Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh Halloween

Halloween...who cares?? Tutoring this morning went well, I got to play spelling hangman with the kids, they are pretty cute. My class of the day was non-interesting (better than boring right). Lunch was an adventure between Coach T, Stoltzy, and Finchy there was lots of laughter. Went and lifted weights I can feel my muscles bulging already. Spent some time in Coach Wilson's office she brought in bat cookies she had made for Ali's class. She was real proud of her decorating we decided. Came to my room did my homework always thrilling. Took a light napsky. Went to the lad printed out my finished homework and responded to some emails since it doesn't work in my room. Went to practice. Could not for the life of me remember a play from last year. I got frustrated because I knew I knew it but just couldn't get it. I sat out and watched and still couldn't remember. Coach Thomas was making so much fun of me telling me for once in my life I was wrong and telling me to worry that I would get a B in basketball. I just couldn't get it and he was not helping. We finally split and ran it without defense Coach Thomas then felt bad for making fun of me so much. I could tell cause he was trying to be all sweet. No fears though when I ran it through without defensed it clicked and I remembered. Ali and Ryan had on their costumes tonight they are cute kids. Ali was a doctor and Ryan was a pirate, nice. Then I went to Coach Andrews house for a pizza party. We ate played fun games and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I enjoyed it. Came back here and went grocery shopping. Halloween here can get out of control so we were very low key tonight. Safety first:)

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brett Favre How I Love Thee

Can we all just take a moment a reflect upon how great Brett Favre is?

Thank you that was magical wasn't it. Okay so that game last night awesome and that overtime pass phenomenal. Plus all the clip show before the game by his wife, beautiful. Sorry I am just reveling in all the Packer glory cause yeah baby 6-1. Moving on. Finished watching Hamlet in Lit class today it wasn't too bad, now I have to write a paper on it, dull. Created a database from scratch today for my computers class, sometimes that can get confusing. I didn't get lunch today but I did grab a grilled cheese from the snack bar to eat during psych and I was psyched that I kept it down. I feel a lot better today and didn't puke at all hurray!! Boring+stupid=psychology. After class I chilled in Coach Wilson's office for a little bit we were enjoying giving her a hard time today, sometimes you just can't resist. She earned it too she got a play poster with Creepy Finchy on it and had him sign it to give to me. It was ridiculos I hung it up in the lockerroom for everyone to enjoy. We had pictures tonight before we left for MacMurray. It was exciting that I didn't have a boot to hide in this years picture. Our games tonight were okay not our best but not terrible. We don't know who won we didn't keep score because D3 schools can't apparently. We went to McDonald's after not exactly what you want to eat after three days of being sick, but right now we are doing well. Coach Thomas once again asked a McDonalds worker out for me, oh what would I do without him:) I told him he could come to our wedding. Ryan was pretty much attached to my hip all night, I don't mind though I love that kid, even if he is all but sleeping in my lap. I need to attempt to do some homework real quick like before bed.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 29, 2007


Okay so I feel like crap. I was up all last night throwing up. I can't keep anything down. I think I ate something bad at the bondfire this weekend. I don't know but it is killing me now. I went to tutoring this morning and made it through. I had to stop by Walmart on the way home to pick up some Pepto. I had it in my bag and was taking shots out of it all day. Coach Wilson thought it was digusting I thought it was helpful...I only puked once. I made it through my class of the day then went to the caf. The blood drive was today those always creep me out, I hate things touching the insidese of my elbows. For lunch I had five glasses of Sprite, fulfilling. I then sat and talked to the baseball boys discussing football. Ashley and I had to lift after lunch since we missed it this morning. After that I came back to my room and slept for two hours. It was neccesarry. I woke up in time for practice. I barely made it, apparently I looked really pale. All I know is that I was sweating profusely, dizzy, fighting back vomit, and my hands and feet were tingly. But I made it and that is victory. Everytime I would come out Coach Thomas would ask me if I was okay I was kind of in a daze. Ryan is still mad at me for not babysitting so I told him he could sit with me on the bus and I would play with him tomorrow, we have a scrimmage at MacMurray. The night has been spent chilling in my bed trying to get some rest. Me, my bed, and Monday Night Football had a date tonight. Go Pack Go!

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Fun

This should be quick my lack of sleep this weekend is catching up with me and I am beat. We got lost on the way to Auburn last night ended up taking a nice detour to New Berlin, nice town:) Well we got there eventually and it was a lot of fun dressing up hanging out and downing food. Maybe too much good food we have all felt pretty sick all day, hopefully it goes away by tomorrow. We woke up this morning and st around watching Matlida and just chilling in the twins living room. It was nice and relaxing we miss living rooms and couches. We got back to school around three. I spent the afternoon cleaning my room, vacuuming, and doing laundry it was a grand time. I also had to squeeze a nap in there, I slept through dinner, oh well I am worn out. Luckily we didn't have practice tonight, Coach decided we needed a day off and cancelled it. What a glorious gift. She forgot to call Coach T though so he called me tonight asking if we had practice, oops! Tonight was spent putting away clothes and watching the ever wonderful Brothers and Sisters, oh the drama. I have tutoring againg tomorrow so to bed I said.

