pack almost did, now those games I would have loved to watch. I downloaded some podcasts onto my ipod. Spent work listening to Dan Patricks show, hilarious. Talked to Ryan for a bit on the computer, he's homesick but doesn't get t oleave till December 13th. Made me sad I feel bad for him. I am working on sending him some stuff to make him smile. After work met with some of my teamates and went to dinner at Avanti's. Food was yum, and it was fun. We hit up the DQ afterwards and watched a little Disney channel there. I miss Disney channel. Had a meeting for education class, talked to Chelsea, then watched Brothers & Sisters, good stuff. My bed is needing a pal.

Carrie Out


Time changes mess me up. I have a feeling I am going to be late to something tomorrow, I just haven't decided what yet. Today was pretty lax and honestly I enjoyed it. My only comittment of the day came this morning via basketball practice. It wasn't too bad, I finally remembered a couple of the plays and rotations so that was encouraging. We had recruits in today so we all went to lunch together. They were nice girls and we all had fun hanging out. Came back and showered then started watching the Notre Dame game, apparently I fell asleep. Not that it mattered that dang game took forever. 4 OT's that's ridiculous, not that I watched them all I caught the first half and the last OT. Watched some Black Sheep for sheer enjoyment, that's funny stuff. Then I went over to Justin and Kaho's for awhile. Brent and Brady were there too we just chilled out, watch Illinois win and the boys played playstation. They all went to the hockey game in town. I am poor I opted out, I have to buy a ticket to a game for next week, that's enough hockey for me. I instead decided I really wanted some guacamole. Went to Walmart bought the goods and got it done. I have discovered this strange desire for avacado ever since Casie made us guacomole last year, it's yummy stuff. The rest of the night has been widdled away doing a bit of homework and catching up on my missed episodes of Brother's & Sisters. That show got real intense while I wasn't watching.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Rolling in just now, I'm such a rebel, ha. I hate my new Friday work schedule. 9-10, 12-1, 2-3, simple right, boooo. The first split, not so bad, I spent it passed out. I remember watching TV then the next thing I knew it was 11:45. Felt good. The other split is annoying it's like by the time I walk back to my room its time to turn around and walk back. Even when I drive it it's still ridiculous. Wouldn't want to make it a solid 3 hour block no way. Hung around Shirk for a bit before practice no use heading back to the dorm. Practice wasn't too bad today. I actually remembered some of the plays and rotation so I didn't look so dumb. Couldn't make a layup to save my life though, it's just not gonna get any easier. Right after practice we loaded up our cars and headed out to the country club. All the IWU athletic teams went trick or treating for canned goods for the Clare House. It was good team bonding and a beautiful night. The country club, oh.my.gosh. Those people are rolling in it...loaded. Trick or treating on golf carts driven by parents drinking Buds. The houses were decorated to a T. Full size candy bars and money were handed out. We hit up 3 houses and got 80 dollars in donations. These people had fat stacks or money and were pulling out 20's like they were dollar bills. I felt poorer with every house we went to, at least the people were hospitable. Showered chilled for a bit then ate a delicious Veggie sub from Jimmy Johns Mom and Beth brought me for dinner. It hit the spot. I was all ready to lounge out for the rest of the night, teeth brushed and everything when Kelsey Coker called me. They were having a costume party at the Campus House and I was opting out. Well apparently all it took was a phone call to get me there. I didn't have a costume I went as "tired basketball player about tot go to bed" and wore my packers pjs. It was actually a lot of fun, clean fun, I like it. I am glad I went, got to hang out with my friends, dance around, and be dorks. Now I gots to get to bed, practice in the am.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Indy Go!

