Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Sucks

I got into bed last night early, I was hoping for some solid rest. Instead I spent the night with the air on high and no blankets, sweating. I had a fever and it was not fun or restful. I got up this morning feeling a little better. I went to tutoring we practiced math with base ten pieces. I ate some breakfast in my car then headed to math to take my first test of the year, I think I did okay. Small group was next it was another lecture day, but this one was short. Lunch was quick for me, we did fit 13 people in around one table though in a meal my friend Kyle joked was the Last Supper. I was trying to maximize the amount of time I had before my next class in order to fit in a quick nap, I succeeded. Pysch class was all Freud and all notes, nothing exciting. Then it was straight to the bus. I spent the first half hour trying not to puke, that was fun. We watched Coach Carter on the way, good flick. The game was not so good. We lost by 30 to the number 2 team in the nation, and they weren't playing as well as they normally do. I played almost the entire first half, gasping for air and just feeling overall sick. I spent halftime hacking up stuff in the bathroom. I played the first 5 minutes of the second half then got taken out because Coach said I looked like I was either gonna hurl or pass out. I felt like it too. That was the end of my playing, to no protest by me. We ate dinner at Fazoli's watched the boys game and then headed home to a late night showing of "Finding Nemo." Now I need a shower and some sleep.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy Weather

I slept for almost 10 solid hours last night, it was glorious. I got up on time fore art class and hiked my way to the studio in the beautiful 50 degree weather. We drew still lifes with charcol sticks. I am slowly breaking off the rust, my drawings are getting back into form. Then I headed to lunch, I still am not feeling too well. I just ate soup, but good french onion soup it was. It was still warm when I headed to my next class. I got back my religions test I scored a 50/47, nice start. We have moved on to studing Hinduism. All I wanted to do that whole class was get back to my room and go to sleep. I wasn't feeling good at all. Leaving class it was slightly cooler and a lot windier. I came back to my room and passed out for about an 1 1/2 I never take naps. I woke up to some sleeting ice, but I felt a lot better. Then it was off to the gym in 20 degree weather getting pelted in the face with ice. Practice wasn't too bad, we did halfcourt drills and defense for tomorrow's game. We play Lewis & Clark in Godfrey tomorrow, it will be a long night. I didn't go to softball practice today I stopped in and visited for a little bit but I didn't feel well so I went to dinner. I had to take food to Ashley she isn't allowed in the caf because she has strep. I fell on the ice on the way over with my hands full of food. Luckily I just hit my knee. The rest of the night has been spent doing homework in my nice warm room. Gotta love Illinois weather.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 28, 2008

All Day Long

It has been a non-stop day. Rolled out of bed this morning and headed to an ice free day of tutoring...score. We did centers, I was in charge of flash cards. Off to math class to turn in some homework and do a lot of review for our first test Wednesday, should be a grand old time. Small group was next. It was lecture and reflection day so nothing too thrilling happend. Lunch was spent with the softball girls, it wasn't it's usuall craziness but still enjoyable. Then I went to psychology class. We took a bunch of notes and read some case studies, not too bad. From class it was straight to practice. I am still sick today and it was really hitting me before practice. My eye socket was starting to hurt where my sinus infection is apparently setting in. Trainer Joe thought I might have a fever too so he took my temperature and made me take some Advil to get rid of it and my pain. Coach Thomas invited himself to the training room with me and kept calling me a pansy. Remind me again why I love him??:) Practice wasn't too bad we only had 4 minutes of sprints and we attempted to learn a new offense for Wednesday's game, lets see if we remember it. Dinner followed some locker room time with Coach, Chels, and Nikkie. Then it was back to my room for the first time all day. It wasn't for long though 1/2 hour later I went to softball practice. I participated today doing a little throwing and taking some grounders, can't hurt anything. Then I had to run to Walmart I was out of breakfast food, water, and juice. Back here for the final leg of the day I wrapped up homework and chilled. Nyquil is slowing shutting my eyes.

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Game Night

My prediction was right, I woke up sick this morning. My body just feels kinda drained, I think I am getting a sinus infection. Hopefully it clears up soon. Didn't get up until 11:45 this morning. I took Nyquil last night and it knocked me out all through the night. Brunch this morning was suprisingly good. We had cinnamon raisin french toast and it tasted delicious. Refing went well this afternoon, Ariel was my partner today. Then I had pictures with my team before their game. We played Coach Wilson's team, my team is still terrible, but we made it through. Came back to the dorm and had a lot of work to do. Three loads of laundry, two math assignments, a psychology worksheet, and a small group slideshow. It was a busy day but I got it all done and now can wear non smelly clothes to turn in all my homework. I even had time to squeeze in a nap which was needed. The evening was spent at Coach Andrews with the softball team for pizza and game night. It was so much fun, we played Apples to Apples and some other word game, but they were very entertaining. Coach Andrews even went and bought us ice-cream so that was tasty too. We stayed and played for about three hours, laughing the whole time. I came back here to watch Brothers & Sisters with Ashley only to find out it was another re-run. Stopped by the lobby to talk to Mary real quick before I was sent to my room to go to sleep. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow, I need rest.

