Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Homework Homework

I have been running a homework marathon the last two days. Not having a Tuesday night game this week was a God send, it allowed me to do some work prior to Wednesday. I actually went to the library yesterday for 2 hours. Cam and I had to write up a report on a 4th grade Basal reader. It wasn't hard just legnthy and time consuming but we got it done. After it took 2 hours to do I was even more grateful that we didn't have a game because we wouldn't have had the time to do it today. Got up this morning to head off to 8am work. It was snowing when I walked, slippery sidewalks are tricky. I have yet to fall this year (knock on wood) but have often slipped but corrected myself. I don't like it. At work I once again worked on homework. I am teaching a Social Studies lesson on Friday and have lots of materials to type up and get together. After work I continued on homework until lunch. That's a lot of time dedicated to learning for me. Lunch consisted of organic baked potatos, always a crowd pleaser. After lunch I went to the library to print off all of my lesson materials as well as all my completed assignments for the week. I counted and I printed off over 100 sheets. I have killed a small rainforest this week, it's quite sad. Then I ventured to the Bloomington Public Library. I got my first ever library card, it's a big deal:) Anyways I used it to check out picture books on professional baseball teams in the Midwest and then I had to leave. I am such a nerd all the other books were tempting me so I had to get out. Although I did check out a Walter D. Myers book simply for reading. Then it was onward to home. I spent my time before work tying up homework, I got everything done just in time. Chilled with Brent and Monique for awhile ate some dinner then headed to church. We were short on kids and sponsors tonight but we managed. I have spent the rest of my night organizing the thousands of assignments I have completed. Oh studenthood.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 22, 2010

Carrie and Karen's Day of Fun

I woke up at 5:3o am. I hate morning work. Spent the morning lowering and raising basketball hoops and curtains, collecting towels, and talking to the old men. I have quite a fan club in the 65 year old and up age range they love an early talk session. I was starving at work but didn't have any more breakfast bars. Hope had to work at 8 so she graciously brought me some food. I was grateful. After work I decided to sleep because I was tired. Got up and met Karen and Christina for lunch. It was chicken patty for like the 15th time this month, yuck. After lunch I went to my room and put away a months worth of laundry and cleaned up my room. I finished up a few bits of homework left over from the morning. Then Karen called after her class and we meandered over to the girls house. She brought me a smoothie and we spent the next hour vegging on their couch watching the Olympics and this crazy weird documentary called "Jesus Camp," about Evangelists. I needed to buy breakfast food and she needed to get a gift for her boyfriends birthday so we eventually wandered out to the store. We came back and decided to work out since we didn't have practice. A nice 30 minutes on the bike then we met Christina and Sean for dinner. Dinner was gross as well we made up for it by eating a bag of popcorn while watching the Bachelor at the girls house. Kare and I decided we spend too much time together ha. Then it was off to Encounter. I hadn't been in 2 weeks so it was nice to be back.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Top 10 Things I learned today:

1. I can get ready for class in under 10 minutes, all I need is a tooth brush and a hairbrush.
2. No one really ever drinks anything hot, so I don't know why we say it. Warm sure but hot well it burns your mouth right up. Not pleasant.
3. When Cam isn't in class, I don't get in trouble as much.
4. Talking about the same topic for 3 consecutive hours is never engaging.
5. Processed chicken, or any meat for that matter, is sketchy.
6. Abe Lincoln's Mom died when he was young. His father brought home, not bought a new wife.
7. Stuffed Ground Hog's are Internet sensations.
8. Sleepy bear's need caves to hibernate in.
9. Practice's with 10 people and all full court drills are quite tiring.
10. Thursdays without night class are the BEST!

