Sunday, January 31, 2010

A loss?

Let's get a little weekend wrap-up. Friday consisted of work, grade schools, and basketball. I roller skated with my fourth graders in P.E. I was a bit nervous having not done it in forever but I didn't fall. Friday night movie night was "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," interesting with a few hilarious scenes. Saturday was spent in Wisconsin playing Carthage. Let's just say it was a bad day to be a Titan. We lost our first regular season game in 2 1/2 years. We didn't play well and the whole game was a struggle we just couldn't get going. Still we learned from last year that being undefeated does not make you a National Champion. It is better to lose now and gain motivation because nothing has ended. We got in at about 1:30 this morning and had to be back at the gym at 9:30 for practice because of work schedules. We watched a lot of film and had a very productive 45 minutes on the floor. For some reason I was craving Taco Bell and off handedly mentioned it during warm ups, that started a ruckus. Taco Bell is poor college kid paradise a bunch of us hit it up for lunch and twas delicious. After lunch I ran to the library and printed some stuff off before heading home. At home I wrote a Literature Review for Senior Sem, and yes I am still majorly lost in that class. Then it was off to youth group tonight we played balloon hide n seek and had queso with chips, yum. We studied Deborah for our lesson, very interesting, Judges 4 look it up. Then we made some root beer floats before sending the kiddies home. I came back here soon after to put away a months worth of clothes and finish up some work. Mission accomplished now for some zzzz's.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kale's Back!

I woke up with crusty blood under my left thumb nail. Apparently I scratched up my right hand in the night. My nails aren't even long, or jagged for that matter. I am strange. Had teaching children fine arts all day today. Started the day off with Panera bagels courtesy of our teacher Jen. Chocolate chip with hazelnut cream cheese was my pick, yum yum. We spent the whole day discussing learning disorders. The morning was spent watching yet another exciting video from the early 90's. Good information, bad hair. Then we did a simulation. We had to paint a picture of somewhere we would like to be...only we couldn't use our hands at all. Most of us put the brush in our mouths some used their toes. My picture wasn't actually bad, I'm quite proud. Still it was a neat experience. Lunch break came a little early which was nice and gave me a whole hour out of class. The afternoon was spent learning about dyslexia and all that comes with it. I learned some neat reading tricks. After class I went to Shirk to see if they had heard anything back from the Dr. No such luck. Emily (our trainer) was still freaking out she took my pulse and blood pressure, I told her I was fine. She agreed to let me do some light exercise if someone went with me. Kale called this afternoon and we talked for awhile while he was lost somewhere in California. He told me he wants a tatto of Jesus face on his chest. I told him it would be awesome if he got it placed where his chest hair could grow on Jesus head like real hair, ha. Christina met me and we spent about an hour in the gym. We shot and I jogged around a bit just to test it out. No problem. We met Karen and Sean for dinner and then proceeded to spend two hours laughing and shooting the breeze. Watched Monday's Bachelor on TiVo then went to Bible study. We are doing Parables this semester good stuff.

Carrie Out

Halftime Dr.

I was tired earlier. I should be tired now. I am not tired, yuck. Started the day off with a little Shirky Worky. I was stationed at the desk today, no Coach Eash following me around. Spent the first hour drawing a detailed map of my fourth grade classroom for class. I would rather draw then write any day. Then I went to the trainers office to get my medical records released. I met with a Dr. yesterday at our game. It was really random I had to talk to him in the stands at halftime of our game. He was in the crowd and the trainers made me. Anyways he wants the results from my EKG and Echo I had run my sophomore year so we had to request them from my doctor. He wants to run some more tests and other things so we'll see what happens next. After work I came back to my room and finished up some homework. Then I met Karen, Christina, and Sean for lunch. It was actually edible some kind of cheesy chicken pasta. We sat and shot the breeze for about an hour then I loaded up and headed home. I went to see Jodi and Trey first because they missed me. Okay I missed them. Trey is getting so big, he is trying to learn to crawl. I adventured to the bank next to deposit 4 paychecks. I am not so good at putting them in. Went home and did laundry and homework until youth group. Youth group went alright tonight the kids were wound up but we managed. I brought Sammy and Ferdinand in per request. The little kids were loving it it was too funny. Went home and showered and sat around then headed back here. I was supposed to go out tonight but opted for staying in my warm room. I think it was a smart decision.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy Heart

