Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Radio Show

So I was angry today, I don't really know why. Well I know a little but not all not even the original motive, but hey what can you do. Art class ended today we turned in our projects and called it a semester, magical. Then I was left with some pre-lunch time to waste. I chilled out then went to see Stoltzy who was not there. Lunch was nast I concocted my own meal, it was alright. Sat with the baseball players which is always thrilling. Relgions class was next and it was boring, I find it hard to focus in that class. Practice followed, I didn't want to be there. Coach was being a jerk and yeah it made me angrier. Dinner was a rage fest just because I wanted it to be and I left feeling better. I went to Walmart with Brad and Gabby that was a thrill we came back to school and planned to watch "Hot Rod". We messed around for awhile and Chris came over. Well that movie did not want to participate it kept skipping, Kyle and Jerred stopped by and wanted Chris and I to go to the radio station with them. They do the Tuesday night show so I ended up doing a little radio for a few hours. It was fun, Chris wouldn't talk and the other 2 just make me laugh. I stopped by Hoyle on my way back to the room to see the twins and Ash and have just now returned to my room anger free and ready for bed.

Carrie Out

Boardgames & Baseball

We read another play at tutoring today, this time it was the 3 Billy Goat's Gruff. The kids were way out of control, must be the weather. Math was boring me for some reason we worked with tiling I didn't want to do it I sat and talked to Jer. Small Group was nice and short and we purposely went late to class so that was grand. Lunch was fun spent with the baseball players getting made fun of but laughing a lot too. We watched parts of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" for ab psych the movie interested me might have to rent it. Then it was off to practice, I spent the whole beginning in the trainers room waiting to get stretched. I don't care inside practice is a waste of time. Then I chilled out in the caf for a long time at dinner. My friends caused a little issue but no worries I resovled it. I wish I wasn't so chicken and could just say what I need to, I'm scared. I spent the early evening hanging out with the twins, OD, and Clark. We played Trouble and ate DQ it was fun. I spent the rest of the night on the baseball floor chlling with Gabby, Brad, and the Chris's. I even went to visit Mario and Kaylee for a bit. Well it is late and I just got in I need to shower.

Carrie Out

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I really had planned on sleeping in today, my body apparently planned on waking me up at 8. I just rolled over and was wide awake, dang. I had lots of free time this morning I was bored. I met Ash for brunch it was gross. This afternoon we had our honors showcase. We all presented our projects we have been working on all year. It went really well and it was cool to see all the things we have done as a group. A screenplay was written, a song produced, a radio station created, an art gallery presented, a peer mediation group started, and a volunteer organization came together. I actually enjoyed it and it was nice to see that we had done well. Mom came down so we ended up at Walmart. I came back and met Chelsea and Nikkie for a lovely mideveing walk. Then Chels and I ended up back at Walmart. Brothers & Sisters has finally returned to the air so the evening was spent watching the drama unfold with Ashley. Gabby came back tonight so I talked to her and Brad for awhile while I did laundry and lots of it. Now I need to go read Sports Illustrated.

Carrie Out

Brain Overload

It's been a long day and I'm gonna tell my stories like it or not. I got up nice and early this morning about 5:45. I woke up jacked and awake I read about rainbows and watched cartoons till it was time to go to the test. I took Jerred with me and we were leaders of the pack of cars following us. I successfully navigated us to and from the test site, I should make google maps. We had some good wake up conversation and music making our brains ready for the test. I tried to get some information out of him regarding us, it didn't really work too well. The test was not hard but it required so much concentration and was very time consuming. The reading was the worst too much focus. I spent a lot of time zoning out, moving in my seat, and taking bathroom breaks. You got 5 hours I took 3.5 and probably spent 2 of them actually working. I hope I passed it that is a lot of money spent to fail. I got done then waited a little bit till Jer got done. We were both hyper when we left, the car ride was out of control. We stopped at Subway for lunch and Jerred played one man air band the whole way home, too funny. I got back right at the beginning of our first game so I didn't play. We lost 2 in ridiculous fashion and it was frustrating to the point of funny. I then rushed right from the game to work at an alumini dinner for PTK. Jer had already called me as table partner when I got there, he didn't want to have to talk to people by himself. Although the dinner was boring we enjoyed hanging out. I came back to my room for the first time at 7:15 I went to visit Chelsea C. I did some random things tonight but had fun. Jerred and our friend Chris Agate from last year came over and hung out with us for awhile so that was fun. Now I have been up for 17 hours and need some rest.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Early Night

