Sunday, September 30, 2007

4-0 Baby

I did not wake up until 11:30 this morning, it was like the most glorious gift ever. I had a pretty non demanding day and it was awesome. After a light bruncheon in the local cafeteria, I made myself a BLT, I ran to Walmart with Ashley to cash her pay check. The rest of the afternoon was spent in and out of sleep. It was one of those days where a cold just wears you down, which is why it was so great to have no obligations. Greatest news of the day: Greenbay is 4-0 baby. First time since 1998 and the ever spectacular Brett Favre broke Marino's touchdown record, 422. The bad part was I had to watch the stupid Bears game (can we say 1-3) just to catch the highlights of the Packers game, dumb regional broadcasting. Greenbay is going all the way this year you just wait. I also got my entire room cleaned today. Once a week I vacuum, lysol, throw out trash, and just all around clean up. It will stay this way for about a day. I did all my laundry today as well, plus finally put away my clean laundry from last week. I woke up for dinner, some chicken fingers and sugar free Kool-Aid. Then I talked Ashley into going to the rec with me so I could sit in the sauna. I usually hate it but today it helped clear out my sinuses for a little while. When we got back we met Coach Wilson at the locker room to hang up some signs we made and make sure everything is in order for tomorrow, official opening day. I am excited but a little dreading, nobody likes sprinting and breathing like their lungs are going to explode, but it's all in good effort. The other exciting event in my life today was the season premire of Brothers & Sisters. It was magnificent but a killer cliffhanger I can't wait for next week. As previously stated basketball starts tomorrow so adequate rest is necessary.

Carrie Out

Disney Sing-A-Longs

Fall season ended today and on two losses. Oh well, we played pretty good just couldn't get runs in. I played left field and first, my running thanks to my pulled quad was a sight. Mom and Kacy came to the game today. Thanks Kac it was delightful seeing you:) After the game we went to Nichole Laylocks parent's for dinner. It was soo good especailly the cheesecake bites and mint brownies, both my favorites. I even got a take home plate of them. The van ride home was a lot of fun we were all hyper Crystal was laughing really hard at us. When we got back here I took a quick shower then hung out with Casie and Nikkie for awhile. We watched Shrek and part of the real 101 Dalmation's, animation is soo much better. While watching it I spent time uploading all of Nikkie's pictures from all our random adventures onto her facebook. We took 45 pictures in two nights, we are definately in love with the camera. The showing of Dalmations inspired me to go and download a bunch of awesome Disney songs from movies like Aristocats (My Favorite!), Aladdin, Dalmations, and The Jungle Book...I am so excited it comes out on DVD on Tuesday. I will definately purchase it, I can't wait. The rest of the night I went to sit with Ashley on duty we watched a League of Their Own I hadn't seen that in a long time it was grandly. Cold medicine is making me tired it's off to bed. "Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat's the only cat who knows where its at...."

Carrie Out

Friday, September 28, 2007

First Cold of the School Year

I woke up with a cold this Talk about ruining my healthy day, it has really run me down. I took a test in my class of the day. It was okay but there was this one question I totally blanked on, one term kept coming to mind but I thought I was wrong so I left it blank. Stupid idea the answer I kept thinking of was right, dang. I had lunch date with Coach Thomas today, needless to say there was a lot of laughter. The later afternoon was spent in his and Coach Wilson's office designing shooting shirts, ordering shoes, and just hanging out. At 2:00 I had to go pick up Ryan for Coach Thomas. Casie, Nikkie, Chelsea, and I took him to meet Coach Wilson and Ali to watch the homecoming parade. My first ever, not that exciting, and once more only little kids got candy. Good thing we had two of them with us:) After that I brought Ryan back here to play for awhile we drew pictures and painted them. I now have a lovely Spongebob on my wall, according to him we are the best artists in the world. When I took him back to Coach I took a slight nap and iced my hurty leg fun times. Then we decided to go eat Avanti's in Bloomington for dinner. It was delightful and the warm soup felt good on my sore throat. They also decided to take a detour and drive through Funks Grove on the way home, I was not a fan of this as you all know, scary place. Back here we sat with Ashley who was on duty for about an hour and then at 9:00 called it a night because we were all sick and tired. Casie came over for about an hour when we got back and we made signs to hang in the basketball locker room, hurray for arts and crafts. 10:45 bus tomorrow, score. Going to bed right now to get rid of this sleepiness? Major score:)

