Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Bus Ride:(

I was too tired to write last night. Our bus left at 1:30 and we didn't get back to campus until 12:30. Our game was pretty ugly we had 24! turnovers and points in the first half alone. Kinda ridiculous but at least we only lost by 14 could have been much worse. It was our last away game (regular season), which is sad. We love bus rides they are full of story times, singing, laughing, and just being overall obnoxious:) We fulfilled all of those categories. Coach Thomas and I were once again warring, just like everyday. He says things to purposely get me all riled up and I can't just let it go. I told him that he will always win because for some stupid reason I care a lot about what he thinks. That actually made him say nice things, we have a strange relationship but I guess it works, we like each other. Today has been pretty laid back. Art class was cancelled so I spent that time sleeping, I was tired. Lunch was non-exciting as was religions class. I did get to watch part of "Rain Man" for a psychology test we had to make-up today and that movie is awesome. Pre-Practice was a lot of fun, we were running around playing games with Ali. Practice itself was okay, I couldn't shoot for my life though. We did get out early which was nice to eat dinner. Tonight has been stressful I had about 100 things to do for tomorrow and not enough time. Well I have successfully completed my homework so that feels good. I took a little break and went to Hoyle to talk with Ash, Chels, and the twins but then it was back to work. Right now I am feeling relieved and like I need a shower.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I truly need to go to sleep, I have been way too wired today. I woke up ready to take on the day and started it off with a little weight lifting. I do mean little I do more standing than actually lifting. Ate some breaky with the girls then went and had some Tuesday morning bonding with Coach Thomas. Art class was next and it was pretty quick and painless. My next hour was spent chilling with the ladies in Student Services, shooting the breeze. I like that saying. Lunch was alright, I did have some killer French Onion soup and lovely conversation with Stoltzy. Then it was off to Religions. I walk in listening to my ipod talking to the people in class and the teacher tells me "some people have already started their exams." What?? I had no idea we had a test I really need to start listening. I took my first part of the test only to realize I had none of my notes or articles which were needed for the second part. The teacher let me leave to go get them, he is really easy going. Well I didn't want to go right back so I checked my facebook and rehydrated while in my room:) 2nd part was easy and then it was back to dorm sweet dorm. I spent my afternoon doing math and watching Cartoon Network, good times. Practice was odd. We practiced a bunch of out of bounds plays we haven't run all year, we think she is running out of things to do. Coach Thomas was driving me crazy, we have been waring all week, and I am going to win. Dinner and some homework then I went to Hoyle to hang with the twins, Ash, OD, and Lanhum making sophomore day signs and playing some dice game. Came back here to Mary's for a bit and now I need to practice relaxing.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 25, 2008


Procrastination, it's a sport and I am an all-star. So I've had this note packet thingy for religions for a good three weeks, it's due tomorrow. Have I even attempted it?? That's a big nope, but I'll think about doing it, I hope that's good enought. The kids were crazy hyper at tutoring today, we did math and word searches. Random interuption: I am drinking pickle that gross? It tastes delightful. Math class was pretty boring this morning, we didn't do much, I sat and talked to Jerred. Here was some good news, my small group class was cancelled, hurray! That equaled earlier lunch for a hungry Carrie. It was a fancy lunch day and the food was rather tasty. Early lunch also meant I got to go back to my room for an hour before my next class and watch cartoons, score. Psychology was okay we are studying autism which is very perplexing. Straight to practice after class. Practice went fine. I was a little hyper before running around pestering Coach. I ran up and give her a hug, she told me I don't get one on Sophomore day now, haha. Coach Thomas spent practice making fun of me and running away every time I got near him, he's a dork. Dinner followed next it was pretty tasty as well. I ate a lot, even some vegetables, Mother you should be proud. Then I sat in the computer lab for a bit before softball practice. Can I tell you how much I hate taking grounders off a gym floor. I can't see them at all I think I have yellow blindness:) The rest of the night was spent visting with Mary and Ariel and as previously stated, not doing my homework.

Carrie Out

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Steak N' Shake!

