Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I feel as if I am accomplishing nothing this week...I hope that's not true. Started the day off in Kindergarten, my favorite way to get going. We had Halloween themed centers this week, that was fun. We also had a fire drill today that was an adventure. It was cold out one of my kids said "We shoulda broughten our coats and gloves," hahaha. When I was done I came home and rested, lovely. I did a little reading for my test then grabbed a light lunch. The test wasn't too bad except I didn't even recognize one of the peoples names I was supposed to be comparing. I hope my bsing works out cause that one threw me off. Class ended and I returned to my bed. Honestly I feel better today. All morning I felt like I couldn't catch my breath for some reason, but I've been okay the rest of the day. Didn't completely sweat through my clothes today either, gross but true:) I went to practice today to watch since I have missed all week. The girls said they learned new stuff, all I saw was same old same old. My job was to pick up the balls and pass in drills. I never thought I would actually miss the running ha. I grabbed dinner after practice, the first time since Sunday I had actually felt hungry and wasn't forcing myself to eat something. I got about half a wrap downish, good enough for me. Then it was time for my long awaited SVU, tonight was real suspenseful one. Never disappoints. I just did a little homework, okay so I read a childrens book, but hey work is work.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I hate sickness. I slept for 11 hours last night. That's when I know things aren't right, when I sleep. I wasn't allowed to go to 6am practice this morning, which was good since I slept right through it. Got up and went to Science class. By the time I got there the clothes under my sweats were drenched in sweat, it's real weird. Class was entertaining as always we did some fun activities and pretended to be bears, good times. I came home changed clothes and then slept til work. I'm really not sure what I did at work, I cannot remember. After work I slept some more and watched some SVU. I thoroughly enjoy marathon Tuesdays. Math class was a little boring. It was my turn to teach again. We are onto geometry I taught about triangles, it went well enough. I had a nurses appointment after class per Coach and the trainers request. I had a mono test it was negative. Apparently I have some post flu respiratory infection that is being treated as some kind of bronchitis for now. The nurse said my lungs sound like they have stuff in them and I am wheezing, which is why I'm tired. I got put on an inhaler and a Z-Pack. I have to go back to the nurse on Friday to see if my lungs sound better. If they don't I have to have a chest x-ray and some labs done, yuck. Other than that I am out of practice for the week. I made myself eat some soup for dinner so I could take my medicine then I went to watch a little of the boys basketball scrimmage. The rest of my night has consisted of me sitting on my bed attempting to prep for a history test tomorrow, yikes.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 26, 2009


It has been a dreary type of day. I'm not a fan of fall rain. It's all cold and misty and drab. There is no storm just wet wet wet, annoying. I slept for about 11 hours last night, it was nice. Went to class and learned all about Germany, yay. I left my ID at home in my rain coat so I had to go buy a new one. Normally I would have just waited til I could get home to get it but I needed it for too many things this week. I didn't eat lunch I wasn't hungry and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Before I went to class at 2 I went and payed my tution finally. I forced myself to eat a cup of yogurt because I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day. Old Man River's class was boring per usual. After class I had to run to ISU's library to check out a book "Hitler's 30 Day's to Power." I have to read it and write a book review on it for my Germany class. I once again slept until practice. I got up early to get some food I knew I would have to eat something if I was going to make it through practice. I settled for a pita and some hummus along with Motrin. I got to the locker room and my teammates said I looked "all red and fevered" they threw a fit until I went to get my temperature taken by the trainer. I told them I had just taken medicine and didn't have a fever. They took my temperature anyways, I didn't have a fever. I got sent home anyways. Apparently I was pale and clamy and had symptoms that they didn't want me sharing with the team. I have spent the rest of my night in bed doing a little homework and just resting. Now I think I'm gonna try and go to sleep.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I had a very busy but very enjoyable weekend. Friday was football, cold, wet, and a loss, but football is always good. Saturday was spent visiting many a people. Started with a little family soup-a-palooza which was fantastic. Great food and great people it doesn't get much better. Then I headed to Atlanta for the annual Finchum weiner roast. More food, more people, more fun. Spent most the night just chilling out by the fire and talking, it was nice but I reeked of smoke. This morning I missed church. I woke up 3o minutes late with my phone under me. I think I disabled my alarm sometime in the night by rolling onto it because it is a touch screen. Oops! I headed into the church late but didn't go into service. I listened from the choir room ha. I was mad I missed because Pete preached, then I realized I have already heard the sermon he delivered. I went to high school Sunday school class to hang with the kids they make me happy. I finished the wedding programs today as well, somehow Lys lost the original, luckily we made some copies. I wasn't feeling well this morning so I grabbed a quick lunch at home then headed back to school to sleep til practice. Practice wasn't too bad minus my lungs burning. I have this crazy dry cough that just hurts. Came back and showered and haven't left my bed since. I have been running a fever all night, I feel like I just got healthy. Go away fever no one here wants you! Another song to check out, I have a small fascination with music:) It's called "Lay Em Down," by Need to Breathe:

Carrie Out

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy me!