Carrie Out

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Old People Central

Okay I am blogging right now cause I won't be here tonight. Welcome to yet another busy day, who's complaining though I like it. Got woke up this morning by a Coach Thomas phone call asking if I could watch Ryan tonight. Well I already have had plans for a month so I had to turn him down, which I feel really bad doing, even though he understood. I just hate not being able to help them out the one time they ask when they help me out everyday. Ryan is mad at me too he wanted me to come over and play so I promised I would another day. It is parents weekend here the place is swarming with families. This means good food though so hurray. Ash, Chels, Nik and I all went to brunch this morning....Finchy and his parents sat with us, such fun. Then we scrimmaged the alumni in a basketball game. It was crazy most of those girls still play they graduated from Lincoln five years ago or less. We dominated the first half but some how in the second they caught up and gave us a run for our money, no worries we won. I am sore now though they were beating us up, I got gut checked into the stage on a layup and it hurt. Still it was a lot of fun for everyone. Game days always make Coach Thomas into a nice guy it's crazy, he was giving me crap though cause Finchy was our ref. That special gift was from Coach Wilson those 2 drive me crazy. Then Mom and I went to a Scholarship Reception it was boring but I did meet and thank a lady that gave me some money so that was nice. Now I am all dressed up in an 80's workout outfit to go to a Halloween Bondfire wat the twins it should be a fun night!

Carrie Out

Busy Bee

It is 2:30 in the morning and you guessed it I am still awake. It has been a pretty jam packed day. I tutored again this morning. I am a second grade tutor for one of Coach Wilson's former players. So far I have really enjoyed it. This morning all the kids read to me then I helped them type spelling sentances. When I got back I had to take a geography test I know I missed at least four points because I realized once I turned my test in I had answered a question wrong...oh well. Had a lovely lunch with the baseball boys, Stoltzy, and Coach T, always a pleasure. Then I worked for the blood drive for an hour. I just had to get people to sign up it was pretty thrilling. After that I had a counselors meeting to help me fill out an online application to Wesleyan that I had been having trouble with. I was a little ADD and it took me awhile but we got all of it done but the essay, I need to work on that. Then I went to practice everyone was on time which was nice but we were all a little slow today the wear of yesterday showed a bit. My shorts are too big and we were jump roping well I always feel them slide down a little when we do extensive jumping but it isn't too big a deal they stay up. Well today they didn't, my shorts fell down right in the middle of jumping, but no fear I had on spandex. Running from practice to dinner Casie, Chels, Ash and I went to Chopsticks to eat with Mary. It was a lot of fun especially since Mary is BFF with a chinese lady there funny stuff. I then flew from dinner to watch the play with the Thomas family. Coach T called and told me he saved me and my friend seats....right in the front. He thought it was hilarious cause creepy Finchy kid looked up at me a few times. Oh well the play Of Mice and Men was actually very good. Tonight we helped chaperone a middle school lock in at a local church. We got to play lots of games and be 12 years old again we had a lot of fun. Now I need to attempt to sleep.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 25, 2007

List: The Remix

You know what listing was so much fun last night let us visit it again!

1. Had morning shoot around for basketball, we were all hyper and it was fun.
2. Delightful frech toast for breakfast, mmm mmm good.
3. Visited Coach Thomas he keeps telling me we have a date tomorrow night to go see the play. Creepy boy is in the play, he thinks it's funny...I'll go to the play anyway.
4. Turned in my lit paper and watched Hamlet. That dude makes out with his mom a lot it's sick.
5. Got an A on my computers test and made up a database today it was almost enjoyable.
6. Downed a quick lunch of mac and cheese.
7. Sat in Pyschology and hated every minute of it like always.
8. Went to 2 1/2 hour basketball practice straight from class. It wasn't bad but I am beat now.
9. Did my homework and a little artsy craftsy time casue I can.
10. Chilled in the lobby with some soccer girls. We carved pumpkins it was fantastic.

That's all for me tomorrow is another non stop day so that's all folks.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late Night List


1. Had my first tutoring assignment today. I read a book with second graders, I enjoyed it.
2. Came back and lifted weights before class.
3. Talked to Coach Thomas for awhile, he told some funny stories. Good times.
4. Got a 100% on my geography test and reviewed for the next one on Friday.
5. Went to visit my favorite ladies in student services, they make me smile.
6. Ate a basketball-baseball lunch with Stoltzy. Lots of laughter I sat in there for an hour.
7. Creepy Finchy sat with us for lunch, enough said.
8. Practiced for two hours, it was a good practice, lots of hard work.
9. Did my second honors project, trick-or-treating for canned goods for the food pantry.
10. Finally wrote my lit paper which is due tomorrow. Then went to Steak N' Shake with Ash.