My throat hurts, just the left side, kinda funky. I used this magical spray on it which helped for a long while but as of now, ouches. Got up this morning to serve at the LC pancake sausage breakfast. It wasn't bad, I enjoyed the people, even if I was a little tired. Then it was off to the Y for my last game. The reffing went well, even working with the annoying Coach wasn't bad. My girls even played decent this morning, they were all sad it was the last week. The afternoon called for laundry so much fun. Nik, Ash, and I went to the intermural games to watch Ben and Dustin. It was once again funny. We met Alex and all of went to Steak N' Shake for dinner, yummalicious. We haven't had a nice hangout night with those guys in awhile so it was lovely. I returned to my chamber to attack my math homework. 30 problems, 8 pages, and this is elementary teacher math, poor kids. I got it done though so points for me. I also got my room cleaned and laundry put away I am so productive. Now it is time for me to take an uncold shower, so excited.

Carrie Out


I am feeling a little more normal today, I like it. I slept better last night, not great but I got a few hours in. Got up in time for some quick brunch before our bus left for Champaign. Our game went a lot better than expected. Parkland is #10 in the nation and beat us by 35 last time. We hung with them the whole game and with 9 minutes left in the 2nd half we pulled ahead. A few bad calls and plays later and the momentum changed quickly we ened up losing by 11. Still not too bad. I played decent all around. I got to see some people I haven't seen in a long time today too so that was nice. Jessie was working the game so I got to sit and talk to her during the boys game. Dinner was eaten at Fazoli's, tasty. The bus ride home was funny playing with Ali. Coach Thomas was giving me crap all day long about anything and everything. When we got home I ran to the Dollar Store to buy some candy for my little girls. Tomorrow is our last week at the Y for the year. I came back here looking forward to a nice refreshing shower. Didn't work out to well. The hot water is completely out in my side of the building. I took the strangest, quickest, icicle shower ever. I don't think my bones are completely thawed yet. I washed my hair in the sink, seriously the water is frigid. The rest of the night has been spent chilling watching Memphis lose and a little Paula Dean.

Carrie Out

Friday, February 22, 2008

No Sleep

I could not sleep last night, it was so frustrating. I got up exhausted and still feeling lousy. This has been going on for about three weeks now I wish I could go back to feeling normal. Everyone has been asking me about it all week, I don't really know why I feel bad I just do. I have this issue with letting things pile up on each other until they all come crashing down at once. I had a sub at tutoring today, one I don't really like but to my relief we went to another classroom to learn about dinosaurs. Math class was okay we are doing graphs of all kinds which is laborsome but whatever. Small Group was nothing too exciting we did our presentation it was alright. Lunch was nice I ate with Nikkie, Kyle, Jerred, and Stoltzy. They made me smile during story time. Pysch was incredibly boring maybe because I was just fighting to even pay attention, I was tired. I came back to my room and layed down for 2 hours before practice. My friends Chelsea Cockayne and Bach brought me Ratatoille to watch and dehydrated soy crisps (inside joke) to make me laugh. Practice was alright, it just drug on. Coach Thomas kept trying to make me laugh, apparently he's worried about me. I'm okay, I keep telling everyone that, but they chose to think otherwise. Tonight was enjoyable. Ashley, Dustin, and I went to watch Show Choir for the heck of it, it was an experience that's all I can chalk it up to. Then I went back and helped Nikkie clean up and decorate her new room. OD came over so that was fun and Casie was there too. I really liked just being with them all night, now I need a shower.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who Knows

It's been another blah day. I don't know why I have just been feeling down a lot lately and my sleeping has been horrible. My day itself wasn't anything special my classes both bored me and lunch was PB & J again. I spent the afternoon before practice just sitting in my room no tv no anything, I have been doing that a lot lately too for some reason. I went to practice feeling down and practice was bad so that didn't help. Coach was angry again we ran a bunch and did little else. The evening has been okay though. I ate dinner with Ash and Ariel and sat and talked things out with them which helped. I came back and Ariel and I went and hung with Mary for awhile. Then I visited Kaylee and Kristi just chilling out. I got to see some friends from last year tonight, they were in town for Chris's visitation. So even though it wasn't a happy reason to be here it was still nice to see them. Next I went and sat in Cassie and Nicoles room for the rest of the evening telling dumb stories and laughing. I just needed to get out of my room. Now I need to go lay in bed even though it probably won't lead to sleeping.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Visiting Family