This is gonna be quick I have to get some rest for the basic skills test tomorrow. We are leaving at 6:15 for a 5 hour test talk about a good time. Tutoring went well this morning I helped the kids type funny stories, and they were funny. Hurried back to print off some important papers for classes. Math was review for basic skills I didn't think the questions were too bad lets hope that holds true. Small Group we presented our crisis topics, ours went really good, he liked it a lot. Lunch was meh, the baseball boys and Stoltzy keep giving me and Jer crap though today they were singing "Secret Lovers", jerks. I turned in my completed serial killer paper in psych and even got out 20 minutes early that was awesome. Then I hustled over to Mr. Welter's office to take a make up test on Christianity, it was pretty easy. I drew a picture of Mark Prior this afternoon it is pretty sweet, so that was fun. I got bored and it was nice so I took a long wandering walk in the the lovely pre-storm weather. Dinner was gross I had potato wedges then came back to my room to watch "Father of the Bride." Tonight has been spent chilling out in the lobby resting up for the test. Jerred came over for a little bit to get things in order for tomorrow and just to visit. I am not tired but I must get some rest, wish me luck!

Carrie Out

End of the Streak

Procrastination is taking over my life. Art class this morning was thrilling, well not really but it was art and art is good. Stopped by Stoltzy's office pre-lunch for some greetings. I caught a huge fly right out of the air, I think that makes me a samuari. I was a little jacked up this morning and couldn't really focus long enough to eat my food. I sat around and talked and made myself a PB & J for the road. We headed out for our game at 12 so I once again did not go to religions class, oh well it's boring. We won both of our games and guess what??? I finally got a hit and the slump of all slumps was broken. I went 3-4 with an RBI and it felt real nice. Enjoyed some Culver's for dinner, scrumptious. Came back here and started on my serial killer paper working uniterrupted just doesn't happen though. Jerred called a bazillion times for help with other homework just because he likes to annoy me. Mom and Brent came down to bring me some papers to sign for Wesleyan. By the way we got my tution cost yesterday and it was what I wanted and it is now official I am going to IWU. Yeah for a not completely late decision, so proud. I had a dorm meeting for move out procedures and I went to see Gabby and Brad for awhile. But you better believe I completed that paper and it is swell. Then I went down to talk to Chelsea C. for a bit. She says I am mean to her and Jer in math class and made me write them both apology letters, they are really funny, those two crack me up. Now it is way past my bed time and bed is screaming.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And I was Runnin

I got to help the kids put on a puppet finger play of the 3 little pigs this morning it was fun. It was a lovely day out. I came back to the gloriousness that is math class, not. I guess we make it fun though, me and Jer are a little out of control. We did symmetry and got to play with fraction mirrors. Small Group was meh, nothing spectacular but okay. I sprinted through a 10 minute lunch so I could meet my religions teacher for review since I haven't been to class in weeks because of softball. Psychology was all about Dementia good times. Then I had my final honors meeting we are preping for our showcase Sunday. I made a slide show and it took a long time to get right. After class I chilled with Gabby for awhile then headed to the rec. I ran a mile and spent about 20 minutes shooting around, it was a nice destresser. Met Gabby, Jerred, and York for dinner it was nasty, I had cereal. Jerred came over tonight to write some papers for small group and watch baseball. He drives me crazy, but the more time I spend with him the more I think he is me in the male form, ahhh run now. Fear not 2 ADD brains together got the work done and it just took us a little over forever to do. When he left I headed over to Heritage with Gabby for a bit to talk to York. I was starving so I just left so I could eat a cheese hotdog in my room, tastalicious. I just realized I have an away game tomorrow and I also have an unstarted 4 page paper due Friday, this may not be good.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Worn Out

