Thursday, May 29, 2008

I passed!

I am in the Finchum basement as we speak, I had to ump tonight and figured I might as well stay to save gas and sleep. The week has been busy. I have spent everyday babysitting and umpiring. I was supposed to go to Lincoln on Tuesday and play slow pitch and visit people but couldn't because it was rained out. At Wednesday night's game I was umping I got to see Mr. Grunder, his son was playing, so that was a pleasant suprise. I have spent many a nights this week lounging in the hot tub ahh relaxing. Darci had knee surgery again I went over to see her today and she is doing alright just drugged up, I remember that feeling. I umped little girls tonight it was a lot of fun, I love doing the little kids games they are more involved not so boring. Talked to Jerred tonight for a while I miss having him across the street for a laugh whenever I needed one. I passed my basic skills test by a lot so that was reliving to find out and it saved me a ton of money by not having to take it again. I was randomly in the Pantagraph today for going to IWU to play basketball, a picture and all. Kinda weird considering I had no idea but whatever. The weekend is to be spent in Lincoln with Chels and Nik so I am looking forward to that and for now I must go watch "Dan in Real Life".

Carrie Out

Monday, May 26, 2008

Movie Crazy

Wow a whole week. What has gone on? I babysat all week pretty exciting. We did have fun Friday in the rain though. We put on rubber boots and walked around town jumping in puddles, I teach kids good things. Tuesday night started Church league slow pitch, it was a lot of fun and I even hit the ball. I babysat Ryker and the 3 Goodman kids on Wednesday that was an adventure but everyone survived. Thursday I went to get my orthotics replaced I broke them yet again. Friday I waited for my basic skills test results to arrive they never did. For some reason I registered by mail, Jerred called he got his and he passed so that was good news. The weekend has been spent watching movies and doing yard work. I have watched 27 Dresses, Juno, We Own the Night, No Country For Old Men, and National Treasure Book of Secrets. All very interesting in their own ways next on my list is August Rush and a movie about a high school girls basketball team the title slips my mind. The yard work is what I like to refer to as Hillbilly Landscaping. We fancied up the hot tub patio using the crap we found around the yard. It does look a lot nicer I must confess. This morning was spent at church, hanging with Ryan and talking to Kel. I just got back from Indiana Jones, I loved it, but I am a big dork and big Indy fan. There were a few oddities but all in all it was done in classic Spielburg/Lucas style and I enjoyed it old Harrison Ford and all.

Carrie Out

Sunday, May 18, 2008

For Narnia!!

The last four days have actually been busy just like I like them. Thursday was spent with Grandma then talking to Marsha and holding Ella. I love her hair it is too cute. Thursday night was graduation shopping night buying up the gifts for the graduates. Friday I babysat Paige, we had fun, the dogs ran away twice, not fun. Fear not I ran across town and caught them. Jer called so I talked to him for a bit, big dork. Friday night we went to Pekin to buy some stuff for Cali, soo excited. Saturday afternoon I went to Kelsi Logsdon's party for a stop in and a little socialization then met OD to head to Auburn to see the twins. Alex, Ashley, Chelsea, and Paul were there too it was a lot of fun. It's hard to believe but I miss all my friends a lot already. I rolled in about 1:30 last night went to bed and woke up nice and early for graduation service at church. It was lovely I like my church people. Toby was there so that made for a great morning I missed him and his dumb jokes. Came home and did some yardwork then headed to graduation...boring, boring, boring, but I behaved. We stopped by Kelsey Thornton's party first then it was off to Darci's. I wrapped all her presents in Christmas paper they were awesome, haha. I ran into Jess and Kels there and ended up going back to Jess's house for awhile. Kels and I got bored so we went to town and saw "Prince Caspian" it was spectaculary spectacular. I love me some Narnia. Now it is late and I should attempt to rest.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yesterday ahh I slept till oh 11:30ish good times. Got up played some guitar hero, did some laundry. Then I worked some more on operation clean out my room and unpack my stuff I am still far from done. Then I mowed the line, indy car style, 100 mph in circles cause that's how I roll. I went with Mom and Brent to help Justin move some stuff. It stormed and hailed and I hate storms. We ate dinner at Noodles I had some magnificent Mac & Cheese. Came home and chilled out talked to Jerred and creeped on facebook. I was supposed to start babysitting this morning but Paige got sick. A lovely 5:30 phone call informed of that. Again I woke up to play some guitar hero and laundry. I moved some stuff in too, only a few things left in my car then onto the stuff in the garage. I fixed myself dinner tonight, grilled chicken breast and potatoes O'Brien delicious. I have been beyond bored all night. I wanted to ride my bike the tires were flat and I couldn't figure out the aircompressor. I stole Brent's and went for a little ride, it was too windy to go too far. I wanted to play basketball when I came home all the balls were flat, I settled for texting conversations with kids from school. The rest of the night was up in the air me being hyper and bored. Well I am off to visit Grandma, Marsha, and Ella tomorrow so I must peace.

