Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Things I have learned in 2nd all of 11 days.

1. M comes before N
2. I still do not know how to tell time
3. It is perfectly acceptable to bust into Hannah Montana songs regardless of gender
4. How to use the lamination machine
5. How to use, break, and repair the copier
6. No clock in the building ever says the same (or right) time
7. Wash your hands 1000 times a day
8. Go to bed early
9. Wearing a watch is the mark of an older person
10.7 year olds don't know what VCR's are
11. Kid's make up innapropriate words without knowing they are innapropriate
12. Teacher's don't eat lunch (at least not in the teacher's lounge)
13. Make friends with the secretary
14. Be prepared to laugh
15. P.E., lunch, recess, and Music are every teachers best friend

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