Friday, January 30, 2009

Student Teaching

I did not want to awake for work this morning...but I did. It was pretty boring, the football team lifts on Friday mornings so no one else comes in. I did some of my reading assignments for next week. I actually left 1/2 hour early today, no one noticed. I left because I was tired and wanted to take a quick nap so I could be alert. I started student teaching today so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to change drive to Kingsley and figure out where I am supposed to park. I accomplished it all. I have been assigned to a 6th grade classroom where I will work 2 hours every Friday. I will have half a block of the gifted class in Social Studies, a full block of Social Studies, and a full block of Language Arts. I am looking forward to once again getting to be active in the classroom. After my kids were changing classes a little girl came up and asked me my name. I told her Ms. Williams, she said "Are you Carrie Williams?" I said yes. She got really excited and went on this ramble, You play for the IWU basketball team, you are number 5, I like how you shoot free throws, my parents say you are a good shooter, I go to all your home games, and on and on. It was cute, we may not have many fans but the ones we do have are intense. Grabbed a quick PB & J for lunch then headed to practice. Nothing too fancy today we play North Central tomorrow. I ate dinner with the team then Nikki came to visit. I met her and Chelsea and Paul, then we went to Hooters for dinner. It was great to spend some time with them. We hung at Chels apartment for awhile then it was back here. I am ready for the weekend.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Squirrel Rescue

How I love walking 10 minutes across campus barely awake in the snow at 9am...not. Every Tuesday and Thursday I am running behind for some reason but I always make it to class just in time. I actually slept last night, I got tired at 11:30 and slept through the night. I cannot remember the last time that happened actually tired and continuous sleep, it was awesome. I honestly think it might be because I finally ate a solid meal. With the crazy practice times and games we are eating a lot on the go and from the DugOut not full balanced meals. Another first I did all of my readings for my classes today. I honestly opened my books and read complete chapters this is getting insane. The readings for Ed class were even interesting I caught myself reading ahead, oh my. Work was boring and lunch was rushed. We did something cool and funny today though we rescued a squirrel from a garbage can. It had some how gotten stuck in a cement garbage can we stuck a stick in and he grabbed on and we pulled him out. It was nuts and a little scary but no rabies:) Sociology was interesting enough and I got a 10/10 on my quiz because I did the readings. I love days when I can actually focus I am so much more productive. Practice was even good today we did things and were active the whole time, not boring at all. Grabbed dinner in the cafeteria then showered and read the paper before small group. I stopped by Fusion Brew on the way my customer card was full so I got a free drink, mmm slushies. I was so excited to start again we only have 4 people in our group right now Kelsey C., Polly, Jodi Z., and I. I even stole Jodi from another group and made her be in mine. Still it was fun and great to get back in the swing of things. My teeth are dirty they need scrubbing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Ahh woke up this morning to the joyous fun of dusting my car. Actually I don't mind the sweeping, it's actually kind of fun, it's the scraping I detest. Went to BJHS and worked on some math worksheets with my girls. Then I went to work, I was on for two hours and real bored. I picked up the weight room and cleaned all the machines just to pass some time. After work I grabbed the paper and some lunch at Tommy's. I relaxed and read in the restaurant while waiting for my next class. I brought the papers Suduko and WonderWord to do during Old Man Rivers class. It actually helped me focus better otherwise I'm all but sleeping with my eyes open. After class I ran to the business office Mom had said I got a bill for 1000$, turns out the school owes me 1000$, sweet turnaround. I came to my room watched some SVU and did some homework. Then I went over to Justin's we made dinner for Mom's birthday. Salad, Cheese and Portabello Ravioli, homemade Chicken Alfredo pizza, and marble cheesecake. It was so very tasty and filling. We hung out for awhile then Mom and Brent went home and I came back here. SVU was on I needed to watch it it was a good one. I think I have become somewhat addicted. Now I have a little more homework to do.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The heat is broken in my room, this makes me upset...and hot. It has been like this for about a week now, it will not turn off. I never have my heat on so now I leave my window open to combat it, still hot. Played Elmhurst tonight first we had a JV game, I made the winning free-throws, haha. Then the varsity game we won by 35 or so and I got to play that as well. Apparently there was something about our team on ESPN, anyone seen it? The day was full of class and learning my favorite. I made it to 255 right on time per usuall, we didn't do much today it seemed like. I hadn't slept well so I passed out between classes, refreshing. In Middle school we talked and ate candy, I like it. Sociology wasn't too bad either, I even got an A on my first assignment. After class I had some errands to run. I had to drop stuff off at Justins and pick something up from Stacy. I was just kind of antsy all day and worried about running too close to having to be in the gym. I was half an hour early, shows how good I manage time. I didn't get dinner and am feeling hungry so here's to snacking.