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lunchables does a body Good

So what to say about today. I didn't run this morning and it was glorious. Instead I jumproped and then iced my lovely leg. After practice I had a delightful chocolate cupcake for breakfast just like the champions. I only had one official class today, lit and microcomputers were canceled...awesome, but pyschology was still boring. At lunch today I had an eating race with one of the baseball boys, Jerrod Heinz. I won for the fifth time in a row I always eat apple sauce and he challenges me with another food never a smart choice. Today he chose a solid apple not even worth my effort. It is good lunch time entertainment though. Practice today was pretty low key and boring no fun games today. Then we rode bikes for conditioning all the way out to the lakes. Trainer Joe said it was okay for my leg so I went, it hurt a little but I made it. After dinner I went out to the baseball game, it was thrilling. My favorite part...when Creepy Finchum boy comes out of the dugout sits next to me on the bleachers and starts talking to me, then throws me a "stone." I didn't realize anything was up until I looked in the dugout and all the players were staring at me and laughing. Then they gave Finchy a standing "O", the yare soo mean to that kid and they love to include me in jokes, jerks. I have had kind of a rough night, but am doing better thanks to a 45 minute phone call and a nice trip to Walmart. Lunchables make life better.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crunch Time

I wasn't allowed to run this morning, Coach made me sit out because of my leg. We found out at the trainer this afternoon that I sprained my left quad, although it feels a little better already today. I told Coach that I decided that this year I wasn't going to be dumb and I was actually going to sit out like I am supposed to, instead of being like last year and playing on a broken foot until I couldn't take it anymore and then having to be out for over a month. I think I shocked her:) I just decided that if I sit out sprinting this week then I hopefully will be ready when official season starts next week. I am still going to running tomorrow I just have to jog on the sidelines. After running which equaled me icing my leg this morning Ashley and I went to visit Coach Thomas. He was in a talkative mood this morning and we had a grand story time. Geography went alright today I got a 105% on my test so I guess that's swell. Then Ash and I went to help Coach Wilson sort practice clothes and set up the locker room for next week. I don't know what it is but basketball just gets me all excited. Softball practice was actually fun today we played the game game which is this scrimmage/soft toss game we made up good times. Then I went to 2 hours of boring study tables and did nothing even though I had homework. After that I caught the tailend of the volleyball game against Lincoln Land which meant I got to see Anna which was nice. The victory of tonight though was that I started and finished and entire literature paper for tomorrow in a little over an hour. Nothing like cramming when I have had the assignment since the first day of class.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crazy Day

Whoo hoo for a nonstop day. We ran sprints this morning at 7:15 not fun but helpful when season comes. We went for a whole hour, it was a bit draining and I was sweating. After that I grabbed some breakie then showered and took a quick napsky. I was soooo unfocused today it wasn't even funny. My mind was running all over the place and so was my body, I couldn't accomplish anything. Classes were not productive today in response to that. I spent and hour and half this morning doing I don't even remember but I was supposed to be writing my literature paper. I got a paragraph...but a good paragraph it is:) My second class microcomputers was full of tests I could not concentrate but I filled in all the blanks, hopefully my random knowledge will pull me through again. I got my tests done early so I spent my free time chillin. I went to see Stoltzy I had a purpose when I went there but I got distracted we ended up talking about racing golf carts and riding lawnmowers hitting things with baseball bats, crazy. Then I went to visit Coach Thomas and Coach Wilson which is always a good time, their offices are like our second homes. Psychology was incredibly boring we kept getting yelled at for talking and not paying attention. The teacher is a drag. Softball practice got cancelled which was lovely. Instead Casie and I went with Bridgett to get Ryan. We spent the afternoon playing some killer games of foozeball in the student center I kicked their butts. After a quick dinner I went back to basketball practice. This time we ran full court drills and scrimmaged for awhile. It was an improvement on this morning, the girls were almost working hard. We think it's because Coach Thomas made his first appearance. He was being his best annoying today to them and it was rather funny. I think I pulled my quad tonight, it is on fire it has hurt since Saturday, I twinged it getting out of the batters box at our game, but running forever apparently got to it. The night was spent watching Law & Order having picnic dinner and icing my ouchie quad hurray. Running is an hour later tomorrow, score!