Tomorrow is a full day: morning practice, 5 hours of class, 3 1/2 hours of practice without breaks between should be fun.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Hmmm let's see. I got up for weights this morning and I pumped Fe (this is tricky I know). Four girls were late without reason, sweet. In literature class we started watching Hamlet, the one with Mel Gibson, it's alright but I was zoning a bit this am. I took a test in computers, which means I got out extra early, I don't think it was too hard hopefully my grade reflects that. In my spare time I ate lunch then went and sat in the weight room with Coach Wilson and Chelsea while she lifted. I got a package today, my first ever, it was SO exciting. It is from Kelsi Logsdon and was full of all our favorite snack foods for my birthday, delicious! Psychology sucked like always though we did get released 10 minutes early. Practice today....well....Coach Thomas was the only one there the first half and hour which is always an adventure. He gets a bit power trippish in charge but we love him anyways. Girls were late again he got mad and we ran sprints for 10 minutes while he lectured. He had a good point. Then we did something called long layups well it is basically a drill where you dribble full court and then have four different shots to take. In all we took 32 shots a piece and collectively ran sprints for every single shot our entire team missed. Lets just say we ran some more. It is a little frustrating for us sophomres though when we continually get punished for our freshman slacking off. Still we understand they mean well and are just proving points, I think what happend today was a very good thing. I wish Coach T would speak up more often, he usually has good things to say when he is being serious. They loved our random Tuesday gifts by the way. Tonight I had planned on writting my lit paper instead I went to volleyball game with my friends, played with Ryan, went to Walmart, and sat downstairs and talked to Mary who is now an Adult RA but used to play basketball here for Coach Wilson. We frequently talk and swap stories about basketball it's kinda funny. I did get my intro for my paper done though, so yeah me!

Carrie Out

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wet Pants

Dang people don't take their laundry out of the dryer. I had to do laundry tonight to prevent a naked Tuesday, I was fresh outta pants. Well all the dryers were full and I waited and waited and finally one opened, only I needed two. I shoved all my clothes into one and they didn't fully dry, now they are laying out all over my room to finish drying. Hopefully this happens only thing worse than no pants is wet pants. I didn't sleep too well last night so after weights this morning I came back and took a nap before class. I took a test in my class of the day it was easy. Lunch was enjoyable, once again we had a baseball boy-basketball girl lunch with Stoltzy it was fun. Then Ash and I ran to Walmart, I needed some things and wanted to buy some stuff for myself. Well I happend to come across Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and you better believe I snatched it up, I love that movie. The afternoon was spent in my bed not sleeping, no TV, just relaxing, my body needed it. Practice today was alright, more running and a few more people came today. I think a girl quit though. I was practicing full court and trainer Joe came up he was mad at me and made me sit out. He stayed upstairs the rest of practice to make sure I didn't go back in. He told me no sprinting I wasn't sprinting it was clearly a light jog, but whatever I just want this dumb pain to go away. Had dinner with the freshman players tonight and I enjoyed it they are funny girls, just make stupid decisions alot. The rest of the night was spent making random gifts for Coaches with Casie. They are Tuesday presents and for absolutely no reason, but that's how we roll. Maybe I should have done homework....oh well.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cause It's My Birfday

Cause it's my birfday! That is what we have been saying all day long and I personally find it funny. Didn't accomplish much this morning, just cleaned up. This afternoon Jessie and Kelsey came down and met me and my other friends for lunch at Rusty's. Chels, Casie, and Nikkie came with us it was a lot of fun. We brought my funfetti cake with us to eat and it was yum. They got me the coolest most random stuff ever. I got a really cool basketball bank thingy, a pirate poster, silly putty and string, funny glasses, a bling ring, and a bunch of other stuff. Pretty much things I would enjoy and everyone else would think is dumb, but I love them. After we got back from eating Carla came over to see me, she bought me a basketball hoop for the back of my door it is awesome, and a growing snake. Everyone left around five and then I had practice at six. Ashley was back from her soccer game by then so I got to see her she brought me a banana and some fancy socks, they are sweet. Ali even got me a card, what can I say the children love me. This is the first birthday I can ever remember actually getting stuff for, I got a lot of cards which I love more than the stuff, they are hanging on my wall. Practice was really good tonight I thought. We only had nine players show up, two are hurt, one didn't come for no reason, and one got kicked out of practice and now off the team. Everyone was actually practicing hard, we ran a bunch of half court things and didn't even have to run sprints, yet I was more tired than running makes me. It was all I could do to focus tonight though when Coach Thomas was on the floor. He had on the most ridiculous clothes, which he apparently thought looked good and we were all busting up. He had on some purple cut sweatshirt which looked like he borrowed it from an 80's work out girl with a v-neck t-shirt under it, it was too much chest for our liking. He also had purple shorts that were kinda short and when he was doing defense stuff we were dying cause we were either seeing his gut, his chest or too much of his leg. He kept offering me the balloons from his office for my birthday, dork. Then tonight I got mad but no worries we solved it with a Burger King Icee and some Brothers and Sisters. It's been a long day and bed is calling.

Carrie Out

Rockin with Toby

I just got back from the Toby Mac concert and it was awesome. They were opened up for by Thousand Foot Crutch, who I like but did not sound too good live. I think that their bass was up to high you couldn't hear their singing at all. Barlow Girl also opened for them, they are an all girl group and were pretty good. I especially liked their drummer she was rocking out. The best part though was definately Toby Mac. His show had breakdancers, beatboxers, a dj with turn tables, rappers, trumpets, a little bit of everything. It was fun to watch and Toby Mac sounds just as good live as he does on the radio. It was really cool watching them on stage and watching our kids they were really getting into it. It was definately a night well spent. My day though started with a deep cleaning of my room. I finally put up my laundry from fall break, I was a little behind to say the least. No fears though we are all clean now, at least for today. Then I went out to watch our boys play soccer for awhile. I sat with Ashley, Coach T, and Coach Andrews it was some lovely conversation. Then I went with Mom and Brent to get a new cell phone. No one will ever guess what I got. A PINK razor, yeah that's right me and pink, hey it happens. We went to Grandma Poorbaughs for a little bit then before Brent and I came back and got ready for the concert. Mom did make me a funfetti cake though to bring back, it looks delightful. Alyssa got me an awesome Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends T-shirt, I can't wait to wear it. Also I got my birthday cards from Kathy and Ron and Grandma Poorbaugh in the mail, thank you very much! Tomorrow is birthday hopefully it's a good day.