Carrie Out

Monday, January 26, 2009


11:40 and on the computer, good sleeping choice. Woke up this morning and headed to BJHS to start tutoring again. I have the same girls, I was looking for a change, but it went alright. I guess a simple break must have been good enough. When I was done I came back and did the rest of my homework for tomorrow, that was a good choice. Went to lunch for another Sesame Ginger Chicken sub, not as tasty as the first one, but what can you do. Civil Rights class was lulling again. This frustrates me, I love history and am very interested but old man river just puts me to sleep. After class I came back to my room and chilled before practice. Coach made up banana bread for film, honestly some of the best I have ever had. I went for seconds. Practice wasn't bad, it kept my attention for the most part. We went to the DugOut for dinner since practice got out at 7:40. Showered quick and then headed to Encounter. Mondays give me just enough time to get where I need to be, only if I have already finished my homework. Tonight was all about entitlement and not taking things we have for granted. The sermon was really good and the worship was enjoyable as always. Jo was there tonight so we spent some time talking and laughing with her. Then we had to listen to Pete ramble on about his addiction to the Steelers and this fanactic Super Bowl party he is having. I'm not that into the Steelers maybe I'll even go with the Cardinals and Kurt Warner even though he upsets me. I mean who is a nothing becomes a something disappears then comes back and does it again, annoying, ha. Well now I need to go brush my teethers.

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Rest

I need to shower, instead I am eating chips and salsa...close enough. Went home last night cause I could. Actually I went to Atlanta first to see the Finchums and play with the girls. It was good to see them and hold baby Kennadie, even if she was in one of those crazy jaundice blankets, poor baby. Was going to get up and go to church but slept through my alarm, oops. I love relaxing days with no practice. Made some muffins and pigs in a blanket for lunch. Odd combo still delicious. We went to Grandma's for the afternoon and ended up in Pekin picking up some groceries and a new filter for Grandma's fridge. Her water had stuff in it turns out there was a filter that needed changed every six months, she hadn't changed it 7 years. Went home and played with the dog, finished laundry and layed around. We made some yummy spicy garlic chicken and rice for dinner. Loaded up and headed out, I stopped by youth on my way. I had this very tasty cookie whipped cream thingy desert, so good. Worked for 3 hours so very bored, I did do some homework though so I guess thats good. Well my salsa is gone must be time for a shower.

Carrie Out

Friday, January 23, 2009


Wow about how I did not sleep last night, my mind thinks too much makes me worry, stresses me out. The last time I remember seeing the clock it was 4, I got up at 7:30, awesome. Off to work, so much fun. I cleaned up the weight room it was dead no one was there. The quite was making me fall asleep so after an hour I moved upstairs to the check in desk and worked. Ok so I really watched a documentary for my Civil Rights class, but who's keeping track. The video was interesting, I like history. One of the football coaches of whom I have never talked to came up and watched it with me, guess he likes history, ha. After work I wrote a short paper on the film. It has been one of those anxious can't relax days, real annoying. My body is tired from not sleeping but my mind won't slow down, it's a great combo. Spent the afternoon trying to rest, didn't work, watched tv instead. Practice was better today not quite so shoot me in the foot boring. My plans were grabbing dinner and watching Friday Night Lights with the girls, instead I ended up going to Brent's game in Eureka with the Sondgeroths. I nabbed a sub before they came and picked me up, sesame ginger chicken, it was sooo good. The game was crazy packed, crazy loud, and just crazy. Very few fouls were called and it was real physical, but we pulled out a win. We went to Fusion Brew when we got back, I was just talking about how we hung out there and they decided to try it out. I had a watermelon slush, theirs are amazing more like fancy icys in good flavors. Now it is time to lay down tomorrow we head to Wheaton.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fusion Brew

