Friday, February 27, 2009

6th Grade

I was up until 4 am last night. No idea why but I wasn't enjoying it. Got up and headed to work, half asleep. I spent my work time highlighting articles for my next big Education paper already due next week. It never ends. After work I changed clothes then headed to Kingsley. The kids were watching a very edited version of Troy in Social Studies. I have never seen it but it looked good, may be a renter. We had some down time so I played Mad Libs with them, it was funny. Then we went to the Library for Language Arts, I helped the kids work on final drafts of their persuasive essays. I am really enjoying my time with them, the kids are generally well behaved and just funny. Came home and grabbed lunch then slept for an hour or so. Believe me it was necessary. Got up and went to the library for about an hour working on my Middle School project...due the same day as my Ed paper, this is stressful already. Made myself a bowl of Easy Mac before heading to Shirk. We watched the first game of which Carthage won. We beat North Central by 18 it was a low key game, kinda boring. Tomorrow we play Carthage for the CCIW Championship and an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament. After the game I went with Denise to Taco Bell because I was hungry and well Taco Bell is delicious. Now I need to shower and head to bed.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deja Vu

I did not want to get up this morning at all. Last nights sleep was terrible per the usual but even worse because it was smoldering hot in my room. Broken heat and humid outside is not pleasant. Good news though I sent another complaint in yesterday and they finally came and fixed my heat! It is off and I can breathe in here now. Drove to class and left my car at Shirk for after practice. Turned out good since I was running behind and it was raining cut down on time and wetness. Made it through class we are discussing a very interesting book called "A Mind at a Time," by Mel Levine. My chapter was on attention controls, it was crazy I read through it and everything he was saying seemed to describe my life. Even things I didn't realize it affected like sleep cycles, interesting. Went to work where I read up for my next class. Lunch was chicken nuggets which I am not particularly fond of but ate anyways. Hung out in Dodd's with the Sophomores until my next class. Today in Middle School the BJHS counselor came and talked to our class and answered questions it was informative and interesting. Then in Social Problems we were split into groups given a salary and a family and then had to budget their lives for a year. It was a neat project and really made you realize how much things cost. Practice was shortened today in preparation for two games this weekend but it seemed to be effective. I got hit in the right side of the mouth again by the same girl at the same exact time as last week...weird. This time I only got a cut and swollen bottom lip though, it's bruised on the inside which kind of looks cool. Well off to bed confrence starts tomorrow at 8, we're holding out for 8 more wins.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleepy Day

Got in late from Elmhurst last night and was exhausted. It was a crazy game with us being down as much as 20 with 15 minutes left in the game but we pulled it out and finished the regular season perfect at 25-0. It was an exciting game. Woke up tired this morning and not wanting to go be frustrated at BJHS. My girl actually did some of her work today so it wasn't too bad, but I was still tired. Worked at Shirk for 2 hours where I saw several of my teammates in half asleep stupors, it was rather funny. Grabbed lunch at Tommy's the special of the week was a delightful bacon, chicken, barbeque pizza tasty. Read the paper then went to Civil Rights class, a lady from the Chicago Urban Studies program came and talked for a while she was interesting. After class I ran a few errands then took a 20 minute nap before practice. Practice was tiring today simply because we were tired, it only lasted an hour and a half...with film. A lady baked us cupcakes and brought them to the gym, she usually cooks for the boys but since they are done I guess she figured we were worthy now. Any way around it they were good. I got back to the room around 7 showered and then boarded the homework train. I have a multitude of big projects due next week so I am trying to do what I can. I wrote 2 small papers and did some readings tonight which are accomplishments but I am still far from done.

Carrie Out.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back in Action

Wow a whole week, really? Last week was far too busy with Senior day prepartions, basketball, and homework. All added up for late nights too late to blog apparently. I just got back from Encounter, I hadn't been in a month, it felt good to be back. Tonight was on marriage, it was good. Hung out and caught up with those I hadn't seen then went back to the Campus House and talked to Pete for a bit. Today was a pretty low key day. I am starting to resent working at BJHS it is like a chore to have to get up and go there. My one girl just drives me crazy everyday I like working with her less and less. I guess I am learning a lesson in patience because I am well aware that there will be students in my actuall classes that I am not too fond of but must deal with daily. After an hour of boring shadowing I came back to my room and wrote a paper. It was solid work, haha. Went to Civil Rights class, late actually. Our syllabus said we were watching a film in the library Old Man River never showed up so the few of us at the library walked to class. Lo and behold there he was droning on in his lullaby voice to the rest of the class, sheer joy. Did a lot of nothing until practice I couldn't focus to do homework or relax to take a nap so I sat on my bed and played with plastic ribbon. Practice was carazy today. We all got there at 5 and finally left at 8 Coach just kept going and going. I was craving a McDonalds chicken sandwich for some reason and had no time to eat on campus before Encounter so I grabbed one to go. It did not disappoint. Now I need to do some last minute reading for class.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Day?

