Monday, August 31, 2009


When did it turn fall? All the sudden the weather has drastically cooled down. I love autumn but I could use a few more weeks of shorts. Got up at the bright and early time of 10:30 today, still enjoying my sleeping in till classroom hours start. Headed off to Modern Germany. Once again I was interested, this is a good pattern. We discussed some readings I didn't read but I answered questions and participated exceptionally. It's amazing what an in class skim can teach you:) After class I ate some lunch, bean and rice burrito, yums. I then had an hour until my next class. I spent it talking, or more like arguing, with Kale. He loves the Brett Favre saga and how it has confused my entire being, ha. I could not tell you what we discussed at all in Old Man Rivers class today. But once again he took to calling me out by name in class, luckily this time it was simply social. After class got over I needed some stuff so I walked to Walgreen's. Things at Walgreen's are expensive, I walked home and drove to Walmart. I actually was going to buy markers and colored pencils, such is the life of an elementary education major. I got my goods headed home and set to coloring a science poster. Now that's the kind of homework I like and will do. Then it was off to a basketball meeting. We had a trainer presentation, talked some things over and set our preseason workouts. Hello 6am running, yuck. We hit up cafeteria dinner next and it was suprisingly delicious, chicken broccoli cheese casserole, sooooo tasty. I showered and checked the mail I got four of my books today, hurray! Tonight's Encounter was neat we Skyped our partner ministry in the Phillipines. It was really cool. Erica, Brittany, Kaylene, and Jared all came to service tonight, they are all from my home church. I took them back to the campus house gave them a tour and introduced them to some people before I drove them home. I just got back in once again parking my car at the library, I look like such a dedicated student!

Carrie Out

Wedding Shower

Tis been a busy weekend. Friday was spent watching Football. They lost but Brent did ok and hey, it's football. Stayed at Sondgeroth's and stayed up late kicking Troy's but on the X-Box. Saturday was spent running errands with Beth and Taylor. Then I hit up a team party for the night. It was fun, I like my teammates. Stayed at home last night and spent almost my entire day at church today. I was there from 8:45am-8:00pm, good times. Service ran long today so that wasn't helping. I didn't go to Sunday School instead Beth and I set up decorations for Lys and Sam's wedding shower. It was fall theme and ended up looking really least I think it did ha. Then I made cookie platters. I was quite the cuisine designer. The shower was from 2-4 we had fewer people than we were expecting but still it went well. Lys and Sam got a lot of good stuff and I even had a good time hanging out with the people. After the shower Beth and I spent a solid hour cleaning up, fun. At 5:3o I decided I had to leave the church even if it was just for a few minutes. My high schoolers were showing up for youth group so I left them with Beth and ran home to change clothes. Mom gave me a plate of turkey on the way out the door and my ten minute vacation was over. At youth we had planned a movie night since Lys wasn't coming and we had been busy all day. We made some Mac and Cheese and hung out then watched part of "Second Hand Lions." I on the other hand fought with the copy machine. I was trying to prepare a Bible Study curriculum for my high schoolers to do at school. I had the materials I was just struggling to get them copied. I finally left the church at 8pm with everything done and cleaned up, it was a success. I went back home and showered and well it was great. I got some fruit to bring back to school then stopped at Beth and Troy's on the way back. We watched some football and the news and it was back here. I actually put away all my clothes and goods already, I am proud and it is on to a new week.

Carrie Out

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Books

It's 9:00 and I am actually glad I am feeling tired. I am planning on some early bed seeing as I must be up at 5:30 am. Not happy about it but got to work 6-10am every Friday. That's a lot of time to do a lot of nothing....all the while tired. Anyways started off in Teaching Science with some snacks and coloring. I love it. I'm still waiting to hear back from my Co-op teacher to set my classroom schedule. I worked from 11-1 so I spent my afternoon reading the paper and watching Friends on my lap top. Brent's in the sports page of the Pantagraph, you should check it out. Grabbed lunch to go at Tommy's, a delicious BLT was my pick. Teaching Math is a ridiculous class. The teacher is crazy confusing and there is this girl I have never had in my education classes before that drives me nuts. She apparently thinks that she is the teacher and it annoys us all. Class led straight to pick-up. We played a 3 team rotation with the winner staying on. We played for an hour and my team only lost the last game so we never left the court. It was extremely hot and humid and we were dying. Could be why I'm tired eh? After pick-up Karen and I ate dinner in the cafeteria with the freshman. I was hungry and actually ate, a lot. There was this yummy sesame chicken sandwich I owned and it was crispy potato pancake day so there were good options. Post dinner has been showering and buying the rest to my text books online I think my semester total is somewhere around $200. Not bad considering one of my books in the book store was $150 on its own. Talked to Beth for a few moments. I am riding home with her tomorrow because FOOTBALL STARTS! I love football and am very excited in case you didn't know. I may just crash at their place tomorrow so who knows when I'll be back!

