Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Party

I thought I wrote last night, hmm? Well anyways last night I went home then went Christmas shopping with Mom. We got lots done but my legs were tired. I ended up staying home last night then heading back for practice this morning. Practice was killer today all up and down the floor it was tiring. We made it through my legs are a lil achy. After practice I was planning on going home. I was supposed to hang out with Ryan tonight. That was cancelled due to a small nuisance I like to call snow. I love snow just not on days when I have places to go. In result I spent the afternoon putzing around the room. I did get the pleasure of talking to some old friends on Facebook though, that was nice. We had a Christmas party at Coach Smith's tonight. I was informed an hour before I left that I was supposed to have a white elephant gift. I collected things around my room I never use and threw them in a box. I then wrapped it like 5 times and duct taped it. It was throughly enjoyed. The trip there was quite the excursion Holly drove but the roads were covered and the windshield wouldn't stay defrosted. I was elected to get out at every stop and scrape the windshield. Lucky me. Dinner was fun everyone came even all the Coaches. We had ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, lil smokies, fruit salad, candied apples, and red velvet cake. It was quite the spread and very tasty. The gift exchange was funny and the whole night enjoyable. The trek back wasn't as bad whatever had been falling from the sky had stopped. The rest of the night was dedicated to a secret project and some tv. Tomorrow we have practice in the morning and a JV game at night, should be a fun day.

Carrie Out

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Friends are Home!!

We won our game last night by 17 then we went to a teammates house for dinner. Chicken and spinach lasagna yums. Her parents got us these Christmas popper things with prizes and a crown in them they were funny and fun to play with. We we got back I went home. I played with the dog and watched Christmas cartoons. This morning I got up and went to church for the Christmas cantata. It was real good I love our church. More exciting though Ryan was home! I have been counting down the days and I finally got to see him, awesome. Lauren was home too it was great to see her. After spending every day with them this summer not seeing them since August has been rough. It was nice to see everybody, even if it was briefly. I went to Sunday school and hung out with my kids then went home and chilled. Brent and I made bacon for lunch and I spent the afternoon reading the paper and watching a slim and scary Jets victory. Tonight the high school had their Christmas party. Lys woke up with the flu so last minute Matt, Lauren, and I were in charge. We ended up with a group of 30 and got everyone safely from place to place for progressive dinner. It was awesome to get to hang out with Matt and Lauren. We had our annual race to the Logsdons for dessert, best dessert ever you want to be first. The only rule is that you must drive the speed limit. I held on to my title for the 2nd year in a row by narrowly defeating Matthew, he cried, its rough being the winner:) Got back dropped the kids off then ran by Lys real quick to tell her how everything went and to make sure she didn't need anything . I planned on staying home tonight but in caution of bad weather I came back to school for practice in the a.m. I hope it doesn't last long Ryan and Lauren are supposed to come up and meet me for lunch tomorrow and I miss them already.

Carrie Out

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am done with school for now, what a relief. We had paper presentations in education this morning for an hour which was extremely boring but now I am free. Came back to my room and slept I was way tired. By the way stupid lady that made me move all my stuff for room checks never came to check my room. Irratating. Then I went to work for 2 hours, actually I got paid to watch Scrooged which I rented on the lap top, it was pretty sweet. I forgot I had to write letters for my education class to the students families I worked with so I spent the afternoon doing that and talking to Nikkie on the phone. Mailed my letters then sold back my books I made a whopping 82$ back around 300 less than I spent. Rip-off. Went to practice which was not too bad at all, we even got out a little early. Took a quick shower then met some of my friends from small group for dinner at FlatTop. We had quite the wait so we walked around in the stores until it was over. The food was delicious I had never eaten there before. We sat around and talked then decided we would go to ColdStone since one of the girls had a gift card there. The five of us split a quart, smart money decision, and very tasty. I came back here and went over to hang out with the team they were decorating for Christmas and you know how I love that:) Tomorrow we have a game in the Chi then I am going home!! I am very excited not only to leave but Ryan comes home tomorrow!!!!