I was really hoping BJHS didn't have school today in honor of Presidents Day...but they did. What is President's Day anyways you can't just mkae up holidays. Anyways went to BJHS this morning but instead of tutoring we had a group meeting with the head teacher. She answered questions about our students and was just helpful, it was nice. Then I bored myself to tears shadowing for an hour, so exciting. After that I planned on doing some homework instead I sat and watched TV my body was feeling real tired today for some reason. Grabbed some lunch then it was off to Civil Rights class we watched another documentary they are so much better than listening to his soothing lullaby voice. More lounging followed class until I went to practice. Practice was not too bad today, not even as crazy as pregame practices have been as of late. We were pretty bummed we didn't get treats though, lately Coach has baked on Monday nights to hold us over since practice is 5:30-7:45. After practice we started stage 2 of Senior Night filming, we worked for about an hour and got our practice scenes shot, just a little more to do. We ate dinner together in the DugOut and talked strategy cause we are awesome. I did not go to Encounter tonight because by the time I had showered it was 9:45 far too late. The open time did allow me to do my homework though and I actually did it! Now to go read the paper.

Carrie Out

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It was a late one last night I think I finally went to bed around 4 am...good choices. We won our game by a lot, then I went to dinner with Mom and Grandma. I love Monicals. Hit up the boys game of which they lost by a lot then carried on to hanging out with the team all night. Funny fun stuff. Justin called me at 2:15 and proceeded to ramble on for an hour, precious. Woke up at 12:30 today because well I was tired. Headed to the gym to meet all the underclassman for our Senior project. Apparently every year here they make a video of the seniors part of it is highlight clips the rest is us being fools. All the underclassmen are cast as either a senior, a coach, or other worthy affliate. Then we pretty much make fun of them by acting out goofy things they have said or done throughout the year. I was decided to play Claire one of our senior guards. It was so funny most of the film you can hear us laughing in the background. We accomplished filming all of the bus, workout, and training scenes, next is practice and game scenes. It made for an entertaining morning. At 3 the seniors joined us and we ran an hour shooting practice for ourselves. It was also fun we simply did shooting drills then an all out war of 3-point knockout. I came back to the room and really didn't do anything until work at 7. Kelsey was supposed to go to dinner with me, she fell asleep, no suprise there. At work I worked on some homework and readings for next week. Now I need to shower before going to bed.

Carrie Out

Friday, February 13, 2009

Clean Room!

I don't have any classes on Fridays but they usually end up being one of my busiest days, crazy how that works. I could not for the life of me fall asleep last night. I woke up for work at 7:30 exhausted and not wanting to go, but I did of course. Work was boring I played on the internet. Came back and changed then went to Kingsley. I love working in that class, the kids are really funny and interactive. I really enjoy being there and think I will learn a lot from it. Grabbed lunch after I was done, watched some quick T.V. then headed to practice. Practice was long and boring pre-game days are usually like that. After practice we split up showered then met back up for dinner, there were no good choices to eat, disappointing. Walked back to the dorm and started operation find my room. I have not cleaned this place up since before Christmas break and had clean laundry stacked from at least a month ago. The floor (what I could see of it) was covered in dirt and I had school work piled everywhere. It took me a solid 2 hours to put up all my clothes, vaccum, sweep the floors, wash dishes, hang things back on the wall, and pick up books. My room seems so much bigger now and it smells a lot better, but I am tired. The rest of the night shall be spent watching SVU season 2 cause it came in the mail today!