Carrie Out

Saturday Excitement

I am getting sick I can feel it in my throat, not cool. Got up early this morning to go to Ryan's game which Tony told us was at 8. Turns out it was at nine, we may have took naps at the rec tables until the game. He played good though and was really excited that we were there so I guess it was worth it. Came back for a quick nap and lunch before our game. We lost to the #14 team in the nation by 3, we should have won. I ended up with 12 points but here's the weird part. I came out with 10 minutes left in the 2nd half and never went back in. When I came out Coach was telling me I did really good, but I never got back in, even when there were opportunities, I am confused. Watched the boys game it was really good, we won. At half time Carla and I had to go jump Nikkies car for her, we are pretty much mechanics. After the game I went to dinner with the softball girls it was fun. Then we ended up in the student center playing ping-pong and foozeball with some of the baseball boys. Carla and I then decided we were going to see "27 Dresses" here in town. The movie was cute, definately worth while. We came back here to watch SIU v. Creighton because Carla's friend plays for SIU. We then went down to Cassie's room to visit and didn't leave for a good three hours, we were having story time and laughing. As I was walking Carla out we got sidetracked by Nicole and ended up talking to her for another hour before I just came up to my room. So much for homework and laundry...there's always tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Friday, January 25, 2008

Freeze Out

I have a deep passion for drinking cold water after I brush my teeth, it tastes so mmm. This morning was an adventure. It was freezing out, I had to get my windshield cleared to drive to tutoring. After knocking off all the snow I discovered a nice layer of ice and scraping wasn't cutting. I then remembered Grandpa got me some de-icer. I shake it up and prepare to spray the spray runs down my hand into my jacket it was burning cold and didn't even clear the ice. I drove to school with a huge ice patch in the middle of my window, but I made it. We did centers at school, reading about Paul Bunyon. Math class was okay we did some group work which I enjoy. In small group discussion we did a "hostages" activity where we were given 8 people on a plane from different walks of life and we had to choose 4 to survive. It was tricky but interesting. Lunch was a grand old time filled with laughter, stories, and some suprisingly good food. Psychology class was a lot of lecturing but still okay I really am entertained by Mrs. Pickering. I may have spent the class time making paper birds out of Starburst wrappers. I gave them to Coach she just laughed at me. Spent the afternoon in Coach Wilson's office with her and Ariel, it was exciting. Practice was alright nothing to crazy, except the fact that Coach Thomas ordered a pizza to the gym for his dinner, dork! Chels, Ash, and I went to Rusty's for dinner tonight it was sooooooo tasty. Then I came back here and chilled for the night playing with a friends puppy and talking it up.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Arctic Winds

It is so cold outside, I think my blood is freezing. I just left Ashley's dorm and ran all the way back to mine, chilly. I got to sleep in today it was glorious minus the fact that my art class is located in the building farthest from my dorm. We drew on easels with graphite sticks, it was odd, I guess I am just being exposed to new media. I then camped out in the cafeteria for a good hour. I ate with the girls and Coach Thomas and then was joined by some of the boys and Stoltzy. They have all moved on to trying to set me up with Levi. I am glad I provide them daily entertainment. I took a test in religions class I think I did okay. We watched this crazy 20/20 on this kid who they believe is the reincarnate of a WWII pilot it was interesting. I had a few errands to run before practice then it was off to the gym. We have a training intern named Jamie who we have been talking to while we get all fixed up for practice, he's really nice. Practice was interesting, we didn't run at all and did a lot of menial drills. Coach seemed frustrated and it was just odd. After practice I watched softball for a little while and then went to dinner with the Finchums. We ate at Cracker Barrell it was really good and I was really hungry. They were in disbelief at how much I ate, I don't know why I was starving so much, but seeing them was enjoyable. The rest of the night was a homework party with Ash and Chels. I am cold, I need blankets, must go to bed.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Confused