I kept waking up early again this morning annoying. Made it to class just on time, it's my signature move. It was pretty boring today, just reading discussions and a power point. Headed to work where I cleaned machines, put up weights, and filled bottles of cleaner. Yeah weight rooom. Met some of my teammates for lunch, it was gross, settled for grilled cheese. On Thursdays I have about 45 minutes between lunch and my next class. It is too short to walk back to my room but too long to sit and wait. I went to the sophomores suite and hung out which shall become my new Thursday ritual, good times. Middle School class was once again entertaining. We played a game, made up a story, and drew a picture, love it. Sociology was cancelled today it was awesome. I took a quick rest then headed to practice. It was once again ho-hum but we made it through. We ate dinner at Tommy's it was tasty. Showered then watched some of a documentary I need for my Civil Rights class. Then I hit up Fusion Brew with my small group girls. I hadn't been for a few months I missed its lovely taste. The tea was awesome and the company even better, they make me smile. Now I need to watch my SVU this one is suspensful.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sleepy voice

I have reading to do and I am completely unmotivated to do so, my bad. Kept waking up last night not sure why but it was annoying. This morning I had to go back to BJHS for orientation. We toured the school talked to the teachers, it was boring for me but I the tutor groups are mixes of 1st and 2nd semester students. Came back and changed out of my uncomfortable nice clothes into my basketball greens. Then went to work, 2 hours of bliss. I played on youtube watched videos of President Kennedy, listened to his inauguration address. I like President Kennedy. Grabbed lunch and the newpaper at Tommy's and hung out until class started. Today old man rivers voice was especially lulling for some reason, the man can talk me to sleep. After class I did not have enough time to walk to my room so I went to Shirk. I took a light rest on the locker room couch until everyone else got there, it was lovely. Our game tonight was ridiculous we won by nearly 60 and our Coach left starters in most of the time. Not a very class act, hopefully it won't come back and bite our girls. Kelsey Coker came to the game and brought Pete's daughter Mattea. They made me some pretty cool signs. After the game I hit up Avanti's with Mom and Beth it was scrumptious as usual. Watched some SVU and showered, all the while neglecting homework.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

Ahh I didn't want to get up this morning. I actually slept last night but still this morning was rough. Made it to class just in time and managed to stay awake. I sat with Ryan Hopp who spends more time talking to me than listening so it's always adventurous. I came back to my room to watch the Inauguration of which I saw a little then apparently fell asleep. I am sure it was quite riveting though:) It was crazy cool the amount of people that turned out for it, awesome to actually be living in a moment of such great history. I watche coverage on and off all day, the event is beyond huge and incredibly compelling. Millions of people are watching shows of Barack simply walking or dancing but being mesmerized, its a neat thing. Made it up in time for class. Middle school class is pretty fun we always have activities and games and all sorts of play time, right up my alley. Sociology followed, it's not as hated as I thought it would be, at least as of now. Practice was pretty blah, didn't do much, seemed to drag on. Showered then went to Justins for dinner beef brisket, asparagus, and potatoes yums. We watched some TV then back here for some homework. I talked to Patti for awhile and cleaned up my room, now I need to catch some Z's.