Ahh Wednesday. I got terrible sleep last night and was a little worn when I awoke this am. Headed off to tutoring and unlike last Wednesday's events I did not hit any maintence vans:) My kids read me a book about a fox and his pet donkey, I enjoyed it. Math came next, I got a 98 on my test, way excited. We are studying stats now not hard, but it requires way too much attention. Small group sucked today we sat and listened to a boring presentation and my teacher was in a bad mood. Lunch wasn't too adventurous although I did eat a grilled PB& J, a lovely twist on a classic. I chilled in Coach Wilson's office until class. I wouldn't want her to go a whole day without seeing me. Psychology class had some videos in it so that was a nice change. Then it was time to run errands. I had to turn in work hours and pick up a refund check from my tuition. That comes to two refunds this year and I didn't pay anything. Next I went to Student Services to drop off some papers and get a new ID card. Ryan was there so I had to spend a little time playing with him, he makes my laugh. I saw Tony for .2 seconds, enough to ambush him with a hug, always enjoyed. Then I headed to Grandma's to visit, which was nice. I went to Sam and Josh's for the evening and I even got dinner. Clay has gotten so big and it was great to play with him, funny boy. I got to see Justin as well, so many family members in one day.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Victory

Ahh the gloriousness of a much needed shower. I got this new Body Rush spray from Victoria's Secret and I smell so lovely. Classes today were quick and painless, and also extremely boring. My focus this week has been all but non exsistent, kinda annoying. We won our game tonight against Spoon River, two in a row. I think that is our first "winning streak" of the year, haha. I think we have 8 wins, what can I say we're pretty much awesome. I didn't play excruciatingly well, I couldn't hit a shot, but oh well a win is a win. Mom came to the game so we went to Goody's and the Jimmy afterward...mmm Jimmy's. I came back and watched the boys game with Kelli (from last year). It was a good game lots of dunks my favorites. Came back to the dorm and talked to Mary for awhile and then headed up here. I just realized I have a psych worksheet to complete for tomorrow, oops. I really should get on that.

Carrie Out

Sleep In!

I woke up nice and late today, just the way I like it. The school I tutor at was off for Presidents day and gave me an extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep as a gift. Ventured to math class right on time for a lovely test. How I love the judgement of learning and knowledge. Got done with my test early so I went and chilled in Coach's office for a bit. Small group was next. Jerred and I spent he first 15 minutes arguing about why he shouldn't go to jr. college for 3 years, it was entertaining. We spent the rest of class organizing our groups for this weeks presentations. Mine is on the cost of college tuition, oh the thrills. Lunch was grand, I ate with my baseball boys and had some good laughs. Pysch was next we wrapped up the study of ADHD. Everyone thinks it's so funny that me of all people is studying that, such jokesters. Practice followed quickly after. Coach had a recruit in so we spent a few minutes talking to her. The minute she left Coach started being angry, we decided she used all her nice for the day on her recruit. Practice was boring. Dinner was growdy I ate what I could find then came back and took a shower. I got out expecting to watch Fairly Oddparents Baby special, I apparently fell asleep, I didn't sleep well last night. I went to softball practice for a short period, went with Ashley to Walmart, and then chilled with Casie while she was on duty. Chels came over so we all went and laughed at the interamural kids try to play basketball. Now it is 12:30 and I need bed.

Carrie Out

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strange Weekend

It has been an odd weekend. There was a bad wreck late Friday night and it involved some kids that went to school here last year. Chris who hung out with my group of friends was killed. The other boy I knew, Zach, is still hanging on as of now and hopefully getting better. These kinds of things always hit you hard, just make you realize anyone could be gone any second...scary. Other than that it was a good weekend. We actually won our game on Saturday and I played really well. It was down to the wire and exciting, it felt nice to pull the W. After some Taco Bell and watching the boys game (they won too) I went to Bloomington with Mom, Brent, and Brandon for the night. We did some shopping and met Kale for dinner. I enjoyed being with them even if those boys drive me crazy. Today has been spent doing well, who knows. Got up for some brunch,it was pouring outside and I got soaked. I had a BLT it was scrumptious and sat and talked to some of the baseball boys. Then it was off to the rec. The game we refed was frustrating. One of the coaches kept complaining and was being really annoying. He doesn't understand that if we called everything the ball would never get past half court, the girls are just too young. My game was better we actually scored 3 baskets, but my team is still terrible, fun, but terrible. Laundry and homework filled my free time before random Sunday night practice. Practice was a lot of shooting drills and walking through a new offense. Not tiring, but a little boring. Tonight I have just hung out with some people, good times. No work tomorrow but I still have school, boo Presidents Day.