I think there is a fight going on outside, sounds like one at least. Started off the day with tutoring. I couldn't get the ice scraped off my windshield very well so driving was a little tough, but other than that tutoring was good. I even remembered a breakfast bar so I wasn't starving. Math class was a thrill oh how I love computing. We converted decimals to fractions, whoo hoo. Small Group class involved an estimation jar of nails and an online quiz. I kinda like that that class revolves around talking, something I am amazing at:) Lunch was fun and actually tasty. It was story time with Coach T, Stoltzy, and the baseball boys, enjoyable. Then it was off to abnormal psychology class where we diagnosed patients with specific disorders. I had a quick 20 minute relaxtion before the bus left for our game. I was really tired today so that was not enough. I got to pick out movies again so we watched Monster's Inc. on the way there, soo funny. The game went alright, we lost by one on a bad call, my teammates played well, I struggled tonight. I kept messing up on defense and getting yelled at. I knew I was screwing up but I could not understand what the Coaches were trying to get me to do. I kept telling them I didn't get what they were saying but they weren't helping, it was frustrating. Finally at halftime Ariel drew it out for me and I caught on, but man. We had dinner at the concessions stand during the boys game. We have to ride with them now, it's a pretty shotty deal. The bus ride was fun though, it was story time with Coach Thomas. He always has something amusing to tell us about life. I can smell myself I definately need the shower.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday...that's all I got

I could not sleep last night I have no idea why. The few hours I did get were interrupted by dreams about train tracks, weird I know. Got up and lifted this morning always joyous. Then I hit up a nice breakfast of eggo waffles and potatoes. Next it was off to Coach Thomas class for Tuesday morning bonding. Drawing class officially started this morning. We did perspective line drawings in ink, wasn't too bad. Except for the fact we have to draw standing up over a stool, a bit awkward. Lunch was an 1 1/2 ordeal lots of laughing and visiting, even a few problems solved. Then it was off to Religions class we are studying oral religions, tribal people are very interesting. Came back to my room and did my math homework for tomorrow, I am glad I got that out of the way. Ryan came and found me about an hour before practice so I spent some time with him before he had to go to wrestling. Practice was alright today my body was a bit tired but my mind was running a mile a minute. Coach Thomas was distracting me the whole time cracking me up with information about his life I didn't need to hear. Hey gotta make practice fun somehow. After a quick not good dinnner (the 5th or so in a row) I went to softball practice for a little bit. Then it was off to the shower and over to Ashley's to complete our pyschology homework. By the way it is cold outside.

Carrie Out

It's Snowing

So my visit to Wesleyan never happened, I registered too late and all the spots were full. Oh well I will just have to go some other time. Thanks to no visit I got to sleep in which was heavenly. I got up in time for lunch at the cafeteria. After a few minutes of ribbing by some unkind anti-Packers lunch was good. I sat and talked to my friends Kyle and Jerred, they are my favorite baseball boys. Then I went to softball practice just to go. The conditioning differences between basketball and softball is ridiculous. The rest of the afternoon I did nothing and rather enjoyed it. Then I headed to the gym for our game. We got there extra early so we chilled in the trainers room with Kyle, Coach T, and Jerred, who might have torn his mcl at baseball practice. Coach T was in a good mood today and was cracking me up. His best line of the day, "So I put on Tag today because the commercials say it makes hot girls flaunt all over you, but so far I got nothing, that is false advertisement, I want my money back." Okay so the game I actually played really well but suprise suprise we lost. Mom, Kale, and Brent came to the game which was a bit shocking I don't think the boys have ever come to one of my games, it was very kind of them:) We played Illinois College and the Coach asked to talk to me and Ashley after the game, he wants us to come play for him next year. Hey it could happen. Coach Wilson was talking to me after the game too and told me that she feels bad that this season is so frustrating for me because she knows I am playing really hard and giving my all. It felt good to hear that. Well the weights aren't going to lift themselves at

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Superbowl:(

I am in Packer fan mourning right now. I can't believe we lost, so sad. I only got to watch the 4th quarter of the game too, it better not have been Favre's last. Today started with a preafternoon brunch. It wasn't really good but I found somethings to eat. Then I headed to the rec. I refed a game first for the 3-4 graders. The game wasn't bad at all we had very cooperative Coaches, even if one was a little crazy. Next I met my team. I have five 1-2 grade girls and we play four on four. I am pretty sure I have the worst team. We are pretty terrible but hopefully they will learn some things. They may not be very good but I still enjoy them. They are so excited to play, they even cheer when the other team scores, and really at their age at least they are liking it. After the Y I came back to the room and watched the Patriot's game before practice I really hope they lose. Practice wasn't too bad minus the fact I had to miss the Packer game to go to it. I had the game tuned in on the radio downstairs and didn't go up until the last minute. They were all giving me a hard time all practice. Coach Thomas was my helper though, Ryan stayed home and called him everytime something big happend in the game, and he relayed it to me, keeping me updated. I guess he is good for some things:) The rest of the night has been spent ignoring phone calls from people wanting to rub in the loss, I am so loved. Well I might finally have a visit at Wesleyan tomorrow so peace.