I just got in from Bible study and am lounging in my Packer's pj pants. I only state this because they are so incredibly softy comfortable and they're Packer's, everyone wins. Got up and made it to Chemistry, right on time. I am getting good on my timing, don't want to spend any more time in that dang class than I have to. Dorkdom of the day: So there is this bridge made of cement blocks that leads into the Chemistry building. I have this ultimate goal in life to walk across it and not make any brick rock. I pretend it is like the table in Indiana Jones where he has to step on the right letters so the table won't tilt him off. It's pretty intense and in half a semester I have not yet achieved it, but don't you worry I'm not giving up. Back at the room I completed some homework ever so slowly then just relaxed. My body was a bit sore today 6 days of practice catch up with you I guess. Didn't go to lunch, wasn't hungry, wasn't feeling the walk. We did an interesting exercise in Creative Writing today. We had to bring in 2 pictures of the same person at different times then write about what they make you remember. It was interesting because what most of us remembered the most was not the moment the picture was taken but what led up to it and what came after, it was also neat to see what happened in between the 2. Philosophy was same old same old, counting down the minutes. Cleaned up my room and organized some stuff it was getting crazy in here. Lys and Ryker came and got me and we went to Carlos O'Kelley's with the Sondgeroth family as a late birthday celebration. It was good food and after a down week it was great to see them and just be. It was much needed. We hit up Walmart afterwards I bought myself an Ipod charger and have been messing with it all night. I inherited Kaho's old Ipod I have no idea how they work but I am learning, so exciting stepping up in the technological world. Bible study was enjoyable, everyone was a little stressed this week it felt relieving to unload.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am at work right now, rough job I know. Obviously it is pretty simple just eats up my time. Lately I have been really worried about not waking up on time for some reason. I don't know why but once I wake up its all but impossible for me to get back to sleep even if its 4 am, apparently I don't want to miss something, who knows what it is. Off to BJHS we did a little distributive property today, it was good stuff. I miss that kind of math I was pretty much a rock star at it. Worked for an hour then hit up lunch, beef brisket, tasty. Education class was all about discussing a book I haven't read. I actually haven't read any of the books assigned for that class I just piggyback off of what other people are saying and skim to write papers. Hey works for me. Lab was something about enzmyes and potatoes and was easy to do, we got out an hour early. Relaxed before coming to the gym for pictures and practice. Practice was real intense today. I just feel like I can't get a grasp on things and am constantly playing catch-up its frustrating. I have too much on my mind I think it's getting in the way. We went to dinner at the Dugout tonight, good food. I had some crispy chicken wrap thing. By the way my left sinus (I think that's what it is) has been killing me all week. It hurts randomly throughout the day and when I breathe, real annoying. Talked to Coach Wilson and Casie and Nikkie on the phone for a long time tonight, I miss them, booo real school.

Carrie Out

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today has been kinda meh, I think I just have a lot on my mind I am trying to sort out. Woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed, definitely not wanting to go to chemistry. I set myself on cruise control and made it through class, not learning much. I got my quiz back and only missed 2, I thought I failed it, welcome relief. I was uber tired so I passed out for an hour before heading to work. My new work schedule causes me to miss lunch on Tuesdays, luckily I had some Easy Mac. While at work I played on facebook and emailed people, have I mentioned I love the new laptop? Off to creative writing where we discussed "A Million Tiny Pieces," and the morality of twisting things in memoirs, interesting. I personally don't care what Oprah thinks. Philosophy was boring per usual. I stayed awake and even answered some questions. Off to practice, the first half was game film. Coach made my birthday cupcakes today, they were tasty. I had to fight back laughing during film because Coach "coaches" us like it is an actual game going on right now yelling at the TV like that can make somebody do something right. Physical practice lasted an hour, it wasn't bad but tiring. Went to Justin's for dinner. Lemon-herb chicken, delicious. We watched "The Great Pumpkin," I love Charlie Brown, made me real excited for Christmas movies. Went to the campus house for our last minimester in this series. It wasn't as good as the rest, or maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 27, 2008

Multi-tasking Mahem

So someone has been creeping on me and discovered my blog. Sometimes I forget this thing is public and other people can read it. I just use it to empty out my mind of the days activities and keep the famo updated. Slept real good last night, I throughly enjoyed it. Woke up to go tutor I only had one girl which was nice, but we found out her grades are dropping. This teaching things throws all kinds of challenges at you....duh right? Shadowed reading class which is real boring. The kids never do anything in there but grade their own papers of which they also do during class time. I feel as if the teacher never teaches. I keep finding myself with more time in between work and class on Mondays. Am I forgetting to go somewhere? Who knows. Lunch was had with the basketball team, I was entertaining them with some kind of crazy story or another. Off to education where I proceeded to read my philosophy homework instead of listen. Hey I got the jist and was actively participating in discussion. Yeah multitasking. Out of class I had big plans of undistracted homework and a rest. Except facebook is just too tempting. I got caught up in an hour of conversation with Ashley, of which I could not do at the same time of my homework. Okay so maybe I'm not good at multitasking. Still I ended up getting my philosophy done and a quick rest in before the bus left. We went too ICC for a scrimmage today. I was actually suprised that our team didn't look to sharp. I touched the floor so that was nice, haha. Still I realized that my teammates make mistakes too. Kacy came for a bit, thanks Kac! Dinner was had at a teammates house. Taco bar and chocolate fountain. It was good stuff I love home cooked food and we had fun hanging out. Talked to Coach Wilson and Chelsea on the bus ride home, then came back here. I have been on the puter for too long, now I need bed.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday...I think