Carrie Out

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tripods are Necessary

Ahh so about my day. This morning we had shooting practice. It was pretty mild but I enjoyed it, some parts of my teamates are starting to grow on me. After we were done we went to breakfast, I had like my 50th bowl of Special K with berries on the week. I just tried it this week and it is sooo good, I am addicted. Then I went and slept in a chair in Coach Thomas office, it was a grand time. Funny thing though he came early this morning so he could unwrap the rest of his tinfoil and pick up all the balloons. No worries our signs and streamers are still up. Class was next, I drew pictures instead of listening, my bad. Some of the afternoon was spent with Coach Wilson trying to figure out how to register for the stupid basic skills test I need to take to get into a teacher education program. I think we finally decided to apply for a mail in one because online registration sucks. In the afternoon I got a pleasant suprise, Jay and the girls were in town and came to see me. I haven't seen them in a long time, so it was great to talk to them even if it was just for a little bit before my bus left. We scrimmage in Champaign tonight against some confrence teams. I didn't dress, Coach wouldn't let me. Instead I videotapped with a 50 pound camera I swear is from like 1945. We didn't have a tripod and it hurt my shoulder. I sat way up high in the bleachers with Ali and Ryan, they were a little attached to me tonight. I couldn't go anywhere without them. Bad news though we think our best freshman who was a good point guard tore her ACL in the first game. We ate dinner at Fazoli's it was delightful, and Coach Thomas was cracking me up. Once we got back here all I have done is talked to the twins for a while now I am tired and need restsky.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stupid Leg

Man Thursdays just kick my butt. Weight lifting was grand this morning the crazy cleaning lady kept following me around telling me dumb things. Classes were exceptionally boring today, I feel like I accomplished nothing in them. I was supposed to start a paper in Lit I drew with my highlighter. I got out of computers early again so getting to eat lunch was a blessing. Pyschology, yeah let's not even go there I think I have established that that class is idiotic. After classes I had to go to some transefer fair thingy. There weren't really any schools there I was interested in but I got some flyers just to make Coach happy. Coach found out I hurt my leg today. I am really frustrated with it, I don't understand why I keep pulling my muscles, I have never done it before. I just want to play and in the back of my mind I feel like sitting out however little it may be just pushes me back. I don't want this year to be like last year, but I have to follow her rules. Coach Thomas was scrimmaging at practice today it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I was crying at one point from laughing so hard and he wasn't even trying to be funny. After practice I ran to dinner then went to the volleyball game, which we won. I sat with Bridgett and played with Ryan, which was enjoyable. I love the Thomas family. The night has been pretty low key. I hung out and munched with Ashley and Casie, sometimes you just need to relax.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Operation Tony Turns 40: Phase 2

Operation Tony Turns 40 was definatetly a success. His reaction this morning when he opened his door was priceless and even better when the entire team came around the corner and suprised him. It took him 15 minutes just to unwrap the things on his desk that he needed, it was pretty entertaining. He was loving it though and left most of it up, I am pretty sure he felt special. He walked around all day long telling everyone, I saw people in his office today I have never seen. We are definately proud of our work and making his birthday memorable. My class of the day was blah, I took a test, it was easy I got out early. We had a "special" meal at lunch today. The tables were all fancy set up and we got random food we would never get before pretty exciting. Then we went back and hung in Coach and Coach's office for the afternoon. I did get him a real gift though, a framed drawing I did of Cal Ripken, who he loves. I am not going to lie the drawing is pretty awesome. On the subject of art I dropped my art class, the instuctor has only shown up twice all semester and was very unreliable. We did get more entertainment out of the office though when Coach T opened the door and a balloon flew out at him, it scared him and he tried to attack it. We decided we have ruined all feelings of security he has about his office and he will never open the door in peace again. Took a light rest time before practice and it was grand. Practice was okay and I played football with Ryan for awhile before it started. But here's something annoying, I think I pulled my left hamstring right after my quad finally healed. I feel like a baby though so I didn't tell Coach but man does it hurt. I wish it would just go away. Random information: Mom and Aunt Lynn I got your cards today thank you very much we all know I LOVE MAIL! "To bed I said"

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Operation Tony Turns 40: Phase 1

Ohh the adventures of my day. I had an honors meeting this morning at 8:30 it took forever and was pretty much useless. It bored me out of my mind. I then proceeded to have to sit in that same classroom for an hour and a half more. Classes were dragging today. Computers class was okay simply because I got out early. Psychology class sucked, I just can't stand it. Today we discussed ADHD and the teacher stared at me the whole time. She drives me crazy. Spent the afternoon running dumb errands for Coach Andrews, like getting his mail and delivering his letters. He was cracking me up today. Practice today was better I finally felt like I played well and it was relieving to get out of that little rut. I was just stuck it seemed trying my hardest and getting medicore results. Hopefully I can continue to improve. After practice I played with Ryan for a little while, he's a cute kid. Tonight was phase one of our top secret mission Operation Coach Thomas Turns 40. I found out a way to get his office unlocked without him knowing by messing with the knob when he has it unlocked. Well this is usually easy business today it took me forever to get the lock to budge. Fear not I got it. Later tonight Casie, Nikkie, Chelsea, Ashley and I went into the office and beautified it. We wrapped everything he owns in tin foil, even his computer and phone. We wrapped all his shelves and picture frames, and TP'd his chairs. We blew up balloons and threw them on the floor, and hung birthday streamers from the ceiling panels. We also left big notes all over the walls. Coach Wilson cancelled practice tomorrow morning so we can see his face when he gets in his office in the morning. It should be interesting. We were hungry when we got done so we downed some food. Phase two goes down tomorrow on the official birthday.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 15, 2007