Carrie Out

Low Key

Ahh Wednesday. Today was low key as far as midweeks go for me and I loved it. We got in late last night from Augustana. We won by a lot. I had to work this morning and be up by 7:30, not fun. I was a sleepy bear but on I trudged. I started work with a little cleaning. Then I wrote 2 papers. The 3 hours drug on like no other today. I spent so me time shooting the breeze in the training room. I read the entire Pantagraph. Finally 11:00 graced me with its presence and I was liberated. Chilled for a little bit then went to meet the girls for lunch. I had some organic salad, looked like weeds, tasted like yum. After lunch I loaded up and headed home, I didn't have much to do around here. I spent the afternoon running around outside with Sammy and playing with Maddy and Roger. Went to youth, we had lots of kids and very few helpers tonight. Everything went suprisingly well. We worked on ironing out the details for Jr. High CIY this weekend we are taking a group of 36. I can't go because of basketball:( Came back to school and Karen and I headed over to the girls house. Only Stacey was home so we bothered her for a bit. She went and did homework and we hung out by ourselves in their house. It's kinda weird that we hang out there without them all the time...I think they just expect it of us. We watched some basketball and the Olympics before heading back to our abodes. No night class tomorrow means Thursday shouldn't be too bad!

Carrie Out

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Weekend

Today was a tired day. I had a great and busy weekend. Friday I worked, went to 4th grade practiced and then went home for Bren's senior night. After the game I met my teammates at the movies to see "Valentine's Day," it wasn't bad. Saturday was senior day and Pink Zone festivities. I spent the whole afternoon before the game with Christina, it was our day of fun. Mal, Elyse, Sarah, Roman, and Jason all got in a little before we had to head to the gym so we hung with them for a bit. The game was ugly but we won and there were a lot of people there which made it worth it. Christina and I got some neat gifts and videos from our teammates and after dinner with the parents the true celebrating began. It was a great night with great friends that led to me going to bed at 4:30 am yesterday morning, but it was worth it. Yesterday was spent at the church we had a youth fundraiser. After 6 hours of work we made a decent amount of money for the youth fund which is awesome. Woke up at 5:30 this morning and hated it. 6 am's suck. I didn't do much at work, really I can't remember what I did at all for those 3 hours, ha. When I got off I do remember taking a 2 hour nap, awesome. Met Karen and Christina for lunch, Mac n' Cheese never disappoints. I had a 1pm meeting with my Senior Sem teacher, she never came. This was frustrating because I the meeting was about our papers that are due this week. I can't start them until I meet with her and today I actually had free time to work on them. Wasted away the afternoon in utterly boring fashion. Practice was a marathon today and Coach was getting on everyones nerves. Showered and grabbed some food then headed across town to BCC for Bren's basketball game. They lost by a few but it was a decent game. Ate some yums at Avanti's then came back here. Tomorrow I only have class in the morning then it's on to Augustana.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Day

Tis been a long day. Started off with a rousing two hours of teaching language arts class. We read some books and did some writing. All kinds of exciting. We did listen to some good music though by the Avett Brothers, check one of their songs out here Took a break for lunch grilled cheese and tomato soup, lovely snow day meal. Art class was held in the dance studio. We were nervous about this haha. It actually was quite fun. We had to do all these silly dances and then discuss how they could be used to enhance the language arts. We took imaginary journeys and pretended to be snowflakes. Then we moved into drama. We had to make objects out of our bodies, act out stories as they were read, and pretend to be props. All in all it was hilarious. We got out of class early. I ran home and changed my clothes then waited for Christina to pick me up. The whole team went to the Bloomington Cancer Center to donate the blankets we made. We toured the place and saw all kinds of treatment equipment. They can do some amazing things now. The money we raise this weekend and from selling t-shirts goes to support the cancer center. Then we headed straight back to practice. Coach Smith had to be at a recruits game so the assistants were in charge, it was interesting. I left early for class and spent most of the time lost per the usual. I am very tired right now, this is the first time I have been in my room all day and I think I may just go to sleep. I have a stress test first thing in the morning, hope it goes well.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Papers, Papers, Every Where