Carrie Out

Monday, May 12, 2008


Amy tagged me. That is the first form of internet contact I have ever encountered. I shall play along and seeing as I know no one else with a blog, I think I shall remain "it" forever.

1. I love chicken...but refuse to eat it off the bone. It's just so, icky and slimy. I don't like seeing the tendons of the things I ingest.

2. When I was little I used to fill my pockets with cat food from the garage and carry it around all day and eat it. It was suprisingly tasty as I remember.

3. I am scared of going outside our house in the dark, I always carry some kind of weapon, a bat, umbrella, golf club, whatever is near and sprint out the door.

4. I hate when things touch the insides of my elbows. I am cringing just thinking of it.

5. I can play my windpipe. It's rather amusing, the things you discover when bored.

6. Everytime I get in a car, I think I am going to wreck. My mind plays out some tragic story and I worry about it whether I am driving or just riding.

7. One of my earlobes is attached and one isn't. I guess I was just special from the beginning:)

8. I simply abhor the feeling of chalk on my hands. Any kind it doesn't matter. When I draw with sidwalk chalk I wear a sock on my hand, because it's just gross.

9. I eat applesauce as fast as I can, I really have no idea why but it is amusing. At lunch it provides for easy entertainment and is quite the noteable feat.

10. I used to want to be a aerospace engineer or astronaut. I was fascinated by rockets and read all sorts of books on them at school. I drew designs for spaceships and kept them in my room. Then I discovered...I hate to fly.

Graduation and Catch-Up

Seeing as it is a mystery as to when the internet in this household works the spacing of my blogs may now become rather sporadic. I haven't posted since last Thursday not many days but a lot went down. The last day on campus was spent hanging out with friends all day, going cosmic bowling, and staying up most of the night just chilling with each other. Graduation day came and went. It was very bittersweet well more just sad. I didn't cry, I thought I would, it helped that Stoltzy, Coach Wilson, and Coach Thomas weren't there they would have made it worse. Coach Wilson came to say goodbye in the morning she cried, we all held it together. Before the ceremony we had to stand outside for an hour in line waiting. I kept getting in trouble for wandering off to other lines to talk to people. I was bored I needed activity. The ceremony was good and packed. After it was over there were many pictures and goodbyes. I hate goodbyes but am hoping most of mine turn out to be see you laters. Dinner with the family and a little party with the girls followed then I was off to the Thomas household. I watched Ryan for the night we had a lot of fun. One of the worst parts of the whole day was probably leaving their house and hugging them all goodbye although I was invited back whenever I want. I love that family. Church came way to early Sunday morining. I can't remember a lot of what was said but I did get to see Ryan so that was sweet. Sunday afternoon was Mothers Day palooza at the Browns. It was a lovely day spent with my favorite people eating, laughing, and just enjoying each other. Sunday night I went to a church cookout at the Link's which was fun it was great seeing everyone home for the summer. Today has been spent cleaning my room out. I still haven't unpacked, I want to get things cleared out before I bring more stuff in. Tonight I went to Brent's last ball game, it was a thrill a minute well not really but I did get dinner at Denny's.