I didn't come to my room till way late yesterday so I didn't write. I was busy playing cards with Chris, OD, and the girls. Yesterday was okay, classes were the usuall and we won both our games. I was still hitless although I did reach base on a walk, wha hoo. Woke up bright and early this morning for my neurologists appointment. I only have minor damage to my ulna nerve and that he hopes will heal on it's own so that was good news. The tests to determine that hurt a little bit though. Came back to school and met Ash for some Tuesday morning bonding with Coach Thomas always a pleasure. I went to art class late just because I wanted to, we are back to drawing with chalk, I don't like chalk. Lunch was quick and painless, I ate with the baseball players. Then came class #2 by this time I was past tired and had a rough time staying awake let alone paying attention. Practice followed soon after, it was a lite day hitting and a few grounders. Then we went to the baseball game to watch before heading to Coach Andrew's house for pizza. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the team. I came back and went to Brad's for a while with Gabby. Then Neil called so we hung out for a bit and ended up at the radio station during Jerred, Kyle, and Daryl's show. It was pretty funny but I bet I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't dead tired.

Carrie Out

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Let's just start at my night, I did something very much on a whim. So Jerred came back to school tonight we were supposed to hang out and do homework. I eat dinner with him and he brings up that he heard on the radio that Lynard Skynard is playing in Springfield tonight and there are still tickets available. He loves Skynard and keeps asking at my table for someone to go with him. I am apparently dumb and did not catch the underlying fact of that message that he was waiting for me to say yes. Ash and Casie throw a fit when he leaves steal my phone and text him that I will go with him. By this time he has found a guy to go with him so the girls lend me some cash and shove me out the door. The three of us go to the concert, this other boy steals shotgun from me and sits right between us at the concert and doesn't offer to move even after I try to hint on the situation to him. He was killing me. Then we moved down on the floor and the boy finally gets out from between us. It was a really good concert, Jason Otto and Skynard I throughly enjoyed myself for real even if their was no boy involved. The awkwardness of whatever this relationship is kills me sometimes. I made sure I got shotgun on the way home though and we had some good coversation so that was nice, but this is so up in the air. The earlier parts of my day were spent with Ash and the twins, hanging out, walking in the nice weather, and doing homework, Score!

Carrie Out

Sleep mmmm

My game was cancelled today, not really sure why it turned out to be a glorious day. But hey no game meant lots of sleep. I got up nice and late for brunch, it wasn't good but I enjoyed talking to my friends. The afternoon was spent doing laundry and cleaning my room. I also attempted but completed very little homework. I slept some more too, I get tired okay. Casie called me late afternoon to go shopping downtown with her just for something to do. We looked for dresses to wear to graduation/Kristi's wedding. She made me try on a half a billion, I couldn't find one I liked. Then we went to dinner it was gross so we settled on Jimmy Johns, yummy. After dinner I slept some more it was neccessary and then got up to go hang out with Ashley. Neil came over again. We went to the gas station and some creepy guy was wandering the back street with a snow shovel. No fear we survived got what we wanted and had some informative discussion. We chilled with Ash for quite a bit then both peaced out since we have games tomorrow. Well I was going to go to sleep but Gabby was out when I got back so I ended up talking to her for awhile. Now I really need to shower and sleep some more. We are supposed to play in Godfrey tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shake Shake Shake

