Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Students and Fleas

Greetings out there! I have decided to return to the blogosphere after a long graduation and summer hiatus. The more I have thought about it the more journaling my daily experiences as a student teacher seemed like a good idea. It will help me keep a log of what I do every day as well as I am sure offer some laughs if I am ever to look back on it as a much more experienced teacher. The experience so far has been great. I never knew such joy could come out of an exclamation point at the end of a D.O.L. sentance. Or that hitting the Staples "easy button" could make an 8 year old (who would rather dilly dally) race through a math page. Who would have guessed that the simple reward of having a stuffed dog on your desk would inspire pristine least in some of the students. I have transformed my life into that of the elderly. I am up early, I eat early, and I am in bed early. Apparently just being on your feet all day can take all your desire for night time craziness right out of your body and make you long for the time where you can simply sit down. It has been a good learning opportunity and I hope to continue to make it one throughout the semester.

In other news I had my first encounter with fleas today. I am convinced my dog has them. She has been itchy for about a month. Bren and I thought it may be dry skin because we were bathing her almost daily due to her desire to roll in gross things and dive in water. As a precaution I bought her a flea collar 3 weeks ago hoping if there were bugs on her they would move along. No such luck. Last night as I was cleaning her ears I spied one. It looked like it was swimming on her ear fur, and, well, it was disgusting. Seriously thinking about it all day gave me the willies. So I decided that right after school we needed to go to the store and get some kind of bug be gone. I bought flea shampoo and flea spray. It was an all night ordeal. I cleaned her pen, sprayed her basket, washed her blankets, and her toys. I washed her, massaged the shampoo as instructed, and let it soak. I rinsed her dried her and waited for her fur to dry. Then I sprayed her, rubbed in the liquid, and again let it soak. This was followed by more drying and a final brush through. Who knew tiny little bugs could be so involved. Anyways here's to hoping it did the trick!

Carrie Out

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