Happy Birthday to me! (At least for 30 more minutes ha) Started the day off with a little kindergarten fun. One of my kids asked me if I was a Grandma today. Actually he started by asking which one of the kids in the class was mine, I said no. Then he asked if I was a mom, I said no. To which he responded "Oh so you're a Grandma!" I just laughed and said yes. If I wasn't feeling old today he sure helped:) When I got done at the grade school I drove across town and met Kelsey and Amber for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was sooo good I love BWW and it was nice to be able to hang with them. Kelsey got me some sweet gifts Underarmor sweats and a hilarious box from high school filled with things she found around her room. Hit up Party City on my way back to campus to pick up some helium balloons for the church harvest party. Then I went and talked to Karen for a little bit, she had gotten me some goodies for my birthday, I love Crazy Core Skittles! After that I headed on home, or more specifically to Springers. I hung out with Jodi and Trey for a bit. Jodi even had made me a delicious funfetti birthday cake yums. I was then at the church from 4:30-8:30. I think the Harvest Party went well though, lots of games, lots of candy, and lots of people. Then I really did go home for some always awesome SVU and a shower. I've had a good birthday and enjoyed my free time, let's call it a successful day! Oh and check this song out it's been stuck in my head all day, it's by Jimmy Needham and well give er a listen:)

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am so relieved right now it isn't even funny. It has been another non-stop day but I have accomplished a lot. Started the morning out at the glorious time of 5:30am. You know morning practice wasn't even that bad. We actually accomplished a lot and managed to laugh and have an okay time as well. After practice I showered away my scum and opted for a little pre-class nap, delightful. In science class we played Old Maid with the 3 forms of water, fun stuff. We were looking at statewide nature curriculum so we got to do some of the activities. Our teacher brought a stuffed otter and she let me play with it, score! After class I met with my advisor to go over my intent to student teach. She thought it looked really good and told me to go ahead and turn it in, so I did ha. Off to work where I actually worked on my paper, well a little bit. I did some reading so I could write my paper. Grabbed lunch at Tommy's they make a mean buffalo chicken wrap. Back to class. In math we are studying fractions. We have actually learned a really neat way to multiply and divide them using models and it even makes sense. Post class I ran to my room grabbed my laptop and headed to the library. I place my self on Ames arrest in an attempt to write my 8 page history paper. At 5:30 I took a break for dinner and went to Justin's for some yummy roast and potatoes. I got back around 6:15 and wrote on. By 8 it was time for another break so I went and meal exchanged for some snacks before getting back at it. By 9:30 my paper was complete, footnotes, formatting, and bibliography. It probably would have taken less time if my teammates weren't always in the library but they were a welcome distraction. Anyways being done is great great great. I then decided in celebration that I desperately needed to clean up my I did. I can now see my floor, my desk, and my chair, two laundry baskets all my books and papers later. But my room feels so much better now. Now I shall attempt to sleep!