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retirement (The Sequel)

I went home last night, twas grand. Kelsey Wilson had called to see if I wanted to go see the Finchums since I didn't have practice but Jay had a game at Oly so we went there instead. We ate dinner with Mom and Brent, bacon wrapped chicken its a new sensation. We played Wii fit until the game and it was hilarious and fun, I'm really good don't believe what other people tell you. Oly lost the game but it was fun to get to hang with Amber and the girls and hold baby Kennadie. I ended up just staying home last night since the game wasn't over till 9:30 and I was already home. Got up and came back to class this morning. I am so much more awake in class when I eat breakfast and am up and moving, not that I want to make a habit of that:) I finished my context portrait on time and turned it in, it was such a relieving feeling. Went to work for an hour then ate some La Gondola for lunch, Finchums sent it back with me last night it was tasty hadn't eaten a gondola in a long time. Off to Middle School class always a joy today we played circle story where each person says one word to make up a story, good times. In Sociology we watched a movie called "King Corn," all about how unhealthy corn fed beef is and how bad corn syrup is for you. 70% of an Americans diet is high starch corn and they don't even know it. Oh and for all of you who don't understand why I hate hamburger. It was said hamburger is simply fat disguised as beef, nasty. Practice was a dozy today but a good one we like a solid workout passes the time much quicker. Headed off to dinner where it was Deli Bar day fresh and delicious. I showered then met Kelsey C. at Fusion Brew before Bible study, can't go wrong with a watermelon slush. Bible study was fun and informative like always. And for all you that are wondering yes I am well aware that Brett Favre has retired and have entered mourning...take 2. You just can't get past the utter amazingness that is #4, it's beautiful.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Messy Room

This stupid paper is killing me. I have worked on it off and on all day and for an hour and a half tonight and I am still not done, ughhhh! On a much more happy note the weather was magnificently beautiful today. It's shocking how much more pleasant a walk to class at 9 am can be when my body isn't frozen and raw. Education class today was pretty much consumed with us asking questions about our stupid stupid paper, exciting. I did have a lovely breakfast of Cheerios and yogurt though, yum. By the way my room smells funny, like somethings spoiled, gross. Maybe because my room is an utter DISASTER, there are clothes and things thrown everywhere. I have clean laundry still not put away from 3 weeks ago. I have been on the go or working on school work so much that it's out of control, I don't like the mess. Lunch today was chicken bowl and breakfast at lunch two tasty crowd pleasers. Middle School class wasn't to crazy today although we did play Machine Animation, my group had to act out a dishwasher it was awesome. Sociology was incredibly boring I cannot tell you at all what we talked about I zoned out a few minutes in. Came back to the room and worked on my paper until our game. I had to call the tech guy for some help integrating maps into it, this thing is crazy. Tonight was our annual breast cancer game, we wore pink shirts as warm ups and Milikin had all pink uniforms, it was neat. After a good game we won by 20ish and I came back here to non the less work some more. I've got to call it a night.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 09, 2009

I hate Papers

I was going to get my car washed yesterday, but there was a line, so I didn't. Good decision, nature provided me with a free one today:) About how I HATE writing papers. I have a 12 page paper due Thursday and it is killing me. I skipped Encounter tonight to work on it and I am not even halfway done. I have been sitting here for 2 hours actually working on it, boring! It is SO hot in my room, last night it caused fitful sleep and lots of sweat. I told the desk workers it was broke they said crack a window. Wow, helpful. Tutoring and observing was fine today, as previously stated I just strongly dislike observing. Came back to my room and slept a bit because I was tired. Then I uploaded 2 of my papers edited them and turned them in. Some last minute studying came next, I had a history test today. I grabbed lunch in the dugout and continued to cram. The test was 2 essays worth 100 points. I think I knew enough information to suffice a pass, 7 pages and a hand cramp later. After class I came back and watched SVU cause I can. Then I made charts and organized pictures for the afore mentioned 12 page saga. Off to practice, it was kinda crazy today. We had no more gym at 7:30 so we spent the next 15 minutes going over plays in a small corner between the doors and the track, classy. Grabbed a quick dinner to go ate and showered. Since then writing has consumed my life, boo.

Carrie Out

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I disappeared for the weekend, maybe more like I was extremely busy. I put up my bulliten board for my 6th graders on Friday they loved it, I am really enjoying working with them so far. Friday night Encounter had a girls overnighter in Morton. I went early to see Sam, Josh, and Clay. We had my favorite, forzen pizza, for dinner, yeah. Clay was in a very happy mood he was making me laugh. He thought the Titan on my shirt was a monster so he kept growling at me. I don't think the kid could get any cuter. Then I hit up the overnighter, I didn't stay because of our basketball bus, but I did enjoy the fellowship for the hours I was there. I got home about 1 then went to bed, our bus left at 9 for Carthage. We won our game by 16 and are now 20-0 and having fun. We watched a creepy serial killer movie called Zodiac on the way home, I did not appreciate it. We made it back to Bloomington around 8:30 Saturday, it was a long day. This next week is going to blitz me I have a bunch of papers and a couple of tests. I knew if I stayed here last night I would not do any work so I went home. I actually accomplished something, I wrote 2 whole papers, I was proud. Spent the rest of the night hanging with Brent and the dog. Slept through church this morning the weekend caught up with me. Got up and ate, then tried out Mom's Wii Fit, I need practice. Came back for CPR/AED training for work. I scored 100% and am certified again, whoo hoo. The class didn't take as long as planned so I had some free time. I decided to go for a run in the nice weather. I got back and Denise called so Justin and I went to dinner with her and Grandpa and Grandma. We went to this mexican place I had never been before and it was tasty. Then off to 3 hours of work, boring, and I didn't do any more homework. Hopefully I can keep up.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Joke Day!