Another busy day. I got to sleep in today because practice was at 12. The timing doesn't allow for me to go to church at 10:30, so instead I rested, not going to church throws my week off. Practice was pregame stuff. We scrimmage at ICC tomorrow. I am thinking I will probably not touch the floor too much. Coach had to leave early for a meeting so the last half hour of practice was fun time. We had a whole team/coaches knock out game and just messed around. Had enough time for a shower before heading to work. I accomplished another assignment while at work, it's pretty cool. One more to do before Tuesday. I met a guy when I was working today who went to Lincoln College. We were talking it up, it's funny he gradutated in 76 but seemed to have a lot of the same feelings about the place. I was sad today though after seeing all my friends and being on campus it was almost like I was ready to get up and hit up the caf for lunch with them today...only I couldn't. After work I booked it home to get my car checked out by Grandpa. It has been rumbling grumbling real loud and we needed to know what was wrong. He chalked it up to the muffler and said not to worry about it. I went to youth since I was home and helped set up for the Harvest Festival and talked to my kids, I had missed them. Still there is some stuff going on that makes me worry, it seems like everytime I go home I bring something heavy back with me. Talked to Ashley and Chelsea for awhile tonight and negelected Brothers & Sisters for the third week in a row. Now I need to go read.

Carrie Out

LC Visit!

I am exhausted but it was well worth it. Started the day off with practice, I am struggling there. I enjoy playing but am getting frustrated that I am not catching on to some things. Everyone is very willing to help, it's just a rough position to be in. After practice I raced away to Lincoln. As a joke I had made a plan to tell them all that I had late practice and wasn't going to make it, Ashley was the only one who knew the truth. I texted Chelsea and told her that and she apparently announced it to everyone there. Funny thing was right after she said that I walked in. Hey had to make a grand entrance. It was soooo great to see everyone. Coach being Coach was running away trying not to hug my. Coach T was in usual form pestering but also excited to see us. I was out of control. Ali and Ryan were very excited to see us. I couldn't play in the alumni scrimmage because I am in season so I got to be the ref, except I spent most of the first half talking to the crowd. People I missed just kept coming in and I was too excited to focus. Stoltz and Jerred came in ran up and hugged me on the floor and then heckled me from the stands. I got to see my student service ladies and softball teammates too, it was a big deal. I really wanted to play, I did get a shot off though from the ref position, 3 points for the alumni, it was funny. Me, Chels, Ash, Nik, Cas, the Thomas', and Wilson's all hung around and talked in the gym for quite a bit afterwards. I miss my favorite people and the LC. When they all left I went over to the student center with Ash to talk to Stoltz and Jer. They were cracking me up, Jer and I were going back and forth, providing the entertainment, just like old times. We had to go hang with Mary for a bit as well. The gang then met back up and we went out for dinner. After dinner Levi called so we all meandered over for a visit, he makes me smile. I went to see Gabby, then we went on rounds to say goodbye. Chilled and talked to Jer for awhile more, we hadn't really been in touch but it was great to catch back up and see him. Ended up at the Thomas household for the rest of the evening, talking, watching football, and playing with Ryan. I love them. This may sound weird, but it felt good to be missed, means I left my mark somewhere. Days like this are always kinda bitter sweet it's great to see people but it makes me more sad when I leave and causes me to miss them more. I guess that's a price you have to pay.

Carrie Out

Friday, October 24, 2008

Relaxing day

I didn't write last night because I didn't get in until 11:30...and I had to be up at 5 for basketball. My chem test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I hope my grade reflects that. I got birthday cards from the Sondgeroths yesterday. Taylor's card made my day, why are little kids so darn cute. Creative writing was workshopping and I didn't have philosophy class, which was awesome. Yesterday was off day for basketball too so that was a nice break for my body. We went to listen to Tim O'Brien speak at ISU for writing class. It was interesting, I love O'Briens work and was legitimately excited to hear him. It was good. Bible Study came next, I love Thursday nights. Kelsey C. bought me cupcakes for my birthday with glow in the dark spider rings right up my alley. We didn't have any candles so we lit a match, it was a nice touch, ha. We had a lot of fun.