Carrie Out

Monday, October 19, 2009

Break Time

Time for a homework break, it has been a non-stop day. Woke up this morning exhausted even though I thought I had slept for quite some time. Headed off to Modern Germany class. We watched a 65 minute video on Berlin. It was soooo boring. There was no sound and a little background music. It was literally like a person was simply walking around the city with a camera in 1920 Germany. Exciting. We got our midterms back I pulled a B. I am okay with that there were a few questions I knew I did not fully understand. After class I met with my Professor because I have to give a class presentation on Wiemar Germany on Friday. Then I hit up the cafeteria for some buffalo chicken meltdown, never disappoints. Right after I had an appointment at the writing center to revise my intent to student teach essay. I fixed up my paper then it was time for White Power/Black Leadership. We talked a lot of nothing, got a little into T. Thomas Fortune, and convinced Old Man River to cancel class on Wednesday so we could have more time to work on our papers. They are now due Wednesday at midnight, hey every spare hour helps. After class I read some research for my paper and then it was time for practice. 5-8 practices are rough for the mere fact that you are starving halfway through. You can't eat before and after the cafeteria is closed, boo. Anyways we survived and were blessed with the lovely gift of tomorrows practice being at 6am, good times. Grabbed a sandwich at the DugOut, showered and then have been working on my research paper. I am only 1 of 8 pages in this thing is annoying. But for now my body is saying bed but my paper must be worked on.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am returning from yet another delay in blogging, my sincerest apologies:) This weekend was Fall Break, ha, hahaha. That equates one day off, Friday, big break eh? Anyways my whole break was spent at Shirk working 6-9 then practice 9-12:3. Fun times. My body was awfully achy after round 2 of practice I literally just sprawled on my bed for an hour after I showered. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Jodi and Trey and it was fantastic. The night was spent at Brents football game. Yesterday Mom and I went shopping for basketball socks, new winter boots, and sweat pants. Quite the combination, but I got most every thing I needed. I came home and wanted to make guacamole I failed. I did succeed though in cutting a nice chunk out of my idex finger. Stupid thing bled forever. The rest of the day/night was spent hanging out with Brent and the animals. We watched "Swing Vote" and "Lake View Terrace" both interesting enough. Got up and went to church this morning. I was not focusing real well. I went to Sunday school with my high schoolers since I wasn't able to go to youth tonight. Went home had lunch then came back to school for practice. Another 3 hours of fun, this dumb finger was pretty annoying to play with. Came back tired, stinky, and hungry. All which I overcame. I have spent the rest of the night formulating and writing a lesson plan. This week is gonna be stressful I have faaaaar too much to do.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to Basketball

Apparently when I don't post for two days Grandma gets I'm back! It's just been a busy week and I got distracted. I didn't have science class this morning so I got to sleep in til 11:00 glorious. Got up and rolled into work. Our system crashed today so really I had no work to do. I wrote and completed a math lesson plan for my kindergartners. I feel so accomplished when I actually do homework at work. Then I wasted time doing who knows what until math class. We have moved onto fractions. For some reason I get it and a lot of my classmates don't so the teacher had me do a lot of helping today. After class I took a nap. I haven't been sleeping well so I've been getting tired, annoying. Anyways today it was necessary because it marks the beginning of basketball season! So yeah I slept then grabbed a dinner before practice at 6:30. I didn't want to eat too heavy because I knew we were in for the long haul, so I settled for PB & J, a banana, and some pretzels. I have drank an obscene amount of liquids this evening for some reason I am extremely parched. But back to practice it was incredibly, I don't know, patsy. Not near as intense as last year. Yes we were there for three hours but it was a lot of breakdowns and paitence and explaining, none of which happened last year. We were kind of thrown to the wolves and apparently that's how it has always been so we as a whole were confused by the hand holding of the freshman. But we survived it was probably best to get our bodies a little broke in and we couldn't go to hard cause we are back at it for three hours at 9 am. For now that means attempting to sleep cause I still got to work at 6.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dead Car