So about that earthquake, I totally thought it was just like at home when it storms and the house shakes. Except I woke up and realized I lived in a brick building...earthquake it is. I didn't tutor this morning my kids went to the petting zoo so I got to sleep in. I woke up this morning in a mood, not necessarily bad but not normal. Math class was boring, Jerred wasn't in a great mood either so it didn't liven the class up at all. The after shock was pretty cool though our desks were shaking something crazy. Small group was a work day. My group had library time and we actually accomplished stuff it was shocking. Lunch was bland and unappealing. Then I went to visit my lovely Coaches for a bit, always a good time. Pysch came next my first appearance in a week. My welcome back gift was a quiz, it wasn't bad. After class I went to work. I got most of my homework done for the weekend and even changed my own headlight. Please hold your applause I know it's a spectacular feat. Then I met Mom for a little baby visiting time. Come on we all know it was past necessary for me to go meet Ella. She is adorable end of statement. She has soo much hair I want to give her a mowhawk. She was awake the whole time we were there sucking on everything it was too cute. It's always a joyous occasion when I get to see my babies. Next we went to see Sam, Josh, and Clay. I wore my plaid pants today on mere coincidence Josh was loving it, haha. Clay is just too funny, he kept giving me kisses all night, and was happy and playing the whole time we were there. The babies knew I was coming so they were probably just too excited to sleep:) I came back here and hung out. In other exciting news for me at least, Jerred finally admitted that he likes me. Well not to me but to a mutual friend but hey for now that is good enough for me, we'll see where it goes. Carrie and boys now this is getting interesting.

Carrie Out

Thursday, April 17, 2008

O-for....the Sequel

I slept in until 10:45 this morning it was glorious. We didn't have class today because of freshman orientation. We as sophomores had to take some dumb test to measure how much we learned at LC. I didn't want to do it, it took me 5 minutes. You had to take at least 15 minutes I spent the spare time checking my email so it looked like I took longer. Then I went to lunch with Ashley, the twins, and Jerred. It wasn't very good but they did have these s'more pastries which were mighty tasty. Then I went to visit Coach Thomas and Coach Wilson for awhile before my game that was joyus. We won both our games. Once again I played real well defensively and once again I was ofer. This time it was 0-3 no strikeout's just atem balls. I am slumping something terrible and it's frustrating. Watched an inning or two of the boys game then went to dinner with Chels, the twins, Ash, Ben and Alex at Arby's. We came back and went to the play "Antigone" it was terrible. Stopped by to see Jerred while he was on duty, he was mad so I left, he's having some problems with school next year and no one will tell him the whole truth. I understand his frustration The rest of the night we all hung out our friends Neil and Nick came over too. We pretty much did nothing but it was a lovely time had by all.

Carrie Out


I need to be in bed. I have throughly fought sleeping today in an effort to overcome how exhausted I have been lately. I succeeded for now. Tutoring went well this morning. I helped the kids grid out drawings on graph paper. Came back to school and visited Coach for a few minutes then met Jerred and went to class. He was out of control all day, he had to wake up earlier than usual so in result was real awake and just funny. Math class was alright we did group work, so basically I did the work and everyone else agreed with my answers. Small group was an adventure we split into 2 groups and Jer suggested our group meet in the caf so he could eat before he had to work. Bad idea it was food fair day, we stood in line for an hour, got nothing done, and had to fight for seats. Still it was a good morning. After lunch I came and got ready for my game. Pregame I went to visit Coach Wilson because once again I was real early. We played Heartland and lost both. We didn't play too bad just didn't hit, they have the best pitcher in the region. I was 0-7 with 3 strikeouts, hideously pathetic. First ofer on the season. I played really well defensively though so oh well I guess. Then I went to the baseball game for awhile and sat with the Thomas family, that was enjoyable. After that Ashley and I went on a walk ended up meeting up with Chels and the twins and we hung out all night. Now it is late and I smell, shower please.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella!