Practice came far to early today, I don't like seeing 5 am. It wasn't bad I was just struggling to focus. Work followed right after. It was a tiring morning and by the time I got back to my room at 10:30 some sleep was in order. Passed out for a good while got up in time for lunch, sweet and sour pork, good stuff. Ran errands throughout the afternoon. I am trying to registar for next semesters classes which can be tricky. Chilled out for the afternoon. Ashley called and we talked for awhile, I miss my LC crew. I then went back to work at 5. We have a new scan in system for the Shirk Center. It is run off a lap top, which meant I could actually do some homework. I wrote a complete story and got payed for it. It would be nice to have that computer all the time. I was going to go to the football game tonight but opted out. Cold and rainy? I wasn't feeling it. Instead I stayed in and relaxed I have had a crazy week felt good to unwind. I talked to Jerred for awhile, that hadn't happend in a long time, it was nice to catch up. I am SO excited for tomorrow it isn't even funny. I have been counting down the days. I get to go to LC and see all my friends, Coach T, Coach W, and some of my teachers. It is alumni weekend for basketball, this is my first time back since graduation, I cannot wait. I have practice from 10-12 then it's a whole afternoon full of people I love!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was and is for 40 more minutes my 21st birthday. Honestly it was not exciting or really unordinary at all. I guess that is just what becomes of birthdays when you get older. My basketball team was all about wishing me happy birthday all day though that was funny. Oh and the 12 am and early morning texts and phone calls were pleasant. Facebook has become the spreader of all birthday wishes though. My first present of the day was getting up at 6:30 for post conditioning testing. We ran around, jumped a little, and pretty much wasted our time and sleep. Slept for a bit before chem class. That was my second present of the day, I hate chem class. Slept a little bit more, almost missed lunch but made it. Off to creative writing where we read stories and talked it up. Third present of the day was philosophy class, with a bonus reading quiz, and ten extra minutes of class added just for my joy. Well not really but still. Next came practice. I actually enjoy practice, well minus the fact that I am confused a lot of the time as to how to run certain drills and plays. Fourth present came in the form of end of practice conditioning although it was not that bad. Had a quick shower then off to dinner with Mom and Brent. We went to Applebee's I had a steak it was yummy. I also had my first legal drink, a strawberry daiquiri. It was good, but I have discovered my body just really doesn't enjoy alcohol too much. Went to minimester Bible Study, cause that is what most people do on their 21st, haha. It was interesting and I like talking to Pete and the other college kids there, they are funny people, make me smile. Thanks for the cards, greetings, and all other birthday pleasantries they were appreciated. Tomorrow is an uber busy crazy day so sleep is now.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today's 10

I'm still up and I need not be so here's my attempt at quick.

1. BJHS started the day, we did a tricky word puzzle game about the periodic table.
2. Education class was all discussing registration so it wasn't bad. And I got a B on my midterm.
3. I went to the business office to pick up a paper and ended up in there filling out forms and signing papers for things of which I don't understand, probably not a good choice.
4. Worked on my lab with Holly then napped till practice.
5. Practiced, still working on getting things down, but so far enjoying myself and working hard.
6. Went to Justin's for dinner. We had boneless fried chicken, salad from the farmers market, fresh green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy, it was tasty.
7. My car did NOT get towed this time...I parked on the street:)
8. Went to Encounter, the sermon was on being childlike, I liked it a lot.
9. Reminisced about the elementary school PE days with the parachute, it was pretty intense.
10. Hung around the campus house talking and being happy when I should have been sleeping.

Now I'm out, 7am post conditioning testing, what a birthday present.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Weekend

This is gonna be long, just a warning...

Friday: Got up and headed to work, spent the morning reading some Ed. stuff. Met Amber at the Olive Garden for lunch. As I hadn't seen her since August this was some much needed catch up time, and the food was good. Spent the afternoon working on homework, I know I'll have a busy week next week. Just trying to get ahead and reduce the stress. It was Coach Thomas birthday so I called him. We talked for awhile it was great to hear from him. It also reminded me why I don't call so often...makes me miss him way too much. Coach Wilson called me too, they were both catching up and wondering about basketball. I told them I was nervous, they both told me the same thing, "you'll be fine." It was nice to hear. Worked for 2 more hours then headed home for football. The first quarter was really good, even most of the first half. Then it was downhill. Still Brent played well threw for 2 TDs. Kelsey came to the game so I hung out with her and also spent some time talking with the Sondgeroths. Came back and went to bed nervous about starting practice in the morning.

Saturday: Chelsea called me at 2 am. I was so confused and thought it was my alarm and I was late for practice. Took me a few but I settled down and slept some more. Got up and headed to practice #1 of the day. We had a team prayer led by Coach before we started. I didn't know people did that, I was impressed. Practice wasn't bad. We don't run sprints, I love it. We run full ocurt drills and everyone actually works hard so there is no need. I did just fine just a little confused as I try to learn the drills, new offense and new defense. Still I am hopeful I will adjust. After practice I went to Dicks to look for basketball shoes, I didn't see any I liked. Went through Shoe Carnival as well I need new tennis shoes, mine are torn up. Once again failed. Came back and was exhausted so I napped before the next practice. Practice #2 was used for learning our new offense. Coach really breaks things down which I think will help me learn it. Still it is a very intense atmosphere, every mistake is pointed out. Can only make you better though I guess. I really like our Coaching staff so far we have four assistants which are pretty cool. I found out I didn't have morning practice on Sunday it was at 7. Excitedly I got to go to Auburn to see the my Lincoln friends. I wasn't expecting to get this luxury so I was stoked. I met Ashley at LC and as I was waiting Bridgett pulled up. I talked to her for a good 45 minutes, it was awesome to see her, I miss my Thomas family. We went onto Auburn where I got to see Nik, Cas, Chels, Ash, Alex, and Craig. It was soo much fun and I missed me friends, I am glad I got to go. We came back through Lincoln and Chels and Ash attempted to TP Coach Wilson's house with 2 rolls. They got them both caught in the tree, nicely done. We had to write on Coach T's truck and leave him a letter as well, just for old times sake. Got back around 1 and went to bed.