Last night was a late one we played a game at Milikin and thanks to the weather a short trip was turned into a long way. No worries though we won and we got there and back without incident. Chris Gregory my friend from Lincoln goes to Milikin now so he came to see me. It was nice to see him and catch up, some days I miss the LC gang. Started the day off tired and not wanting to go to work, much like every Wednesday. Shirk was quite busy this morning which was a little surprising. I did some work and I also did some homework, fun times. When I got off I came home and did some more homework before meeting Karen, Christina, and Sean for lunch. An hour with those three is always interesting and entertaining. After lunch I decided to take a short nap. My eyes were tired and I couldn't focus any more so I figured it was the best option. I never got to sleep but my eyes appreciated the rest. Beth and Taylor came by to pay me for their PinkZone t-shirts so I spent some time talking with them. Then I loaded up the wagons and headed home. I left late today on purpose just in case the weather caused cancellation, but that equates me not having time to see Jodi and Trey whom I miss. Got home about an hour before I had to go to work. I ate some dinner, worked on my paper, and petted the animals. We had a lot of kids at youth tonight. February is a busy month for us we are gearing up for a youth fundraiser on Sunday and the next weekend we have CIY. I think we have the most activities in the shortest month. After youth Lys and I had a meeting with Norv just to gauge how things were going. When we were done I came straight back to school to finish my paper. Well it was done 45 minutes ago which left me enough time for a shower. Yeah! Four papers and four chapters of reading done, Wednesday nights always bring homework relief...or at least the illusion of it.

Carrie Out

Monday, February 08, 2010


I woke up this morning just knowing the day wasn't going to be a good one. I couldn't sleep last night, I think I finally dozed off around 2 only to have to get up at 5:30 for work. Not pleasant. So it was snowing but I decided to drive to work because I had a cardiologist appointment right after my shift. I literally got 100 feet down the road and while stopping to turn onto main street going probably 5mph I skidded out. Luckily it was just into the grass on the side not out into main street but still. At work I got the main desk which was nice. I did some homework and got all my assignments for tomorrow done, it's the ones that are due Thursday that are killing me. While at work I got a call from Dr. Paul's office telling me they couldn't order my orthotics until I paid for them. They told me three times last week they were covered. Well they aren't and I don't have 500$ to buy new ones so for now I have to do without. Decided to walk to the cardiologist instead of drive. I got halfway there and realized I had left all my paperwork in the trainers office when I had stopped in there before I left to get my insurance forms. Walked all the way back then back to BroMen just in time. Today I had an EKG ran the Dr. said it looked pretty normal but he ordered an echo cardiogram and a stress test. He said that abnormal heart beats are something some people are born with but can lay dormant for years. He thinks that now that it has happened twice it will continue to happen and possibly more frequently until we find out why it is occurring. Once we find out why he said we should be able to fix it without any problems. I came back ate lunch with Karen and Britt and then went to a meeting with my Senior Sem teacher. I have four papers due Thursday for that class and am struggling. I spent the hour I had left of my day before practice laying on my bed with nothing on. Life is stressing me out lately. In a world so heavily based on money not having it can make life rough. Practice was alright today not a usual pregame one but survivable. I grabbed some dinner then headed to the girls house to watch the Bachelor. It was too snowy to drive across town to church and I should have done homework but after the day I had I wanted nothing more than to just be. I am going to bed now hoping for a better tomorrow and if I'm lucky....a snow day:)

Carrie Out

Friday, February 05, 2010

Full day Friday

I accomplished a lot of nothing at work this morning. My focus was broken. I read part of a novel for my class it's called "Heat," by Mike Lupica. I like juvenile literature and it's about baseball so it's not bad. After work I called the foot doctor to get new orthotics made. I was worried my coverage on getting them fixed had run out. I was very relieved that it hasn't. Then I made my way through the snow to dust my car off and head to 4th grade. The kids had a sub today so everything was a little hectic. It didn't help that they are always wound up on Friday's either. They spent almost all the time I was there doing ISAT prep tests. I hate that they learn that way. Got back and had 15 minutes to spare before I had to meet Christina for senior pictures. I grabbed a quick lunch and ate it very quickly. Then we took pictures, they are for the senior day game sheets. We decided that simply standing next to each other was too boring we took some funny one. I am interested to see how it turns out. We went to Karen's room for a bit when we were done instead of walking back home because we had early practice today. Practice wasn't bad and it actually seemed to go by quickly. After practice they ordered us pizza and we spent an hour and a half making "tie-blankets" to donate to the cancer center for chemo patients. When we were done we decided to go see the movie "Dear John," we drove halfway to the Starplex and then found out it was sold out. We went home waited a bit and then drove to the Galaxy to catch a later show. A group of my highschool kids were there so I stood in line and talked to them while we waited. The movie wasn't too bad. I am not a fan of Nicolas Sparks at all but I tolerated this movie, even if it was predictable.