Carrie Out
Carrie Out

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back at Encounter

Encounter was much needed tonight. It was great to see friends I said goodbye to in December and just be surrounded in the happiness that is. I missed the worship, I missed the sermons, and I missed the fellowship. I love the support and warmth. Service was good tonight, it was centered around the passover. I hung out after service catching up with friends. I had a good talk with Pete that was much needed. After a long day I am looking up. I did not sleep well last night, I hadn't fallen asleep yet and I rolled over thinking it'd be like 2 it was 6:30. Luckily I didn't have class until 2 so when I did finally sleep I got a few hours in. Class today was interesting we talked about Martin Luther King. My teacher actually knew him and was telling us stories aobut him. He also had met Coretta Scott, Dizzy Gilespie, and Ray Charles, the man amuses me to no end. After class I layed in bed again. I did some reading for class tomorrow and attempted to do my homework. It didn't work out I don't understand it. I emailed my professor and she did not answer my question. Hopefully I will figure it out before 2 tomorrow. Practice was at 5:30, a late one. We started off with film, I hadn't eaten all day but then started to feel sick. Christina stole me a granola bar from Coaches office to eat, it was much appreciated. Practice wasn't bad just real slow. I took a shower and was heading out when I bumped into Mark, his team was playing at Shirk. I talked to him for a few minutes then went and picked up dinner. I had decided I should probably eat at least one meal today. Then it was off to church, now it is off to bed.

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a Girl!!

Wow this week just keeps getting better. If I thought the weekend would bring some relief well I was strongly mistaken. Oh well not much I can do about it. Best news of the week: Jay and Amber had their baby on Saturday. A girl, Kennadie Alyse, 7lbs 6 oz, 19 1/2. I heard through the grape vine yesterday that she had been born, but Jay didn't call me till this morning. Good thing I was up and ready for church, all though barely awake. Last night was a late one but fun enough. Went home for church because I had the day off today. All the other kids are back at school but service was good. Made my rounds did my talking then headed home. Grabbed some lunch then went with Mom to run errands. Spent the afternoon watching some SVU, doing laundry, and lounging with Brent and the dog. Dinner was a tasty lasagna I love home food. I had to work at 7 but came up early to go see my new baby. Lex and Paige were supposed to be there but had left right before Kels and I got there. Spent about an hour at the hospital talking to Jay and Amber. I was really hoping for a boy but the second I saw her I got over it. Kennadie is well, very cute, she looks just like Paige as a baby. I just sat and held her she was all snuggly and warm. Looks like I'm going to have to visit the ATL a lot more frequently to get my fixes. Work was a bore, Sundays are dead, we did a lot of nothing. I'm tired so I'm gone.

Carrie Out

Friday, January 16, 2009

Woo Hoo SVU

I just got back to my room and was hearing this strange sound like wind. Turns out it was simply me breathing weird. Got up and went to work at 7:45 this morning. It was sooo cold out my car was not wanting to start, it was sputtering but I got it going. At work I picked up weights, finished Marley & Me (Good read) and read a Sports Illustrated. I was supposed to go visit at Lincoln after the car proved its iffyness to me, I decided against it. Today would not be a day for a breakdown. I was very excited today my SVU DVD's came in the mail. I may have already watched 4 episodes. Come on it was cold, I had no class, and was not about to go out and run errands. TV it was and quality at that. Practice was not bad today we even played a little game at the begining which was fun. We showered then went to dinner it was slim pickings, grilled cheese won out. Came back to the dorm and got my car then drove to Dodd's the dorm the sophomores room is in. We hung out for about 4 hours watching stupid shows and just messing around it was fun. They were starting a movie and I didn't want to stay out that late so I just got back in. Now for some TV and bed.