Sunday: Called my friend Stacie from ISU and took her to Jacob's Well with me this morning. I am glad I did the Cocco's weren't there and I would have been lost on my own. The service was good it was about God's humor. I'm kinda upset I'll only get to go there one more time before practice times get too early for me to make it. Took Stacie home and had just enough time to get Sunday Brunch at the caf. It was delicious, carved ham, hashbrowns, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, sausage links, and fresh fruit, mmm mmm. Relaxed for a bit watching some football then headed to work. I did my Chemistry, read the Sunday paper, and watched the Packers own...and got payed for it. Attempted to grab a quick dinner before 7 practice, except Sunday dinner sucks. I opted for left over Olive Garden and some Baked Lays. Off to practice. We did a lot of full court drills tonight and our legs were a bit sore so it was a little rougher today. We also learned a new press, did shooting drills, and offensive rotations. Came back and finished my Ed paper. I am already relived that I have gotten so much for the week done. I also got laundry done and put away like 4 loads since I hadn't put clean clothes away in 2 weeks. That was a stress relieving accomplishment as well. Cleaned up the rest of the room, showered, and chilled out. Now it is time for bed.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Run Carrie Run

I woke up this morning not wanting to go to chemistry, although I never do. Something about that class just doesn't entertain me and makes it drone on forever. I sit there everyday promising myself that if I sit through the whole thing I can come back and sleep. It's not that I'm tired that class just bores me to sleep. I got through then had a midterm confrence with my creative writing professor. She interests me, I like to talk to her. She's from the city and everything small town and countryesque astounds her. After our confrence I went to the library and did some homework. Watched a little tv in the room then headed to lunch. The nacho bar was a bit disapointing today. Creative writing class was discussing the story "Communist" by Richard Ford, I didn't like it, I don't know just wasn't the best thing I've ever read. Off to Philosophy where I am also bored to tears. I spent most of the class texting people instead of listening. Really I can't believe they let me in this school of brains. After class I didn't have practice but was told we should do something active. It was a beautiful day out so I went for a run, a 4 mile one at that, across town. It felt good and energized me up. Showered then went to dinner at BWW with Kelsey, it was delicious and nice to catch up. Ran through the mall on my way back, I need new shoes, but found nothing in my range. Talked to Chelsea and Ashley for a long time via facebook then headed to small group. It was midterm fun week so we went to one of the girls appartments had cake, talked, and made encouragement cards for other students it was fun. I'm feeling a bit tired now so I need to go see my pillow.

Carrie Out

Called Out

I should be sleeping...instead I shall blog. I got to sleep in today well kinda, but it was still appreciated. Went to BJHS, my girls didn't have any homework. I entertained them with my wit and sarcasm, or at least I threw a lot of that out there. Came back to work. My boss came and asked me where I was Sunday. I was supposed to work for an hour but didn't. He wasn't mad didn't seem to really care, but really man? Everyone else either misses or comes in extremely late and he never even knows, tough break. Grabbed a quick lunch of some chicken fingers then hit up Education class. We are discussing a book by John Kozol called "Letters to a Young Teacher." Its actually kind of interesting, I've even managed to read most of it. Lab followed quickly. We do some crazy stuff in there but its usually fun. No I have no idea what the procedures mean or why we do them but I oh and ahh at all the changes like everyone else. After class I ran to Walmart and Aldi's to pick stuff up. That is the first time I have really bought food/products all year, it was exciting. Spent the evening doing homework and chilling out. Mom and Brent called so I went to eat at Cracker Barrel with them. Brent has developed an addiction to chicken and dumplings, I tried the blueberry pancakes, very tasty. Came back and slept before I had to go to work, I got real tired real quick. Work was boring, the girl I work with irratates me, but I did get to watch HOI sports for Bren's interview so I guess it worked out. Now onto bed.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I found my book! (although you didn't know it was missing)

After last nights events I was destined to have a better day today. Woke up and walked to Chem where I proceeded to engulf knowledge I will never again need once I am out of that class. I got my last test back I got a C+ and scored 10 points higher than last time. Progress is progress I guess. I was a bit exhausted this morning for some reason so I slept for a bit this afternoon. Then I spent the rest of my free time brushing up on Philosophy for my midterm. Lunch was breakfast, it was sooo good, I don't know why it just hit the spot. Creative writing was workshopping of our stories and we went over Tim O'Briens "The Things They Carried". I love Tim O'Brien crazy enough he is coming to campus on the 23, I am hoping to attend. Another crazy thing I found my textbook for that class today, it has been MIA for 2 weeks now, great relief. Philosophy test wasn't too bad just hard to keep conflicting arguments, premises, and authors straight. Hopefully my hand cramping wasn't in vain and I did well. Off to basketball we learned an offense today in prep for practice starting this weekend. After dinner with the team it was homeworking time. I didn't accomplish too much but that's okay, I'm on schedule. Went to a "mini-mester" on how to study the Bible at the campus house tonight. About 25 kids showed up, I found it very interesting and enjoyed it. Hung out and talked to the others and Pete for a bit afterwards then found my way back home. I am so excited to not get up for conditioning tomorrow!