I slept well last night but felt tired all does that work? Modern Germany was same old same old although we have moved onto WWI. At least I know some things about WWI it's not a foreign subject. Then it was off to lunch, a little General Tso's chicken yummalicious. I'm not real sure what I did during my free hour between classes, I honestly can't remember. Old Man River's class was exceptionally boring. I actually spent my time working on drawings for Lys wedding bulletin's, good times. After class I called and talked to Jodi for awhile, she is moving home and I am excited. Then it was off to pickup. We practiced drills to help our freshmen learn them for Thursday. Then we played for an hour and a half. I'm not gonna lie the first game I was dying. I really haven't done much since I've gotten sick, but it felt good to start getting back in the groove. I grabbed dinner from Tommy's they have tenderloins now and it was delicious. Showered then headed out to Encounter. I stopped by Krogers to buy some toliet paper for a food pantry drive we are doing. Bought the TP then jumped in Marky Mark to drive away only he wouldn't start. Not happy. I left him in the Kroger parking lot and walked home. I proceeded to spend my night doing nothing real productive, which isn't a good choice but I'm over it.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Twas a crazy weekend I was running all over the place. Friday night Justin and I went out to eat at Fiesta Ranchera and then to Oly for the homecoming game. It was a chilly night but we survived and Olympia won. When we got back I went over to my teammates house to hang out and have some fun. Then Saturday it was IWU's homecoming. A few of my teammates parents came down and brought a tent and set up a big tailgate for us. 5 of our basketball alum came back and we had a fun albeit cold day out at the football field. There was lots of food, some bags tournaments, and a lot of laughing. We lost the game but we enjoyed ourselves. Then we went back to the house where I was very hyper and being awesome. I may have been running around in all black tights pretending to be a ninja. All the girls left at night to go home to Chicago for the marathon because Jess ran in it (she finished in 5.5 hours!). I headed home then as well. Church was a mess today. Our music leader was sick so our worship was off. A lady passed out in service so that added some commotion. I skipped Sunday school and instead went to Peoria with Mom, Bren, and Grandma to look for basketball shoes. Epic fail, Brent found the shoes he wanted I did not. At youth tonight we let the kids chill and play games since they were worn out from Homecoming, but it was good to just be. Watched Brother's and Sister's and headed back, now I need to go look up New Guinea Singing Dogs.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I'm all kinds of wound up right now and I'm not real sure why. Probably not gonna help me with the whole going to sleep thing since I got to get up at 5:30, oops! Got up this morning for our last basketball conditioning, hurray! We did post training testing boring stuff but good to be done. Our assistant coach brought us Panera bagels for breakfast yums:) I came back showered and took a little siesta until science. Today in class we read a picture book about standardized testing. I love children's books. Then it was off to work not a real thrill. I played Family Feud and talked to some people, good times. Off to class again. I was not real confident on the lesson I was teaching but I powered through...and got an A! That was relieving. I stayed after class so the teacher could help me with my Excel project, very helpful. We didn't have pickup today because all the outdoor sports practiced inside due to rain so I spent an hour before dinner doing absolutely nothing. Ate dinner with Christina and Karen, there was nothing good. Back at the room I finished my homework and finally cleaned up the mess of my room. I had kinda been living out of it not in it and it was out of control. I feel much better about it now. Watched "The Office" wedding and well it was funny. Bible study came next which never disappoints but for now I shall attempt to wind down.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It was a chilly morning, fall is abrupt. I went back to Kindergarten this morning, I missed it last week. The kids are just too cute, and a lot of fun. Today I made a bulletin board, cut out a bunch of pumpkin books, and led a math center and a literature center. I love Kindergarten. Came back and grabbed some lunch, it was baked potato bar very tasty. I spent my hour before class doing homework, all kinds of exciting. History class was exceptionally boring today. I spent it writing letters to my 5th grade penpals from my education classes. I did get some good news though my history paper got cut down 2 pages and the due date got pushed back a week. That's gonna be a rough one. After class I had a project meeting for my math class. It's my turn to lead the lesson again tomorrow. It is some strange way of teaching large number multipication my partner and I don't really get it, hope it goes well. Headed home where I did a little of my math Excel project, I'm making small progress. Grilled some brats for dinner then went to church. The kids were a little out of control today, very wound up. Still we had good numbers and it went well so no complaining here. Watched SVU and it was enthralling as always, then it was back to school. Now I need some sleepsky lasta 6:30 am work out in the morning!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Toy Story!

How I did not miss 6:30 am basketball last week....but how I am paying for it this week. I made it through albeit slowly but I did complete everything. Apparently my teammates thought I was going to pass out, it was just a bit rough that's all. After workout I showered and went back to bed til class. Today in science we talked about animals and fears it was interesting. Then we built these paper bats, they were neat. We took them in the hallway to test out their flying mine went the farthest:) Then it was off to work where I actually did homework for the hour I was there. It's because it didn't have to be done on the internet. Stacey picked me up from work and we went on the prowl for new basketball shoes. We hit up all the athletic shoe stores in Bloomington and came up short. There just aren't any new models out there. I think I am going to end up having Kelsey order me a pair from Dick's. Then it was back to class. I'm not sure what we really did in math today it was kind of all over the place. After class I attempted to work on an Excel project for math using a data set only I forget how to use Excel, helpful. The best part of the day came next. Kelsey came to eat chicken bowl with us at dinner then we went to see the Toy Story 3D double feature. I love Toy Story and seeing it on the big screen was sweet, the 3D doesn't do much though since the characters are pretty much already in 3D. Still I enjoyed every moment of it. And now I shall rest.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 05, 2009