Tis been a long day. Woke up at the lovely time of 5:30 for a little worky. There were actually quite a few people there when I started my shift. I usually wait for them to leave then tidy up the mess they leave behind. Not this morning. The football Coach (who is widely known for being awkward and rude) followed me around the weight room for half an hour making me perform ridiculous tasks. I told him I clean up after the first wave leaves, he didn't care. I had to move a platform because it wasn't perfectly straight, restack all the floor weights into stacks of the same height and other dumb things. Not fun. When he left I did some homework. I had planned on doing more but was so tired that my brain could not function. I walked home only to realize I left my computer charger at Shirk so I walked back, yeah frostbite! When I got back I vegged on my bed until lunch. I really wanted to and needed to sleep but it wasn't coming ugh. Lunch was lunch the usual laughter and less than desirable foods. After lunch I jumped back on the homework train. I wrote an essay for my Senior Sem then went to the library in hunt for research articles. I realized while there I really have no idea how to locate items in Ames, I should probably go more often. Next came practice. Weird thing I didn't actually get to practice today. About 20 minutes into drills I felt my heart start beating really funny and fast. I thought maybe it was just gonna last a few seconds so I let it go but it didn't stop. I had Christina feel it and then our assistant coach and they both sent me to the trainer. It beat like that for about five minutes it made me dizzy and hard to breathe. After I sat for a while it stopped but then it just felt like someone was sitting on my chest there was this strange pressure. As long as I was sitting it didn't bother me much so that is what the trainer forced me to do the rest of practice, yuck. Grabbed dinner then headed to Encounter in the snow. Tonights sermon was on the third commandment and was quality with some good jokes thrown in. Tomorrow I go back to the fourth grade so tonight I need to sleep.

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sad day to be a Viking

I believe I suffered a strange mix of an anxiety and heart attack tonight. I really have got to learn to not get so involved in football. The Vikings lost in a nail biter to the Saints. If it was the Packers with Brett at the reigns losing I probably would have cried. Critics are already jumping on the Favre hating band wagon because of the last interception. That makes me very angry. Yes he threw the interception but that did NOT lose the game in any way shape or form. The four fumbles leading up to that did, the Vikings had multiple opportunities to score which were lost on these turnovers. Also I think the idea of running a passing play at that time anyways was a dumb decision that was not made by Favre. Yes I am biased but in this situation I do not feel I am wrong in my opinion. Enough venting. We played North Park today the game was incredibly boring and long. North Park isn't very good and once we got up on them we coasted along. The guys played after us, one of the guys who was on the basketball team at Lincoln played for North Park. It was cool to see him. This game was much closer but we pulled it out in the end. North Park's mascot is the Viking. I think it was an omen.

Carrie Out

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday was pack full of fun...or at least packed full. Started the day off with some work, hurray! Then I went to my 4th grade class again. I liked it MUCH better this time, I hope it keeps getting better. Next I met Polly for some catching up at Fusion Brew. After an hour of conversing it was off to practice. After practice Mark's team was playing again so I stood and talked with Grandma, Kathy, and Ron. Grabbed some dinner then headed to the girls for Friday Night movie night. We watched a NetFlix Stacey had, she doesn't always have the best taste. We watched "The Reaping," with Hilary Swank. It was strange but the kind of strange that keeps you intrigued, not too bad. Today started with a lovely 2 hour practice, it wasn't bad it was easy. We showered then headed to the cafeteria for lunch. Keeping with the weekly trend the food was gross. I walked home and ordered some articles online for my Senior Sem class. I had never done that before I felt like such an accomplished student. Then I took Karen to the mall to look for a birthday present for her sister, we had no success. When we got back a bunch of us went to watch the ISU women's basketball team. Nicole, one of their players, helped us all summer with camp and stuff so we went to see her. They won by a lot so we left early because we were starving. We had crock pot chicken tacos with all the fixings I even made some guacamole, it was a fiesta. Post dinner we watched U of I play. Tonight's agenda centered on watching a Lifetime movie called "The Pregnancy Pact," it was all kinds of ridiculous, as was expected. Came home earlyish to do some laundry. I am fresh outta clean clothes but this is taking forever.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love class]

Ahh the week has gotten away with me. Tuesday was a really really late night because of basketball but we won so I suppose it was worth it:) Wednesday was swallowed up with homework and shenanigans, it went by quickly. Today is my least favorite day of the week. I actually got adequate sleep last night first time in awhile. Woke up and skied to class careful not to fall. We spent the morning discussing proper reading and writing tactics then watched some boring video from what seemed to be the 1980's. High points of class: We got snacks (trail mix) and I practice my left handed and backwards writing skills instead of watching the video. Lunch break was not very appetizing today but I went to the cafeteria anyways. I checked my mail before heading back to class and one more textbook came, I am still waiting on quite a few. Class number two was stock full of presentations. 8 different learning disorders in 3 hours of the joys. Actually they weren't too bad people did a good job of keeping the class engaged and entertained. Cam and I did a presentation on AD/HD the teacher thought it was fitting. I didn't complain we did little research I already knew all the stuff about it. After class I had 2 hours till dinner and returning to class. I swiftly jumped aboard the homework train. One paper and one reading later it was dinner time, which again disappointed. Class was short today less than 2 hours but still confusing. I am hoping to catch on sometime soon. Went to the girls house to chill out for a bit and watch bad tv. I have to work at 8 am I am hoping not to fall on the ice.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winning Weekend