Being Helpful

I got up this morning to lift weights it was a grand time. In case you can't tell by my humongus physique I am quite talented at pumping the iron. For the past two days I have played the part of the middle man in the most confusing triangle ever. My friend wants to quit the basketball team, she thought about it after last year but still went out this year. I don't really understand her reasoning as to why but am trying. She is frustrated and unhappy and I get that, but something else still isn't right. She just hasn't been herself this year, well actually since last year. I think she is depressed, I have talked to her about this for awhile and she is finally deciding to take some action about it. She doesn't like things she used to and I told her she isn't being fair to herself being so unhappy all the time. Hopefully things get better, but as for now I am playing the role of mediator and supportive friend. Stoltzy helped a lot this morning he went to breakfast with us and had a nice long talk about basketball and our frustrations and really helped put some things in perspective. I also talked to Coach Wilson a little about it as well. This afternoon we went to print off some pictures and run errands. I think every single photo booth was times. Practice was okay I just don't feel like I am playing very well, I am trying my hardest but I don't know, it's like scrimmages rip me apart. I did have fun playing with Ryan at practice though, I love that little boy. Coach Thomas made fun of me pretty much the whole time and I still don't understand what he was joking about. Sometimes that man confuses himself I think. Tonight we ran to Coach Wilson's house we had to pick up some old newspapers for a top secret mission but ended up stayin and talking for over an hour. Plus we got free food. I am doing my laundry for the first time in 2 weeks and really need to go get it out of the dryer.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Basketball Blowout

It's been a long day, not in a sense of being bad, but literally long. We were gone on a basketball trip for almost 12 hours. We played three games and lost them all, this is just a glimpse into their awesomeness: score of the first game, 67-14. We improved each game but still didn't look to hot. This was expected though we were playing D1 schools. I played decent but definately know I could do better. It was just a wearing day thats all lots of playing an little rest. I enjoyed myself though I enjoy the bonding of long bus trips. We as sophomores were a little frustrated though it is just hard to play with freshman who don't know the plays and don't pass. Whatever these are set up to be learning experiences. Mom came down tonight to bring me a new cell phone. We went to Steak N' Shake it was yummy yummy. I love me a Halloween carmel apple milkshake, soo good. Then I went over to Ashley's to watch Brothers and Sisters, oh how awesome is that show. Right now I am watching the Jungle Book and am distracted, so that is all.

Carrie Out

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Children's Day

This is my attempt at a quick short writing. We play all day long in Bellville tomorrow so I need to get some sleep and am already running late on that. Got up this morning to go to Ali's soccer game with the twins and Chelsea. It was a little chilly but we managed. Little kids soccer is funny. They won the game and it was fun. Then we came back here to sleep some more and eat some lunch. After taking a short trip to the Dollar Tree Casie and I went to watch Ryan's last football game. It was actually a good game for them and they won 19-0 their second victory all year. We sat with Bridgett and her parents and spent most of the game talking to them. Tony came over to harass us after the game, during the game he is like a soccer mom. Ryan was really excited that we came and that he won so it was a good day to go. Tonight we had our first volunteer event for our Honor's Project. We worked at a gradeschool halloween carnival. It was a lot of fun to work with the little kids. My station was a hayrack ride so I spent the evening riding the hayrack with the kids and reading them scary stories out of a book. I really enjoyed myself and so did everyone else. The rest of the night was spent hanging out and talking in the lobby. Some days you just miss couches.

Carrie Out

Boo Scary

I was a little hyper today, I am really not for sure why. I had an hour to waste after weights this morning so I went and sat in student services and talked to the lovely staff ladies with some of the girls. My day is just not complete without stopping in to say hi to them. Then I went and hung out in Coach Thomas office for awhile, always sure to bring laughter.I can't tell you at all what my geography class was about today. I payed absolutely no attention I was not focusing well today, and I drew pictures, good times. Lunch was next and I had some awesome mini tacos, they were soo good. I had lunch with Stoltzy, Coach T, and some baseball boys, it was highly enjoyable and entertaining. The girls basketball team and baseball team are bonding this year, we decided it's because we both share the understanding of that which is Coach T. Then Ashley, Nikkie and I ran some errands in town, I think we made our 8th trip to Walmart this week. What can we say we love the place. I got a new job today, tutoring grade schoolers. I had to fill out all the paperwork and have a meeting with the head lady, it should work out well. Practice was meh today. We were getting frustrated with our freshman, we have one offense they don't know it and they don't work hard. Somedays it just gets annoying. After an always amazing cafeteria dinner I went with Kip and Deanna downtown to visit while they ate. It was nice to see them and get to spend some time talking to them. I love my family. Right after that I went with a big group of friends to Sherman to go on a Haunted Hayrack Ride. It was a lot of fun but I hate scary. Still we decided it made us feel fally, like we were truely enjoying the season. Then we just came back here to hangout, it was a good night.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 11, 2007


List'em, Yah Hoo!