Carrie Out

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dollar Theater

I was up til 3 am coughing last night. I love sicky. Headed off to work a lil before 10 to spend 2 hours pretending to read for class. I got bored and opted to read a whole People Magazine instead. Hey we all have priorities:) Checked out of work and had two hours to kill before class. I met some teammates for lunch. That cafeteria is still crazy train and lunch was well, gross. Got back to my room around one and took to emailing my Co-op teacher from Brigham. I am excited to get that underway so hopefully we get a schedule set up soon. Off to class where I am already bored out of my only took 3 days. Old Man River just knows how to make me shut off my brain. The man has a gift. Except for today I was totally zoning out and he stops in the middle of one of his hour long stories, calls me by name and asks me a question. First off he never stops his stories, second off he never asks questions, and third off he never calls on specific people. I was stunned by his move and didn't answer right away cause I had to process what was going on. After I realized that hey he really was asking me a question I pulled out some answer that he seemed happy with. But yeah it was weird. Then it was off to pick-up. It was incredibly hot in the practice gym today. Like my clothes were literally soaked, it was a good time. Grabbed some dinner with Christina, Sean, and Karen and it actually wasn't bad. Spinach lasagna, garlic bread, and some Lucky Charms with Soy Milk, tasty. Tonight we hit up the dollar theater down the street to see "Pelham 123" good movie, and sweet deal. The dollar theater is our new favorite place, I may never go see a movie in a real theater again, although we all know I will. Came back and did my homework as of 20 minutes ago, as said I am doing a great job prioritizing:) But as for now I think I wanna watch TV.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I really did try to sleep last didn't work out too well. Got outta bed and off to 9:25 class. I was actually almost looking forward to todays classes because I know everyone in them both since they are education courses. First came Teaching Science. The teacher seems really cool and interesting. I am hoping that holds true. Plus we played a game and she promised we get to color next class! We are also taking 2 field trips this semester, one to the zoo and the other to the Children's Discovery Museum, that's my kind of class:) I got my field placement today as well as a relief. I was placed in a Kindergarten class at Brigham Elementary, a Unit 5 school, both of which I wanted so I am pleased. The relief is that I use that placement for both my education courses and only have to log a total of 3-4 hours a week of classroom time, half of what I was thinking. I slept a little this afternoon although I wasn't planning on it, but I did feel better when I got up. Hit up the cafeteria for some lunch it was crazy, I'm hoping it slows down once all the freshman get settled. Then it was off to class number 2, Teaching Mathematics. This one may be a little hectic. I have heard the teacher is really nice but just not a good teacher. She has some sort of accent and talks in confusing circles. At least it is with kids I know so hopefully we can help each other. After class I called Jerred cause it's his birthday and then I called Lys. We talked for a solid hour, I guess this not seeing each other everyday leaves us a lot to talk about. By the way I have gotten mail each day I have been here and I am loving it, THANKS! I tried to buy some more books online and talked to Kale for a bit before grabbing dinner at the DugOut and heading to my teammates house. We hung out ate and watched 17 Again, which I enjoy. Now I need to start prepping for my day tomorrow!

Carrie Out

Monday, August 24, 2009

Class Resumes

Rolled out of bed this morning at the ripe time of 10:30...that's later than I slept in for most of the summer. Twas grand. I loaded up my backpack and headed off to class. Modern Germany, what was I thinking? I don't remember signing up for my classes or why I picked what I did, but I have a random schedule. Anyways back to Modern Germany. My professor looks all of 12 years old. I'm sure he's at least like 25 but he looks 12 and talks in circles. At least he's energetic and German history is interesting. I think I'll give it a chance. After class I met coach and some of my teammates to eat at Tommy's with a recruit. I haven't eaten much since I've been sick, I settled for some broccoli cheese soup. Then I came back to my room and layed down. This whatever I have is making my body tired. Next class came at 2, Black Leadership/White Power, taught by everyone's favorite Old Man River. He was old as always and his lullaby voice was in full force, gets me every time. He was sniffing markers in class today to try and figure out why they didn't work and remarked that they "wouldn't get you high," it was funny. After that it was off to basketball we actually had enough for subs, which is a rare treat. We started out strong but by the second game we were tired. You could tell we weren't in shape but it was great to be with everyone again. I grabbed lunch at the DugOut then went to my teammates house to eat with them. I bought 9 of my text books online tonight for right under 50 bucks, I feel as if I saved mucho dinero and am proud of my efforts. I only have 3 I didn't get so I shall keep searching. Encounter was tonight the sermon was really good and I made an effort to talk to some new people. I remember how intimidating it can be to be there and know no one. Talked to my friend Jodi for awhile then it was back to here. Now I should go pretend to sleep.

Carrie Out

I'm Back!!!

My summer hiatus has come to an end. I am now in a permanant place and always have computer access so my blogging should return to a pretty regular pace. I could get you caught up on my summer but I did too much and went to many places. I was busy and running all over and I loved every minute of it. Too bad my school year officially started over an hour ago. I miss my freedom already. As most of you know I am now the assistant youth minister at our church at home, I will keep that up throughout the school year working on Wednesdays and Sundays. I will also carry a full class schedule along with clincal hours spent in elementary schools. Along with that I am playing basketball and working a job here at school. It's looking like I am gonna be busy, but with me free time can be distracting and way too unproductive. Just pray I can keep it all under control! I am all moved in and mostly organized thanks to the Sondgeroths and the Rents. All that's left to do is hanging posters and putting away my desk stuff. I hate packing and unpacking so I'm glad I had lots of help. Today was pretty low key. I am sick which is an awesome way to start the school year. Nothing bad just allergies which warped into a cold, fun times. Went to church this morning then spent most of the afternoon sleeping. Mom and I did run to Goody's in Lincoln. I need nice clothes to wear in the schools so if anyone has any extra send 'em this way! The night was spent at High School youth, gearing our kids up for the year and doing some planning. I stopped by Troy and Beth's before coming back to school to hang and kick Troy's butt in Xbox games. I dominate him. Got back to town and dropped by my teammates house to say hey before bringing the rest of my stuff to my room. Biggest problem of the day? Parking. I cannot find a decent place to park my car. I drove around for 30 minutes and finally parked at the library and walked hopefully we can remedy this tomorrow but for now I should probably hit the hay.

Carrie Out