p.s. Brent made athlete of the week, watch him tomorrow night on WHOI @ 6 & 10

Carrie Out

Monday, October 13, 2008

Joe's Tows

So I didn't have class until 12:30 today, this led me to stay up until 2 in the morning and get up at 11:30. This was setting the stage for what I thought would be a pretty laid back day. Got up went to lunch, I wasn't hungry I settled for corn pops. Headed to class it was extremely boring, we were counting down the minutes. After class I spent my free time writing my encouragement cards for Bible study and looking over philosophy. Went to Philosophy review for my midterm for about and hour. It was actually helpful, still it's a lot of info to retain and be able to spit back out. Headed to basketball afterwards. It was very hot in there today we were sweating buckets. Showered and then headed to Justin's for dinner. We had chili it was good, I could actually taste it this time. Watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," well kinda I read people magazine. I got ready to leave at about 8:40 so I could go to Encounter...only my car was gone. I had parked in the same spot I had parked many times before, but this time my car disappeared. Turns out it had been towed. Called the place and was on hold for like 5 minutes. Justin drove me across town to pick it up. Only when we got there I realized I didn't have my license and only had a check book to pay with. Then I was informed they don't take checks, pleasant. Luckily Justin had his debit card so he payed and I wrote him a check. The people there were not very kind at all. Got my car back and headed to church. That was probably a good place for me to go, it destresses me. Service was about missions this week it was pretty compeling. There were 2 more baptisms tonight then we all hung out at the campus house. I love it there, people are so nice and encouraging. Now I need sleep another midterm comes tomorrow.

Carrie Out

New Church

So I tried out a new church this morning it's called Jacob's Well. I was invited by the Cocco's. Apparently a lot of IWU students go there and they want to help me meet some kids here. Well we both forgot that it being fall break here all those kids were at home. Still I enjoyed the service, it was unlike any I had been to before. Only about 70 people go there it's a very intimate, laid back, and personal. I like that I hate going somewhere where you are just a face in the crowd. Maybe I will start to attend there regularly. The service had a lot of worship (which is my favorite part), a short but powerful sermon (add friendly) and just seemed to be a good place. After service I talked to Pete and the family for a bit then went over to Justin's for breakfast and football. Oh what joy a Bear's choke brings me. By the way the Pack and Jet's won today, just how I like it. We went out to the house for a little wiener roast. It was lovely I thoroughly enjoy all fire cooked food. Came back with Justin and Kaho and we spent forever in Walmart although I'm not 100% what we bought. Went back to the apartment and made homemade guacamole and apple crisp, both very tasty. We watched a movie and I did my homework. So proud of doing it ahead of schedule, maybe this will detract from the weekday stresses!

Carrie Out

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It was too late to write last night. Yesterday started with 4 hours of work, sooo boring. I threw a tennis ball against the wall and read a book "The Giver" it was good. It is technically fallbreak well Friday was at least. After work I ran by the campus house to drop some stuff off to Pete. Talked a little football then headed home. Spent the afternoon chilling with Mom, Kale, and the dog. Went to Rantoul to watch Brent's game. Kale made us listen to every radio station for about 30 seconds each and screeched the words to each song, torture. We actually won the game Brent threw 5 touchdowns. Came back home to bed. Got up this morning and did nothing...and reveled in it. Watch Illinois choke, played with the dog, did laundry. Brent and I came to town and met Justin and Kaho for dinner. We went to Kobe, it's one of those crazy Japanese places where they make the food right in front of you. It was really cool and tasty. Played some Playstation then Brent and I went to see "Express" with Alyssa. It was different than I expected and I really enjoyed it. Went back to Justin's apartment and hung out for a while. Now I am back here chilling out. I'm going to a new church in the morning then taking Kale back home. I really want to watch tv so...

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I could not relax at all last night, sleep did not occur very easily. I thought I could handle a glass of straight green tea at FusionBrew...no no caffeine is still the enemy. Got up this morning a little tired but not too bad, trudged off to Chem to take my test. I don't know how I feel about it. The test wasn't too bad but there was one concept atom to mol ratios that I just could not remember and it showed up like 5 times. This could spell distater but I'm holding out, they questions weren't worth that much. Came back to the room and decided I wanted to add color to my drawing except I didn't have colored pencils. Alas Walmart, I haven't hit up that place near as often as I did at Lincoln, it was refreshing:) I purchased some colored pencils and a frame and spent a the rest of my free time completing my work. It turned out really cool, but it shall never be seen I am giving it away tomorrow. Ate Easy Mac for lunch just wasn't feeling the caf. Headed to Creative writing to do some short story workshop. I'm not gonna lie my 3 classmates whose stories we read today were terrible, but I pretended to like them. Grabbed a parfait with my lunch money (since I didn't eat in the caf) it tasted delicious when I ate it but for some reason kinda made me sick later. Maybe it was bad yogurt. Philsophy was boring but we got out early so that was welcome relief. Putzed around all night really doing nothing until 7:45. We did (and are still doing) 24 hours of Prayer at the campus house. I had a half hour slot at 7:45, I like doing stuff like that really makes you focus and there are no distractions. Small group followed and was awesome as always, everyone was real wound up tonight for some reason. I am still a little jacked but I need a shower and some sleep for a full morning of work tomorrow!