1. Got up this morning to walk through basketball offenses...our team is dumb.
2. Ate some yummy french toast casserol for breakfast.
3. Went to class, got an A on my literature paper.
4. Ate lunch with the ladies from student services, we attract the faculty apparently. Oh well, they are nice people, and we wouldn't want anyone to feel left out:)
5. Got in trouble...agian...for talking during my dumb psychology class, boring!
6. Hung out in the locker room before practice, my favorite time of the day.
7. Went to practice, didn't have to run too much today, nice bonus. Played with Ali and Ry.
8. Enjoyed some scrumtrulescent taco soup for supper.
9. Hung out and talked with Nikkie, Casie, Chelsea, and Ashley.
10. Accompanied my softball team to the pool, I watched, they swam. Just the way I like it.

That was pretty much my day, sooo exciting I know but it works for me. Later tonight I may be accompaning Ashley to Walmart after she gets of duty. I love creepy late night Walmarters! Good news on Mr. Hemenway he sat up and ate today. He is really improving, which is a great relief. And that's all she wrote.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I <3 Peer Pressure

Today has been a better day. Justin called me at 12:45 last night asking me to drive him to Steak N' Shake, he is dumb and I had a 15 minute conversation with him just laughing at the stupid things he was saying. It was all a bit funny. This morning I had nothing basketball so I got to sleep in nice. My class of the day was nothing special but I once again got an A on my test, whoo hoo. Lunch was alright I made myself some delightful potato boats. Creepy Finchy invited himself to our table, I left rather quickly:) After running a few errands I went back to the caf to sit and talk to Coach Thomas and Ashley, and Finch somehow happend to still be there. Good times for me, it was all once again rather funny. After that I had basketball individuals with Ashley and Coach Wilson. We did nothing but shoot and talk to Coach the whole time, very worthwhile. Back to Coach Thomas' office then to deliver him a lovely happy card we made him, he loved it...our cards are quite the hit. After some always informative discussions with Tony I then went to student services to pick up some stuff and ended up sitting in there for 45 minutes talking to Alex, Ben, and Casie about stupid things. I am an excellent manager of time. Practice tonight was interesting. Our freshman kept doing the wrong things, had horrible attitudes, and were being really mouthy. To the point where Coach Wilson kicked one out of the gym. We had to do lots of extra running thanks to their stupidity. There was a funny part to practice though. I was standing at half court to run a drill and Coach Thomas grinning calls me over. I ask him what he wants and he tells me that he needs to pick his nose but he doesn't want everyone to see him. He then makes me block him so he can pick his nose I was dying laughing but no one else knew what was going on. I knew we were close but I didn't know we were that close:) I again spent 30 minutes after practice talking to Coach Wilson about anything and everything. Better news on Coach Hemenway he was starting to talk a little not real coherently but anything is improvement. We also found out he has no brain damage, and as of now he didn't get a feeding tube. Now we just have to hope he can come out of his medicated coma fully. the night was filled with nothing productive. I went to the library because all my friends were there. Yeah peer pressure. We ended up having a facebook comment battle, a funny one, but no studying oops.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Party in My Room

I have had a pretty decent day, a little tired but still good. So Ash, the twins and I all got up at eight this morning because we thought we had a honors meeting. Well apparently we can't read, the meetings next week so we all got up an hour early for nothing. Nicely done. In our free time we went to breakfast in the cafeteria with Stoltzy. Good way to start the day laughing at him. Classes were alright minus the fact that I don't really like my Tues/Thurs classes. Especially Psychology of which I had no friends in today since they all had a soccer game. After classes got over I took a light nap, I was really tired, before practice. Practice was fine, we got to play some games today which was fun. We got to play with Ali and Ryan for awhile which I always enjoy, they make me smile. My body is a little sore this week, it hurts getting back into shape. I missed dinner tonight because Chelsea, Kelli (my friend from last year), and I sat in the locker room for 45 minutes talking to Coach Wilson. We were talking about Coach Hemenway, we still don't have any good news, he isn't coming out of his medications. They did say though he reacts a little when he kids are there, apparently he kissed his daughters had last night and kinda moves whenever his son talks to him. This is good news but we really don't know what it means. Tomorrow they will determine if he needs a feeding tube, we are really hoping he doesn't. We found out the night he wrecked he was at a bar earlier with some faculty and they are are feeling really guilty, even though he had left hours earlier. Still it's understandable. We made Mr. Sexton, our honors teacher from last year who loved our class, a feel better card. He loved it kept telling us thanks all day long. He is having a rough time, he replaced Mr. Hemenway as swim coach when he became AD. The mood on campus is kind of subdued, it sucks. The night was really fun. Chels, Kelli, and I ran to Walmart for food to replace dinner, it was delicious. Then we had a hangout party in my room, at one point in time there were 10 people in my little room. Alex, and my other friends Tommy, and Ben came over to hang out with us. It was a lot of fun, and really loud. We decided they need to come over more often, they agreed. Typing over.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Never Ending Packing Cycle