Carrie Out

So Cold

I'm feeling really stressed out this week, not sure why, just think a lot of things have compounded. I tend to worry a lot. Man was it cold today. I think we were the only school around here with class, even ISU was cancelled. My walk today was killer I was as bundled up as possible, the air still stung my skin. It was painful transportation today. Class this morning was not too bad lots of discussion and the articles we read were interesting enough that I actually read them, well skimmed them at least. Worked for an hour which meant cleaning up the weight room and reading Marley & Me, I'll be done by tomorrow then what do I do with my time? Met the girls for lunch, Nacho bar day, I love nacho bar, it was yum. It was too cold to walk back to my dorm and I had 40 minutes until my next class so I read some articles for my last class, I am a good procrastinator. Teaching Middle School was busy as alwaysthat class is pretty fun which shocks me. Sociology didn't even bore me today it was midly interesting, group discussions are much better then lectures. Practice was a drag today, just seemed like a waste of time. I had a meeting with Coach after about an issue, she kept dancing around it but I felt better just for standing up for myself. She ended up calling me later and apologizing which for now I can take. Ate dinner in the Dug Out with Christina and Karen then spent the rest of the night out of the cold. I need some sleep.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It was too late when we got back last night to write, tis led to a very tiring day. I was relieved to get up this morning and check my email to see that the school I work at was cancelled for the day giving me an hour more of sleep. Threw the snow off my car, there was a lot of it, and drove ever so carefully to Shirk to work, no way I was walking there in this cold. Worked for 2 hours actually did some homework and read a little Marley and Me. After work I dropped my car back at the dorm and walked to get some lunch. I love that it is a 10 minute walk to the close side of campus lovely in this weather especially. Grabbed a cheese steak for lunch not healthy but tasty. Read the paper and ate lunch while waiting for my 2 o'clock. We watched this really interesting PBS show on Jim Crow today. I love history I just wish my teacher talked loud enough that I could understand him. After class I printed off some articles for my other classes then suffered back to my room. I did some more homework, read some more, then went to meet some teammates for dinner. Had them do a little survey about middle school for my class it was funny. Froze back to the dorm and finished my homework then took a movie back to the store. The rest of the night I have watched SVU cause it is awesome. An episode is on now I need to watch, ha.

Carrie Out

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


May have woken up at 12:45 today. It was a long weekend and I am struggling to fall asleep I'll take all the extra time I can get because it will end soon. I got dressed and treked to the Dug Out to grab some lunch. A sub, baked lays, and V-Fusion it was pretty tasty. I read the paper while I ate and waited for my 2 o'clock class to start. Civil Rights Movement very interesting but this ancient man teaches it he's hard to understand. After class I came back and cleaned my room it was a disaster. I also did my laundry and put away clothes baskets still full from break. Headed to the gym early to hit up the trainer. My leg was hurting all day today. Jeff stretched me and Emily aligned my hips again but I am still in pain. We had a JV game tonight played Lincoln college. I was not looking forward to this game but it turned out alright. We won by about 50 I had 16 points and it wasn't hard at all. Lys, Beth, and the kids, Mom, Beth, Grandma, Grandpa and Denise all came to the game, it was nice to have fans. Coach Thomas did not come he somehow got staph infection and is also having some other health problems. I called him after the game but will need to go visit soon. Chelsea, Craig, and my teammate Kelli from my freshman year came to so we all went out to eat with Coach and Mary after the game. It was great to catch up. I do not miss Lincoln the school but I do miss my friends a lot. Coach Andrews was texting me tonight he thinks he is a funny guy. Ashley called for a while so it was nice to talk to her to. Tomorrow we are journeying to North Park for a game, hopefully the weather is not too bad.

Carrie Out

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home for Church

Last night was a crazy night I didn't get in till 2 and was past exhausted it was not a time for blogging. Got up this morning and headed home to church. I was very tired and reconsidered many times but am glad I went. I was grateful Route 9 was completely clear and easy to drive, the church parking lot was a death trap solid ice. I had the joy of sitting between Lys and the Sondgeroths in service they crack me up. I actually had went home to see the boys one last time before they go to school. Matt was making me laugh and Ryan was being his usual self, they may come up to my game tomorrow. Toby was home to and was feeling the need to pester me crazy man. I gave my farewell hugs and headed back to school it was snowing and I had practice at 1, didn't want to get stuck. I got back in time for a quick nap and lunch then headed to the training room. Practice wasn't bad we were all just kind of dragging today. I made a bad choice this afternoon I sat on my computer for two hours talking to friends and uploading pictures. I also bought the 1st season of SVU on Ebay for all of 18$ it's 45 in stores, steal. I am not supposed to sit for long periods of time because of sciatica. I wasn't having much pain at all I have been achy all night now because of that. Headed to work at 7 where I made myself stand for most of my 3 hour shift. I read some stuff for class and just putzed around. Now I want to lay in my bed.

