Tuesday, April 06, 2010


It is 11:30 and I just got in. This would not be shocking, actually it would be considered early...except for the fact that I was at the library. Yuck. Cam and I just spent 2 hours working on our 8 week Unit for 4th grade and we are only half done. All of us are feeling stressed we have a bunch of projects due and only 2 1/2 more weeks of classes. The thing is these are all new projects just given to us so it isn't even like we put them off. It's frustrating. Spent the whole day in 4th grade, this one didn't seem as long as last time but I still don't like it. I was given own math group this morning, all the kids who struggle with math. We counted money the whole time. I get frustrated with the teacher because she constantly puts this one boy who is very smart in the low groups because he acts up sometimes and she doesn't really like him. It's not fair. I ate lunch with Kelsey Porter who is placed at the same school as me. I had a haphazard lunch made up of whatever I could find. She lives in Bloomington her mom packed her extra cookies and fruit snacks to give to me, they were awesome. The afternoon was spent on science and writing. I did get to go to art class which sped up the day. I got back to school and had to go to a Senior Exit Loan Meeting. All it did was reinforce the fact that I owe thousands of dollars I don't have, awesome. Then I went for a nice 3 mile run outside and biked at Shirk for a cool down. Met Karen and Christina for dinner then went to watch intramural volleyball. The upper classmen basketball girls have a team with Sean and Roman, I am their "Coach." It's pretty entertaining. From there I hit the library where I shall be every day til the end of April. Oh the Joys!

Carrie Out