Carrie Out

Dorm Drama

Once again the ploys of a nine-year-old caused me to awake early this morning. Ashley was supposed to go to the games with me but after a rough night on duty opted to ditch me last minute. I was already awake so I decided to head to the games anyway. Ryan played well he has improved a lot from last year and they won both their games. Coach Wilson and Ali came to watch too so I sat with them. Coach and I were having serious deliberations today about a problem she has caused in my life. Just what is that problem? Having practice tomorrow during pretty much the ENITRE Packers game. I am brainstorming all kinds of ways to try to keep up on the game but none will be as good as actually watching it. After a light brunch in the dining hall I went to the wrestling meet for the afternoon. I had nothing else to do and I find wrestling interesting. We sat with Coach T and Ry so that made for an enjoyable afternoon of a kid on my lap for two hours. Oh the joys of the Thomas family. So we have been having serious dorm drama all day. Pipes in two kids rooms froze because of the cold weather and then busted causing all kinds of flooding, leaking, and damage. Fights have been rolling from building to building to the point where all dorms are on a lockdown of sorts, you can only be in the building you live in. Bridgett and the rest of the adult staff have been here all night, I bet they are enjoying it. Went to Amber's suprise 30th birthday party tonight. It was good minus the fact that I am not a huge fan of random old people I don't know. Still it was nice to see the Finchum family, Kelsey, and chill with the kids. We only stayed for an hour or so and then I came back here and watched movies with the twins and chilled in the lobby. My Y work starts tomorrow so I must be off.

Carrie Out

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Free Friday

Started off the day back at tutoring. The kids were really excited to see me. I helped them research MLK Jr. for a worksheet, it was fun. Got back just in time for math class, always a thrill. I forgot a breakfast bar this morning though so I was starving. Next I had small group discussion we did a kind of practice presentation this morning, so it wasn't too bad. Off to lunch for some tasty taco thingys. I had a good time hanging out with the baseball players and Stoltzy, good conversation. Next I went to Coach's office for a while before Pysch class. I figured she would miss me too much if I didn't go visit her seeing as we didn't have practice. Pysch class was interesting and a little nauseating, we watched footage of an oldschool labotomy. Icepick through the eye socket, not pretty. After class I met Coach Wilson in the gym to shoot for about an hour. I was bored so doing something was a good idea. Coach Thomas thought he was going to get through the day without seeing me. He was wrong, I always get my daily hug no matter how hard he tries to avoid it. Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and putting away laundry, fun fun. Dinner was nice I went with Ash, Kristi, and Kaylee and we spent a solid hour just sitting around talking. Then I came back to the dorm and hung out with Kay and Kristi for awhile I don't see them too often so that was nice. After a lovely shower I went to hang with Ash while she was on duty. A few hours later I came back so I could visit with my friend Marty who went here last year. Apparently I am attending an 8:00 basketball game again tomorrow soo...

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Early Start

Nothing like slumping out of bed for a lovely morning practice. I didn't want to get up but once I did I was wired and ready to go. Something about morning practice makes me hyper all day. Before practice I got the pleasure of cleaning the gym with Coach Thomas because the janitor hadn't cleaned up yet. Nothing like janitorial duty at 6:30. Practice wasn't too bad everyone was kinda dragging though. Went to the caf for breakfast after practice and then trekked through the freezing cold to brin Coach T his jacket that he somehow forgot in the gym. I didn't have class until 12:30today so I came back to my room and chilled for awhile. I had to make calls to all the girls on my YMCA basketball team because we start on Sunday. Then I headed to lunch, food wasn't very good, but the conversation was. Religions class was interesting again but we have a lot of loud disrespectful people in there which is annoying. After class I was bored so I went to Coach Wilson's office for awhile to chill and talk. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing homework and messing on the internet. I am proud to say I got all of my math homework done, that always makes me feel accomplished for some reason. Dinner was okay, Ash and I ended up with Ryan so he made it interesting. Then we all went to watch the wrestling meet we only won 1 out of 10 matches but some of them were exciting. Walmart run was next, we needed some groceries and I needed special pens for drawing class. Came back here and did nothing watched some "Run's House" and hung in the lobby. Tutoring picks up again tomorrow, Whoo Hoo.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We won our first game in a long time today. It was nice to finally not lose. It wasn't too pretty but it was a victory. I got to play a lot and had about 6 points I think. Spent the rest of the night watching the boys game with Ryan, Coach T, and Casie they won as well. Classes today went alright I am already bored with learning though, good thing I have some friends in my classes. Math already started up I have homework and everything. Small group was just listening to the teacher overview, boring. Lunch was alright I ate with the boys and Stoltzy again and heard some interesting stories. In the afternoon I headed to Abnormal Pysch with Mrs. Pickering Chels and Ash are in there with me and she loves us. Went to visit Granny Sue again today we bonded over messed up shoulders. I was hyped for our game today so I spent the few spare hours I had trying to calm myself down. I guess it worked I didn't play too bad. Alright well I have morning practice and still need to shower so I am off.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