In the past two days I have become a professional hedge clipper. This morning I went all around the house cutting down random trees and weeds, pretty much any random growths...good times. This afternoon I went to lunch in town with Brent and Darci, Dani was supposed to come but she had homework. Who does homework at noon on a Monday? The food was grand and it was nice to spend some time with them. Fireside at lunchtime was like old people palooza, sad thing, Brent knew all of them. He frequents that place with Grandpa. After that Brent went out to school for his game and Darci came over and chilled in the hot tub with me. Good times good times. Then I packed up everything to come back to school, boo packing. I came back here unpacked, well almost, I just didn't put my clothes away, close enough. Then we headed to practice, we were all a little nervous about this for some reason. Maybe the fact that we feel out of shape and were a little worried on how the Coaches were taking the car crash. It was okay though, Coach Thomas wasn't as loud as usuall, but he was there, he was talking, and we even got a little laughter. The gym was 400 degrees today thanks to the air being off since Wednesday so it was a little stuffy which didn't help the running but whatever. We have no good news on Mr. Hemenway he wasn't coming out of sedation and wasn't giving any signs he recognized anyones voices. But we are all still hoping and praying. Other bad news one of my friends from home who had cancer her sophomore year went to the Dr. today and they think it has returned after almost 2 years remission, she is a senior now. She will have lots of Dr.'s appointments over the next few days to help determine whats going on. And well this sucks and I am sure she could use some prayer. Okay enough depressing news. The evening was spent hanging out with Casie and Ashley which is always a spirit lifter, and we watched the Bachelor and he's a hottie. It is nice to be back at school and getting back into my routine, but that also means I need sleep.

Carrie Out

Just Read It

Right now I am kind of in a state of worry. We just got word this afternoon that the Athletic Director at my school was in a bad carwreck this weekend. At the moment he is in serious condition with major head injuries. When I talked to my Coach earlier this evening they said they should know more about an outcome in the next 24-48 hours when all his meds start to wear off. He was drinking and driving at 1 in the morning without a seatbelt on. I just don't get this and no one else seems to either, it is just very unlike him. He was a pretty undercontrol guy, always wore his seatbelt, and is a very dedicated father to his two young kids. It just doesn't make sense. I really worry about his kids and the other people close to him he is Coach Thomas' best friend and Ryan's Godfather. It's just weird I spent Wednesday and Thursday sitting and talking to him at the soccer games. I wouldn't say we were close but he always went out of his way to talk to me and see how I was and I appreciated it. I know he made a stupid decision, but he and his family could really use some prayers right now.

Other than that I have had a good day. I started the morning off at church. Service was good and it's always nice to catch up with friends. I came home for lunch and then Mom and I went to Tremont. We stopped by to visit Kathy and Ron and drop off a leaf net. After that we went to Grandma's I washed and put away all her statues, and trimmed her bushes. I am pretty much awesome. Then we went over to Sam and Josh's to visit and play with Clayton. I love doing this and even recieved an invitation this time to come over:) Clay was being his usuall funny self and it was nice just to hang out...even if Josh did make fun of my plaid shorts (he's just jealous, haha). Tonight Mom and I fixed a delightful dinner, grilled chicken, crescent rolls, and potatoes with peppers and onions, mmm mmm. Then I had to watch a horrible display called the Packers game, maybe if Jones didn't fumble and cost us 2 touchdowns this would be a happier note. Oh well 4-1 is still good, I just hate the Bears. Back to school tomorrow, this could be interesting.

Carrie Out

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Finally a Win

Okay so at this exact moment there is a mouse running around our ceiling tiles and I am freaking out a bit....I HATE mice. Quick recap of life so I can get away from mouseland. Yesterday, well the day was spent chilling pretty much. I hung with Brent for awhile, cleaned my car, went to the bank, and played with the dog. Pretty exciting. Then I went to Brent's Homecoming football game. Lys and Ryker came so I sat with them for the first half. Five year olds are funny. Then Matty and some of the boys from highschool came so I spent some time getting caught up with them. But the most exciting part of the night was that we WON! First time in 30 games we haven't won since my sophmore year of highschool good stuff. Brent played well and every one was really happy for them. I slept in late again today, awesome. We mowed the lawn, I push mowed riding mowers make me nervous, plus pushing is good excercise. Then I helped Brent get ready for Homecoming which he decided to go to at the last minute. Good thing Kale has a steady stock of every dress shirt and tie known to man. I made him wear blank pants with a bright pink shirt and black tie. I also spiked up his blonde mowhawk for him, such a dork. Tonight Mom and I ran to Bloomington I needed some things for school that I can't get in Lincoln. I hadn't been shopping in a long time it was nice. Then we came back here and chilled in the hot tub. This kind of bores me so I just move around in it the whole time, oh well it felt nice. The mouse just jumped I need to leave.