Okay I need to get my exciting news out of the way first. Marsha and Mark finally had their baby today. Ella Grace has made her debut, I have seen pictures and she is definately cute. Now I just need to find time to go see her. Yesterday went okay. The doctor poked and proded all over my arm which hurt but oh well. Right now we are leaning towards damage to the ulna nerve and it may have possibly popped out of it's groove. I have a neurologists appointment next Tuesday, to find out more. I met both the softball and basketball coaches at IWU yesterday as well. That went really good. I like the school and they both seemed cool. I am just nervous about the living situation and the fact that I am a transfer, I'm sure it will all work out though. Hung out with Darci last night watching stupid tv and just being dorks, but hey what's new. My echo was this morning. It wasn't bad just a little awkward that some old man was doing it. We should know the results in the next few days. Raced back to class, I wasn't going to go I was tired but I did. Good thing too not only did I get today's project done, I got caught up on what I had missed for softball. After accomplishing so much I was proud of my decision, haha. Had lunch with Jerred, it was a grilled cheese day. Then I came back to my room and slept before our game I was exhausted. Got up and changed and went to talk to Coach Wilson for awhile, I am always way early to the field. The games went well we won both in 5 innings. I was 2-3 with an RBI. Ate some dinner with Ashley then fell asleep for a solid 2 hours, I was tired for some reason. Spent the rest of the night hanging with Ashley on duty, talking and playing boggle. Jerred was working too so I stopped by there on my way back. I am tired and bed needs me.

Carrie Out

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home for a Moment

No game too cold, too bad. I got to sleep in again it was glorious. Got up just in time for some lovely brunch. Coach Thomas and Ryan were there they had a recruit visiting. I ate with them and Jerred, it was grand. After chilling in the cafeteria for a while I headed home to see Grandma in the hospital. She was doing good and should be out sometime in the next day or so. Went home and played Wii and with the dog for a bit before heading back for dinner. It was grill out day again tonight but this time the food wasn't nasty. I had a brat, ravioli, and some fruit tasty. Then Gabby and I went to Brad's room to play some MLB, Brad lost because we are awesome. The rest of the night I didn't do much. I put my laundry away though which is a big accomplishment for me. I wrote Kale again too I didn't write him yet this week. Now I am going to go watch Father of the Bride II cause my hand is falling asleep.

Carrie Out


Our game was cancelled today, I was relieved it's too cold and I just wasn't in the mood. Got up nice and late and went to meet Ash and Nik for brunch. I sat and talked to Jerred for a little bit catching up on the night. Then I went to the gym. It was spirit week this week (since we don't have a homecoming) and there was a 3-on-3 tourney in the gym. Ashley and the twins played and had to be there because they are RA's, it was entertaining. I spent most of my time chilling out with the Thomas family, they always make me smile. Tony was being dumb making me dance with him,I think he would be more embarassing if I didn't love him:) Came back to my room and slept for awhile more. Ever since I began taking this dumb medicine for my arm again I have been worn out. This afternoon was spent hanging out with Gabby watching movies and listening to music. We had a "grill out" dinner in the cafeteria it was not good. We ate broccoli and these tasty cupcakes. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with Cas and Nik watching Enchanted. It was a very good movie, I throughly enjoyed myself. Now I am beat and need to shower. I have a busy day tomorrow game or no game so rest is required.

Carrie Out

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It's late and I'm tired lets make this short. I only tutored for a little this morning the kids had an assembly. I spent the morning with Jerred. We took a math test got done early and decided to go and visit Stoltzy. Then we went to small group our teacher told us we are weird, that was not shocking news. Ate some quick lunch went and visited Coach Wilson, changed and headed out to the field. The winds were crazy whirly twirly, our games were ugly we are slumping right now. I got hit in te arm right where it is messed up, it hurt real bad. My arm has been killing all night so I haven't left my bed besides doing laundry, gotta have clean clothes. I talked to Kelsey for a long time on the phone tonight for no particular reason it was grand. We are supposed to play tomorrow if it is warm enough, I wouldn't be heartbroken if we didn't.

RIP Sawyer you are an everyday memory. We love you.