Carrie Out

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Week in Review...this feels like SNL

So I haven't been able to sign in to blogger since last Thursday our internet in my building has been down so here is a review of what has happened.

Friday: My class of the day got cancelled. I got some new basketball t-shirts and sweatshirts from Coach Wilson. I spent the whole afternoon in her office. Kaylee, Nicole, Cassie and I went out and counted corn stalks. It was hot we wore shorts, not a good idea at all.

Saturday: We played two games at Robert Morris, we lost them both. It was hot and the field was hard, it just wasn't too enjoyable...minus the ice deli of course. I was blinded by the sun in left field, somehow I still caught everything. The air conditioning in the vans didn't work. I went to eat dinner with Grandma, Aunt Lynn, Sam, and Clay. It was a lot of fun and great to see them. I got to play with Clayton who is now crawling, too cute.

Sunday: I got up and went to Church. It was youth Sunday. They showed a video from CIY this summer. It was nice to see everyone. I went home and bathed and played with the dog. I chilled with Mom and Brent for awhile. I came back to school for Phi Theta Kappa inductions. Mom and Grandma came. It was long, boring, and a little awkward everyone was staring at us. Creepy boy introduced me to his parents. Come on kid get with the program. Nikkie, Casie, Ashley and I went shopping at Goody's and Aldi's. It was grand. Then we had picnic dinner in my room followed by a three mile round trip walk to Dairy Queen. It was good.

Monday: I have been dead tired all day. I guess my lack of quality sleep is catching up with me. I had 7:15 running not fun. I fell asleep for awhile before class, heaven. I took a geography quiz. I slept some more. I felt like I was gonna puke, then ate not much for lunch. Applied and looked at random colleges all afternoon and am waiting for my paper applications for Wesleyan. Went to watch Casie, Nikkie, and Carla's golf first ever. It was kinda boring but makes you appreciate what they do lots of walking and very precise, tricky. At the course we sat and talked to Coach Thomas, funny guy always makes me smile. I didn't have softball practice today which was awesome I was dead. Had dinner tonight with the freshman basketball girls, we are trying to make them our friends, let's see if it works. Watched Finding Nemo with Casie. Looked over notes for computer class with Ashley, that class is just not anything I feel like I will ever need to know. Went to bed early, yeah, 7:15 again followed by a whole day of classes...ParTy.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coach Thomas is Coolio

I didn't have any practices or weights or anything until 8:15 this morning. The extra sleep was glorious. Most of my day today was spent with Coach Thomas, he takes good care of me. This morning before class I spent a good hour talking to him. He made me feel better and that was nice. He also finally told the creepy Finchum kid that he doesn't stand a chance with me and he needs to leave me alone. Thank the Lord. My class of the day was alright we are now studying weather a little more interesting but still no mind engrosser. After class I had a lunch date with Stoltzy and Coach Thomas, always a good time. Stoltzy apologized for having us work at the druken biker rally or in his words the Hell's Angel's Convention. After that Ashley and I had basketball individuals, they went well I like those more than other practices they are more one on one and we laugh a lot. Well in the ten minutes between our lunch date being over and us going to the gym Coach Thomas somehow hurt himself. He stepped up on the curb crossing the street and he heard his calf pop. He said he thought he got shot. He was in some pain and in the trainers room all afternoon so we kept him company. I took a lovely afternoon nap after we left though and that was sweet. Then on the way to my Honor's meeting Coach Thomas stopped me and asked if I would take Ryan with me for awhile because he was going to the doctor and Ryan was scared. So I ended up with Ryan for the night I took him to my meeting with me, to the gym to play and then to basketball practice. I love that kid. As of now Coach was told he has a bad sprain, he is on crutches but it is better than expected. Basketball wasn't bad but I can feel a little hurt setting in now, the pain of getting into shape. Tonight we just chilled we took a walk and then went to Walmart and bought groceries which we then proceeded to eat. Weights tomorrow morning...bed right now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Life right now is overwhelming and crushing...but there still are good things. If I have learned anything from all the hard times I have been through it is never give up and always recogonize the blessings of everyday life. This morning we had baskeball running, our freshman were really slacking off and not doing all their drills. We as sophomores called them on this. In case I have never stated this they are mouthy, cocky, and disrespectful. Well after practice we got in a verbal fight with them...not so much us, we didn't retaliate but them running their mouths. Coach yelled at them they left but continued to yell things at us all the way down the street after she left for golf. She told me later she wished she would have had 20 good minutes just to lash into them. Tony Thomas is my favorite, I love that guy. I called him last night and told him I needed to talk to him, he told me he had class but to meet him during his weights class and we could talk. We both showed but really exchanged no dialouge, instead he got in an arguement with a freshman basketball girl in his class, and it was awesome. He was throwing it down and totally stood up for us and it was great to see them being put in their place. We hardly even talked but I left there feeling better with a smile on my face, as I have said before he can somehow make me smile even when I really don't want to. I don't get it but it works, and I am grateful. Softball practice was quick, classes were boring, I was tired, and the baseball game was long. I talked to Coach Wilson for about an hour when she got back from golf, good times. That pretty much sums up my day.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 17, 2007