We didn't have practice yesterday so I went home to set up Mom's new digital picture frame and hang with Bren. Came back this morning for work, my first class was already cancelled. Work consisted of reading Newsweek and Time Magazine I am sophisticated like that. Lunch was ate with the team then off to the joys of class. It was Laffy Taffy joke day in Middle School class candy and corny jokes...awesome. Reminds me of all the joke days we had at lunch at Lincoln, good times. We also had to develop our own middle school teams and school values. Then we got to draw our mascot, yeah coloring! Sociology was interesting as well today we learned about the Big Six (the six media giants that own, well everything). Who knew General Electric owned NBC, makes sense right? Met Jess and Hope then headed to practice. It was pretty active today, lots of running around, but we made it. Dinner was General Tso's chicken, very delicious. I am making a bulliten board for my 6th grade class tomorrow so after dinner I went and printed off the material I needed for it. A quick shower then it was off to meet Meredith for some socializing at Fusion Brew. She isn't in my small group this semester so we need time to hang. Small group was about Jesus being tempted in Matthew, solid work. Dropped the girls off and headed home, now I need to rest up this weekend is entirely too busy.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Game day

Another lovely day full of classes. I made it to Education class right on time, then proceeded to spill my PB crunch all over the floor. Fear not I picked it up and ate it, yums. Class was pretty boring but I made it through. Went to the security office on my journey back to my room to buy a new ID. 10 dollars and now I can eat, I think its dumb to have to pay to access my own money but whatever. Did some homework and chilled until my next class. I won SVU season 2 on Ebay for a solid 14.60 yet another steal, I'm proud. Middle school class was fun as always. We played a game and worked on creating our own interdisciplinary teams and middle schools. We watched a movie on branding and the media in Sociology. It was interesting to see the things corporations do to get your money, underhanded but still interesting. After class I did a whole lot of nothing until my game. I did call Ryan Thomas to tell him Happy Birthday, he was excited to talk to me, I miss having kids running around. We beat North Park solidly, I made my first appearance in the first half of a game, haha. I also got yelled at because when I go in I am apparently supposed to shoot the ball everytime I touch it on offense, I was unaware of these crazy rules. Still it was a fun game to play everyone got in and enjoyed it. Mom, Brent, Beth, Grandparents, and Denise came, yeah fans. After the game we had Jimmy Johns and cake, it was Claire's birthday so her parents brought us snacks. I spent the rest of the evening uploading pictures to put on Mom's new digital frame Kale sent for her birthday. Now I need beeeeeeeed.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 02, 2009


I spent a lot of time going back and forth between home this weekend because I could. Free laundry, good meals, and my dog, it's the best. I also got to enjoy Brent's shovel to the face incident, gross. Stayed at home last night and drove back to tutor this morning. I was suprisingly much less irratated to get up and go from home, weird. My girls didn't have much homework today which makes it hard to keep them on task. Shadowing was boring, I honestly hate that the most who wants to sit and listen to lectures or watch as kids do worksheets. I need action and involvement. Some how between leaving my car in the parking lot and coming to my desk I lost my I.D aka my ticket to all my meals and into the Shirk center, awesome. I searched everywhere in my room all day and cannot find the stinkin thing to save my life, irratating. Civil Rights class was another documentary learned some interesting stuff about Robert Kennedy. It is much easier to follow a movie than listen to Old Man Rivers lullaby voice. After class I had planned on doing Tuesdays homework, instead I watched TV and slept, good choices. Practice was tiring. We have gotten into this odd schedule of easy Sundays and rough day before a game practice, doesn't make much sense. Had enough time to shower and make myself dinner in the dorm before heading off to Encounter. This week was on the breath of life, good stuff. Did my normal socializing then headed back here. Now maybe I'll do my homework.

Carrie Out