Carrie Out

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Started off the morning with a little reading about dinosaurs. Gotta love 2nd grade phonics. Back at school I made my Friday morining visit of fun to Coach Thomas and Coach Wilson's offices before class. They love seeing me bright and early:) And I had to go attack Coach T with his daily hug because he left on a baseball recruiting trip for the day. Math class was actually alright, we did a stats project with M&M's and I sat and talked to Jerred, funny boy. Small group discussion was focused on NIU and our own schools safety problems. It really made me think. Lunch was decent, it was joke day again with OD so that was entertaining. I got a call at lunch from Lys about Matty. He had an emergency appendectomy this afternoon. They got it before it ruptured and last I heard he was okay, we are going to try and visit him tomorrow. Ventured over to psychology class next we are studying ADHD, the teacher tells me I have it, oops. Visited the student service ladies and chilled in the computer lab for a short bit then went and got ready for practice. It bored me a lot, minus Ali and Ryan they crack me up. We decided we didn't want cafeteria dinner so we journeyed to Jimmy John's and it as tastalicious. Hung out with Nikkie and Ashley for some time then we went to Walmart, always neccesary. Then it was back here to talk to Mary and Griff before heading to bed for 12:00 curfew, magical.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I woke up this morning determined to have a better day. I fancied myself up doing my hair putting on nice clothes just to enhance the mood. I headed to art to find out all I had to do was turn in my book and leave. I spent the free time in the library with Ash and the twins. I used it to email lots of people I hadn't talked to in awhile. Then it was off to lunch, we had some decent food so that was nice. I made the rounds in the cafeteria eating with softball girls, baseball players, and others. Religions class followed soon after we have moved onto Buddhism which is again intriguing. I ran into Nikkie and Ash in the parking lot and ended up running to Walmart with them. Came back and chilled in student services for awhile waiting for the girls to get done with an RA meeting they had. Bridgett came out and talked to me for a bit she was in a good mood today. We had a special project to complete today our athletic intern Karen who is with us all the time has been really homesick. We wrote to her Mom asking for pictures of family and friends from home and then decorated her door with the pictures and things for Valentines day, she loved it and was really happy. Practice today was enjoyable. The kids were cracking me up, very attached the whole time. Lots of hugs, lots of love, good thing it's valentines day. After practice we talked to Coach and Coach for awhile then went to the caf for Sweetheart dinner. We had steak, so delicious, and had a really nice evening sitting and talking with the Thomas family, my favorites. Back at the dorm Jerred came over to get help with Math so I had fun hanging with him. Ash and the twins came over and we went to Jimmy John's then to the boys dorm to talk to the RA's. I am watching Friends and it needs me.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carrie and the No Good Very Bad Day