Once again the weekend evaded my writing. It was pumped full of food, friends, football, and the weekend favorite movies! I usually write on Sundays but the whole thing was thrown off with a Sunday basketball game. Due to our budget cuts we now do conference double headers with the guys which leads to loooong days and Sunday games. Bummer. But on a good note we both won so at least it was a pleasant ride home. In other great but not at all shocking news Brett Favre is amazing and the Vikings won:) I did not sleep well last night apparently it was a common theme for everyone on the team, weird. Anyways I had to be up and at work by 6. To make it even better the streets were covered in black ice and I slipped twice in the pitch black at 5:45 awesome. At work I actually had to work it was crazy. The place was hoping for 6 am we had a softball team in training and all sorts of people running about making me do things. I did get to watch a movie though which always makes me happy. This mornings pick came from Stacey and was called "My Life as a House," it was an intriguing and fresh look at life, I enjoyed it. After work I slept until lunch because I was exhausted. Lunch was full of foolishness and laughter. The afternoon was spent doing some homework and watching SVU, fun times. Practice was an easy one today since we have a game tomorrow I did run a mile after though just to get a workout in. Marks team played at Shirk so I watched his game with Grandma and Aunt Kathy before heading to Encounter. We just started a series on the Ten Commandments and I like it. I start 4th grade tomorrow here's to hoping it goes well.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 hours!

Oh how I love Thursdays, I just wish I could find a way to get more class time into my day, ha. Morning class was all about Social Studies today. Well not literally we just discussed some text book readings. At break time Ana brought all these delicious mix-in's and baggies so we could make our own trail mix. She also brought us some yummy Fuji apples. I love snack time. The rest of the class period was spent on discussing how to set and establish classroom rules. Then it was onto our 1 hour lunch break. I wasn't real hungry per the morning snacks so I ate a quick grilled cheese. The lines today were short so I actually had about 20 minutes after lunch before class. I used it to run back to my room and check if my text books had come in the mail...they didn't. The first half of the afternoon class was also taught by Ana but I don't really remember what we did. Then Jen Crider our art teacher taught the second half of class. We discussed critiquing childrens art and then had to give a summary of an article we wrote in a song all young children know. My group did ours to London Bridge is falling down it was high quality. I had a half hour between class and practice I spent it repacking my backpack and sitting on my bed. Practice was actually fun today we did a lot of competition drills. I had to leave early for class and am told I missed our least favorite conditioning drill, oh darn. Senior Sem. was confusing per usual, I don't really understand why we have class we don't seem to accomplish anything. Maybe when I catch on to what we are doing the 3 hours will be meaningful, I won't hold my breath. After class I went to the girls house to visit and chill. I have to work at 7:30 so to bed I go.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterdays blogging took a back seat to Tivo Tuesdays, otherwise known as the Bachelor without commercials. The whole team, well all the upperclassmen, watch the show every week and whoever can't watch it on Monday's watches it Tuesdays. The show is soooo cheesy and scripted yet so entertaining to make fun of. We like it. So anyways this led to late bed time which was bad because I was up by 7:30 this morning. I hate a.m. shifts at Shirk, darn you Coach Wagner. This morning I read the newspaper and then started on the book "The Great Expectations School." It is written by Dan Brown whom I meet and listened to speak last year very interesting and intriguing stuff. After work I took a nap cause I was tired. Then I met Christina, Sean, and Karen for lunch. It was soup bar day only they ran out of bowls in the first 15 minutes, very sketchy. Christina's classes for the day were cancelled so we decided to spend the afternoon in the library doing homework. I had a paper for my senior seminary class to write which took me a lot longer than expected but it is done. Left straight from the library to head to the church office. We had to film a skit for Sunday's service and do other work. It was a crazy night. We had a lot of kids and they all were wired, our junior highers were especially out of control. Talked to Dustin for a bit after youth then headed home for new SVU, you know I love it. Now I am thinking bed would be best seeing as I have 9 hours of class tomorrow and 2 hours of practice. Yeah I know what was I thinking.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching Up