Carrie Out

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feeling Better

Another sleepless night although I think this one was brought on by the pain in my back and leg. Had to get up for work at 7:30 not appreciated. I was barely awake it was rough, ha. During work trainer Emily came and got me to do ultra sound on my back and heat. I took a nap while she did it it was awesome. Somehow my hips were unaligned which may have been putting the pressure on my nerve. She pulled and pushed and popped and when she was done I felt a lot better. After 2 hours of work I came back to my room and slept with very little pain. Made some Easy Mac for lunch then headed back to the training room before practice. This time I got stem treatment and heat, then stretched. It feels sooo much better practice didn't even hardly bother me just some minimal pain here and there. Practice was alright we were all in goofy moods today which was fun for us Coach wasn't too amused. After practice, icing, and a quick shower it was time for dinner. Fried ravioli, I had never had it it was quite tasty. Mom picked me up at the caf then we went and got Justin to go to Brent's game at Central Catholic. They won by about 20 it was a good game and Mr. Lootens was cracking me and Just up the whole time. He gets a bit intense. Ran through Wal-Mart on the way back I needed some liquids for my room, I was getting parched. The rest of the night has been spent laying low. Picked up some of my room, talked to Jerred for a bit, and watched TV. We play Carthage tomorrow, should be a good game.

Carrie Out

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 this morning. I have been sleeping terribly for like 3 weeks but can't seem to catch up. I can't even take naps but really am not too tired, weird. Got up for 3 new classes today. Started with a little Education 255, not real exciting but I'll survive. It was very cold out this morning loved my 12 minute walkd to and from class, joyous. Came back and had to run to Sports Enhancement. They photographed my inserts so hopefully I get the correct ones. Hit up a quick lunch then back to class. Next comes Teaching in Middle School. I have the same teacher for it and 255 she seems like a nice lady, young and enthusiastic. That class was kind of interesting and we got to to an activity. I love things that don't involve me sitting in a lecture. Sociology was next, I'm not feeling it. Hopefully it gets more exciting and interesting. I have to take it to round out my Social Studies endorsement. Practice came next. Someone sent us a big box of little bear cookies with green #1 jerseys on, they were pretty cute. News 25 was at practice for quite awhile taping and talking to girls, I don't know when it will be on but watch for it. Practice wasn't bad but I got hurt. I went up for a rebound and kindof got hit in the air. I twisted a little funny but not bad, then my back started burning and my leg is a little tingly. Trainer called it something I can't recall with an s but they think its a pinched nerve. All I know is that its painful to sit, stand, and move too quickly. Hit up a quick dinner with the team showered and then headed across town. Oly girls had a game at Central Catholic so I went to watch and see the Finchums. I didn't get to watch much the girls were all over me. Exciting news though Amber could have the baby very soon maybe even tonight, I can't wait! The rest of the night has been spent icing and watching Law & Order: SVU. I used to watch it off and on but my team got me hooked its all we watched in the hotel. Only frustrating thing is you can't find full episodes online, ahhh. No class tomorrow just work and practice.

Carrie Out

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

School Again

After a very long hiatus of which I apologize I am back. I found myself extremely busy over break with little access to a computer or one that worked well at least. Break was good but far too fast. I had seldom time to just relax but have enjoyed hanging out with friends. Seattle was a lot of fun I took a lot of pictures of which when downloaded I will post a few. I did not sleep well last night and didn't get back till 12:30 from our basketball game of which we won. By the way we are now ranked #1 in the nation for D3, pretty awesome. School started back up today, the day I was dreading. I started off the day with 2 hours of work which I spent winning a game of Monopoly. Kale found my old hand hold one and I took it back, entertaining. I went and bought all my books before class 347.76, thanks to my gift certificate and some left over meal money it wasn't too bad. I only had one class today the Civil Rights Movement, I find that interesting maybe it will be okay. After class I ran to Sports Enhancement to pick up my new inserts they were the wrong ones so I have to wait again, lovely. I spent the evening hanging out at Kelsey Wilson's apartment with Jessie. A girl Kels works with came over with her little 2 month old son so we played with the baby all night. Came back and hit up the library, 5 chapters to read for my first class tomorrow.

Carrie Out