I had a bad bad day. I woke up feeling it. I hit the maintence van in the parking lot this morning. Really no damage but it just sucked. I didn't even see it, it was right in my blind spot. It was a right side front to front fender bender, ughhh. I went to tutoring once I got out of the parking lot, late of course. I did enjoy it though because it was pretty relaxing and unstructred this morning I helped the kids clean out and organize their desks and there were plenty of hugs. I came back and went to math class where I vented with my friend about her bad day too. We did some worksheets and turned in homework I sat in my anger. Then I went to small group we set up the outline for our discussion. That went well minus the fact that we have the most difficult boy in the world in our group, he frustrates me. Lunch was next. I ate with Kyle, Jerred, and Stoltz and they tried to cheer me up, we had circle of trust discussions. I couldv'e used Jerred in my classes this morning, he just makes me smile, but he had a dr. appointment for his knee. After lunch I had a meeting with the driver of the van I hit, the Vice President, the director of student behavior, a state cop, and a dare cop. I didn't get a ticket we just had to file it for school purposes, still it was a bit intimidating. Funny thing though I hadn't had time to talk to Coach Wilson or Tony so no one knew what was going on, and started kinda worrying when someone had told them they saw me with the police. Psych was okay but boring. Before the game I locked myself in my room for 2 hours and deraged, it worked I felt much better when I headed to the gym. The game was actually decent, we only lost by 9 and ICC is Nationally ranked. I played well and ended up with 7 points and a handful of everything else. Jay, Amber, and the girls came to the game so it was nice to see them. I sat and talked with them for the first half of the boys game. Ryan sat with me too and him and Paige were playing it was cute. I got hungry so I headed to Subway after the game which was fresh and tasty. Now I need some sleep.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have been kinda down tonight, I really don't know why, I just feel sad. Got up this morning for art class. I was done with my project in 20 minutes but it was too cold to walk back to my room so I hung out and talked with everyone until they were done. Lunch was alright, I ate with Stoltzy and his Dad who is a pretty cool guy. After lunch I still had half an hour until my next class so I went and chilled in Student services. I had a test in Religions class, it wasn't too bad. I didn't read the articles for the essay part ahead of time, luckily I got done with the rest of the test quick enough to read them as well. When I got done I went to the computer lab to check emails and print off an application for IC. The rest of the afternoon was spent completing tons of homework, it was a great relief to be done. Practice was alright. We ran quite a bit I was kinda tired but we made it through. Coach Thomas has been picking on me all day long and practice was no exception. He just keeps giving me a hard time, but I can't help but love him. I got to play with Ryan for awhile today that kid melts my heart. Dinner wasn't too spectacular and the rest of the night I spent finishing homework and watching American Idol and Life of Ryan.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 11, 2008

Distracted Day

I am kinda tired, yet I am sitting here...makes sense right?? Tutoring went well this morning especially since I didn't have to scrape any ice or frost off my windows, that seriously makes my day. I was truly struggling to focus all day it was like nothing I was being told was even remotely interesting. Nothing exciting happend in any of my classes, probably because I wasn't paying attention. Those days are kinda frustrating to me, even when I try to pay attention my mind does not oblige. Had a nice lunch with Coach Thomas and OD, it was designated joke day at our table so that was lunch time entertainment. Jerred came back this morning, I was glad to see him. I was his designated helper this morning since we have all our classes together. My job was to get his stuff, open doors for him, and pull his hood up when it fell while we were walking. I don't mind helping him out but it did stink that it then required me to walk extremely slow in the freezy weather. The things I do for friends. Pre-practice was an enjoyable time as always spent chilling in the trainers room. I picked purple practice gear to wear, the rest of the team then thought it was funny to put on black. I always lose. Practice seemed to move in slow motion, it wasn't too bad just dragged. It was entertaining though when Coach T decided to scrimmage with us, I love that guy. After practice and a quick dinner I ended up spending some time with the Finchum family going to Bonanza and Walmart, it was enjoyable. Then it was homework and hanging out, now it is bed.

Carrie Out

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Circus day at the Y

My day began ever so gloriously at 11:30, oh how I love sleeping late. I got up and galavanted over to the caf for brunch with Ashley. It wasn't a tasty selection, I ate PB & J on toast which was yumms. Back to my room for about and hour before I headed to the Y, I can't even remember what I did in that time. I got 2 phone calls on the way to the rec telling me 2 of my 5 girls were sick and weren't able to make it. That was a tie up. I refed the first game with Ariel, nothing dramatic happened, which is just the way I like it. Then it was on to my game with 3 players. We were playing the best team, but most of the girls played for me last year. In order to play one of the other teams players played for me every quarter,but when one of my girls decided she wasn't going to play anymore, we were kinda stuck. Two of the girls brothers had to play, it was a bit of a circus, but the girls seemed to have a lot of fun playing, which is what it's about anyways. When I was done I spent a few minutes playing with Ali and talking to Coach Wilson before coming back and getting my homework on. That pretty much consumed my afternoon then I headed to dinner with the softball girls. The evening (Pre-Brothers & Sisters) was used to watch Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and Cal Ripken videos on the computer. It was a joyous occasion:) Ashley came over for Brother's & Sisters which was wonderfully dramatic. Carla stopped by later so I talked to her for awhile as well. Oh the thrills of Lincoln College.