I awoke at 5:30 this morning and was not loving it. Much to my happiness thought when I went to start my car it was not covered in ice and started right up. No scraping and no hassle. At work I actually did my homework. A little reading, a response, and a 2 page paper. Done, done, and done. Then I watched the movie "Taken" and was utterly engrossed. It was so suspenseful and actiony I really really liked it...minus the fact the premise of it is quite frightening. Let's just say I shall never travel overseas alone. After work I must have been tired because I fell asleep for 2 hours! That is a real real long time in my world. Woke up and went to lunch with Karen. Then I met Kelsey Coker at Fusion Brew for an afternoon of catching up. She studied in Spain all first semester and is going back this semester but came home for Christmas. I really missed her and selfishly wish that she was staying here but Spain is calling. Funny part though she really wanted to see Sammy the Ground Hog so I may have brought him into Fusion Brew and received many laughs and bewildered stares. We enjoyed it hah. We talked for so long that I finally had to make myself leave at 4:30 so I could go to basketball practice. Practice wasn't bad today everyone was in a decent mood so it moved along nicely. After practice I grabbed a shower and some food before heading to Encounter. I missed having it over break, it's just nice to go to a service that is completely tailored to you, very fulfilling. Well I am thinking tomorrow's full day of classes shall require me to get some rest.
Carrie Out

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Vikings?

Saturday nights get real out of control around here so don't be expecting many weekend posts. Today I woke up and walked three blocks across campus to my car. It was 10 below zero and I was carrying my laundry basket. Gotta love the terrible parking at my dorm. I made it there with minimal frost bite to fight with my car to get it to start and then scrape it so I could see. All that being said I did make it to church just not exactly on time but 10 minutes late isn't too late. I sat with Matthew and as usual he was cracking me up. I went to highschool Sunday school because I can and then I went home. Spent the afternoon doing laundry and watching football. The Packers have let me down so now I shall cling to my only hope that is Brett Favre and the Vikings. Went to youth where I cooked some pizza's and did a little learning about the book of Daniel. There are stories in there that I had no idea were from the book of Daniel, like the fiery furnance. How did I not know that? Did some chatting with Sam and Lys then went back home. I helped Brent with his government homework then watched some Brothers and Sisters before heading back. Tomorrow I work at 6 am tonight I go to sleep.

Carrie Out

Friday, January 08, 2010


Started the day off with a rousing three hours of work. Actually it wasn't bad Shirk was dead because one, it was early, and two, no one wants to walk in this weather to work out. I spent my time reading the Pantagraph and watching "Ladder 49." This took up all three hours which I appreciated. After work I decided I should probably buy my textbooks for class. I had forgotten that these were necessary for class, maybe because I never ever read them. Still never know if I may need them. Anyways I looked at the bookstore and bought nothing then I bought a few online. Books are so expensive. This time of year is killing me. LA, the towing of my car, tuition, and books, all within 2 weeks, rough stuff. I met Karen for lunch at the cafeteria. It was a disappointment, grilled cheese won out. Then it was back to online book browsing before I took a pre practice nap. I was tired for some reason. Practice was alright actually seemed to go by fairly quickly which is always nice. Showered then grabbed dinner and headed to the girls house. We decided to go see "Up in the Air." We had wanted to see it awhile ago and now that it is getting all kinds of great reviews we chose to go check it out. It was really good and even funny although the topic on it's own is quite depressing. Very poignant view of how our culture is currently operating. After the movie we started to watch "Fight Club" on TV. Surprisingly I have never seen it. I made it the first half then walked home because I am tired. Tomorrow we play Carthage another Top Ten team should be interesting.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Return of Me

I have returned! With the onslaught of finals, the holidays, and basketball I left the world of internet behind for a bit, but now I am back. School started today, well actually yesterday, but with my new schedule I only attend class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will be long days but the three days off will be nice and allow time to keep up. I was really hoping the snow would ward off class today but it did not, bummer. I technically have 4 classes but only 3 teachers, and every class is in the same room. Each teacher has a 3 hour block I think CLA 100 will become my new home. This morning I had teaching social studies and teaching language arts. Dr. Floriani teaches both of them so it really is up to her what subject we learn about about. Today was language arts. The class actually flew by. I really like her she is my advisor and taught my Childrens Lit class last May term. Doesn't hurt either that my classmatese are the same education majors from last semester either. After class I ate lunch with Karen and Britt, nacho bar day never disappoints. My afternoon class was cancelled due to weather, I planned to spend it relaxing, I planned wrong. My car was towed because I was apparently parked along a snow route. There is no parking lots for my dorm so I have to park on the street. Anyways it was a long and stressful afternoon of Stacey driving me around and attempting to keep me sane. We had to go to the police station where I payed 10$ to find out where my car was. Then I got a 50$ parking ticket. Next we had to go to Joe's Towing to get my car which was an adventure in itself. We got there and I realized I left my license at the police station. So after we got my car and I gave them 130$ we had to go back and get my license. This all took 2 hours and we got back just in time for practice. Practice wasn't too bad, I had to leave early for class. On Thursdays I have senior seminar class from 7-10pm. I was lost and confused the whole time but am trying to catch on. No class tomorrow but I do work in the morning so I'm going to go lay in bed.

Carrie Out