It has been a rough night and I can't really put why on here. I have a pounding headache my body hurts, and I know I won't sleep well. That's not helpful. The day was good, busy, but good. Basketball running and practice went fine so did softball. I found out I have tendonitis in my left achilles though. Not a big deal just a little sensitive. I got a 97 on my geography test and my counselors meeting went well. I got a lot of helpful information now I just need to look into it. I have morning running and right now I'm drained so that's all she wrote.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Longest Game

Longest game ever, that's what we played today. We played the Bradley Club team and it was more than lack luster. The pitchers were horribly slow too the point where I almost forgot what I was doing between pitches, thank you ADD. We won both of our games which puts us at 7 in a row. We scored ten runs in the first inning.I have been impressed by our play I hope it is the same in spring. Coming back we made it just in time for some lovely cafeteria dinner. It was a weak showing not very tasty, but I am suprised we didn't get kicked out we were pretty much laughing hysterically the whole time at dumb stuff. After that Nikkie came over and chilled we did homework and I did an art project for tomorrow in fifteen minutes that I have had assigned for a week. That is the gift of talent right there. In that time I rocked out to Garth Brooks new song, More Than a Memory, a half a trillion times. I love me some Garth. Then I went to Walmart with Carla, I have lots of practices this week and was in need of some aqua. Yeah liquid refreshment. Got back ate a lunchable and went to hang with Ashley for about an hour, sometimes we can be a bit out of control. I have to go to bed earlyish today. I have 7:00 morning basketball practice for the next two weeks. On top of that I have class, individuals, a couselors meeting, softball practice, and bike riding all tomorrow. Hurray Busy.

Carrie Out

My First Biker Rally

My events of the day have been interesting. This morning I went home and put my check from the school in the bank. Then I went to watch Rykers soccer game. Five year olds are pretty entertaining. At one time or another throughout his game Ryk was dancing, karate kicking, and skipping and holding hands with his teamate, funny stuff. I stopped by home for some free lunch and to play with the dog before I headed back to school. When I got back we played some Nintendo then went and watched the girls soccer game, watching it once again made me really wish I was playing. Stupid Coach Andrews. The creepy Finchum kid came out and sat right next to me the whole game, the kid just can't take a hint. No one won the game, that I don't get, who wants to play for two hours just to tie? Waste of time. .Then I found myself in a situation Uncle Kip definately would not approve of me being in:) Stoltzy had asked Casie and I to volunteer to sell raffle tickets for Crippled Kids. We agreed what can be bad about helping crippled kids? Well how about selling tickets at a biker rally surrounded by beer tents. We were followed around by drunk biker men who kept asking how old we were and where we lived. We had to go into bars and sell tickets. It was a bit freaky and we definately did not know what we were getting into. Now it's just a funny story to tell. Tonight we ate dinner at First Wok and it was delightful. We capped the night watching "Because I Said So," and it was decent. Then we chillaxed. We play at Bradley tomorrow and I think my pillow is lonely.