Carrie Out


Woahhhh, Post 500! That's craziness. So I have had a lot of trouble sleeping this week, I've been a bit jacked on life. Got up this morning for my last bball conditioning. We had fun joking around while running, gotta make it interesting. Went to the Jr. high did me some math, great stuff, haha. Came back and worked for an hour, ok so I actually sat and talked to Kelsey on the phone, but hey I got paid. Met the bball team for lunch, it was this chicken, potato, corn bowely thing. Now I am generally not one for food touching but this was pretty tasty. I am expanding my cafeteria food horizons all over the place this week. Off to education class to turn in my midterm(gasp) and listen to a presentation. I asked a question and for once wasn't yelled at...it was a minor miracle. Chem lab followed, I actually enjoy that. The experiments are interesting and the lab teacher is really nice and helpful. She was even aiding me in studying for my Chem exam tomorrow. After lab I had big plans of nothing, it was so relieving to have some free time. I reveled in it by drawing, hadn't done that in a while, it relaxes the mind real nice like. I drew a picture of Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers QB) and I'm not gonna lie it is awesome. It's a gift but if I liked Big Ben at all I would def keep it. Picked up some dinner then chilled at Justins for awhile. Met Meredith at FusionBrew for a little hangout. She led me the wrong way down a one way street on the way to her appartment, little scary. I brought Kelsey Coker a drink for a midterm break so we stopped by and talked to her and her boyfriend for awhile. Then off to work which consisted of Chem studying. My cowoker angers me she showed up for 30 minutes skipped an hour and a half and still recorded 2 hours.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Midterm Madness

I was tired when I got up this morining, probably because I was so wired last night for some reason. Went to get some chem help from Mr. Troll again. It was uber helpful. What was not appreciated was coming back to chem class only to have an entire chapters worth of learning crammed into a day of which I am supposed to be able to spew back out on a four chapter test Thursday. Not real excited about that one. I slept the afternoon away, being sick just hits me during the day, wipes me out. Got up for lunch before Creative writing. Class was funny today we drew cards with occupations and odd behaviors and had to tell stories about them. It was enjoyable. Philosophy was a drag we went over the same topic repeatedly. I texted, stared out the window, and drew all over. Off to basketball. We scrimmaged it was thrilling. Nah actually I like to play and my team is pretty cool. Went to dinner with the mates, I had this really tasty buffalo chicken sandwich. I wasn't expecting such taste, I am generally wary of cafeteria meats, but this was mmmmmmm. Came back to the room to hammer out a midterm composed of four essays. Talk about sheer joy. I hate formal work, it is soo mundane. I broke it up, did a little unfocused a lot, did a little more. No fear though it is complete. Who knows how it will turn out though my professor isn't really fond of me. Not sure why, ahh the mysteries of life. Now I must be off to bed tomorrow is my last conditioning day!

Carrie Out

Monday, October 06, 2008

Good Mood

Wow, I am so glad I joined Encounter at ISU, it just makes me so happy. I just got back. We had a great service tonight it was on remembering. A lady shared her testimony about her young husbands death, it was touching. Stuff like that is encouraging but it draws me back to Scott every time. I don't think I will ever get over missing him...not that I want to. We had another baptism tonight, that's three in 2 days pretty awesome. After service we all hung out at the campus house and talked. I had so much fun, I love having people to talk and laugh with, I'm actually starting to act more like myself. The day was good as well. Woke up to basketball conditioning, it just never gets any easier but we were cracking up the whole time. One of my teammates was saying that our trainer has the bottom half of a horse, she is ridiculously strong. I then took it upon myself to name her a centaur, I find myself clever. Napped a bit before heading to the Jr. High. We reviewed science terms today my girls knew their stuff I am expecting good results. Ate lunch with the team and enjoyed myself. Education class drug on, I got a midterm essay to write for tomorrow. I accomplished my homework pre-practice to ensure that I could go to church tonight, it was a relieving feeling. Practice was just learning practice drills, no sweat. Dinner was eaten with a few teammates and was tasty. Days filled with people make me fill with happiness:)

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall Retreat!

