Friday, December 04, 2009

Classes OUt

I was in the library far too late last night to write. This time I was actually doing homework. I had an 8 page final paper due today in my German class. I got half done last night. The only time it was okay to get up at 5:30 am was today so that I could finish the paper. If i didn't have work I would have definately slept all the way till class at 11. Anyways I wrote my paper at work and finished at 9:45. That's right I had a whole hour and fifteen minutes to spare, clutch. After work I walked with Carlie back to my room talking about the frustrations of our sports teams. I watched SVU until class, sometimes I am too tired to sleep. Class was actually boring today but that's okay because I AM DONE! No more classes this semester, hurray. I have to essay finals for my history classes next week and a math presentation but the lecture is least for a few weeks. When class got out I ate lunch with Karen and Christina then headed back to the room for a quick rest before practice. Practice was frustrating again today. Coach is causing some problems with us from top to bottom, the captains had a meeting with her today. They said it didn't change anything, we weren't suprised. I showered quickly then went to Verizon to get a new phone because my screen went out. The computer system crashed while I was there so that mission failed. Then Justin called and wanted to go to dinner so we ended up at the Outback. It was mighty delicious and we were stuffed. I came back and cleaned my room it was a disaster, a months worth of clean clothes thrown around the room. Fear not it is now put away and I can see my floor. Next came the pre-game day tradition of movie night. We are on a seasonal kick so tonights pick was "The Grinch." We popped popcorn, drank hot cocoa, and just chilled, it was nice. I dropped Karen off then headed home. I am tired and will be gone all day in Chicago tomorrow so it is time for bed.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Last Day

Today was my last official day at Kindergarten. It was sad I really enjoyed my time there. The kids were confused and kept telling me happy birthday Mrs. Roop had to keep reminding them that it was my last day not my birthday, ha. They were going to each write me a "letter" but that was disastrous so instead I got a card they all signed their names on. I got to decorate their Christmas tree while they were at Art I am the Christmas elf. Before they left for lunch I got to read them a story and then I was mauled by hugs. I was walking them to recess when our TA called down the hall for me to wait. Apparently one of our little boys was having a melt down because he thought I had already left and he didn't get to hug me. I will miss them I am hoping to get to go back and visit. When I got back to school I grabbed a light lunch with Britt. A meatless taco and a muffin. The cafeteria makes the best butterscotch muffins. Then it was off to Old Man Rivers final class. He stayed to form boring as always, but we did get a final review sheet so that was helpful. Class got out and I loaded up and headed out. I went to Springer's for our weekly Wednesday date. Trey was asleep when I got there but when he woke up he heard my voice and kept trying to turn in his seat to see me. I love that kid. We watched some Oprah and shot the breeze per usual then it was off to church. Dinner was soup and sandwiches so I actually ate it. I sat and talked with Beth and Sam then got to work. Our kids were pretty good tonight and we accomplished all that was needed so that was good. Dustin is helping on Wednesday nights now so I talked to him for a little bit. I stopped by home to shower and pick up my old phone because mine broke again. I got back just in time for a project meeting at 9 for our group presentation tomorrow. We got it hammered out then I wrote my paper for it. Now all I have left is the 8 pager still not started and due Friday morning. This is gonna be interesting.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Last night I spent too much time writing for homework that I had no desire to do it on here. I did complete 3 papers though, one 8 pager, and one presentation to go for the week. I hate finals time. I had a hard time sleeping last night so when I got up this morning I was real tired. We got our spring semester placements for our education classes today. I got placed in the 4th grade at Washington Elementary. Last time I worked in a 4th grade classroom I hated it, I was really hoping for 5th. After class I met with the placement supervisor to discuss my placement for student teaching. She is going to see if I can be placed in the Olympia District, that would be nice. Grabbed an early lunch with Amy and Karen before our bus rolled out at 12:30. I missed work and class today because of it, yay. We spent a combined 6 hours on the bus today, now that's a good time. Actually it wasn't too bad we watched GI Joe and are pretty easily entertained by each other, makes the time pass more quickly. The game on the other hand was not so enjoyable. We played at Missouri Baptist their gym was extremely tiny and old. Our locker room was literally a 4x8 room that looked like a holding cell. And we played like crap, which honestly isn't suprising. Coach lets down against teams she doesn't think are good so we generally go in unprepared and rushed. We ended up winning by 13, it was weak. The crazy thing is we were bumped to #1 in the polls today, lets hope we keep that ranking.

Carrie Out