Carrie Out

Friday, October 05, 2007

Homeward Bound

Ahh my first day off, I love not having to go to class. I didn't get up until 11:30 this morning it was awesome. I headed over to Ashley's room for awhile and hung out. Campus is completely cleared out minus the boys and girls soccer teams, so it's pretty dead. Then when she had to leave for a soccer meeting Chelsea came over. We went to the grand opening of Arby's for lunch. Chelsea loves Arby's she was a bit excited, but the place was exceptionally clean and the food was warm and delicious. I think we sat in there for over an hour just talking, there were lots of people in there we knew since school is on break. The afternoon was spent hanging with Chels and cleaning and packing so I could come home tonight. I hate when I have to move home for a few days for the mere fact that I dislike packing and unpacking. I never know what to bring and it seems like I always forget something. After packing I went out to watch Ashley's soccer game. I think I was one of like ten fans there. I enjoyed myself though Coach Thomas and Ryan came out so I sat and visited with them and played with Ryan for awhile. Along with Coach Wilson they are definately my favorite people here, we have decided we are pretty much adopted into their families, it's a good time though. I left at halftime of the game we were already losing 3-0 our team isn't very good. I came back to Minier and spent the evening at Alyssa's babysitting Ryker, her nephew Joey, and her niece Lucy. We had fun playing, solving mysteries, playing hide and seek, and super heroes I even got to wear a Superman cape around, sweet deal. Well now I am back at home for a few days, so we will see what that entails, but I will try to continue to blog it up.

Carrie Out

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lunchtime Laughter

Six a.m. practice this morning, not bad, but not as fun as Five a.m. Ashley and I wore our shin guards of power though and had a joyous time annoying everyone. We (as in everyone but me) did a lot more running this morning though, we had a hard time following instructions apparently. My body is a little sore now, but still not too bad. I had my first ever bagel for breakfast this morning, blueberry, not bad but I think it needed some kind of spread, minus cream cheese which is nasty. Thanks to earlieness of our practice I had two hours to waste before my class, I spent them watching cartoons, my joy in life. Then I wanderd over to my class, I took a four page test in less than 10 minutes and left, good times. Lunch was the highlight of my day though. I ate with Coach Thomas, Stoltzy, the twins, and Ashley. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time, this was mostly due to the part when Creepy Finchum kid invited himself over to our table and we spent lunch giving him a hard time. Today I decided that if Coach T was going to keep teasing me about the kid I was going to play into it, I even hugged the kid when I left (along with everyone else). Still it was funny, you had to be there but Coach was laughing so hard his eyes were tearing up, now that was funny. The afternoon after a quick set of basketball individuals was spent in Coach and Coach's offices, we decided we need to put a mini fridge in one of their offices since we practically live there. Then I went to Ash's soccer game with Chels, Coach T, Ryan, and Casie. That was pretty entertaining conversation as well, but we lost the game. After a lovely dinner at Taco/Chicken Ashley and I headed to Chelsea's house where we spent the rest of the night laying on her bed laughing hysterically at dumb things and watching the Disney Channel. We are on Fall Break as of today so no more class for me until Monday party!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Morning!

I have been awake for seveteen glorious hours and counting today. Five a.m. practice was a good time and I am not even joking. There is just something about basketball that gets me all excited. We walked to the gym in the dark, minus the lovely stars winking at us, yelling good morning to everything and everyone, I was a little out of control. Coach Thomas said he wasn't too hyper this morning but it was okay because I took over for him. Funny conversation with Coach Wilson this morning: Me-"Coach I followed the North Star to get here." Coach-"That's great Carrie but the gym is to the South." Me-"Uh I knew that, I meant I followed it to see what direction not to go." Classes went granly today I got A's on all three tests I got back which was nice. Then I took a completely ridiculous Developmental Psych Test, my teacher for that class is terrible. I don't think we learned a single thing she tested us over, that was fun. After that I sat in Coach's office for awhile before coming back for an hour of cartoon time before practice number 2. Practice number 2 wasn't as fun, Ashley and Coach Thomas weren't there, and the twins left early. I still managed to entertain myself singing songs and bothering the freshman. Basketball is different than any other sport I love the feeling you get after practice of just being completely spent and the soreness you feel in the most random spots, take the inner elbows for example. For tonights entertainment Nikkie and I went to Walmart for some stuff, we hydroplaned a good five times round trip, once when my window was down and water came in at me. Storms are a ragin here I hate storms. We sat in Walmart for awhile talking to some softball girls and my friend Levi trying to wait out the rain, needless to say we lost. Oh and random information: today I was elected President of the Abraham Lincoln Scholarship Honors Society, that should look good on transcripts. Well I must be off, 6 am here I come.

Carrie Out

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tired Time

Ahh the joys of another relaxing day. I didn't have to get up until 9:30 this morning the sleep was appreciated. After class I met Ashley and we went to hang up some signs in the locker room and get everything organized for practice. Then we had a lunch date with Coach Thomas, it was a good time. He kept telling us he could only be oure friend for a few more hours because once season starts we're done, dork. We shot around in the gym for awhile then ended up back in the lunch room for some entertaining conversation with Stoltzy, funny guy. We got in a debate over why the Bears suck and Brett Favre is awesome. I then stopped by Bridgette's office and of course stole some Skittles.Then I came back to my room and slept for two hours. My cold wiped me out this afternoon. I got up at 3 to turn in my softball uniform and have an end of fall season meeting, it was thrilling. I got my workstudy check today too that was pretty sweet. Then I slept some more, good times. I woke up in time to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner before practice, dang bird flu has taken my appetite. Practice wasn't too bad, I can't participate in the sprinting but did pretty much everything else. Coach Thomas was running his mouth the whole time it was funny, Coach Wilson was pretty hyped up too. Well it kinda wore me out but not too bad. I came back here to ice and have some Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, mmm. Now it's time for a shower. I have 5:30 practice tomorrow morning talk about a party, bed is calling.

Carrie Out