Carrie Out

Friday, May 09, 2008

Working on Goodbye

I am sad again today this is all just hitting hard. I love it here and would not trade a minute of it back, even the bad days. Woke up a little early this morning and did a little more packing, I still have a lot left but every bit helps. Then I went to lunch it was a lot of fun. I ate with Jerred, the Chris's, Levi, Neil, and Ash. We were being really loud and Jerred and I were having song lyric contests I dominated him. Coach Thomas tried to join in our fun from the table behind us, he wasn't invited. Levi and Chris Mathis left today, that was sad they live in Missouri so seeing them over the summer is all but out. We gave some hugs and they told me I have to come visit them at Lincoln next year, I think this can happen. The afternoon was pretty low key. I finished my final...finally, returned my books and turned in my last tutoring hours. Coach called me to come to her office to get a plaque and I hung with her. Then I went and sat in student services for a bit talking to Judy and later sitting with Coach T watching the Cards lose, wahoo. I met Ash in Granny's office and we sat and talked to her for some time, she is just a great lady. Graduation practice was next and a waste of time I just sat and messed with Jer and laughed at him being a dork. We had a gift for Coach T so Ash, Chels, the twins, and I decided to run it too him at his house. It was a penny jar which to him is something very sentimental so we wanted to give it to him when no one else was around. He really liked it a lot and then spent some time just hanging with us. He busted out the wedding album and other old school pictures of himself just for memories sake. Let me tell you he looked really cute. Ryan came in for a bit after playing I drew him a picture of Albert Pujols (his favorite player), he liked it a lot. I spent some time playing with him. I love those two so much and I am starting to miss them without even saying goodbye. Came back to a quick dinner by myself then went to Sherry's room for some bonding. Daryl called after awhile and I ended up in his room with Sam owning them in video games again. I rocked sing star and the triva game. He bought us some pizza and we chilled out. I went to talk to Jer for a bit then headed over to Hoyle. All our townie friends came over including OD and Clark, and Alex and Nick came over too. We sat outside all night playing washers, eating, riding scooters, and just enjoying each other's company. It was a great night but it is sad that it is one of the last.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I am very sad, I have been all day. Like I want to cry but I can't so instead I just feel bad. Woke up this morning and started packing a little to get my mind off things. Went to lunch with the baseball guys, the last lunch with them...sad. Saw Coach T in student services. He kept telling me the cord was cut again. Then he made me sad too. He sat down beside me gave me a hug and told me he really was going to miss me, very sweet for him. Spent some time in Coach Wilson's office talking then ran some errands with Ash. We came back and hung with Coach Thomas for a bit, I am going to miss him a lot. Then the goodbyes started. Carla, Rhiannon, and Gina all stopped by on their ways out. Hugs and promised phone calls and it was over. Went back to student services to see Coach Andrews and Kyle walked in. He has been angry lately and I guess he just got frustrated and decided to up and leave today and not walk through graduation. He gave me a hug told me to keep in touch and was on his way. I helped Gabby pack and move out then sat with her till her brother came to take her home. She had sooo much stuff but we managed to get it all in the car and another sad goodbye was said. I tried to write thankyou cards today but everytime I started I would feel sad and just stop. By this time I just wanted out of my room and with some friends so I went and sat at dinner with Jerred, the Chris's, Levi, and Neil. We talked fishing and Jer sang songs cause he is a dork. Then we went to Culvers with Mrs. Baldwinn and the Honors class. It was enjoyable but the twins, Ash, and I just had ice cream. Right after the four of us went to Coach Wilson's for dinner. The food and company was delighful and Ali was all wound up. But once again leaving was sad. Met the guys from dinner when we got back and hung out all night. We watched baseball, chilled, and launched things from the fan. It was fun but it was the last night we will be together. Change hurts.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The End is Beginning

I keep getting a little sadder everyday, I am going to miss this place a lot. It has become a home and my friends like family. Got up this morning and took my psych final. It was hard, I haven't been in class and missed half the stuff on the exam. I only care that I do well enough to keep my A. I have gotten my final grades in all my other classes and I pulled out all A's. After my test I went to talk to Coach Wilson for a bit. Then it was off to lunch with Ashley. I spent the afternoon once again wandering. I sat and talked to Stoltzy, he is a great guy. I went to see Judy and Bridgett. I visited Mrs. Baldwinn. I ended up back in Coach Wilson's office to play with Ali after school. Ryan has been sick so he and Coach Thomas haven't been around I miss them. Dinner was next, it was alright. I talked to Jerred and he was so excited he got an A on his math final I helped him study for so he raised his overall grade to an A. After dinner we ended up playing basketball out on the courts. It was Chris, Stephens, Becker, and I and Neil and Dustin came out to hang. I dominated winning 3/4 games of 21. Then Jer came out to play and we owned a little 2-2 action even without him playing defense because of his knee. It was a lot of fun I love having people that will actually go out and play with me. A shower was needed then Ash, Kristi, and I went on a lovely walk. Then we got hungry so Ash and I went to Taco Bell. I ended up back here tonight hanging with Rhiannon, Carla, and Gina, it is their last night. I hate saying goodbyes especially knowing I won't be back next year.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lots of Stuff

I just got in I know crazy ridiculous but a lot of stuff went on today. This is my last week and I am living it up and soaking it in. I got up to take my Small Group final only to get there and realize I have enough points to not take it. I came back to my room and chilled until my math final. I thought it was really easy and it only took me about 20 minutes. I waited for Jerred then we went to lunch, we met Ashley and some other kids. Lunch was chedderwurst always a favorite. After eating I went outside and played catch with Brad and Gabby for a bit. Then I headed to Springfield with Jer. He wanted to go to this store called Penny Lane. It is very much a hippie store but it carries all sorts of band things and old school posters. He is big into music and wanted to get some stuff. I ended up buying a "FRIENDS" poster it's pretty sweet. I had fun hanging with him, rocking out to music, and just pestering each other like always. We ran into Coach Thomas when we got back to school. He kept telling me that he has cut the cord on us and our friendship is over, he is such a dork. I ended up in the counselors office for a good hour or so just talking to Michelle. She had a baby and has been gone so we had a good conversation and I got some life advice, it was nice. Next I took off wandering through campus because I can I ran into Carla and Amber so I talked to them until dinner. Dinner was spent talking to the baseball players. We decided to play basketball after eating but all the courts were taken we ended up playing a thrown together wiffle ball game and kick the basketball but it was a lot of fun we played for a few hours just messing around. This was followed by turning in my softball uniform and sitting around talking to the team for a little bit. Then I went to Daryl's room and played "Rock Band" and "Buzz" with him and Sam. It was enjoyable, I owned at Buzz, random trivia is my thing. Finals breakfast was tonight, I camped out in there talking to people, and eating 4th meal, it was fun. I ended up going on a midnight walk with Ash discussing life, it was grand, but now I am thinking I really should get some sleep for my final tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Softballs Ending