Carrie Out

Friday, September 14, 2007


So this week I was pulled into a gang up of a joke. It all started on Tuesday at softball practice. Coach Andrews left his keys in his truck so when he went inside for a moment I took it and moved it. He noticed it about ten minutes after he came outside. Well we jokingly blamed it on Coach Thomas who was also out there. Coach Andrews started yelling at Coach Thomas and acting all serious. Well he came back and we were laughing and told him that I did it. Coach Thomas wouldn't talk to me all week. He told everyone he was mad at me because Coach Andrews yelled at him, he even convinced Coach Wilson which made me think it might be true. Everytime I would go to talk to him he would walk away. I absolutely hate when he is mad at me and he knows it. Well today it all busted open and I found out pretty much all of them ganged up and made me believe it was true when in reality no one was mad, big bullys. My class of the day went alright not too interesting not too boring. I finally am in the process of getting my art class added officially on my schedule. I also went to see the counselor today she gave me some personal inventory tests to take and we have a meeting on Monday. Went corn stalk counting today with Kaylee, Cassie, Nicole, and Kristi. My face hurts now dang leaves. Tonight we watched Freedom Writers. It was a really good movie that's based on a book, I now really want to read a book, I am such a dork. Tomorrow morning I am running home to cash and check and catch Rykers soccer game, whoo hoo.

Carrie Out

Early Dismissal

Ahh Thursday...this was probably my best T/R day yet. The reason for this wonder you ask?? The beauty of getting out of every class early, nicely done. My lit class was good today we read Harrison Bergeron. It was written in 1961 about "equality" in 2081 I have read it before but it is still interesting. We also got to take a class pick on what to read next and then voted I picked Tim O'Brien "The Things They Carried" and it won the vote, good story. I had my first microcomputers test today I think it went well, I knew 98% of the stuff and that's enough for me. We got out early so we went to Coach Thomas office for awhile. You know that letter we found in there the other day? We finally read it and it was funny, I would have kept it too. He said he reads them when he's mad cause they make him laugh, good thing he has a wall covered in them. Psychology was awesome today because we did nothing pertaining to psychology we somehow got on to transfers and courses, and talking about when and how to apply. I am at a complete loss. I don't know where I want to go or what I want to do, it's a bit frustrating. I am going to talk to the counselor tomorrow to see if she can help me, she knows lots on that stuff. Practice was okay nothing special, then I had a Phi Theta Kappa meeting. We didn't do much but did figure out the softball players can't attend the induction ceremony we have a game. Chelsea and I ate dinner at Rusty's tonight and it was amazing then we chilled for a bit. Then Ash and I went on a rage walk, more like sprint, we got a little worked up. After the walk we went and shot baskets in the gym, ahh basketball so glorious minus the fact I haven't been able to lift my arm above my head all day.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am tired...well not really my mind but my body. My body is wasted, not in the alcoholic sense but like I have been drained of all energy and ability, sweet deal. I had a bazillion and one practices today which could explain the drain. Took a Geography test today four pages took me about five minutes. That just makes me hate that I got up to take it come on people how about a little challenge every now and again. Wait I take that back I love being the most underachieving overachiever, it truly is a gift. Not trying and still getting good grades, nice. So after my "class" I hung out with Chelsea for awhile then went to lunch with Ashley and Daryl. Good times. I then had an hour of basketball individuals with Ashley and Coach Wilson. My second class of the day, art, lasted just as long as the first one. I just got a new project to do this one stippled in ink, fun times. Well right after that adventure I went to the trainer. My shoulder was killing me today I could hardly lift it, happens in old age. Trainer Joe went to town on it and it hurt real bad but when he was done it was a bit better. I once again was the freak of the training room everyone likes to watch my twitching muscles for some reason. Softball practice was strictly hitting today I was in charge of running the pitching machine, awesome. Two hours of shagging balls so much fun...not. Right after that I went to basketball practice. Fifteen straight minutes of running, good times, everyone else is really slow, as of now at least, this I have determined. Then we scrimmaged and I played with Ryan for a while. I got a three hundred dollar refund check from my tution of which I payed nill this year, pectacular, I like free money. My spent body needs rest tomorrows another full day.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's cold outside. Who knew that in the middle of September you'd need a coat and pants to go outside...crazy I tell ya. Tuesday lead to another fun filled day of class and learning, can't get enough learning. My Psych class actually wasn't too boring we had some interesting class discussion. We also had to watch the up close and personal birth of a baby, yummy. The lady was like petting the kids head as he was crowning, that part was a bit gross. After class it was off to visit my dear friend trainer Joe, I make new friends in there everyday. What can I say I am a regular, Coach refers to it as my second home. Practice was low key we did a lot of nothing and I was pretty much bored. When we got done I went and watched some of the boys baseball game, baseball games are too long to view in their entirety. Michelle, Nick, and Sue came out so I got to sit and talk to them for a while. Nick has gotten so big, walking and talking, I can't believe he's already 14 months old. Ran to dinner when I was done talking to them and it was scrumtrulescent. Turkey and the fixings mm mm good. At dinners conclusion I attend a match of the volleyball game. What can I say I support the campus activities. Tonight I was a little hyper. Played some Nintendo with the twins and Yahtzee with Kaylee, Kristi, and Carla. We got in trouble for being too loud, I am sorry but Yahtzee is a contact sport and we play for blood. Capped the night with a lovely trip to Walmart with Ashley nothing like some late night Walmart, I love to watch the creepies that come out.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 10, 2007