Carrie Out

Cleaning Day

It's 2:15 in the morning I should be in bed...but I am not. Got up at 7:30 this morning to go watch Ryan play basketball. I woke up hyper and full of energy, apparently Coach T and Ashley did as well. We had a good morning of bonding, pestering, and watching Ryan play. We came back to school and had to wait 2 hours for the caf to open so we could eat we were starving. I ended up camping out in there for an hour and a half talking to friends and just chilling. The afternoon was spent cleaning and I had a lot of cleaning to do. I also had to clean and put away three loads of laundry. A Walmart trip was next I needed to buy breakfast food and some more water but I also had a more important purchase to make. I was supposed to get the Aristocat's, I have only been waiting forever for it to come out. And for this I am upset Walmart had no copies of it left, I am so very sad, I wanted that movie lots. Dinner followed Walmart it was less than spectacular. Early evening was filled with more College Basketball I have been watching it all day. Then Chels called and I went with her to get milkshakes at Steak N' Shake. We came back to campus and sat with Ashley who was on duty. Our friends Craig and Kyle came over too and we spent a solid 5 hours or so just sitting around talking. I just got back in and by now I am definately tired.

Carrie Out

Friday, February 08, 2008

Visit to IWU

It has been a busy, crazy day, but a good day. At tutoring this morning I was again in charge of helping a sick kid catch up. The amount of work 2nd graders do in three days is astounding. I came back to school to Coaches office, she was in charge of helping me sort out the whole transcript mess. She got me a set to take with me to IWU today and got it taken care of. I am going to hate the day she and Coach T aren't here to take care of me anymore. Math class, well it's math so nothing good happens there. Off to Small Group, I was a little hyper in there which always adds to the excitement. Lunch was shared with Stoltzy, OD, and Coach Thomas. I had to try to explain to Coach T how to get to Olympia, he was laughing at me, I am an expert navigator. Then it was off to abnormal psychology, we took a test, it was alright. After I got done with my class I rushed off to Bloomington, I had a 2:00 appointment at IWU. I took the long way for no particular reason, but I was going to be late anyways which was okay. The meeting went really well I think, I found a lot out and got to see a lot. I am just hung up on how hard I want to try, which I know sounds really bad, but I am confused. After the visit Mom and I met Kale for dinner at IHOP. It was delightful and I guess seeing Kale was good too. Then it was off to Brent's game which was ugly. They attempted to lose by fifty but think they managed to keep it in the forties. Post varsity game we went to eat at Steak N' Shake which was also tasty. I navigated myself back home and now am geared up for a weekend of no basketball, how boring.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lost Transcripts

I got to skip weights this morning because Coach likes me. Thank you two more hours of sleep. I really enjoyed my art class again today, drawing is just so relaxing, I love it. Lunch was hysterical. I ate, and by eating I mean laughed a lot, with Stoltzy, the twins, and Ashley. We spent an 1 1/2 in the caf just enjoying each others company and good moods. Then the girls and I went and spread our joy to our other favorite people on campus. We also went pretend ice skating on the flooding that has frozen for fun. Religions today was interesting, we discussed a book we're reading called "The Power of Myth." It is so intriguing. The afternoon was spent chilling and doing some homework. Pre practice was a grand time. We hung out in the trainers room with Coach T and Coach Wilson. They were cracking me up. Coach Thomas kept running around the gym like a spaz telling everyone that he was me. I am not gonna lie it was pretty funny as are his comments about my life as a lonely dorm dweller. Practice wasn't too bad either we actually got to play some games which are always a good time. I got to see the kids long enough for them both to run up and hug me, I don't mind hugs are always good. I ate a quick dinner then went back to the gym for softball practice, it was decent. Then it was off to the library with Ashley to write essay questions for our psych test tomorrow. Oh and I am a little upset, I got an email tonight from IWU that says that they still need my college transcripts. I sent those in December or so I thought, I was wondering why it took so long to get accepted. Coach Wilson is trying to sort it out for me, I am visiting IWU tomorrow so she is trying to get me some transcripts to hand deliver.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Danville Fun