School's in Session

So I got up this morning at 7:45 because I had basketball weightlifting at 8:15. I was done with my circuits in about 15 minutes so we all went for a nice leisurely cafeteria breakfast. Well even after breakfast I still had an hour to waste until class so I went with Ashley so she could do her weight lifting. We then chilled with Coach Thomas in his class getting in some good bonding and lots of hugs, his favorite, hahah. I don't know why but he always cracks me up. Drawing class was at 10I was only there for a few minutes as well. There are about 10 people in that class and 3 are from Oly, we dominate. Then I had time to waste once more as the caf wasn't open yet so Ash and I went to visit the student service ladies until lunch. Lunch was fun I ate with Stoltzy and the baseball boys, I missed them. We talked football, too bad they are all Packer haters. I left lunch at 12 thinking that's when my next class started, but I was wrong it was 12:30 so I was once again left with time to waste. This time I went to Coach Wilson's office and camped out, she always enjoys my visits. My second class is Religions, it was interesting and I actually had to stay the whole 1 1/2 and take notes. I did not miss learning. Relaxation soon followed then it was off to practice. Practice went a lot better today I could breathe and everything was just okay. We did run a lot though that wasn't fun. More new classes tomorrow and a basketball game we should win, here's to hoping.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 14, 2008

Drive Around

Monday lets see. I started off the day with basketball practice which wasn't good for two things. Number one I was up all night with chest pains which carried over into practice. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest squeezing my heart, it hurt soooo bad. Number two they are resurfacing some flooring and all the fumes and dust made it really hard to breathe. Practice just wasn't a fun experience this time. After practice I layed on the couch in the locker room until I dragged myself to the lunchroom. Hurray for the return of cafeteria food. After lunch I went to the business office to fill out time sheets from before break. I had forgot my bad. I got to see Granny Sue though so that was nice she was way excited to see me. Next I went to Coach Thomas's office to get a writing utensil to fill out my time sheet, he enjoys my company as well:) Then Ash and I went to get our books but the store was closed so we spent our time waiting in Student Services visiting Michelle. After recieving my 8 books Ash and I got some gas and headed on our way. First we had to go the YMCA office to pick up rules for basketball season which starts Sunday. Next we headed to Bloomington I had to drop off my broken orthotics, and I got to see all my favorite Sports Enhancement people. Best Buy was the following stop at which I purchased a new MP3 player so far I like it. Then we went to Clinton for Ashley to pick up her meds and got back just in time for dinner. Post dinner I hung out with Carla and Gina and then ended up going to Walmart with Amber and the girls. That was an adventure all the way down to Paige wetting her pants, good times. The rest of the evening was spent on my favorite couch in the lobby watching some TLC. Weights at 8 tomorrow morning, bed is calling.

Carrie Out

We're Back!

Ahh so I may have gotten up at 11:30 this preafternoon, I enjoyed the rest. Got up just in time to do some cleaning, I got my room all nice and pretty looking. I give it three days. Then Nik and I made some sandwiches for lunch. We kept hearing a lot of noises so we look out the window and behold...people who aren't basketball players! We got excited so we put on some warm clothes and headed out to see people. We ended up camping out in the Student Center with Stoltzy and the RA staff watching the Colt's lose and greeting everybody as they came in to get their room keys. Then I went home to do some laundry and get some ever tasty steak for dinner. I chilled at home for awhile, ran in town to see Lys real quick like, and then went back home to watch the return of my favorite show, Brothers & Sisters. I got back here around 11 and hung out in the lobby with Mary and Ariel who is helping with basketball this semester. I have already come to a conclusion though, I did not miss the people being here. I loved the peace and quite and ability to do whatever we wanted without having anyone else here. I have also come to the conclusion that this year has gone way to fast for my liking, I wish it would just slow down, I am not ready to say goodbye. Well practice comes at 9 tomorrow morning, so that's all she wrote.

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Pack Go!

I really need to work on not being such a sucker for little kids. A nine-year-old asks me to come to his crack of dawn game and I can't turn him down, that kid has cost me some valuable sleep in two years. Ry played well this morning though and his team won. It also gave me some morning harrassing of Coach T which is always fun. After Ry's game I came back and slept until I had to be at the gym for lunch. Our game today was lost by 30 or so, yeah we just suck apparently. We have won 4 games all year, two against the same team. We just can't get five people on the floor to continually play hard, it's frustrating. I have been getting crap all week about the Packer's game today, the Coaches were even teasing me that I would have to leave at halftime in order to get to watch the game. Well let it be known I did watch the game and played my whole game. The Packers were so exciting, Brett Favre was awesome, especially with that stumbling shovel pass for a first down right before halftime, amazing. I was a little nervous after the 14 point deficit, but fear not Brett led them to victory. I went to eat at Bonanza with the team during halftime of the football game. The food was good and I enjoyed myself, dinner was especially entertaing since I had a kid on each side of me. What can I say the children love me:) After I watched thd rest of the football game I headed to Atlanta for Paige's birthday party. I was tired and didn't really want to talk to all the random people so I hid around the house in different rooms watching the football game and resting. When most the people left then I came out. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Kelsey and talking with Jay and Amber, always a good time. Well I really need to shower and the hot water works so I am off.