Carrie Out

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost Done

I'm kind of frustrated right now. I had to move all of my stuff out of the extra closet and dresser so it can be checked tomorrow. It's really annoying. I have to do this in case I get a roommate for second semester. I do not want one at all and don't want to worry about all that crap again. Just moving my stuff has made me mad. Okay done with that moving on. I didn't go to bed till around 2 last night so I got up around 11:30. I did some last minute things in my room then headed to the cafeteria. I wasn't very hungry I settled for Mini-Wheats in some soy milk. Then I sat outside my classroom and studied for quite awhile until my philosophy test. It wasn't too bad I felt as if I knew the answers but her grading can be shifty, who knows. The test was 3 pages of questions and then 9 short answers, 2 short essays, and 1 long essay. Took me ten pages front and back just to do all the writing, talk about hand cramps. When I was done I ran to the bookstore to buy an envelope for my creative writing portfolio. I also traded in one of my books for a whole 12 dollars, nice. All I had to do was turn in my portfolio then I was free until practice. Practice was ok no battles today which was nice. Went to Justin's for dinner. Apple-cinnamon pancakes, sausage, and hashbrowns, yummy. I like home cooked foods. Came back and went to the library real quick to print off some papers. After 10 am tomorrow I will be officially done with the semester, hurray!!!

Carrie Out

Papers Done!!

I think I fell asleep around 5 am this morning and then woke up for my final at 7:30, restful...not. I don't know why I couldn't sleep. Today marked the last day of Chemistry. This day couldn't have come any sooner. The test although administered at 8 am was not that bad at least I don't think so now. Only time will tell. I was beyond tired so I tried to sleep before work, I wasn't too successful. At work I am really not sure what I did, studied about 10 minutes of philosophy before I got bored. Hit up the ol cafeteria for some lunch. A meatless taco concoction via me and some CornPops with Soy Milk. I like Soy Milk tastes vanillay. Walked to the library in the cold pulled, actually found a free computer, and pulled out all my materials to start writing the last of 7 papers. Then I realized I did not have the assignment sheet which told me what points my research paper was supposed to hit. That was the end of my stay in the library. I came back to my room where I was far to distracted to do much of anything, I get like that. I got 2 pages of my paper done talked to some friends from Lincoln and chatted with Lauren. Then I went to practice the first hour was supposed to be film. It turned into a big arguement between us and the coaches. They were making mean comments and just being really negative. I give the upper classmen props for standing up to them and in return some things changed. We then only practice for an hour and coach was sure to compliment trying to make everyone like her again. It was just real odd. Grabbed a quick dinner a fast shower, then it was back to work on my paper. I got it all done in time for work at 10. At work I studied some philosophy and talked to Lys on te phone. I am beyond ready to go home. I miss my dog, and my Christmas tree, I really just want to see my friends. Now I must be off my last test is tomorrow and it could be harsh!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Library, my new friend

Is this week over yet? Seriously I am beyond ready to be done. Crazy thing is I haven't even taken a test yet. I guess it's just the preparation that is draining. I didn't get up until 11:15 today and I didn't feel bad about it I hadn't been sleeping well. Not good for a week of tests I needed to catch up. Went to work at 12 where I studied a little chemistry. Grabbed a quick lunch to go then met Holly Kelson in the library. That place has been beyond packed in the last 2 weeks. 4 floors and you're lucky to find one spare seat let alone a table. We were informed of a secret study room on the fourth floor in the tech lab by one of my teammates. Much to our luck it was free. We then proceeded to spend 2 hours going over each of our old tests and working problems on the board. Hopefully I can retain all that knowledge for tomorrow at 8 am. I calculated my grade and will end up with a C. I merely have to score over a 50% and I retain my grade. After studying I moved to a computer to research for my education paper. I think I got all the information I need now I just need to write it. Hopefully that happens tomorrow. Went to Justin's for dinner. Chicken breast, hashbrowns, garlic bread, and noodles, tasty. We watched a Garfield Christmas, another great one. Just for some more Holiday spirit I watched the Paula Dean cookie swap, I love Food Network. Studied some more then headed out. Much to my joy it had snowed again. I love snow, I don't love driving in it. The merest accumulation throws my boat into a spin. It's soo hard to drive, I think I need some back weight, or new tires. Now some more studying tomorrow is the big show.

Carrie Out

Monday, December 08, 2008

Reading Day!