So I had a really good weekend. Fall retreat was awesome. On Friday night after work I was really debating going. I hate stepping out of my comfort zone. I was toying around with going late or not going at all. I decided I needed to suck it up and just go, I am so glad I did. I arrived right on time to get things started. I was nervous kinda hanging back Pete found me and pushed me right in. I like that he doesn't let me hide. The weekend was so much fun, the weather was beautiful, and for one of the first times since I've moved back to school I was genuinely happy. Friday night we played games, had service, worshipped, campfire service, and then hung out all night. Woke up Saturday for prayer time, breakfast, worship, service, and then a service project. We cleaned up Little Gallilee my job was to scrape spider webs and nests out of the boat house ceiling. The spiders were huge and nasty but we had fun. The afternoon was all free time and I actually made some friends which makes me happy. I played football with the guys and a few girls. They were amazed that I could play, I told them I was good. Then I went out on the paddle boats with my new friend Jodi we waded around and talked. I talked to Kelsey Coker and then Pete for a bit, then I played basketball with the Cocco kids, very cute. We then had a whole group Knock-outa-palooza, good times. Dinner, worship, service, campfire service, and more games followed. I learned to play this cool card mystery game called Mafia. It requires you to be able to lie, I wasn't so good. Then I played 4 on the couch, this I owned at my mind is a steel trap. I had a lot of fun meeting people and just hanging out. This morning we got up for breakfast, then we had baptisms in the freezing pond. Service, and communion followed. The day ended with camp cleanup. I ended up with some riders and all the Cocco's luggage on the way home. It was a great trip. After dropping off my companions and the luggage I went to work to be bored. Went home for my friends babies visitation, very very sad. I stopped through church before I came back, I miss my high schoolers. Now it is late and tommorow comes early.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I haven't written all week my evenings have been busy so I will catch myself up right now.

Tuesday started with my Chem quiz, I didn't think it was too bad which scares me. I always do bad when I think I do good. I turned out right though I only missed 3.5 points. After class I had a meeting with Pete at the Campus house and Jo the wife of the other minister. We talked for a good hour working through some stuff. We reached a conclusion that I am both anxious to get started with but also scared to start. We'll see if more details will follow. Still it was nice to get some things off my chest and just talk to them. I made it back for creative writing it was good we moved into short stories. Philosophy was cancelled for the day this did not upset me. Played some basketball, although not very well. I struggled for some reason, I was getting sick. After ball I went home and met Mom and Brent to go to Sam's for a Pampered Chef party. Except Brent and I stayed upstairs and hung out with Clay and Josh. Clay was entertaining as always and Josh even made us dinner. It was a good night.

Wednesday I woke up sick, spitting out blood. My throat was on fire which made 7 am conditioning a delight. I made it through though. A quick nap then off to the Junior high. My 16 year old was absent again, it's so much easier without her. Work was boring, I did some homework. I didn't have education class so I spent the afternoon resting. My body is just worn out it's not that I'm that tired. Went to Chem lab did a copper experiment it was actually very interesting and very colorful. Then I took a concussion test for basketball. That thing was hard, I'm pretty sure it's gonna come back that I am mentally retarded. Seriously rough stuff. I grabbed dinner to go because I wasn't very hungry and needed to get some homework done. At 8 I met Kelsey from my small group at FusionBrew a nice coffee shop down the street. I had some soothing hot peppermint tea, felt good on the throat. I had a really nice time sitting and talking to her, and later Meredith when she joined us before I went to work at 10. I was barely hanging on all through work, I was ready for bed but didn't get back until 12:30.

Thursday woke up early for some reason and stirred in and out of sleep. Chemistry was merely practice problems today. It's hard to practice when you don't get it. Slept for awhile then even though I wasn't hungry went to lunch. I had a bananna and 2 crackers with watered down grape juice. Sickness steals my appetite. I was feeling pretty disconnected all day. We went to the art museum for creative writing, that I enjoyed. Philosophy was same old same old, throw in a pop quiz. Went to basketball but didn't play, my body is worn and when I run the drainage makes me want to puke. I sat and talked to our new assistant Coach, turns out I know him. He coached at Central Catholic and last year at Parkland, small world. Went to Justin's for dinner and to hang out. We had chicken chili I couldn't taste it but I'm sure it was good. The warmth felt good on my throat at least. I felt soo much better after I ate, I actually had some energy and wasn't so dizzy. Came back and hammered out a philosophy paper very proud. Went to the campus house for worship and small groups. I love Thursday nights. I have been trying to pack it's not working. I am leaving tomorrow for the weekend, I'm going on Fall Retreat at Little Galilee with the ISU ministry it should be fun. I am driving my self because I work 7 hours tomorrow and don't get done till 7 so here's to hoping I don't get lost.

Special Prayer request: A friend of mine, Stephany, from highschool had a little girl named Aubree in July. She passed away today from what they think is SIDS. I was very good friends with Steph and her sister Autumn, so just keep them in your prayers.

Carrie Out