Carrie Out

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fun Times

I was not wanting to get up this morning. I rolled out with just a half an hour to spare before practice. Practice was rough today my body was a little worn out, it was hard to get going. Other than being draining it wasn't too bad. I had a good afternoon Casie came over and hung out with Ash, Chels, Nik, and I doing nothing but enjoying it. I also had Ryan all afternoon, just for the heck of it, and because he wanted to come hang out with us. We had fun playing with his Webikinz and playing basketball in my room. The other girls got him to walk around in high heels, that was funny. For dinner tonight we decided to dress like fools for fun. Chelsea wore a bra outside her shirt and a dorky hat, Nikkie carried an umbrella and wore some crazy clothes, and I was dressed in a long sleeved blue striped shirt, a black dress, khaki pants and knee high red socks. We looked beautiful and everyone loved our outfits:) Dinner was fun we had chicken with noodles and hung out for a long time. I spent a lot of time with the Thomas family today, they even joined us for dinner. After dinner I ended up in Bridgett's office with Ashley we hung out with her, Tony, and Ryan for a good two hours watching tv and talking. Tony was cracking me up he kept calling me his hero all day. I throughly enjoyed being with them though helped pass the time on a boring Friday night. After that visit I went to Ashley's for awhile and then ended up at Mary's for some good catch-up talk. I think I am going to Ryan's game tomorrow at, kill me now, 8:00 so I need to sleep.

Carrie Out

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pro Paper Writer

It has been a busy day, but a good day. Got up for practice this morning with no bread to make sandwiches for lunch. I settled for some Easy Mac I found. Practice was suprisingly good, I mean really good. Sure it was tiring and I was worn out but we actually worked hard and made some progress. Both Coaches were being really helpful and we seemed to be moving forward, hopefully it lasts. The next three hours were spent helping Coach Thomas finish his work for his masters class. He asked me for help and I couldn't turn him down, I told him he was lucky that I loved him, because for anyone else that probably wouldn't have happened. I edited, revamped, and pieced back together his paper. I helped him make title pages and do citations. I was utterly amazed at his lack of computer knowledge, the man didn't even know how to spell check and types at a blazing 6 wpms, impressive. But even with both of us running ADD we got it done completely and now he is sucking up to me to no end. Getting done left me just enough time to shower before dinner which was lasagna and vegetables, it was really tasty. Then Ash and I ran to Walmart to pick up more food. We ended up at Chelsea's for awhile then headed to our friend Craig's for game night. It was a lot of fun and we just rolled in at a little after one. Once again we are running a single practice tomorrow, hopefully it goes as well as todays.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Love Bus Rides

Here goes the Wednesday rundown, fasten your seatbelts. Got to sleep in today it was fantabulos. Officially started the day with team lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet, the cinnnasticks were tasty. Came back to the gym for an hour of shootaround before the bus left. We went to Kankekee for the game and got to watch "Love & Basketball" on the way there, good flick. The game on the other hand was not so good. Kankekee is number 2 in the Nation. We lost by like 40, but here's the thing, lately we have been getting our butts kicked but I don't feel like we are playing that bad until I look at the scoreboard. I don't get it. I was a little winded today for some reason, maybe because I hardly left the floor in the first half but that doesn't usually bother me. I ended up with four points and some bruises. Dinner was McDonald's, which wasn't too bad for once. Coach Thomas pulled his usuall and asked out the creepiest worker he could find for me. He also asked out the bus driver for me, classy guy. The bus ride home was suprisingly a lot of fun. Ash, Nik, Chels, and I sat and talked and laughed with Coach and Coach the whole way home. Tony and I went back and forth for a good two hours, it was funny. The rest of the bus was sleeping I have no idea how the 6 of us were really loud. We were enjoying spending some time with Coach T and it was obvious he was loving us too. Coach Wilson told us today that she thinks the freshman are jealous of us because we get along with the Coaches and each other so well. It seems funny but kinda makes sense. Only one practice tomorrow but it won't be pretty.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