Keeper of the Children

It has been a good day today. I didn't have weights or anything so I got to sleep in until 10ish that was sweet. My class of the day went okay boring but I got it done. After that I had a lunch date with Coach Thomas, never a dull moment with him. I was supposed to meet my art teacher at 1 to turn in my project and get a new one. He never showed up this is like the fourth time this has happend, I left him a note and left. I got a letter in my mailbox today (I heart mail) from the leaders of Phi Theta Kappa. I was inducted into the academic sorority, which will look good on transcripts and provide me with scholarship money when I go to 4-year college. Pretty sweet deal. Then I went on a lovely six mile bike ride out thru Kickapoo park, ahh beautiful nature. I had to hurry back in time to go pick up Ryan from school, Coach Thomas had asked me to since Bridgett and he were busy, I am the keeper of the children. I went and got him took him back to his Mom's office and ended up taking him into town to a couple shops downtown so he could use some giftcards he had. We went toy shopping and he bought some Lincoln Logs and Cardinals Uno. He was soo excited that I came to pick him up he was making me laugh. After our shopping adventure we came back to my room and played with his toys and had a Sega battle, I won, I always do:) I took him back to his parents at five then grabbed a quick dinner before I headed home to pick up and drop off some stuff for Mom. I stayed and watched Brent's game they won by a touchdown and it was cold and rainy...booo. I came back here and got my Nintendo on, I am glad I work so hard at school.

Carrie Out

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chicken is Good

The games went well today we won them both. It was hot and they seemed to take forever but whatever. The Finchum kid whose in love with me showed up...early...and was hardcore cheering for me the whole game. The kid is so weird. Random information: some kids went out and destroyed the right side of baseball fence. They busted off and broke the boards and there is now a gaping whole in the wall. They are 99& sure it was the swimmers. Who does that honestly? When does that enter someones mind? It really makes me mad, kids here are so stupid sometimes. I thing it makes me even angrier though because it was Tony's field and I don't like it when other people mess with him or his stuff. We had Percella's baby shower tonight. It went really well and was a lot of fun just hanging out playing games and talking. We had it at Coach Wilson's house her husband cooked us an awesome meal, some kind of Hawiaan chicken mmm mmm. We had quite the spread though fruit pizza, jello cake, chips and dip, pretty much all things yummy and I quite enjoyed myself. Then I came back here and had a homework party with Ash and Chels while Ash was on duty. I finished my drawing project in a little less than an hour, I was proud of myself for waiting until the last minute. So I was really excited today because I got a lot of family pictures from Labor day and this weekend. I am such a dork.