So I got back yesterday but had an evening full of fun so I didn't write. We lost both of our games and ended our season yesterday. It was frustrating due to some circumstances, but we did play real well the first game against Heartland. I finally pulled out an extra base hit with a double and scored both of our runs. The overnighter was actually fun but a little scary we stayed in a nasty hotel. I spent more money this weekend at gas stations than I have in my entire life. They were the source of all food. Woke up this morning and headed to Bloomington to meet the parentals and shop for dresses. I need one for graduation and Kristi's wedding. I actually found two, who knew Carrie and dresses were such good friends. Came back here and met Gabby for dinner and then ended up in Chelsea C.'s room to help her with some math. Following that I went to Cassie and Nicoles room for a long time. We were hanging out and watching ESPN it was grand. Rhiannon came then came over for math help as well, we were doing great focusing then Jerred called to come over. It was all downhill from there. Rhiannon left shortly there after and Jerred and all his brainpower remained. We got through all of our studying all though heavily ADHD, with music, and the Cubs/Cards game. He was over for a couple hours just being a dork, practicing the robot, and singing songs he has yet to learn the songs to. He is very entertaining. Cassie and Nicole returned when he left and well now I need to get some sleep finals start tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Friday, May 02, 2008


Ahh just got in again, you can tell it is the end of the year the bed times keep getting later and later. I went to sleep about 2 last night and rolled out of bed at a little after 11, glorious. Went to eat lunch, some grilled cheese is always a pleasure. Talked to Jerred for a bit, he was released today to start playing ball again so he is pretty excited about that. I remember that feeling. I went to Religions class it was boring, I left halfway through to go visit Mr. Grunder and eat some of his candy. Don't worry I returned and the teacher never even knew I left. I was in a good mood all day until I went to softball practice. For some reason that has really irked me this week. We picked rooms for our hotel tomorrow and I got stuck in the worst one. I have come to realize that our team is made up of many little clicks and I don't fit into any of them. Sure we may be friends but they will always pick someone else over me. This wouldn't frustrate me so much if it was a situation I could remove myself from but it isn't I am stuck. We had a team cookout at Wilson's house. The food was delicious and all homemade, even Coach's famous cheesecake. We played "Singstar" and sat around it was alright. I did get a neat picture collage from our assistant Coach though that is really nice. I came back here and went over to see Jerred. He makes me laugh so that made my night a lot better. We had intentions of doing homework and we kind of did but spent most of the time just messing around and having fun. Bridgett came by for some reason so we sat and talked to her for awhile which is always enjoyable. I have just started packing so I must be off I do not know when I shall return from this softball adventure so don't hold your breath.

Carrie Out

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friends Time

This may be long because I did a lot today and really enjoyed all of it. I got to plant seeds with my class this morning it was fun and the kids were loving it. Math class has begun review. I sat and messed around with Jerred and Chelsea, I guess our teacher went up to Chelsea after class and asked if everything was okay between us. We were play going back and forth but the lady takes me way to seriously it was funny. Small Group was painless we did self assessment things. Lunch was decent I ate with Jer, OD, and Nik. Psych class went on a field trip to The Christain Village Alzheimers unit. It was really neat to see what is done and just talk to the patients a little. I enjoyed myself a lot and it was sad to see those people go through that. Ali got out of school early so I spent some time playing with her before our graduation meeting. After the meeting I had Ryan for a bit we played some games and just hung out. I love those kids and man do I miss them when they aren't around. Went to a Sophomore cookout at the President's house for dinner. The food was alright but it was nice to be outside in the lovely weather with friends. We played washers outside the dorm when we got back. It was a party Clark and I were climbing trees and having stick fights. Rickord, OD, Craig, Nick, Alex, Neil, and Chris all came over to play too. We hung out in the lobby for hours and even made gucamole from scratch it was good. I went over to the boys dorm around 11 and just got back. I actually broke visitation hours but I am Carrie so I get to do what I want. It was a lot of fun Jerred and York were working so we sat around and entertained each other with our stupidity. The end is approaching and it makes me sad so I am glad I am getting to spend so much time with my friends.

Carrie Out