T-P Turnaround

I was done with practice completely by 2:00 today I didn't know what to do. Swimming this morning was fun agian. We played our awesome game only it was freshman vs. sophmores, we cleaned house. We then had about an hour break before gym practice. Ashley and I went to visit Stoltzy and talked to him until practice. Gym practice wasn't bad at all because we have a game tomorrow which was nice. So the whole T-P thing apparently backfired well not in a serious way but still. Tony didn't clean off his truck before he went home so Bridgett who is a clean freak flipped because it got in the driveway. She spent the morning picking up tiny scraps of paper out of the rocks in their driveway and was a little on edge today I guess. Tony came to afternoon practice, he tried to be mad at me but I didn't let him and made him talk to me anyway. Here's the crazy part though the Thomas' are confused and think that I did the whole thing by myself. Ashley has lying conviced them she is innocent which is pretty funny and they think I, whose job wasn't even to T-P the car but pick up the wet paper off the asphalt, did it all. I am pretty tricky I guess. Spent the afternoon at Chels playing Sing Star and hanging out, Casie came to visit too. Then we went to Coach Wilson's for some homecooked dinner it was good. We spent a few hours there talking and hanging out then it was back to the dorm. Here's to hoping we don't suck too bad tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 07, 2008

Talk About

Today has been a good day, I spent a lot of time talking to lots of people. I even enjoyed the pool this morning. The water was a little cold but that extra hour of sleep we got made it okay. We played this fun water polo-ish game it was one of the first times I ever liked the pool. For lunch we went to Arby's it was tasty and fun minus the part where Chelsea tried to leave me. I may have been running down the street yelling "Coach" while I tried to catch the car. This afternoon I went to visit student services all the school employees are back so I went to say hello. I spent a good hour talking and catching up with Judy and Michelle and I got to see Stoltzy long enough for one of his ever popular hugs. Then Chels, Ash, Nik, and I hung out in the lobby this afternoon until practice. Practice wasn't too bad either, not too much running, and I worked in some fun. For dinner Ash, Chels, Nik and I went to Steak N' Shake, it was rather yummy. Mom and Brent came and saw us for a little bit, which was nice they dropped off my fixed orthotics. When we got back from dinner we decided to T-P Coach Thomas' truck while he was at class. He has hardly been around at all since we got back and we aren't liking it so we did it in protest...and because it is funny. He skipped practice this morning big jerk, but no worries I found him and gave him a big hug, he loved it. Well we hid in the parking lot and waited for him to come out and see it. It was funny, we followed him all the way home and he never saw us. He knew it was us though he called as soon as he got out of the parking lot, we just are never innocent. After the pranking I went to visit Mary we had some catching up to do and some things to talk out, we got it done. Then because of the rain Nik and I's windows started leaking we went to tell Katie and ended up talking to her for a good hour, it was a good time. Pool at 9am I need some sleep, drowsy swimming could equal drowning:)

Carrie Out

Seriously These are Getting Too Long

Whoo hoo for another random blog. Yesterday was a good day, well mostly. Got up and went to the locker room for lunch, it was good. I started and played a lot in our game which we lost by like thirty. It is tough to win a game when we make 2's and the other team makes 3's, nice game of catchup, still we should've played better. Jessie and Kelsey came to the game so that was a lot of fun. I went to sit with them while they ate and then they came back to school and watched the boys game with me. The got the privalage of talking to Coach Andrews, he loves them, and meeting Coach Thomas. That just wasn't good they were all ganging up on me and the girls were giving Tony ammo he definately doesn't need. There was a fight in our locker room after the game, I am not really sure why but it pretty much turned to the point that all the black girls were after the white girls. Coach took us to Cracker Barrel for dinner Ash and I were the only sophmores to go so Coach protected us by sitting us at her table with Bridgett, Mary, and the kids. It was fun sitting around and talking Bridgett cracks me up. After dinner I spent the rest of the night watching Brett Favre clips on the NFL network, good times. Didn't have practice this morning so I rolled out of bed nice and late. Spent the day doing laundry and cleaning my room, it was a joy. We had a big meeting before practice today in the locker room. The things the freshmen were saying were stupid but I made sure to get my two cents and more in. Come to find out the Coaches kept coming downstairs and kinda checking in to make sure we were okay. They are both worried that the black girls are going to try to do something to us so they have really been looking out for us. Practice wasn't too bad my leg has been killing me but hey one can't argue with only one hour of practice. We then had to go lift weights, something I naturally excell in:) I had on my Brett Favre t-shirt from the 4th grade and everyone was giving me crap cause it is all wholy, I enjoy it. Coach Thomas and I had a wrestling match, everytime we go to the weight room he feels the need to wrestle me. I always lose and it wears me out, dang him and his old man stregnth. Mary and Katie our RA's bought us dinner tonight, KFC but man was it really good. They set it up all nice for us and it was a lot of fun. Then Chels and I went back to the locker room to check in on that dinner. Coach Wilson made Coach Thomas eat with them tonight for protection, good times. We then sat in there for awhile and talked. The rest of the night was spent talking to Nikkie. Practice isn't until 10 tomorrow but I still need sleepsky!