Carrie Out

Dancing Queen

My games today went alright. I have been transported to first base, I kinda enjoy this but will need a little time to readjust. I like it on the infield, less boring more action. I had two of our three RBI's the first game which we won. The second game we won 20-3 it was crazy boring and long after the second inning. It was soo hot out there and there was absolutely no shade. At one point I was sweating so much into my eyes that I couldn't was pleasant. Mom and Grandma came to watch which was nice, especially when Mom went and bought me some delicious snacks and drinks, Thanks Mom:) After the game we hit up Monicals, mmm Monicals, it is one of the greatest resturants ever. I ate too much and I don't even care it was totally worth it. Came back here and showered acres of scum off myself felt nice. Then a few of the softball freshman came over. They crack me up and I had a lot of fun hanging out with them. We had a dance party and you all know I have some awesome moves, haha. I busted out the dancing queen dance a good five times today just for you Amy. When they left Casie and Ashley came over to chill. It was a nice night but I am tired and need some sleep. By the way I got my new school address a while ago but forgot to send it out, I don't know if Mom did either, if anyone wants it let me know!

Carrie Out

Saturday, September 08, 2007


I love my family, I know that sounds a little well duh, but I do I really love my family. It was so great getting to see everyone tonight and hang out. Nothing beats the hugs and hello's of the people you care about the most. The new field looks really good and the whole night was just really nice. Grandma gave a good dedication speech and it just felt good to be sitting in the stands with all my family around me hearing it. I know I never met my Grandpa but somehow I can't help thinking he would be proud of us. Actually I frequently think of that. I just hear so many great stories about him I sometimes wonder what our relationship wouldv'e been like, he sounds like such a good man I would have loved to have met him. I guess that's just another one of those things that wasn't in God's plan. I find it kind of funny that this all took place at a football game but I don't think I ever really watched any of the game, I was too busy with everyone around me. Both of my babies were there so that was awesome I love those two and nothing can melt your heart like one of their smiles. After the game I went to a little bar downtown and hung out with some of the family. It was really a lot of fun just sitting around and talking. Sometimes we take for granted that our biggest support system is the people who know us the best yet still love us. Really I thrive on nights like this they just lift yo0ur spirits for awhile no matter what you're going through. As Grandma said, sarcastically, tonight when I was telling her about Uncle Kip worrying about me..."It's tough being loved isn't it."

Carrie Out

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Me Tired

I am really tired, this will be short. It has stormed here all day long. Classes drug on I missed my least favorite today thanks to an early bus time. We played our games, it was pretty dry in Springfield until we got there we brought the rain. Still we got all 14 innings in and ended up splitting. I played left the first game and first the second, I haven't been there since Jr. year it was awkward but I did fine. Latey I have been hitting what Coach refers to as "atem" balls meaning I always hit balls at them. It sucks but I'm making good contact and getting good cuts. Came back here and watched Aladdin with Ashley it was swell. I am looking forward to tomorrow and am really worn out so that is all.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Heart Breaker:)

Ahh so today, it's been interesting. I got up for weights at 8 then didn't have class until 10 so much for sleeping in. After lifting I went and talked to Stoltzy for awhile, he refers to me as his BFF and well he's funny. I still had an hour until class and Coach Thomas called so Ashley and I went and sat in his weights class and talked to him. I swear sometimes if I didn't love that guy I would have a hard time liking him. He is eating up the fact that the creepy Finchum kid is after me so he doesn't miss a moment to give me a hard time about it. He tries to auction off my phone number during baseball practice. I talked to the kid today and told him it wasn't gonna happen and not to believe whatever lines Tony was feeding him. The boy is just weird, but I still tried to be nice about it. My class of the day went fine I got an A on my test which was nice. Spent a solid hour and a half in the lunchroom today just hanging out sometimes that is the only time I see my friends all day so it's nice. I got my first drawing assignment today as well so that is pretty exciting I am ready to get started. As usuall I visited trainer Joe he throughly enjoys my visits I am his daily entertainment. Coach Thomas invited himself down today as well, he cracks me up when he tries to be all nice to me cause he knows he's been a jerk all day. Practice was easy today just hitting and I actually used the extra time to do homework. I even went to the LIBRARY...I know shocking first time so far may be the last. The evening has been spent just hanging out and doing nothing and it's been nice. I am a little upset though Matty emailed me today to tell me he is playing ball here tomorrow night and is pitching. We have a game at Lincoln Land and I won't even be here. It never fails when he pitches I play and when I'm free he isn't pitching. Oh well I told my friends to go cheer for the other team. Here's to hoping we make it to Springfield and back without a breakdown:)