Football Agony

I'm all kinds of worked up right now. There is nothing right with Brett Favre in a Vikings jersey playing the Packers. I feel as if it may be morally wrong, all I know is that it is not ok. Otherwise it has been a pretty good day. The mere fact that I didn't spend it in bed already makes it trump last week. My German midterm wasn't too bad. I knew the basis of most of the questions there were none I was completely lost on. I am hoping this turns into a good outcome. Something I was very pleased with though was my paper I wrote on the German film. I definately winged that one and was feeling nervous but...I got an A! That made me happy. Then I came back to my room and checked my email and found out my math project which was due tomorrow isn't due til Friday. That made me even happier! I hadn't had time to work on it last week due to my insane amounts of sleeping and was fearful of not getting it done. I love extensions. Old Man River's class was a bore today. We got our tests back I got a B and I am ok with that, I wasn't so sure about it. After class I slept a bit and then went to basketball, everyone was so excited to see me alive, ha. It wasn't bad I was a bit weezy and coughy but I survived. It wasn't even that I was wearing out it was that I physically could not get much out of my body. Oh well it was a start for 10 days of inactivity. Grabbed dinner from Tommy's and then sat here and watched the torture of my two loves in life battling each other.It is almost too much to take. I think I shall go to church and pray about it:)

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Feeling Better

Ahh I have finally re-entered the land of the living and it's great. I feel sooo much better just a lil cough, playing basketball this week may be an adventure though considering I did nothing for 7 days. Friday night I went to Football cause I was so tired of being under house arrest. We won bringing the grand total to 3 victories, impressive for us. Saturday morning the Doc called and said I was Mono free, hurray! I spent all day Saturday in Atlanta for the Oly Fire Slow Pitch Tourney. I didn't play I was there for moral support and well it was a blast, we had a fun day and night. Rolled out of bed fresh for church this morning. I was all set on going to service, but that didn't happen. Our Jr. Church teacher didn't show up so up I went. I didn't have the lesson or anything it was with the teacher so we watched Veggie Tales and played games. Works for me. Spent the afternoon Googling terms for my Modern Germany midterm tomorrow. I am nervous, other things I can b.s. my way through, with this I have limited back ground knowledge to spring off of. Then it was off to youth, we had 8 kids so we kinda just hung out and checked in with them, it was nice. I went with Lys to get Ryker from Sondgeroth's just to say hey cause I hadn't seen them. Came home and showered then watched Brothers & Sisters with Mom before heading back to school. Talked to Kelsey on the phone for forever, now a lil more German then bed!

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 01, 2009


So definitely the most interesting part of my day came from the ever anticipated doctors visit. So I roll in early and I swear I sit in the waiting room forever. I am tired so I am just taking a little napsky in my chair. Then I get called in and do the usual with the nurse, throw out all my symptoms and wait. Then the doctor comes in and checks everything out and decides that I have the flu but it is too late to test for it. She also decides she wants to test for mono. If it's just the flu she said it should be out of my system in a few days since I have had it since Saturday. Anyways back to the mono test, I'm thinking no big deal, a throat swab and I'm out. But NO they gotta bring out the big guns, I detest needles. The nurse gets to work and I ask if we can take the blood out of my hand cause I hate things in my inner elbows. She's flicking all over both hands but can't find a vein. Finally I cave cause I am tired and wanting out of there so I tell her she can use my elbow. FIRST TIME EVER, this is a BIG deal. Anyways I tell her to be quick and I just turn my head and clench my fist. I am having to tell myself over and over to not hit her, I hate it that much. It wasn't even the needle it was the dumb swabbing of the cotton, that just creeped me out. But she pulls 2 vials and gets it done and all the sudden I'm incredibly dizzy. I black out I can't see anything, I'm sweating profusely, and my skin is ice cold. The nurse goes and gets the doctor and they lay me up on the table and put wet clothes on my face. I had to lay there for 10 minutes before I returned to normal, good times. Apparently I don't react well to having blood drawn. I drove back to school then and went to work. I half slept and got paid. Then I napped till class at 2:35. My classmates like to make all kinds of swine jokes, pleasant. I decided after class I was gonna drop by practice to see my teammates cause I miss them and they have been texting me all week, only practice was cancelled. I returned to my room and slept. Got up talked to Kale for a bit then went to Justin's for dinner and NBC Thursday TV. I went to Bible Study tonight because I miss people, I am a room prisoner, I miss real life. It was good then I came back here and laughed while talking to Ryan for awhile, cause he's awesome. Now rest calls.

Check out this song "Storm" by Life House it's good stuff

Carrie Out