Ahh reading day, a day of no classes but many a finals preparation. Woke up for glorious practice at 8 am. Not too early but early enough that the wind shield was still frozen and in need of a scrape. Practice wasn't too bad it wasn't te games and prizes we were told it would be though. Crazy coach. A quick shower, little nap, and light lunch followed. I then proceeded to work in the library for 2 hours of fun. My hard work was interrupted by friends coming in and out and talking to me though, dang distractions. At 3 I had to go to review for my philosophy final. I just have no interest in that class hopefully I do okay. After an hour review I grabbed a quick snack of a Gatorade and popcorn on my way back to the library. I worked for an hour more and successfully completed my entire creative writing portfolio. Two short stories, two poems, and an artists statement. Done, done, and done. It's a nice feeling but I still have a research paper due Friday I haven't started. Dropped my books off at my room then headed to the cafeteria to eat with my teammates. It was a welcome break from an afternoon of work, we had fun as usual. Tonight I have accomplished little of academic worth. I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas which I love, it was as good as ever. A few minutes Jingle All the Way the best worst acting ever, and some Intervention then I was out. Tonight was Encounter's Christmas service at the campus house. It was decorated with candles and white lights and the whole service was acoustic Christmas hymns and scripture reading. We took some communion as well it was a pretty service. Hung out with the crew then its back to dorm sweet dorm. I have no finals tomorrow just lots of studying and hopefully some paper work to do.

Carrie Out

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Carrie the Carpenter

Woke up and went and picked up Stacie for church this morning at Jacob's Well. The church looks so pretty, they decorated it for Christmas last night. It was a communion service today which was nice, different than communion at home though. Some of the adults from the church made all the college students little goody bags for finals. It was really nice of them and full of yummys and a pencil, I always need a pencil. Came back just in time for brunch, I stole some kiwi's from the caf too:) Before work I watched football while reading my chemistry book and did some laundry. I was very happy I got mayo on my new travel suit yesterday which cost a lot, I thought it would stain, but thanks to a Tide stick it did not! At work I was determined to start on finals paper number 2. I read a few chapters of the book they were over then started in. I got half done at work, came back put away laundry, then finished the second half. Paper #2 done in just around 2 1/2 hours of work. When I was done I went and met Kelsey. She had decided to get me a present for my birthday/Christmas combined and needed me to try it on. She bought me a really nice North Face fleece from Dicks, I made her put it in a box and keep it. I'll open it closer to Christmas:) Then we hit up Taco Bell for dinner, love it. Target was our last stop I wanted some boots, they are like Ugz but wayyyy cheaper. They were just what I was looking for. We hurried back to her apartment to watch Brothers & Sisters, now I'm just upset that I have to wait until January for the next episode. While at her apartment I also built an entertainment center, a decent sized one. I was proud of myself, pretty much a carpenter.

Carrie Out


I didn't come back at a decent enough hour to write last night. Friday was filled with work and sleeping, pretty unproductive. During my last shift I had to leave and go pick up Kaho and Justin because their car broke down. I made it back just in time for practice. Practice wasn't too bad it was even a decent 2 hours which was appreciated. Showered then headed to Justin's, we ordered some Avanti's for dinner and sat around and watched Christmas movies. Claymation Christmas was on youtube, I was beyond excited. Then we went and got a Christmas tree. We decided on a fake one which we then assembled and I decorated. What can I say I have a gift. Got up this morning to head to Maryville for basketball. It was a 3 1/2 hour bus ride to Missouri. I slept the most the way there so it went fast. The game was tight and nerve racking but we won by 10. The bus ride home was ridiculous. The speakers in the back were blown and were turned all the way up. Hours of blaring white noise. Then when our movie got over bus driver turned on the radio which equaled out to static. We were all sitting taking bets on when the colored DVD oval that shows up when you leave a movie on was gonna hit the corner of the screen. Finally we got the bus driver to turn it and the radio off and the team then decided it would be funny to sing Christmas carols. My knowledge of lyrics shocked them, Christmas is my passion. We got back around 8:30 then we went out for Hope's birthday. It was a crazy and eventful evening but I have made it back whole, now I shall sleep.

Carrie Out

Friday, December 05, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!