Carrie Out

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Creepy Boy's Back

I just realized it has been Tuesday all day...crazy. Nothing exciting happened in class today I was bored out of my mind as usuall, but once again I dragged through. So random information, the same weird boy that was after me last year is once again trying to convince me to go out with him. He is the baseball manager and Coach Thomas is not helping at all he keeps egging it on and telling him to go after me he thinks it's funny. I don't really. I am trying to think of a non-jerkish way to let him know it will never happen. Although he is strange and I would never date him he is still a nice guy and I don't want to hurt him, still with Coach Thomas leading him on it hasn't been to easy. Practice tonight was pretty easy he just did leadoff's, baserunning, and basic fielding. I then accompanied the pitchers and catchers on a six mile bike ride out to Kickapoo park. I have throughly missed my bicycle and it was lovely. I think we are going again tomorrow. Dinner was Jimmy John's my first time since being back, mmmm mmm it was so good. I was going to do homework tonight, I got none of it done, oh well I have to go help with study tables tomorrow maybe I will do it then....maybe not. We got Percella's baby shower gift all done and put together so that will be ready for the weekend. Then I went to visit one of my friends on duty in another dorm. I sat around and talked to Daryl for the second night in a row and every time we get told to be quite, oops. Then Ashley and I went on a delightful evening stroll and all was well.

Carrie Out

Monday, September 03, 2007

Family Time

So almost everyone who reads this already knows what happened yesterday since I saw them but I will tell my stories anyways. We lost both our games on Saturday, played okay but saw some definate areas that need improvement. The ride down went quickly the ride back was a different story the bus broke down, we think because the driver put unleaded gas into a deisel tank...nice. Well I hitched a ride with one of our freshman's parents and got back three hours before the rest of the team returned to campus at 7:30 we should have been home prior to 3:30. Well since I found my way home I had enough time to go to the Browns and see my family. I was really looking forward to this and luckily most of the family was still there when I got there, even my babies:) I loved getting to see them, I hate that we all live so close yet hardly see each other, get togethers are my favorites. Kip left before I got there so this made me sad but I am looking forward to Friday night. They are rededicating the new football field in honor of Grandpa so I will get to see everyone again, even Uncle Vince this time so I am definately excited. I ended up staying home last night, I was tired by the time we got home and there was no way I could've driven back to school. This morning we ran to Bloomington for breakfast at IHOP it was delightful. Then we went and bought me some new, cheap, shoes, yeah Pumas! This afternoon was spent cleaning, doing tons of laundry, and finishing homework. Then I had to bring the van, which I drove so I could bring my bike to school, home. I watched Brent's game they won 50-0, he threw 2 touchdowns, ran in 2, and caught an interception so I guess I picked a good game to watch. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with my friends and all was well.

Carrie Out

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fall Kickoff

Wow is I thought waking up at 7:15 this morning was fun I can't wait until 6:00 tomorrow morning. I got to the bus only to find Coach Thomas chilling in the parking lot and I am never off limits for being picked on even early in the morning. He decided I wear #2 since it was his number and that way I can think about him all the time, I think he's weird but I love him anyways. The games today went okay. We should be pretty decent this year especially once spring rolls around. We have lots of talent right now it's just finding out where to put it. We split our games and only had one really bad inning and that was the first inning and it was just pitching which is encouraging. We got back here and ate some dinner. Then I ran to Wal-Mart with a few of our freshman, I needed to buy some Gatorade (Thanks Parents!). After that we have pretty much just hung out all night. We had a dance party, played hobo golf, and chilaxed in the lobby with a little would you rather. It was funny. Not counting about six other people we are the only ones here...campus is hopping. Edwardsville is far away I need sleepsky.

Carrie Out