Carrie Out

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Eating Habits

Thursdays are both my least and most favorite days of the week. I hate them because I have class for 9 hours and a 2 hour practice thrown in there. I love them, well the evenings really about 10pm, because they signal the end of my school week. Started the day off with a little learning about reading and writing. It was exceptionally boring this morning and the fact that I was tired didn't help. I have come to the conclusion that we eat far too much in our first class of the day because when lunch time rolls around I am never hungry. This creates problems because by only eating a little at lunch I am starving about halfway through my second afternoon class so I eat. And then I'm not hungry at dinner but starving by the time my night class is over. Oh the dilema. Anywhosit, our afternoon class was a lot less boring. We illustrated concepts of integrating art as well as the goals of "best practice" teaching. We talked about some projects and artists. I had to give an impromptu 30 second commerical for Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light. I am still not sure why she had me do it but it was funny. Apparently next week we are having class in the dance studio, it is sure to be entertaining. I grabbed a quick lay down before practice, it was needed. Practice actually seemed to fly by today which was crazy. I got dinner from Tommy's which took forever longer than I expected and barely made it to class on time. Night class was out of control boring, I was really struggling with focusing. We got out early enough that I made it to Bible study though which was nice. Tonight we did John 10:1-18 and had some solid discussion.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I'm feeling a little stressed right now so I am gonna work on the postives of the day.

1. I wrote four lesson plans while at work this morning, meaning I had very little homework for the rest of the day.
2. Angel and Hope visited me at work and made me laugh.
3. I got fingerprinted to be cleared to work in the schools. The machine was cool very CSI.
4. I was home in Minier by 12:15.
5. I had time to go to the bank.
6. I watched "Last Chance Harvey," which I have wanted to see.
7. Ate half a box of popsicles. I had been craving them badly and we happend to have a box.
8. Played with the animals.
9. Got the rest of my homework done before dinner.
10. Had roast, potatoes, and carrots for dinner, yum.
11. We had a lot of kids at youth group tonight and there were no major problems.
12. Actually had time to shave my legs:)
13. Will be in bed before midnight.

Carrie Out

Happy Sammy Day

Started the day off with a little fourth grade. Today I taught my own math group. We were working on factor trees, I hadn't seen those in forever. The kids that went with me were actually the ones that were struggling, but they were so excited to stay behind like it was a privilage. I thought they might feel excluded, it was a pleasant suprise. It actually went well and by the end of the half hour almost all of them had a grasp on what they were doing. I didn't have class until 2:15 today. I spent my two hours of free time on lunch, a little tv, and a nap. We had Jen's class today and discussed kids in our placements that have learning disabilities. It is interesting to see all the different types of kids out there and how they are dealt with in the public schools. After class I headed to the girls house. Stacey had called to talk to me about something and it was the perfect opportunity for a little Sammy the Groundhog time. I took him outside to see if he could see his shadow, he didn't. Stacey lent me her supplies and we created him a nice collared shirt, tie, and crown, so that he could dress nicely for the occasion. I took him to dinner with us, it was quite funny to see peoples reactions. Then we went to Shirk, Sammy did too. The team was very excited to see him, but we hid him in the showers when coach came in. We won our game but quiet a lot and I played a decent amount. I even got to go in with the normal players instead of the freshman which was nice. When the game was over I went back to the girls house for Tuesday night TiVo of the Bachelor. I hate that I watch that show but I just can't stop.

Carrie Out