Danville, ahh the joys of two hour bus rides. We just got back from the games. We lost by 30 or something. I played decent and had 10 points. It was a rush to the bus today, we got out of class at 1:50 and the bus left at 2. We made Coach would've left us anyway. Ryan got to come with us, he was way excited, we hadn't seen him in a week. He was our bus ride entertainment playing games and making us laugh. For dinner we enjoyed some KFC not my favorite, but still okay. The boys won their game after us and then it was back on the bus, fun fun. Not much talking on the way home, Coach Thomas has been sick so his storytelling is worn down for now. My ride was spent watching Batman (my favorite one with Jack Nicholson) with Ryan asleep on my lap. My leg fell asleep thanks to his heavy head, good thing I love him. My day outside of basketball hasn't been to exciting. I did catch up work with a kid at tutoring today. Math wasn't anything special. We discussed politics and smoking in Small group, both interesting. Lunch was spent with Nikkie and OD which was enjoyable. Psych was pretty boring just test review. My friend Jerred had knee surgery this morning and it went well, so that's good news, my classes without him are boring. My shower is calling my name.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It has been another good day. Got up earlyish this morning to go get my lift on, such fun. Off to breakfast for some scrumtrulescent waffels, tasty. Then it was time for Tuesday morning bonding with Tony Thomas. We hadn't seen him since Saturday because he was sick but he was still cracking us up sick and all. That's my favorite way to start my day. Art class was enjoyable we are still drawing still lifes but it's all good. The kids in my class figured out I could draw today so they kept gawking at my work, kinda annoying. I usually try to keep my easel so other people can't really see it. Lunch was a nice time. I ate with the twins and then was asked by Coach T to stay and eat with him, so I did. Religions class bored me today, I just wasn't too in to it. After a quick relaxtion I went with Ashley to CVS then back to Hoyle with her. The twins moved over there today to be RA's so now I am all alone over here in Heritage which Coach and Coach find hilarious for some reason. Tony kept making fun of me, telling me everywhere I stood was the lonely corner. Practice was good. We did half court drills and defensive set ups. I was really enjoying myself laughing hysterically for the fun of it, especially when I banked in 2 of the most ridiculous 3-pointers ever. Another Coach Thomas moment (okay so I spent most of the day with him) he got back his grades for his masters course I helped him with and he got an A. He was too excited so we bought him a Congratulations card which was too funny, but something no one else but us would get. He was loving it. After practice my night has been pretty lax. I ate some dinner, did some homework, and watched some TV. Tomorrow is a long day three classes right into a 2 hour bus ride, good times.

Carrie Out

Catch Up

The internet system crashed last Thursday and it just made it's triumphant return. Those few days were jam packed full of stuff. Friday was a SNOW DAY!! My favorite ever. We went sledding and to see the "Bucket List" both very fun times. Saturday was a marathon bus ride to Shawnee, where we WON a game. Lots of movies, bonding, and bothering Coach Thomas, so exciting. Sunday was church, the Y, homework, and the Superbowl which I delighted in the Giants victory. Today has been a bad good day. I have been suprisingly happy all day even with the morning I had. I got up to tutor this morning only to find out my car was stuck in the parking lot. I tried unsuccessfully to get out for about 10 minutes before a maintenance man offered to shovel me out. When that didn't work he actually got in my car and some how got it out. I was then late to work but wasn't too worried. I got there to find out we had a sub in today with no lesson plans for the day because the call in was so late. It was then up to me to make up my own lesson plan for the morning and help the sub get set up for the day. We made it through and I actually had fun. Then I spilled yogurt on my pant's eating breakfast in the car. Someone took my parking spot, I stepped in a huge puddle and soaked my socks, had to walk through the snow, and got a B on my math test for stupid little things. But for some reason I was still smiling. I got through small group and lunch without any pitfalls, same with pyschology. Practice today just seemed like we accomplished nothing. Some boys came in and scrimmaged us, but we made it through. Ryan called me 4 times during practice, asking me to bring over his birthday present, which I ended up sending to Bridgett on Tony's orders. He told me it was too foggy and I wasn't allowed to drive, that man. Dinner was quick then I finished my drawing project before heading to softball practice. More homework followed before going to watch Ben and Alex play intermural basketball. And now I am back in my room and needing some sleep.

Carrie Out