Carrie Out

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doctor's Visit

I have had a strange kinda stressful day. Classes went okay. I was frustrated in art because I didn't like my drawings, the teacher did. To me they just didn't look right. Lunch was good, mac and cheese. The best part though was Coach Thomas missing his chair and falling down in the middle of the cafeteria, haha. Religions was boring. Here's the strange part of my day. For about a week my right hand keeps going numb or feeling like it's asleep all the time. I also have been having really bad chest pains everynow and again. It was starting to bother me so I went to see Trainer Joe to see what he thought. He made me do all sorts of things and thinks I may have some syndrome where my blood vessels and nerves have shifted forward in my arm and are getting pinched. Coach Andrews didn't like this and wanted me to go to the doctor just to make sure of things. Mom called and got me an appointment tonight. It made me a little nervous sitting around so I went and watched human foosball in the gym and played with Ryan and Tony. The doctors appointment went okay. I had an EKG that came back alright and will get an echo cardiogram scheduled tomorrow. They also think I have damage to my ulna nerve and more things messed up in my shoulder, so I have to go back to my Sports Enhancement doctors for that. All I know is it feels real nice, not. Now I must go find whatever few remains of clean clothes I have to wear tomorrow.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Slow Ball

Nothing like starting the day with a little grade school, gets the brain warmed up. Especially when we are learning time that gets my mind all fired up, haha. Math class was review we have a test Friday fun, fun. Small Group was spent discussing this fight that happened in Florida, you know the one where 6 girls beat up one girl and videotaped it. That was crazy. As with every MWF my morning was spent with Jerred, he was cracking me up today. We were having handshake wars, don't ask. Then we went to lunch. The sign said chedderwurst, what we ate were not chedderwurst, highly disappointed, but I did have an enjoyable lunch time sitting and talking with Jer. Then I had to finish a review sheet before my Ab psych test. I got the sheet done the test was a little confusing, very wordy, I don't know if I did too well. Next came hitting practice Coach made us hit buckets at 45 mph so we could learn to hit slow pitching. It took me awhile but I slowly grew patient. Off to my honors meeting after hitting to work on our presentation, it is getting done just not very quickly. Ran into Ash, and Nik, and Ryan found me so we went to watch the faculty v. students tug of war. It was entertaining and it was good to see Ry. After that I went to the library to research serial killers for ab pysch, mine is Ed Gein, he is nuts. Dinner was had at the Finchum household and it was delicious. We had steak, asparagus, and potatoes among other tasty things. The rest of the night was spent chilling with the fam and playing with the girls, good times. Water and soap need to pour down on me.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I skipped class this morning because of our bus time, it was glorious. Instead Ashley and I decided to go see Coach Thomas this morning and end whatever has been going on. Finally we got a few answers and we had a nice hour of talking and hanging out with him. He was being surprisingly nice to me and telling me that I was going to do great at Wesleyan and needed to stop worrying, because I am a smart kid and he knows I will rise to the challenge. That was encouraging to hear. That was the end of the kindness we then had a wrestling match and I lost like always, but it was good to see him happy and goofing around. That is the Tony I love. Then it was off to the bus, we went to Danville. We won our first game 11-2 in five innings. I was 2-3 with 2 RBI's and 2 stolen bases. The second game I started in left I made 2 really good catches. I came out in the 4th inning and Coach put in all the players who aren't very good. We ended up losing somehow in the most frustrating game I have ever watched. Coach was livid after the game I have never heard our bus that silent. After dinner things loosened up a bit and it was better, but that game was ridiculously ugly. Came back here and boarded the homework train. It has been a long ride and I am ready to get off.

Carrie Out

Monday, April 07, 2008

Rant and the Rundown

So there has been something on my mind lately and seeing as this blog is mine, I think I will spew it out here. Coach Thomas has been driving us all crazy lately and not in his usuall way. He has just not been himself this year. He never seems very happy and just isn't his normal funny self. And ever since we have been back from spring break he won't hardly talk to anyone Coach Wilson included, he just kind of ignores us even when we try to talk to him. Coach thinks he may be trying to pick fights so us leaving won't be so hard, but it's frustrating. I think sometimes that he forgets we still love him and back him up 100% no matter what's going on.