So I have this problem this week. I cannot sleep. I was up till 4 this morning doing nothing. I am on an antibiotic for my bronchitis, I think it wires me. I just can't calm down...even worse than usual:) Got up this morning for my LAST chem class, magnificent. We did a little review and asked some questions. Now if I can just pass next weeks final it will be awesome. Came back to the room and fielded some emails. The Christmas survey one got me excited, I love Christmas. Watched some Home Improvement then had a quick luncheon. Last creative writing today as well. That makes me sad I loved that class. We did an excercise where everyone makes up a rule such as "the line must have the same word in it twice" and then passes their sheet around the room and everyone writes a line and folds it over so the next person can't see it. It was highly entertaining and the resulting poems were hysterical. Philosophy was some more learning...boring. I played parachutes on my IPOD. Then it was off to practice we were supposed to go 4-6 we got out at 7. We ended up taking team pictures (one of the photographers flashes busted right in the middle it sounded like a gun shot), and then having to scrimmage some boys. We ended practice with everyones favorite, running. Dinner was a quick grilled cheese then it was a shower and out. We had a small group Christmas party out at Ben and Jo's. It was lots of fun hanging out and the food was delicious. On the way home my car saw 2 of the most maginificent displays of Christmas lights ever. I chalk it up to a Christmas miracle. One had every plastic figure you could imagine covering every inch of their yard. The tin soldiers were guarding Jesus the penguins were dancing with santa, it was beautiful. In our search for this house we stumbled upon an even better one. Its neon glow was seen down the street. I can't even begin to describe it, it was just amazingly awesome. Anyone who comes to Bloomington must see it. Pictures coming soon, although they won't do it justice. Now I must attempt to sleep.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Movie Marathon

Nothing beats the feeling of finishing a dreaded term paper. I am feeling relieved today...that is until I face tomorrow and realize I have 2 more to write:) Today was my last day at BJHS for the semester. I may get the same students next semester or they may switch us. I know my girls want me back but I think I may like experiencing new kids. At work this morning I read the new Sports Illustrated and listened to Christmas music, ha. Class wasn't too bad it was the last one of the semester for MW classes. I was only in lab for a few minutes we just had to check out our equipment and do teacher evaluations. My lab teacher was awesome so I actually got to write down nice things. It was my day off from practice so the afternoon embraced some finals work. I planned on doing my paper only the internet in my room wouldn't work. So I trekked to the library with intentions to work there. It was far too busy for my ADD I printed off the things I needed from the internet and left. I made myself focus in my room no tv, no internet, just work. I had to take some breaks between writing for stretching and hall way jogging, my brain gets tired. None the less I got it done and I feel good about it. Went to Justin's for dinner, yummy. Pork loin, potatos, and corn & asparagus. We watched and made fun of Rudolph then baked some cookies. Then we watched Christmas Vacation, hilarious, and ate cookies and ice cream. The snow had once again blessed us with its presence so I got to scrape my windshield before heading to work. Here I have watched Elf, worked on some homework, and talked to Matt, Ryan, and Lauren on facebook. I can't wait for them to get home but for now I need to put away weights!

Carrie Out

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Passed!!!

Didn't write last night couldn't force myself to focus and do it. Yesterday was fine made it to BJHS with only minimal trouble on the snowy roads. Class was boring but survivable. Practice was nothing too fancy. I did run into Mr. Swanson (my high school history teacher) and got to catch up with him. He was one of my favorites for sure. I was up half the night coughing last night it was annoying. Got up for some exquisite chem today. Actually it was good and the reasons are 2 fold: 1. I PASSED my test!!! I was so very relieved after the goings as of late. Actually I was a mere point away from a B. 2. I found out that my chem grade is a compilation of my lab grades and classroom grades. I have an A in lab which means I am in no danger of failing or even getting a D. I quite possibly could earn a B overall. Who'd a thunk it:) Ate some Easy Mac then headed to work where I read the paper and listened to Christmas music. I uploaded my favorite Christmas CD's onto my IPOD so they accompany me everywhere. Creative writing was workshopping and out early. I was starving after class so I meal exchanged for a PB & J and some popcorn, yums. Philosophy was uber boring today too many laborious notes. We had a game tonight. We won by 27 or something. I played a little had 4 points, a few rebounds, and assists. I don't know why but I play well in games but can't get going in practice too much, it's usually the other way. Ate dinner at the Dugout with the team, they are pretty down Coach has been on their case a lot lately. We blow out win but after her speeches it feels like we lost, weird. Worked on my BJHS log tonight for finals and talked to Coach Wilson for a bit. Now it's medicine time!

Carrie Out