Friday, September 10, 2010

Another list

More lessons learned:

1. Children will continuously "make" you cards, crafts, and other things of which you must guess what they are supposed to be. An appropriate response is as follows: smile, say something along the lines of "thank you so much, this is very neat," and then stash it in your bag to either a. accidentally forget about or b. throw away.

2. Glasses cases are not simply made for holding glasses if you are a little boy. They also serve as hat's, pencil holders, things to pinch your classmates with, and if all else fails a nice football.

3. Apparently having a nice, quiet, straight line, is the highest aspiration of all elementary teachers.

4. Student teaching makes you go to bed at 11 on a weekend and "sleep in" til 9. What happend to 9 being early?

5. The kids that can't focus on anything will be the ones who pick up on the most discrete things. Like the fact that you can't make your number 8 correctly.

6. For students who cannot sit still in class, it is utterly shocking how much they complain when out playing games and exercising in P.E. that they are tired.

7. After skipping breakfast for most of college, it is once again the most important meal of the day...that is if you don't want to pass out from starvation before you make it to 11:20 lunch (which used to be the time I got out of bed).

8. It is amazing the amount of kids who can't read their own handwriting, even when all the words are spelled correctly.

9. If you really want to understand a kid, watch them in music, lunchtime, and P.E. A less structured enviroment is like a whole new world.

10. It is perfectly acceptable to watch youtube videos during class, your lunch break, or after school. These can range from School House Rock to a lovely video of your superintendent rolling down the street on a motorcycle.

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