Now that my rant is done here's the lowdown on my day. Started with a bit of the second grade, the kids were writing about something they had done, it was cute. For math we got to use protractors and compasses. Those are some dangerous tools and tricky too. Small Group was nothing special we just discussed topics. Jerred and I were going back and forth all morning. Mr. Grey threatend to make us sit in the back and hold hands until we stopped messing with each other. It was kind of funny, Jer's a cool kid. Lunch was tasty I had a Mexican lasagna thing, yum. Abnormal pysch was patient treatment day we had to pretend to be doctors and diagnose mental illnesses. After class I headed to the baseball game. Our boys lost, they do that a lot. It is "Spirit Week" at school this week. We went outside and played games for awhile, it was entertaining. Especially the dizzy bat races those were challenging, it was hard to run straight. Then Nikkie and I headed to watch Brent play ball in town. It was a little chilly but they won. Mom got me some McDonald's for dinner then I came back here and hung with the twins, Alex, and OD for awhile. Headed out at halftime of the game to come back here, I'm tired. Can't believe Kansas won, it was a good game. Too bad Bill Self isn't at Illinois any more. Okay I need to shower and rest up so ya.

Carrie Out

Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's Warm!

The weather was rather delightful today, in celebration we headed to Champaign to play some ball. The first game wasn't too bad, we cost ourselves the win by making stupid decisions while running the bases. I almost hit one out but instead got stuck with a stupid groudrule double. The second game was just bad, that's all I have to say. My shoulder was killing me for some reason. I woke up in pain this morning. It was nice to see Jess and Linds though so I had fun talking to the them. I love a little old school reunion. Came back here and went on an adventure with Krisi helping her shoot 3 rolls of film for her photography class. Those games wore me out, I have been beat all night. Fell asleep for a little while watching the Sox destroy. Woke up and headed to Holye to hang out with Ash, Nik, and Chels. We watched the womens Tenn. LSU game. It was a good end with a nice dramatic ending. Now I have come back here and widdled away an hour on nothing, I must go to bed.

Carrie Out


Woke up to a beautiful spring day today and who would have thunk it we actually played. Usually we reserve our games for the cold rainy days. We won 8-0 in 5 innings. I struck out my first at bat because well the slower the pitcher the stupider I look. I walked the 2nd time stole 2nd, delay stole 3rd, and scored when they tried to throw me out so that was cool. This afternoon was spent cleaning up the local parks and schools for a volunteer project for my honors class. We had a really good turnout and picked up a lot of trash, a chicken wing, and one dead bird. Real nice. Came back to the dorms and hung out with Ashley and Nikkie for awhile talking and watching the Final Four. We headed to dinner only to find out we missed it, Saturday caf has weird hours. In turn we went to Hallie's Diner downtown it was mighty tasty. We ended up sneaking through Coach Thomas yard and drawing on his car windows, in a story that is hillarious if only you could have been here. Got back and went over to hang with Jerred while he was on duty. I figured I ought to since the last 2 times he asked me I was already doing stuff so I turned him down. I was not helping my cause. We watched the basketball game, some music videos, and sat around and talked life. Pretty much the entire baseball team joined us for awhile they are funny boys. Now I must call it a night and go take a shower.

Carrie Out

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Secrets Keep Friends

It's late for a game night I should already be in bed. I had a fun filled good day though. Here is a secret for all who don't know: I can't tell time well on clocks. Today at tutoring we were working on telling time, yeah that worked out well. Talked to Coach Thomas and Coach Wilson for a bit before class. I found out something about them today that made me very proud. I hadn't told them about Jerred because they are always picking on me and I didn't want them to ruin anything. I found out they somehow have known but made a pact with each other to not bother or ask me about it because they think it is a good match and they didn't want me to be embarrased. Somedays they can be nice. The rest of the morning was spent in class per the usuall talking to Jer not doing much work. Practice was just hitting. I stole the gator and was riding it around, that thing is sweet. I turned it off and then got made fun of by Coach Thomas when I couldn't figure out how to turn it back on. Early evening was spent in Bloomington with Gina and Carla shopping and eating Avantis. We came back here and had a Wii party in the lobby with the softball team all night. We played some Wario game and you better believe I hold the high score. We have a game tomorrow in what is supposed to be (finger's crossed) nice weather so I must be off to rest land.