Carrie Out

Friday, January 04, 2008

This is Longer Than I Thought

My blogging over break has become random and sporadic much like my life. Let me pick up where I left off. Team lunch at First Wok was yummalicious as always. We picked up Ryan on the way and Tony was in class so it became my job to take care of the child. We all had a lot of fun though, no wonder Coach doesn't take us out in public. Practice last night was really good. Best one yet I would say. We didn't do any straight running just a lot of full court hustle drills which are fun ways to trick your mind into thinking you aren't running. After practice Ashley and I went to Bloomington to meet Jessie and Kelsey and watch "P.S. I Love You". The movie was sad but good and I am not usually much for chick flicks. Then we went to Kels apartment and hung out for awhile it was a good time. I actually got a good nights sleep last night it was glorious. Woke up ate my breaky and headed to the pool. We had our most draining pool workout today but it was fun. We did relays and raced once again tricking ourselves to work hard. Then we had an hour of weight and mat workouts, fun fun. Coach Wilson took me Chels, Nik, and, Ash to lunch today at Culvers. It was mmm good and we had fun hanging out and talking in our one hour break before our second practice. Practice 2 was an hour of shooting and ball handling drills, it wasn't bad. I was then given a few hours of rest before practice #3. Prior to #3 I spent some quality time pestering Coach Thomas he hasn't been around too much lately and he needed it. He was in a good mood today so he was pretty entertaining. Practice #3 wasn't bad either going over offenses and defenses for our game tomorrow. Dinner was good tonight we had chicken which Coach Wilson peeled off the bone and I ate 2 lbs. of applesauce, fun fun. The night was spent hanging out with teamates in Hoyle and just being loud and out of control.

p.s. I smell really good:)

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Water Sucks

I didn't write last night I was way too tired, which suprisingly ended up with me not being able to sleep at all all night. Fun times. Yesterday we started off with pool work outs. The water is not my friend. I am incredbily slow at all things pool, especially swimming. They call me Nemo, not kind...but sadly true:) After the pool we had to do weight circuts, those weren't too bad except I could tell I hadn't lifted in a while. Weights were followed by mat workouts, leg lifts, push-ups, wall sits and all that fun. When we got done with morning practice Nik, Chels, Ash, and I ran to Krogers to buy food to for the week and lunch. We were given 30 dollars for one meal a day for the week, we go out for the other meal. Came back downed some lunch and then I went with Mom to Walmart to get me some more cold medicine. Slept until my next practice at four. This practice wasn't too too bad just could feel the soreness catching up. My knee has been hurting me again because my stupid inserts are still broken. I ran races with Ali and Ryan on ball handling drills and sprints so that helped make the running not too terrible. Coach Thomas had class all day yesterday but he got done early so he came to night practice. Good thing he needed a little harrasment from me in his day. We ate dinner in the lockerroom last night and then I went to see Alvin and The Chipmunks with the Finchums. It was a good movie, I like the Chipmunks but man did my body hurt when I went to get up. Then I went to the bowling ally for awhile to hang out with Chels, Nik, and some other kids. Woke up this morning feeling like crap, I feel a little better now. Well we are going to First Wok for lunch so I'm out.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years.....Day

Break was good but it flew by and now I am here at school. It almost didn't look like I would make it back today but fear not I did. Arrived just in time to unpack a little and get everything plugged back in before practice #1. I wasn't hungry but knew I needed to eat so I chugged a chicken soup on the way to the gym. Practice consisted of running and lots of full court drills. A whole 8 of 15 of us were there. I think that worked to our advantage though we didn't have to do a ton of pure running. It was a little rough for me because as of Sunday I have been sick. I love how that happened right when I came back, oh well I made it. It was nice to see everybody again I miss them sometimes:) Spent the afternoon watching the slaughtering of U of I, picking up groceries at Walmart, putting stuff away, showering, and sleeping. Eight o'clock came too soon. Night practice was a little rougher at points maybe because everyone was back, maybe because I was running on empty. I can feel the soreness setting in the first few days kick my butt. Ryan came to practice tonight and was following me around, he's a cute kid.Nothing like ringing in the new year with a good four and a half hours of practice. Spent some time talking with Coach Thomas, he missed me even if he won't admit it:) We were discussing his thesis paper for his masters class. I am supposed to help him do some editing and teach him to do a bibliography. I don't mind helping him out he does a lot for me. Well now it is latish and I have a full day tomorrow starting with 9 am pool workout so I must be off.

Carrie Out