Thursday, August 26, 2010


They it takes 21 times of doing something for it to become a habit. Well I've made it to 2 in a row lets see if it sticks. Started off the morning with AR testing (which I secretly loathe), D.O.L., and some calander work. I got to lead all three which was nice. The kids were well behaved all morning, even our kids who are usually in trouble for something. It was nice. I made 2 strange (or maybe not so uncommon) observations in my school today. 1. For it being such a small building and school, most teachers go all day without seeing another teacher aside from the other one that shares their grade. This I find odd and I can't think it's too good for staff unity. 2. No one eats in the teachers lounge...actually I'm not sure they eat at all. I eat in there every day per IWU teacher and Aunt advice. Today I ate with one other person an aide named Tammy something. I honestly don't know how the teachers do it by my 11:20 lunch time I am famished, I think I'd pass out by the end of the day if I didn't eat. We had a sub this afternoon which meant I had to hold down the fort. The sub is actually a retired teacher from the district so she knew how things operated. I taught the math lesson today then had our kids do their worksheet, only to find out when they were at PE that I had them do the wrong one. No worries though post PE we got back aboard the Math express and did the right one. All in all I think the day went well, I don't think I did too bad on my own. The evening was spent on homework and then bike riding. I also went to Hopedale to walk with Jodi, Trey, Mom, and Julie around a lakeish thing I never knew existed. But it's getting late and well it's bed time.

Carrie Out

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