Carrie Out

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rain: the sequel

Welcome to the land of Carrie I hope you enjoy your stay. Started the day with a little stippling in art class it was magnificent. It was a lovely afternoon out, I was jacked for game day and some nice weather. I ate some lunch, talked a lot, dressed and headed to the field. No one was there so I went to Coach Wilson's office for awhile to talk. Finally some teammates arrived. The beautiful weather saw us coming and ran. We got in a few nice innings and a few innings in the rain before we called it official in the 6th. We won 6-4 I had a RBI double. The Coach for the other team is Uber annoying, he just can't accept the fact that his team isn't very good. Ryan found me on my way to the trainer I played with him for a little while, I love that kid. Dinner soon followed, I ate with the baseball players. They are frustrated so I sat and let them vent but we had some nice laughs. I headed to the lab to check my email since it doesn't work in my room, Coach Thomas tried to hit me with his truck, jerk. Worked on math with Jerred all early evening. We owned that packet, he makes me laugh. Hung out with Chelsea C. and some teamates going crazy it was lots of fun. The rest of the night we played Gina's new Wii in her room, that looks like it is going to become a daily activity. Oh and for all who are wondering Brett Favre is NOT going to play for the Bears or any other team for that matter. If he had wanted out he would've been traded in those years when the Packer's weren't good. Sorry Justin but rumors are just that RUMORS:)

Carrie Out

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wehd Necs Dae

I really like my title on yesterdays blog, believe me it's way funnier if you say it out loud with a Mr. T flare. Wow, I'm easily amused. So guess what? My phone was found and turned in today. We think someone took it and upon realizing it wouldn't work for them turned it in. Oh well I will take it. I talked to the basketball Coach from Wesleyan this morning and I am meeting her next weekend. The more I talk to these people the more I am feeling myself swaying that way. Here at school people give me crap about going to the snobby, rich, smart, kids school, they say they will have no idea how to take me. We'll see. I didn't have math class today and small group actually wasn't too bad. Probably because it was peer review day and we didn't have to listen to the teacher talk. Jerred was my partner and he was way excited about the comments he put on my paper, dork. In Psychology we are studying dissociative identity disorder which I am totally fascinated by. If the topic is at all appealing to you I suggest you read "First Person Plural," by Cam West, and really it's interesting even if you don't know what DID is. Spent some time in Coach Wilson's office I wouldn't want to disappoint her by not coming to visit. The night was spent writing my 2nd term paper and you better believe I conquered it. Then I went over to Hoyle to hang for awhile and ended up back in Mary's room to visit. My hands hurt, must be from all this writing or maybe I am being mauled by ants, you pick.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's April, Fool

Who needs structured writing, I personally enjoy the offbeat. On the subject of writing I finished my paper and spent most of the evening in the library researching for the other one due Tuesday. I got a phone today, who knew one could be so lost without one. We as a whole are way dependant on technology. But hey if you got it might as well use it. Art class was good there is just something about drawing that calms you and I could really use some calming down. Lunch was a nice time spent talking with Stoltzy and Ashley he was in a chipper mood. I went to religions class for the first and probably last time in forever. We watched some interesting interviews of George Lucas and Joseph Campbell. Practice was pretty boring we did hitting stations. I am really in need of some nice spring weather so if you see any send it my way. Mom came down and brought me a phone we went to Aldi's she thinks the reason I keep losing things is because I am distracted by a boy. She is way wrong, you would think she would know by now that I am distracted by life. I went over and visited Ashley and Casie tonight we played a game called Dirty Minds, it was funny and highly entertaining. I need to sleep even though I am not tired my body requires it of me.

Carrie Out